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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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it is. fifty people were killed in the attack and fifty more were seriously injured. now the city and the people involved in affected are coming to terms with what happened. business use africa is up next with a special focus on the culture inside into the infrastructure of the day. i'm not laughing at the germans because i'm coming down but most are laughing with me because i don't think deep into the german culture of. newton seem to think that his grandmother there you know it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me for me because i haven't been to the post. we make up over a week watch as over half of the under thirty five's we all of the civil service
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are. the one to shoot the continent's future. reported enjoy enough in numbers testing share their stories their dreams and their chairmanship. of the seventy seven percent. platform for john. it could be a break from decades of judicial indifference french marine this is for offshore oil and gas the in court accused of suspicious activities in st african countries. also on the show more than half of the world's population has internet access but speed and cost to vary from continent to continent we ask how does africa face the challenges of the digital age. and europe marks equal pay day
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but figures show equality is still a long way off we also why. but how to do business africa i want to go jones and berlin thanks for tuning in and we are starting with what looks like another battle in the long fight to stop firms from bribing african authorities for winning lucrative contracts we're talking about the trial of the bourbon group which got under way in the french city of must say today a french group specializes in providing marine services for the oil industry and apparently it played the system very well using judicial indifference in some african nations now the battle group is accused of bribing public officials in three african countries. really an hour after proceedings began the court was suspended after defense lawyers for the bourbon group claimed they hadn't been given enough time to examine the hundreds of pages in the trial dossier at the
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center of the trial is moksha key form a text director of the durban group he says the company had an ingrained culture of bribery in order to secure contracts and gain tax breaks for. me at the forefront of is the case when actually i'm just a simple employee i'm not part of a world since i arrived at durban a group spoke out about what i was seeing there i immediately noticed that there was organized fraud i say well organized scientifically organized. the case came to light in two thousand and twelve when customs at my say airport opened a suitcase which had come from lagos nigeria two hundred fifty thousand dollars were hidden in the lining noxious he was arrested when he came to collect his baggage the open group executives claim they knew nothing about the money he says he's being set up the court will decide on tuesday with a trial can proceed. some four billion people hire nowadays online
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that's according to estimates by the i to you alliance for affordable internet but having access to the internet. it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has the same opportunities to use it now for instance watching a football match on your smartphone no problem in europe or the us where mobile data transmission is usually fast and affordable compared to the average income in asia you have to reach much deeper into your pockets paying over one and a half percent of the a monthly average wage for a gigabyte of data volume. in latin america football mad latin america that is it's cheaper to buy a ticket will the stadium rather than watching a game online in africa watching a football match on a smartphone is an absolute luxury the mobile data costs you almost nine percent of the average monthly income so where does this leave african companies and their
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online business opportunities it is a challenge. to take these open kitchen in johannesburg case something special those who easier are constantly surprised there's a different cook in the kitchen every day always offering a new creation the emphasis is on healthy food. eric van both came up with the idea three years ago he sees a growing customer base for healthy food. he'd like to be able to deliver too but to do that he'd need high speed internet and cheap mobilization. so you have the insides and you have a wife you need to have a care where you can provide for your city and also maintain the business when it comes to the point of sale all over the story it's quite a challenge because it's quite expensive. right. from south africa to west africa. young people looking at their phones may be
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a common sight on the streets of. but only one third of the canadian population is online mobile access to the network is often unstable even in the capital. that's a headache for small companies like stimulus technologies. defined who at his seven employees offer network marketing services. applications always have to think. and it's. so easy how fast speed we have. and people in east africa have their own share of problems take uganda if you're looking to send a message or post a photo on instagram you have to be prepared to pay up since july of last year the
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government's been cashing in on every click in the three months following the introduction of the so-called tax the number of social media users fell by three million. clearly bagan has been importing cosmetics me united states for the past three years much of her business takes place online the o t t tax is a big issue for her right now he's. just a us like. they used to and yes that was like biggest marketing place so you have to kind of look for other ways of marketing. to cover up for that living through the social media of the internet is clearly begun now runs every killer store in the capital kampala for many africans buying in person is still the easier option. now the global solutions initiative is currently meeting in berlin it's an international body proposing policy responses to major
