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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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interest catastrophic conditions on the way to colombia a show. starts march eighteenth and details. as a state of new year's live from the dutch city of the traffic on lockdown following a deadly shooting police are searching for a turkish born man suspected of killing three people and wounding several others on a track say it could be a terror attack also on the program new zealand remembers the victims of the christ church attack. i.
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used to perform the haka a ceremonial merry dance to honor of the dead. that's about the b. of a boeing the seven three seven series act craft as black box flight data points the similarities between the crashes in any ethiopia and indonesia. i'm phil gale welcome to the program we begin with breaking news three people have been killed and several others wounded in a shooting in the dutch city of tracked the dutch police say they are searching for a thirty seven year old turkish born man in connection with the incident they have named the suspect as thomas and released this image of people being warned not to approach him but to contact authorities emergency services are at the transportation in cities. and so well i'm sure since first reported the city's man
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says paramilitary is the most plausible explanation. rick's a single is a crime reporter on t.v. who tracked he joins us on the line from the city welcome to new day w. rex let's start with a suspect based on tanisha what can you tell us about. the good eighty two well we found out the government is very well known to the police it was treaty is the conflict of that least five or six times for burglary bicycle theft. treadling a police officer two weeks ago he was in court in a rape case. apparently he was in jail but apparently in a wait and service case he has been freed. and interesting thing in two thousand and thirteen he was also convicted for an incident with
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a gun he apparently shot at a party at an apartment building not far from where the shooting today took place and. he was he was convicted for that and for owning a weapon and some other stuff back then in two thousand and thirteen already what's being said about a motive. well about the motive i think it's. more and more probable that it has something to do. with. the relational. it could have been something like a lottery thing. but it doesn't look like a man who would. commit a terror attack. in the neighborhood people say that he's crazy that he's not a stable person. on one side you could say well maybe he's inspired by something
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like what happened in christchurch new zealand on the other hand it could be something completely different. people are saying that it was his sister in law who was one of the think to much of that's not confirmed but if it is so i think we have to rule out that it was really a terror attack meanwhile authorities are still keeping up the highest level of persecutors security here in holland. walk us through the sequence of events as we know because the picture is quite unclear at the moment as to how many shootings that there were and and what happened so the best of your knowledge what was the sequence of events. well at a quite a quarter to eleven we got the message that there had been a shooting in or near a tram in the city if you checked in kanada. after that we got another message that a woman had been shot by at least four man and then started popping up.
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incidents all around town police. raided homes all around china not only in the area where the shooting took place. to call of people schools were closed and that of course is something that when you put up the security level is automatically done you checked. the most important change station in the netherlands train. the train station was. shut down. so much not known about what was going on and with the terror attack in new zealand in the back of our hands and a couple of months ago a terrorist cell a real one was discovered and holland. i think an explanation for this.
