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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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this is the news live from deadly shooting in the dark city police are searching for a turkish born man suspected of killing three people and wounding. also on the program remembers the victims of the christ church attack. the students perform the haka ceremony to honor the dead.
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seventy three seventy series after flight data. between deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. to the program we begin with breaking news three people have been killed and five wounded in a shooting in a tram in the dutch city of tract police say they're searching for the thirty seven year old turkish border in connection with the incident named in. this image of people being warned not to approach him but to contact authorities police now say they're also looking into whether the shooting was what they describe as a bin laden ship or terrorism as a motive has not been ruled out. let's get the latest now from correspondent teri schultz in brussels welcome terry what more do we know at this
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stage. we haven't heard anything else from police since since mid afternoon and you did give the latest that we know there they are starting to it's seems to be able to unravel perhaps some of this alleged shooter's life and it has been reported on dutch television that he has some other criminal charges against him including rape for example that he has been he is known to police he has been in police custody before so it may well be that this could be a criminal act and that is why we've heard less about the potential that it is a terrorist act in fact prime minister mark ruutu spoke a couple hours ago didn't even mention terrorism so as they gather evidence from the crime look into the shooter's back good the alleged shooter's background they may be leaning toward that as a motive instead of terrorism but again they're being quite careful and saying that
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they can't exclude anything at this point because they haven't found him and what is being said about somoza we just don't know he all we know about him is his name and his age and the fact that he has a criminal record but it does seem clear that authorities are starting to feel a bit less panicked about this because the other thing that's happened just in the last half hour or so is that they have they have changed their advice to inhabitants they were telling everyone to stay where you are don't move stay inside and they have now said go home calmly so they don't want people holed up they don't want everything on lockdown anymore they want people in their homes while they continue to unravel the case until you just talk us through that the sequence of events if you would. about ten forty five this morning local time a man opened fire on
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a tram the man who they now identify as he said thirty seven year old cousin thomas and several people were wounded to have it wasn't clear at the beginning how many also it took a really long time for authorities to confirm the number of dead which we know now is three even though we could see pictures of bodies lying under under white graves . the counterterrorism coordinator the justice minister the prime minister nobody gave the number of deaths until hours later and they have now just in the last hour or so revised down the number of injured and we don't know why it was believed that many more people were injured we were told initially that several of them were seriously injured and that has not changed but yet we know very little street from authorities they've given just a couple press availabilities very short. prime minister who didn't take any questions and were very much waiting to see to what watching as they as they try to
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narrow down where the alleged shooter might be and there's a second location in addition to where the shooting happened where they have been surveilling they have been circling a house but we haven't been told definitively that he's in there and so there are just remain a lot of loose ends here even if they aren't suspecting terrorism they certainly aren't willing to say yet that this that this man is not capable of significant additional violence. that we've heard of here about the victims. nothing at all i haven't even heard any description of who they might be surely there were eyewitnesses on the tram and on twitter there are some eyewitness accounts starting to come out but i've got absolutely no details from authorities about the identities or any other personal details about that the three dead thresholds in brussels thank you. in the last few minutes they
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speak of the british parliament has ruled out the u.k. government holding another vote on its previously rejected bracks agreement if the motion remains substantially the same speaker john bercow says parliament president mean the government must change the votes if they bring it back without the same session within the same session of parliament here is. what the government camel legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by one hundred fourteen. this ruling should not be regarded as my last word on the subject it is simply meant to indicate that test which the government must meet in order for me to rule that
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a meaningful vote can legitimately be held in this parliament precession. to barbara faisal in london welcome a barbara so what are the implications of this ruling. the implications are huge the man who can yell order like no other in the world and who has become a sort of cult figure really internationally for sort of trying to tame the bricks and chaos has now really let loose of fundable because what he says is the reason may can't bring back her breaks a deal tomorrow or wednesday because she is not capable of changing it overnight it would absolutely definitely be the same deal she presented last week now if when she failed last week and then announced that she would put it to the vote again there are already some warning voices which said this is difficult this might be
