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the floods. twenty. this is g w news wife from berlin tonight breaks it by the rules a decision that could be a fatal blow to prime minister teresa mayes parts of plan the speaker of the house of commons and says the prime minister cannot put her withdrawal vote to a third vote unless she submits a substantially different plan the prime minister reportedly furious to ninth will go to our correspondents in london for the latest also coming up dutch police
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arrest the suspect in a deadly shooting on a trend in the city of new trashed three people were killed five others were wounded authorities say some of them remain in critical condition and in southeastern africa a picture of the devastation caused by psychs won't eat it goes in because president says he fears the death toll in his country could rise to more than one thousand. golf it's good to have you with us tonight there is a new brakes a crisis with the u.k. set to crash out of the european union in just eleven days today the speaker of the house of commons said a third vote on prime minister to resign may's burks a plan will not take place unless the question before lawmakers is to stanch will be different from last week's book the prime. minister reportedly furious at this
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decision lawmakers rejected her plan a second time last tuesday and they also agreed to ask the european union for a delay to the start of bricks that some say this is now a constitutional crisis for britain but here is what john bercow the house of commons speaker said earlier today. what the government accountable legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition well substantially the same proposition as last of last week which was rejected by one hundred forty nine. this ruling should not be regarded as my last would on the subject be d. simply meant to indicate the test which the government must meet in order for me to rue that's a third meaning it can legitimately be held in this parliamentary
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session are listed or correspondent she's on the story for us tonight in london good evening to you barbara so we've got the house of commons speaker saying there will not be a repeat of last week does that mean the government has no way of presenting to rescind may's deal to parliament for a vote for a vote again. basically not that's what john said because yes look for a while and what's the reason why is doing and they have out warning loyce is last week where sound bottom in terence with throw this idea up and say they all suppose . that you can just resubmit the same bill again and again and again and then and i did you vote you gone on to the result that is not there ok so that's what's on purpose said or is right they also know if there is an argument there is to for.
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solutions and so some government lawyer is a fraud tough to the point that haldeman to might actually mean these doing down here that parliamentary session could be ended earlier and that would stop of course the house of commons dead in its trick nothing tricks nothing could be done in that interim period until normal business starts up again whether that is of any great help i don't know and also there might be christians of political legitimacy there and what about the delay to break so we know west week parliament voted to ask the european union for a three month delay to the start of briggs' it weaves we still don't have an answer back yet from the e.u. but that that is still up in the year isn't it. that comment didn't really specify how long the delays supposed to be about palm and did say that we do not want to pressure on the twenty ninth of march we always
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of course have to remind ourselves this is something eleven days from the danger of course is frightening and so well and to reason may had announced it earlier that if she couldn't get the deal voted through in parliament she would go to brussels and ask for the nine months extension off the brakes it period all far to kill off the article fifty times and it but it might also be only three months what she called earlier it short technical extension nobody knows there was a junior government ministers the these two new bricks and minister in fact who had already has said yes she would go to brussels on thursday and ask for an extension again he did say for how long and that might also be up to negotiation was that you christine you sort of really doesn't want to be pushed around by britain anymore and might sort of make up its own mind on this point here with the u.k. jr breaks men. just been quoted as saying if the u.k.