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big thing it became talking to you so much for joining us every thing and that and announce. your welcome. so this of course is happening in the wider context of attacks around the world did. he just sort of fill us in so one of the strong suspicion is that this was a terror attack yes but there are also some significant suggestions suggests that this might have been a personal. thing that was going on and really it's the response that matters is this you know all these images of armed security people on the streets of you know we saw recently i think even one of those robots that they send in to see whether there's a bomb knocking around it this response is panic this fear this sense of uncertainty and that is we can see there the effect of terrorism globally taking effect that's
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what people want to achieve and whether the terrorists are islamist extremists or far right fascists this is exactly what they want to achieve and they're doing that there's no other way that this security service is in any country could possibly react but this is really this is the fruit this is the harvest of terror attacks around the world that's what we're seeing and of course is the responsibility of all media to behave in a certain way that some people might even call censorship people what i mean some people could call that censorship i mean with with the new zealand killing there's plenty of video i mean the guy was life streaming his attack as he as he carried it out that was in all on no no for us of social media which was then repeatedly taken down i think more than a million times most responsible journalism houses ourselves included decided instantly not to broadcast any of that but there are there are signals that people give that when their main suspect in christchurch was in front of the court
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yesterday he was making a sign with his hands which many people same as a far right extremist sign those are things that the media has to decide whether to broadcast or not we cited most most responsible me. you decided not to show his face because you don't want to create another under the guy who shot up all those people in norway you don't want to create another hero you know another mohammed atta it just doesn't matter which side of the fence you're on you don't want to create these heroes and so the shooting we're hearing about now are in track to talk about the evidence which like the new zealand society often praised as being has been world wide open right and you know holland it's almost similar to new zealand i mean it's a nice happy small little open society but that comes at a cost you know holland is the kind of society where you could have a film a collective phone call make a film criticizing the violence that takes place against women within the context
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of islam but holland is also the place where he was then in two thousand and four murdered on the street by islamist extremists because of the film he made holland is the place where you can say in many ways you've had very successful integration of refugees of migrants from all over the world but it's also the home of care villagers who is massively anti muslim and and inspired this huge piggy to move which is spread our around to europe and in fact in january there was a picky eater demonstration in new trashed in front of a mosque i mean that you've got these two sides of things which really they're in this huge conflict that you can see around the world now. given that we don't know whether this was a person or terror attack the response is something we have to just get used to the response is the new normal that's where we've arrived at and i don't see
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personally really how we can get away from that when some guy you know if it's a personal thing that happened today if he decides to shoot his girlfriend or something for disrespecting him or for leaving him with something that nowadays was . because this huge response because people terrorist attack how to play the thanks for. that of course brings us to the aftermath of another shooting new zealand's prime minister says new gun control laws will be announced in ten days in the wake of sunday's attacks on two mosques in christ church there also be a review of what authorities knew or didn't know head of the attack which claimed fifty lives australian far right extremists has been charged with. a shake in christ church dead.
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and now the shaken country is tightening its gun laws. something some politicians have tried but failed to do in the past due to a strong gun lobby and a culture of hunting the suspected attacker is brinton terence a twenty eight year old australian self described white supremacist he's now been charged with murder police say he used military style assault weapons which he was able to buy online legally. cabinet today made in principle decisions around the reform of our gun laws trying to give further detail of these decisions to the media empire blick before cabinet meets again next monday this ultimately main set within ten days of this horrific act of terrorism we will have announced reforms which well i believe mike l. communities you can surrender your gun to the police it any time in fact i've
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seen reports that people are in fact already doing this i applaud that if it. the attack has united new zealand is in their horror and in their grief. they have failed wolfie because one thing i've done if anything has increased the law and the feeling we have fallen country and we have also seen that to mean those are warning of more what we call here. students led to vigils in christ church performing the hakka. i i was at that. singing.
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i meeting with muslim leaders. fifty people were killed in the attack and fifty more was seriously injured. now the city and the people involved in affected are coming to terms with what happened . we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world mozambique's president says he fears that as well as the thousand people could have been killed in cycling it i hunt recent flooding the number of confirmed deaths stands at eighty four according to the right across the tropical storm damaged or destroyed ninety percent of the mozambican city of biota electricity and road access to the area have been cut off from printing the rescue efforts. rescue teams are continuing their search for the missing in indonesia after flash floods and mudslides killed at least seventy seven in the province of papua several hundred
