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condition. on the way to colombia. starts march eighteenth. this is the end of the news live from the manhunt under way in the dutch city of tracks following a deadly shooting at the suspect a turkish born man is reported to have targeted their relatives over a family dispute three people killed them five others were. also on the program museum remembers the victims of the christ church attack.
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both are students before the traditional maori ceremonial dance to all of that. and more doubts are raised about boeing seven three seven max series a craft of black box flight data points to similarities between deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. welcome to the program we begin with breaking news three people have been killed and five others wounded in a shooting in a trial in the dutch city of track the police say they are searching for a thirty seven year old a turkish man born but turkish born man in connection with the incident they've named him thomas and released this image of police are being warned not to approach him but to contact authorities and police now say there. also looking into whether
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the shooting was what they describe as crime terrorism has not been ruled out as a possible motive. we'll have more on that story very shortly we'll move on at this stage to another deadly shooting this time the aftermath of christ church in new zealand the country's prime minister says the government will announce new gun control laws in ten days sunday's attach on to mosques and christ church of also prompted a review of what authorities knew and didn't know ahead of the attack which claimed fifty lives australian far right extremists has been charged with murder. but shaken christchurch mourns its dead. and now the shaken country is tightening its gun laws.
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something some politicians have tried but failed to do in the past due to a strong gun lobby and a culture of hunting this is spectate attacker is brinton terence a twenty eight year old australian self described white supremacist he's now been charged with murder police say he used military style assault weapons which he was able to buy online legally. cabinet to date made in principle decisions around the reform of our gun laws i intend to give food the detail of these decisions to the media and public before cabinet mates again next monday this ocean atlee main set within ten days of this horrific act of terrorism we will have announced reforms which well i believe mike l. community so i found you can surrender your gun to the police said any time in fact i've seen reports that people are in fact already doing this i applaud that if it
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the attack has united new zealand is in the horror and in their grief. that they have failed. because one thing i've done is anything. increase the law on the. country and we have also seen that to mean those are warning of more of what we call here. students lead the vigils in christchurch performing the hakka. singing. is. a meeting with muslim leaders.
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fifty people were killed in the attack and fifty more were seriously injured. now the city and the people involved in affected are coming to terms with what happened . take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world mozambique's president says he fears that as many as a thousand people have been killed in cycling in a day and recent flooding the number of confirmed deaths stands at eighty four according to the red cross the tropical storm damaged or destroyed ninety percent of the moves on beacon city of bya electricity and road access to the area have been cut off hampering rescue efforts. france's prime minister says he will badly yellow vast protests on piracy shows that these are after they spiraled out of control again of the weekend riots as torched and ransacked stores and restaurants of the foam soften in the yellow vest rapid yellow vests are weekly demonstrations across france four months ago. firefighters in the united states are continuing to
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battle a huge blaze as a petrochemicals terminal in texas the fire broke out on sunday has not spread to a storage tanks authorities have closed schools india no injuries have been reported. speak of britain's parliament has ruled out the u.k. government holding another vote on its previously rejected breck's it agreement if the motion remains substantially the same john burke says parliamentary president made the government must change the deal if they bring it back within the same session of parliament here is. what the government cannot legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by one hundred forty nine vote . this ruling should not be regarded as my last word on the
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subject b.d. simply meant to indicate that test which the government must meet in order for me to rule that a third meaningful vote can legitimately be held in this parliament tree session. so let's get more from data because part of the barber faisal in london i welcome barbara so this is the latest chapter in this twisty turny turny saga it sounds like bad news for the prime minister talk us through its implications. it is exceedingly bad news for the prime minister and somebody here said that brics it has better scriptwriters then house of cards and if you look at this latest turn in the saga you might say yes that is totally true what this means is that reason may cannot mitt for