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not allowed by the rules of parliament however now john bercow has spoken and the cat is truly among the pigeons what is three's a maid to do and she must really be scratching her head because she can't not just change the deal tomorrow or wednesday she can't even change it to take speak so she can't bring the deal bank at all maybe she would just have to go to brussels then asked for an extension everything is back up in the air by watching the live pictures of the house as you were speaking so given this announcement from the speaker how does that affect what the prime minister was due to announce in a few minutes per prime minister is to get up and address the issue or do you think she will say. i have no use because now she is really completely at a loss all she can say and that was what was originally the question to her is that
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she would go to brussels and ask for an extension to the article fifty timing as something that is possible that is for a scene in the europe. entreaties and that she had announcer made the last week and so she can't speak on that but she can happily speak on what she's going to do because she will certainly after this announcement from john bercow the speaker is going to she's going to need some thinking time and she's going to need to talk to some advisers in this situation where is the way forward nobody knows as per usual and breaks it ok so there is some aid can still ask brussels for an extension to article fifty but it is significant whether this will be a few weeks or indeed a few months. now theresa may had before the fall this happened to reason they had announced that she would if she had if she couldn't pass the deal in parliament which now looks as if it is even impossible by the
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rules not only by the numbers which are not on her side if she couldn't pass it then she would go to brussels and ask for a nine month extension an extension to the till the end of this year and maybe that's the only solution now that is available to her because parliament also last week voted very strongly against the heartbreaks it begins crashing out and on the twenty ninth of march so what can she do she has to go to brussels cap in hand and beg ask for an extension maybe you two to the end of this year. in london thank you. prime minister says the government will announce new gun control laws in ten days sunday's attacks on two mosques in christ church of also prompted a review of what will saudis knew and didn't know ahead of the attack which claimed fifty lives an australian far right extremist has been charged with murder. a
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shaken christchurch mourns it's dead. and now the shaken country is tightening its gun laws. something some politicians have tried but failed to do in the past due to a strong gun lobby and a culture of hunting the suspected attacker is brinton terence a twenty eight year old australian self described white supremacist he's now been charged with murder police say he used military style assault weapons which he was able to buy online legally. cabinet today made in principle decisions around the reform of our gun laws i intend to give further detail of these decisions to the media and public before cabinet meets again next monday
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this ocean at remains set within ten days of this horrific act of terrorism we will have announced reforms which well i believe mike l. community so i found you can surrender your gun to the police said any time in fact i've seen reports that people are in fact already doing this i applaud that if it the attack has united new zealanders in their horror and in their grief. but they have failed. because one thing i've done. if anything has increased the law and the feeling we have fallen country and we have also seen that to mean those outpouring of love when we call here. students led to vigils in christ church performing the hakka. i was at that.
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singing. my meeting with muslim leaders. fifty people were killed in the attack and fifty more was seriously injured. now the city and the people involved in affected are coming to terms with what happened . we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world mozambique's president says he fears that as many as a thousand people have been killed in cyclonic in driessen flooding the number of confirmed deaths stands that eighty four according to the red cross the tropical storm damaged or destroyed ninety percent of the mozambican city of biota electricity and road access to the area being cut off hampering rescue efforts. and
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rescue teams are continuing the other search for the missing in indonesia after flash floods and mudslides killed at least seventy seven people and injured hundreds more in the province of papua the deadly flooding disasters are common feature of into these rainy season. pressure on us actor of manufacture of boeing is continuing to mount the black box data flight recorders recovered from the region prost crash of an ethiopian airlines seven three seven eight point to similarities with october's crash in indonesia of another seven three seven max everyone on board both planes was killed the flight data recorders are currently being evaluated in france meanwhile reports are emerging which cast more doubts on the us federal aviation authority the claim is that there were gross violations of the development and certification of the aircraft type. more from the kristoff cobra who's been following this story for us welcome christopher let's start with the phrase gross violations of development certification what does that mean phil