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more have been injured flooding disasters which are often deadly are a common feature of indonesia's rainy season. thousands of serbian oncet government demonstrators are valid outside president alexander who teaches residents in belgrade the protests come a day after opposition supporters stormed the state run television building they have been greatly protests since december accusing president which each autocratic rule under stifling media freedom. now the pressure on u.s. aircraft manufacturer boeing is continuing to grow the black box data flight recorders in the recent ethiopian airlines seven three seven max crash point to similarities with a crash in indonesia in october of another seven three seven knots both crashes that killed all onboard flight data recorders are currently being evaluated in france meanwhile reports are emerging which have cast more doubts on the u.s. federal aviation authority they claim there are gross violations in the development
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and certification of the aircraft a type. christophe cobra who's been following this story for us welcome. christoph let's start with the phrase gross violations of development certification what does that mean phil these seattle's hard process to boeing itself and the budget cuts and a growing air traffic so let's let's get that straight the company that made the product certified its safety and all of that as boeing was facing pressure to get the seven hundred seven max out as quickly as possible because it was facing stiff competition from airbus so what are each of them saying boeing and the f.a.a. well the f.a.a. declined to comment so far both parties so the f.a.a. and boeing only said that the process followed normal procedures and what we have to see if these procedures are are are the right ones there have been reports that boeing and the f.a.a. have been much too cozy with each other in the recent past october's and sunday's
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crashes could be the tragic result of that and amid this growing pressure there are calls from when the from within the u.s. congress to scrutinize both boeing certification process and the f.a.a. is rolling it ok so we have something here that is expanding now beyond the tragedy for families and a crisis for a company and perhaps an unfortunate accident for boeing into something apparently much more sinister right boeing is facing potentially financial claims obviously from the victims' families from airlines is jets are grounded now and possibly further financial fallout if airlines should cancel their seventy seven max orders but beyond that boeing's repartition is on the line here this is a major company one of the biggest companies in the united states one of the best known companies around the world and the amount of distrust in this company also because the handling of this case is growing and for a company that's relying on people's profit to people's trust in their products day
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by day this is a very uncomfortable position to be in christopher coba thank you. here in germany a syrian migrant has gone on trial charged with killing a man in the eastern city of kenya it's the incident last year sparked anti migrant protests in the city and led to a national debate about the rise of the far right. dunn was fatally stabbed in the eastern german town of candidates last summer the suspects were two asylum seekers one of them has just gone on trial the other is still at large. the attack prompted the biggest right wing riots germany had seen in years for days protesters marched in the streets of candidates shouting racists lawyers some were seen showing the hitler salute which is a crime in germany the police were criticised for failing to intervene quickly enough. this cellphone video appears to show a man chasing a passer by and shouting racist abuse. or. the video triggered
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a debate about what had actually happened. we have video footage showing people being hunted down on the streets a crowd rioting and he crimes. this has nothing to do with the rule of law i cannot repeat this often enough if to you but germany's domestic intelligence security agency chief at the time. didn't agree with chancellor merkel he said nobody had been hunted down his comments exposed deep divisions in the federal coalition in the end musson was removed from office the trial however will focus only on the death of daniel h. not on the political repercussions of the incident. today marks five years since russia annexed crimea from ukraine since then the peninsula on the black say has been a focal point of tension between russia and the west pro russian separatists in crimea celebrating what moscow describes as
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a day of crimea is reunification with russia ukraine and much of the international community see the onyx action as illegal since twenty fourteen about thirteen thousand people have been killed in an ongoing conflict between ukraine and russia backed separatists in eastern ukraine the next report comes from crimea largest city sebastopol where our correspondent people still suffering after the takeover as well as those taking part in today's celebrations like members of a pro russian guy who helped facilitate the an extension. of the night wolves and their leader of exam the result of our vladimir putin's favorite bikers . their rally through the city of sebastopol marking five years since the russian takeover is more than just a bit of fun. back in two thousand and fourteen they played a very real part in helping the kremlin bring the peninsula under its control. setting up roadblocks and patrolling the streets while the russian special forces