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a real sort of bring back her unchanged bricks and deal to the house of parliament here in the back of us and that's what she had intended to do she had intended to bring it back on tuesday tomorrow or at the latest son would say chest again with a parliamentarians whether the majority of the house would have changed its opinion on it now we have to remember this would have been the search time and obviously the patience of john bercow dispute here has run out and he looked at the old tomes of precedence of sixty two hundred zero four and said our tradition says here in parliament this is not allowed so you change the deal or you don't bring it back i'm guessing there's been lots of reaction to this rolling. of cars and that when they depend on which side you stand on a front of bricks and tears this is really the ultimate sign that john bercow the speaker is not on their side that he is there to sort of defuse cracks it to to
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sort of prevent it happening and front tooth and he really now is the enemy of the people is they say if you look at the other side this side of remainders of course they're juvenile and for them he's the hero of the day he finally chance to reason may that parliament really has a say. say in this and that this endless saga of this endless turning and turning around and sure ending and bringing back the same stuff in parliament cannot go on that she has to find different means to look for a majority and that she as he now stated cannot present the same deal over and over again till she likes the result to she finally has found that majority and usually the prime minister was due to speak in parliament today bracks it why was. there she hasn't spoken so far as she was supposed to i answer an urgent question
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about the proposed to extension to articulate fifty that the time frame of article fifty and now obviously she needs some thinking time of how to proceed now because of course this word from the speaker this is a ruling from him has absolutely smashed her whole strategy and she now has to come up with something else and this thing is what she can do now is she can the only thing ma lessee is she can do no skill on thursday cap in hand to brussels to her european colleagues and says story about this somehow stings got derailed something went wrong and london and my problem and and now will you just give me more time question is how much more time the latest idea here was she's going to ask for nine months extension till the end of this year which would also mean that britain had to participate in the european elections in may so for brits it is there is
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a big difference a significant difference between the three months that was originally being looked at for extension and the nine months that you just mentioned. that of course for them is all the difference three months they have of what was disowned called technical extension that would mean a reason males may somehow push her deal through parliament and then she needed just a bit more. time to put it for the legal problems in the legal niceties to be sorted out in britain and to sort of organize things so that everything went smoothly so they did not have great problems was that apart from those who want it no deal breaks it next week friday only eleven days from today and just to keep that in mind but till the end of the year everybody here knows that that means there's a likelihood that wrecks it might not have met all because there might be a second referendum the results might be different there might be new elections a new prime minister coming out everything becomes legally up in the air and print
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more or less would start from zero bricks why is barbara face over and london thank you so. you're watching the news live from berlin still to come the night ride again marking five years since russia's annexation of crimea will tell you why for these bikers it's a day to celebrate. had about pressure on the u.s. aircraft manufacturer boeing is mounting the black box states a flight recorders recovered from the recent crash of an ethiopian airlines seven three seven max eight points to similarities with october's crash in indonesia of another seven three seven seven three seven max everyone on board both planes was killed the flight data recorders are currently being evaluated in france meanwhile reports are emerging which cast more doubts on u.s. federal aviation authority the claim was that there were gross violations in the
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development and certification of this type of aircraft. christophe coba who's been following this story for us welcome christoph let's start with the phrase gross violations of development certification what does that mean the seattle times is reporting several issues of which experts are raising eyebrows first boeing's safety analysis of this new flight control system the crucial. one the one that failed in the lion air crash and as it looks right now also failed in sunday's crash that flight control system in the safety analysis had crucial flaws including understating the power of the system which means in this statement that boeing's engineers submitted they said well if this system completely fails this would be hazardous rather than catastrophic and it's something it's a famous failure is labeled catastrophic that would have meant more testing of that system so it was it was labeled wrong secondly there are reports that the federal
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federal aviation administration has outsourced much of the certification process to boeing itself in the budget cuts and a growing air traffic so let's let's get that straight the company that made the product certified its safety and all of that as boeing was facing pressure to get the seven hundred seven max out as quickly as possible because it was facing stiff competition from airbus so what are each of them saying boeing and the f.a.a. well the f.a.a. declined to comment so far both parties so the f.a.a. and boeing only said that the process followed normal procedures and we have to see if these procedures are are are the right ones there have been reports that boeing and the f.a.a. have been much too cozy with each other in the recent past october's and sunday's crashes could be the tragic result of that and amid discounting pressure there are calls from when the from within the u.s. congress to scrutinize both boeing certification process and the f.a.a.