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global problems. with its president dennis nowa to talk about the digital challenges africa face. this is so how important is high speed internet for the economic development for africa absolutely vital but the thing to remember is that even if africa gets a huge amount of access to high speed internet it still hasn't solved the problem it needs to adjust in terms of human capital to the challenges of the twenty first century. so how big is the potential for digitization on the african continent right now the potential is enormous because there is relatively little internet penetration and it's clear in today's economy that you need access to internet in order to get access to international trade to communicate and get knowledge and therefore the potential is enormous how it's to be realized is an open question he
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mentioned it needs more than just technological access so what would be the big game changer for africa. the big game changer for africa would be a strategy that shows how human beings. not only the techies but the average citizens can find a footing in the world that is in demand and that requires social skills combined with technical skills so you need digital literacy but you also need perspective taking empathy the various things that are required in the world of today to connect with customers and africa has a big job of not only in acquiring the physical infrastructure but also the human capital to make these schuman qualities evident so is this something that the african startup scene can achieve by itself. the african startup scene can achieve
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a lot government. will need to get together to provide the infrastructure is necessary. for there to be education and training program system that unites. those with the big challenges of tomorrow and those are the challenges that are addressed in the global solutions. people across south africa have been told to expect more power cuts this week a state electricity company eskom struggles to cope with capacity shortages the embattled firm has experienced repeated faults of power stations ranging from low water levels to diesel fuel shortages problems compounded on sunday after electricity imports from side clone head to mozambique stopped south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has pledged to invest one point six billion dollars a year into the company that is if he is reelected in may.
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but everyone talks about gender equality here in europe but are we also walking the walk not when it comes to equal pay men and women nowadays often pursue the same kind of careers from taxi drivers to doctors and nor yes but one men and women doing the exact same jobs at the end of the month their paycheck differs vast here in germany there is a gender pay gap of up to six percent room for improvement. in berlin it pays to be a woman well today it does the city's transport operators have given female passengers twenty one percent off the aim is to raise awareness of the gender pay gap is certain is that the unfair yes it's unfair. but we have to point out that it's much much less fair that women in germany earn on average twenty one percent less for the same work as their male counterparts. comment yes i
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mentioned police but it's a little more complicated than mass women often work in professions that are poorly paid as kindergarten teachers for example every second woman in germany only works part time because they are looking after children or other dependants that means they earn less under neath likely to pursue a career. but even when women and men in germany work in the same jobs their salaries are often different the gender pay gap there is six percent. that makes germany one of the locker it's in the european union only in the czech republic and to stony a is the salary gap between men and women greater. trade unions were right in force in germany today to highlight their frustration over the continuing inequality. a champion worth a million bucks in fact a bit more than that belgian raising pitch and armando was auctioned to this past
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weekend for an absolute world record amount of one and a quarter million euros more than doubling the previous record in the field a mundo is the champion long distance fly a race by the first short family in in the west flanders province where pitching breeding is popular he will soon fly for his new owner a chinese buyer who remained anonymous. and that is business africa here on d.w. for me and the team in berlin as always thanks for keeping us company.
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five days in the midst of venezuela's crisis in the fight to get aid into the country with a convoy i don't support. an exclusive veto you report alongside venezuelan journalists is our about teams that shows the country's catastrophic conditions up close all the way to colombia a showdown on the border. sixty minutes d.w.
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. earth a home for saving google engineers tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world by dues to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions for global warming dio's the blue series of global three thousand on d w and online. this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the tropical storm that has batted southeastern africa psycho to die has destroyed ninety percent of the mozambique and port city of beirut the government say is as many as one thousand people could be a day at the relief operation has begun will be talking to those involved. and then the museum on a mission to deep colonize african ought to put some of the pieces on display have eventually to be returned to their european earnest's will hear from the curator.


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