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in unmarked uniforms took over government buildings. it's a miracle this all happened fairness went out for the first time and it all happened without bloodshed but you're just throwing out. a claim that ignores at least six deaths in fifteen disappearances attributed to russian security services by human rights activists over the years since moscow took control. one of them was eddin ibrahim off a member of the region's three hundred thousand strong muslim to tar minority and a vocal opponent of the russian takeover of the region in may twenty sixteen he was abducted just a few hundred meters from his home men dressed as traffic police stopped eddins car for what appeared to be a routine check. soon they were bundling him into an unmarked minivan. he broke free and tried to run away. but he was soon right back. he has not been heard from since. course now will fade that's where the surveillance camera was
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it's only thanks to that camera that we know what happened. police came around to the neighbors afterwards to tell them not to report anything they might have seen coming from the for pay we don't have it evans parents have sent more than a hundred appeals for help to official bodies sent dozens of letters to president vladimir putin all to no effect his father's convinced the authorities have no interest in getting to the bottom of the case but everything points to the fact that it was the russian security service the f.s.b. the pressure they put on him beforehand the warnings they gave him they would interrogate him for hours every time he crossed over into ukraine. in sebastopol the night was rarely reaches its climax at their patriotic feeling park imperial symbols rub up against soviet icons rock music and science fiction
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all in the cause of russia on hand to extend his graduations to the bikers is the leader of crimea as russian ministration. by syrians my thanks goes to those who took part in the unique operation to guarantee the security of the referendum everything was done with such a dastardly such guts that our opponents didn't even have time to realize what was going on. the anniversary is about more than crimean and it's two point five million inhabitants the annexation put russia on a collision course with ukraine and the west that shows no sign of ending but it also did was to change the tone of russian politics as the kremlin found itself facing international isolation and sanctions it embrace groups like the night was bringing their very particular back to the future brand of russianness out of the margins and into the mainstream.
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in football but the top spot in germany on goal difference on sunday night overwhelms meit's. mindset only one win in six going into this game and by a never looked like losing from the moment robot leave adults keep them in front on three minutes i've commas rodrigo's me to two nil and thirty three minutes i've. before kings the command from one home to send by only in three nil at half time and on course for the strongly crave stuff that their midweek lashing from liverpool. street has made at the hammers sandwich with a force six minutes after the break was before the colombian took advantage of some comical mights defending to seal his hat trick four minutes later. alfonso davis rounded off the road on seventy minutes. six nil and another shot in the arm for bynes goal difference. they might be looking second rate in europe but by on
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a still a cut above domestically and once again they're back atop the been does league. in another sunday's game six place later. now has a chance. of next season's europe wide tournament's. labor because you have been on the upswing on your page or bust but they had big problems against braman maxie setting up max cruiser who opened the scoring in the thirteenth minute i've no chance for a keeper lucas radebe scheme i believe it because in defense looks porous and bremen made them pay a cruiser turn provider this time and me look at rush it's hammered home i shoot me oh i've. in the second half labor goes and fought their way back into the game leon bailey hitting the target with a glorious spray can keep
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a unique of lenka could only stand and watch frame and kept their cool however and max crews are sealed the deal in injury time with his second of the day three one the final score i frame and put the brakes on they because this rebirth and put themselves back into the battle for europe. to return to our top story at three people have been killed and several others wounded in the shooting on a tram in the dutch city of tracked the police to search for thirty seven year old turkish born mentalities in connection with the attack that warning people not to approach him but to colleville farces if they see the city's mass says they kind of rule out the possibility that there were several attackers and described terrible to us the most plausible explanation. i don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download from google play or from the apple store that'll give
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you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and also use it to send us photos and videos. up next is the global three thousand i'll be back to talk of the i have a day. they
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can all pay for the perfect recipe for success in the desert in doumani and it's the first delivery said listen you know if you take. advantage of the western
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sahara if it's a media and enterprising scariest moment of a kind. campaign it's a simple idea that's bringing hope to many. global three thousand next month d w. a sitting rooms. are always. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim i. am a christian population. when i asked fighters occupy the cities. two thousand and seventeen president to church's response was told. by
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hillary clinton never again put. the reconquest turned into tragedy. the bigger issue that all of this is not the kind of freedom that leon. how did you become a gateway to islamist terror. until now they say sorry under my city as a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of i.r.s. starts april eleventh on d w. welcome to global three thousand. this week we focus on one of life's essential food.
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industrialised countries dump millions of tons of food every year while elsewhere in the world millions of people that hung great there are solutions like the new.


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