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has rule in it ok so we have something he of it is expanding now beyond the tragedy for families and a crisis for a company and perhaps an unfortunate accident for boeing into something apparently much more sinister right boeing is facing potentially financial claims obviously from the victims' families from airlines as jets are grounded now and possibly further financial fallout if airlines. should cancel their seventy seven max orders but beyond that boeing's repetition is on the line here this is a major company one of the biggest companies in the united states one of the best known companies around the world and the amount of distrust in this company also because the handling of this case is growing and for a company that's relying on people's property people's trust in their products day by day this is a very uncomfortable position to be in christof koch thank you. we take you back to top story this is breaking news this is the three people killed and five others wounded in a shooting on
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a tram in the city of tracked police say they are searching for thirty seven year old a turkish born man in connection with the incident they've identified him as go tanya's and released this image of people being warned not to approach it but to contact authorities. now say they're also looking into whether the shooting was what they got describes a bill a ship crime or terrorism has not been ruled out and. straight to you jeff and where we join the rixos into it was a crime reporter at r t v he joins us on the line from the city welcome what do police mean by relationship crime. good evening well that's the possibility that the shooter and the victim one of the victims or taste knew each other then there might be some thing in false light. and on a revenge of blood revenge a thing like that. what we know is that one of the witnesses in the champ says that
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the shooter. particularly aimed on one woman and only started shooting the others when they tried to help this woman another thing we heard this morning is that people heard her say i didn't do it i didn't do it so obviously there's a sort of for relationship between the one of the victims and the shooter. meanwhile the suspect is still on the run away yet we have a name and a photo this is that document at tani's what do we know about him. that the police are currently looking for him and that's why had the mayor he's presently giving a press conference is still warning people for this man because while he proved that he when he straightened he can he can shoot anyone but we don't know if he still if he's still armed but we know that he's currently involved in a rape case. waiting to get on going on face to face trial.
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he was allowed to go home he's been sentenced for burglary for vests. as well and two thousand and thirteen he will say involved in a shooting incident he shot at an apartment building. had an illegal weapon so if the police know this this person well and according to people in his neighborhood he's not a very stable man. who was often drunk and used all sorts of substances so that might lead us to believe that it's it's not a chair or check. but however. if you want to be on the safe side it could have been someone who's not that stable and inspired by for instance the brutal. second in new zealand. decided to to go out with a gun himself and what is the situation in this the city. well we
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still have the highest security level a level five but the mayor just told people that. they can go outside safely but still have to be vigilant whenever they see something that's suspicious immediately call a special alarm number and they also. asks people who know the suspect to to call the police and they can do that anonymous too to assure that he will be arrested soon as possible we know now that the brother of this man has been arrested for interrogation and we all hope that well he'll be caught as soon as possible because there's always a little fear. at the moment your sources are explaining why did this high security level was put in action this morning. of course you can expect there would have to new zealand that someone
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a copycat which would try to do something like this maybe a lone wolf on the other side it's election day wednesday in the netherlands so that's another reason. to expect an attack a terror attack. right so a new track thank you so much for that thanks for joining date on that you're welcome. but today marks five years since russia annexed crimea from ukraine since then the pad they peninsula in the black sea has become a focal point of tension between russia and the west for russian separatists in crimea are celebrating what moscow has described as the day of crimea as reunification with russia ukraine and much of the international community regard the annexation as illegal since twenty fourteen about thirteen thousand people have been killed in an ongoing conflict between ukraine and russia back separatists in eastern ukraine report comes from crimea as largest city so vast a paul de dublin that people still suffering after the takeover as well as people
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taking part in today's celebrations like members of a pro russia biker gang who helped facilitate the annexation. of a night wolves and their leader of exam the result of our vladimir putin's favorite bikers. there rally through the city of sebastopol marking five years since the russian takeover is more than just a bit of fun. back in two thousand and fourteen they played a very real part in helping the kremlin bring the peninsula under its control. setting up roadblocks and patrolling the streets while the russian special forces in unmarked uniforms took over government buildings. so i assume it's a miracle this all happened fairness went out for the first time that it all happened without bloodshed growing. a claim that ignores at least six deaths in fifteen disappearances attributed to russian security services by human rights activists