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these seattle times is reporting several issues of which experts are raising eyebrows first boeing's safety analysis of this new flight control system the crucial one the one that failed in the lion air crash and as it looks right now also failed in sunday's crash that flight control system in the safety analysis had crucial flaw. laws including understating the power of the system which means in this statement that boeing's engineers admitted they said well if this system completely fails this would be hazardous rather than catastrophic and if something is a famous failure is labeled catastrophic that would have meant more testing of that system so it was it was labeled wrong secondly there are reports that the federal federal aviation administration has outsourced much of the certification process to boeing itself and the budget cuts and growing air traffic so let's let's get that
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straight the company that made the product certified its safety and all of that as boeing was facing pressure to get the seven hundred seven max out as quickly as possible because it was facing stiff competition from airbus so what are each of them saying boeing and the f.a.a. well the f.a.a. declined to comment so far both parties so the f.a.a. and boeing only said that the process followed normal procedures and we have to see if these procedures are are are the right ones there have been reports that boeing and the f.a.a. have been much too cozy with each other in the recent past october's and sunday's crashes could be the tragic result of that and amid this growing pressure there are calls from when the from within the u.s. congress to scrutinize both boeing certification process and the f.a.a. is rolling it ok so we have something that is expanding now beyond the tragedy for families and a crisis for a company and perhaps an unfortunate accident for boeing into something apparently
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much more sinister right boeing is facing potentially financial claims obviously from the victims' families from airlines jet surrounded now and possibly further financial fallout if airlines should cancel their seventy seven max orders but beyond that boeing's repartition is on the line here this is a major company one of the biggest companies in the united states one of the. best known companies around the world and the amount of distrust in this company also because the handling of this case is growing and for a company that's relying on people's property people's trust in their products day by day this is a very uncomfortable position to be in crystal cove with an. attorney two biggest lender starch a bank and commits bank could be joining forces both of struggled for years to grow but with the government pushing for new stronger national banks the lenders have confirmed formal talks about a possible merger to create a national champion in financial services. they're the largest banks in germany and
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their competitors now they want to join forces to become one strong german private bank above all because the federal government in germany wants them to be the goal a bank that can keep up with international competition both financial institutions have seen better times numerous lawsuits have had a strong impact on them after three years of losses profits have recently returned but both banks earn little compared to their international competitors. only merge with combats bank if it makes economic sense that's why we need a good plan and didn't plan. as far as the balance sheet is concerned the two banks are far from equal one point seven trillion euros a georgia bank and a half a trillion euros at comet's bank together the two banks would almost catch up with the largest bank in the us j.p. morgan chase in purely mathematical terms but for critics that's not enough reason for a merger. and the merger alone doesn't create
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a new business model and size of the world is not enough i don't see the vision behind it yet. the merger could also be painful for workers unions fear between twenty to thirty thousand bankers could lose their jobs for many it's a forced marriage for political reasons the two beleaguered banks will have to see what other advantages they'll have besides saving money. the syrian migrant has gone on trial charged with killing a man in the eastern german city of candidates the incident last year the migrant protests in the city and led to a national debate about the rise of the far right. done was fatally stabbed in the eastern german town of kim its last summer the suspects were two asylum seekers one of them has just gone on trial the other is still at large. the attack prompted the biggest right wing riots germany had seen in years for days protesters marched in
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the streets of candidates shouting racists lawyers some were seen showing the hitler salute which is a crime in germany the police were criticised for failing to intervene quickly enough this cellphone video appears to show a man chasing a passer by and shouting racist abuse. watch. the video triggered a debate about what had actually happened. we have video footage showing people being hunted down on the streets a crowd arriving and he crimes. this has nothing to do with the rule of law i cannot repeat this often enough. but germany's domestic intelligence security agency chief at the time. didn't agree with chancellor merkel he said nobody had been hunted down his comments exposed deep divisions in the federal coalition in the end musson was removed from office the trial however will focus only on the death of daniel h.
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not on the political repercussions of the incident. now today marks the five years since russia annexed crimea from ukraine since then they potentially in the black sea has been a focal point of tension between russia and the west pro russian separatists in crimea celebrating what moscow has described as the day of crimea is reunification with russia ukraine much of the international community because of the onyx ation as illegal since twenty fourteen about thirteen thousand people have been killed in an ongoing conflict between ukraine and russia backed separatists in eastern ukraine and that report comes from crimea is largest city sebastopol where people still suffering after the takeover as well as those taking part in today's celebrations like members of a pro russia by kick out who helped facilitate the attic sation. the night wolves and their leader of exam results are vladimir putin's favorite bikers. there rally through the city of sebastopol marking five years since the russian takeover is
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more than just a bit of fun. back in two thousand and fourteen they played a very real part in helping the kremlin bring the peninsula under its control. setting up roadblocks and patrolling the streets while the russian special forces in unmarked uniforms took over government buildings. it's a miracle this all happened fairness went out for the first time and it all happened without bloodshed. a claim that ignores at least six deaths in fifteen disappearances attributed to russian security services by human rights activists over the years since moscow took control. one of them was. a member of the region's three hundred thousand strong muslim to tar minority and a vocal opponent of the russian takeover of the region in may twenty sixteen he was abducted just a few hundred meters from his home men dressed as traffic police stopped eddins car
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for what appeared to be a routine check. soon they were bundling him into an unmarked minivan. he broke free and tried to run away. but he was soon right back. he has not been heard from since. now with a view that's where the surveillance camera was it's only thanks to that camera that we know what happened. because police came around to the neighbors afterwards to tell them not to report anything they might have seen coming for. evans parents have sent more than a hundred appeals for help to official bodies sent dozens of letters to president vladimir putin all to no effect his father is convinced the authorities have no interest in getting to the bottom of the case everything points to the fact that it was the russian security service the f.s.b. the pressure they put on him beforehand the warnings they gave him they would interrogate him for hours every time he crossed over into ukraine.
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in savannah to pull the night was really reaches its climax at their patriotic feeling park imperial symbols rub up against soviet icons of rock music and science fiction all in the cause of russia on hand to extend his graduations to the bikers is the leader of crimea as russian administration. my thanks goes to those who took part in the unique operation to guarantee the security of the referendum everything was done with such a dozen such guts that our opponents didn't even have time to realize what was going on. the anniversary is about more than crimean and its two point five million inhabitants the annexation put russia on a collision course with ukraine and the west but shows no sign of ending what it also did was to change the tone of russian politics as the kremlin found itself facing international isolation and sanctions it embrace groups like the night
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wolves bringing their very particular back to the future brand of russianness out of the margins and into the mainstream. so in football but in munich have retaken the top spot in germany's been displayed on goal difference on sunday night they overwhelmed months. mines had only one win in six going into this game and by and never looked like losing from the moment robot live in dubs keep them in front on three minutes the. comma's rodrigo's made it to nil and thirty three minutes. before kingsley c'mon funded one home to send by and then three nil at half time and on course for the stroll we craved after their midweek lashing from liverpool. madrid is made at the hammers sandwich with a forty six minutes after the break who before the colombian took advantage of some comical might defending to seal his hat trick for minutes later. alfonso davis
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rounded off the road on seventy minutes. six no and another shot in the arm for byron's goal difference. they might be looking second rate in europe but biron are still a cut above domestically and once again their back to top the been does legal. well three months before this summer's world cup women's football is reaching new heights with record attendance says more than sixty thousand people turned out to watch the madrid take on barcelona on sunday easily basing the previous record for a women's club game barcelona want to know madrid metropolitano stadium the best ever attendance of the women's games in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine when ninety thousand people watched the u.s. beats china in the world cup final. a coming up next news asia for three decades has been delivering life changing treatment to the poorest
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communities in india takes a ride on the lifeline express the hospital bringing medical care to the internet. that's up next i'll be back at the top of the hour.
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the floods have taken everything. now despair is gone. climate refugees claim. they seek shelter. but. first rising.
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above flood sparks. the twenty. six. just couldn't get this song out of his head. ecologist began searching for the source of peace captivate. sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the buying up people. going out. in the freezing even less. money. he would get by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son son only to the jungle and return to the concrete and glass trunk. the result reverse culture shock. ready for
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a comeback you realize how strange that artificial. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t w. this is it after news a shot coming up on the program the man who threw himself at danger to save others named russians is one of many acts of heroism emerging from blast friday in new zealand also coming up in taiwan and out of us real for movement that brought students from the streets we all stores and malls how taiwan has changed in five does. that for patients who can't get to the hospital this hospital comes to them for india's room plus it may be the only way they can see a doctor.


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