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over the years since moscow took control. one of them was a regular of a member of the region's three hundred thousand strong muslim to tar minority and a vocal opponent of the russian takeover of the region in may twenty sixteen he was abducted just a few hundred meters from his home men dressed as traffic police stopped eddins car for what appeared to be a routine check. soon they were bundling him into an unmarked minivan. he broke free and tried to run away. but he was soon dragged back. he has not been heard from since. course now with a view that's where the surveillance camera was it's only thanks to the camera that we know what happened. because police came around to the neighbors afterwards to tell them not to report anything they might have seen coming from the ferry though . evans parents have sent more than a hundred appeals for help to official bodies sent dozens of letters to president
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vladimir putin all to no effect his father's convinced the authorities have no interest in getting to the bottom of the case but everything points to the fact that it was the russian security service the f.s.b. the pressure they put on him beforehand the warnings they gave him they would interrogate him for hours every time he crossed over into ukraine. in sebastopol the night was rarely reaches its climax at their patriotic feeling park imperial symbols rub up against soviet icons of rock music and science fiction all in the cause of russia on hand to extend his graduations to the bikers is the leader of crimea as russian ministration. i see her and my thanks goes to those who took part in the unique operation to guarantee the security of the referendum everything was done with such a death city such guts that our opponents didn't even have time to realize what was
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going on. the anniversary is about more than crimean and its two point five million inhabitants the annexation put russia on a collision course with ukraine and the west but shows no sign of ending what it also did was to change the tone of russian politics as the kremlin found itself in international isolation and sanctions it embrace groups like the night was bringing their very particular back to the future brand of russianness out of the margins and into the mainstream. so a football buy in munich have retaken the top spot in germany's bonders league on goal difference on sunday night they overwhelmed minds. minds had only one win in six going into this game and by a never looked like losing from the moment robert live in dobbs keeping them in front of three minutes the. comma's rodrigo's made it to nil and thirty three
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minutes. was before kingsley come on thunder one home to stand by and then three nil at half time and on course for the stroll we create after their midweek lashing from liverpool. has made it the hammers sandwich with a forty six minutes after the break. before the colombian took advantage of some comical might defending to seal his hat trick for minutes later. alfonso davis rounded off the road on seventy minutes. six no and another shot in the arm for bynes goal difference. they might be looking second rate in europe but byron are still a cut above domestically and once again they're back atop the bindis league or. the top tier greek football much much had to be abandoned over the weekend because a fan violence during sunday's athens darby between perth and i caught some visiting. one thirty of the home team fans attacked players on the olympiacos bench
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that police battled other fans outside the stadium gas used to disperse the crowd stripped down to the pitch leading the referee to call off the much in the seventeenth minute with n.p.r. leading one there are only a few fans left by then but flags and fires were still in evidence there were no serious injuries and no arrests. this is the w. news coming up next indeed the news africa tropical cyclone a day at least a chance. destruction across mozambique zimbabwe. with an estimated ninety percent of the mozambican port city of pirate destroyed i will hear from people involved in the rest in the relief efforts. ansari goal opens the doors of a new museum dedicated to black cultural traditions up to ninety percent of africa's cultural heritage is held outside the consulate the museum of the black civilization something to hold the view that africa doesn't have the proper space
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to care for its autocrats. yet you can always get the news on the guy who just found out from google play from the opposite life gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news channel so use it to sense first time videos. news africa up next i'll be back at the top of the hour have a good day. entering
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the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding of sounds. as come things intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the sun zones of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for facts the conflicts. conflict zone
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with jim sebastian on t.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the book. nico is in germany to learn german and why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to sell d w z e learning course nikos fake german made him seem. a city in ruins maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . last time as fighters occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to tears his response was told. by the tourists will never again foothold in. the reconquest turned into
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tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did malawi become a gateway to islamist terror until now the circle i mean was it has been for self and exclusive reports from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense of yes starts april eleventh on t.w. . this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the tropical storm that has vetted southeastern africa cyc load in die has destroyed ninety percent of the mozambican port city of beirut the government saying is as many as one thousand people could be did the relief operation has begun will be talking to those involved. and then the museum on a mission to the nice african ought to put some of the pieces on display have you
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been to be returned to their european ernest school here from the curator.


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