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does not an extension to the start of britain from the european union that the u.k. will crash out of the european union on march twenty ninth that probably looks probably as likely as it ever happens tonight when you agree. of course it is because that is still the default option because if to resume a draft get an extension on tuesday night and then she would have to come back to london rob the speedily and at the beginning of next week have polman three announce the bricks of the law that was passed a long time ago at the beginning of the brics a process in order for that not to happen so yes it's still the default option somehow if things completely stop functioning here in palm and end at downing street entries amazes seat of government then it could still happen however parliament had said we don't want this into reason they had promised she would let
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it happen so if the e.u. agrees then we will have an extension if the e.u. is really angry and says galloway brits we are fed up with all this then indeed we'll have a hard for exit britain would trash out all right our correspondent barbara believes almost or forests tonight in london barbara thank you. police in the netherlands have arrested a man in connection with the killing of three people in the city of after a seven hour manhunt authorities have scaled back the terrorism threat level since its detention prosecutors now believe the suspect may have been motivated by a family dispute five others were wounded in the shooting on the trail this monday morning the prime minister of the country says that some of those injured were or still in critical condition tonight. our correspondent there she is in. to you rebecca the police say. the suspect what do we know about him and what do we
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know about his motive. that's right brant police have apprehended the thirty seven year old man who was born in turkey they don't know much about his motive yet they do know he was known to police i should say not much has come out in the press being told to the media but he was known to police he had a long rap sheet a violent assault. theft other other such crimes but he wasn't on any so-called watch list or anything to our knowledge but. as to his motive i can't really speak to that yet they haven't ruled anything out tara was on the tip of everyone's tongue all day and they still not ruling that out but as you mentioned earlier domestic dispute is also being conceded and what do we know about the victims. well not much to be able to tell you about the victims
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either i'm afraid brant we do know that three people that were unfortunately killed in this attack five others injured three still in a critical condition all of the three that were murdered it's believed that one of the may have been known to the attacker which is what is leading police to believe that this could be some sort of domestic dispute but as i said still not much has been confirmed at this time and one about how all of this happened talk us through the sequence of events today. well at about ten forty five local time this morning police responded to a scene on this tram behind me i think you can still see a little bit of it has been boarded up now and as the investigation saying is the fence the way police arrived on the scene to a man who was reportedly shooting at people in the tram he tackled a fled the scene which led police to put the city into
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a veritable lockdown they told people not to leave their houses the counterterrorism organization also raise the threat to the terror threat level to the highest it's ever been that's five that's higher than it is across the country level five here because they were unsure as to what was happening they weren't sure of the attack with poor part of a more coordinated sort of set of attacks or whether it was one man working alone so until they really knew what was going on they had the city in lockdown or the corresponding ritter's in tonight with the latest on the violence and the shooting deaths of those people inside the train i'm rebecca thank you. new zealand's prime ministers as the government will announce new gun control laws in ten days sunday's attacks on two mosques in christchurch have also prompted a review of what authorities knew and did not know ahead of the attack which claimed fifteen law it's an australian far right extremist has been charged with the murders. but shaken christchurch mourns its did.
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so. and now the shaken country is tightening its gun laws so. something some politicians have choice but failed to do in the past due to a strong gun lobby and a culture of hunting the suspected attacker is brinton terence a twenty eight year old australian self described white supremacist he's now been charged with murder police say he used military style assault weapons which he was able to buy online legally. cabinet to date made in principle decisions around the reform of our gun laws i intend to give food the detail of these decisions to the media and public before cabinet meets again next monday
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this ocean atlee main set within ten days of this horrific act of terrorism we will have announced reforms which well i believe mike l. community so i found you can surrender your gun to the police said any time in fact i've seen reports that people are in fact already doing this i applaud that if it. the attack has united new zealand is in the horror and in their grief. but they have failed. because one thing i've done if anything has increased the law and the feeling we have fallen country and we have also seen that tremendous outpouring of love what we call here. students led the vigils in christchurch performing the hakka.
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singing oh. oh. yeah. i meeting with muslim leaders. fifty people were killed in the attack and fifty more was seriously injured. now the city and the people involved in affected coming to terms with what happened. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world france's prime minister says he will ban yellow vest protest on paris is still is a demonstration spiraled out of control again over the weekend as wires torched and ransacked stores and restaurants along the famous avenue the yellow vests began their weekly marches across france four months ago firefighters in the united
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states are continuing to battle a huge blaze at a petrochemicals terminal in texas a fire broke out on sunday and has now spread to eight storage tanks authorities have closed schools in the nearby community of deal park no injuries have been reported. rescue teams are continuing their search for the missing in indonesia after flash floods and mudslides killed at least seventy seven people and injured hundreds more in the province of pup while deadly flooding disasters are a common feature of indonesia's rainy season. of the death toll in south east africa is rising after a spike low needed tore into the region on thursday more than two hundred people are confirmed dead but mozambique's government is now warning that the death toll could rise to more than one thousand in mozambique alone aid agencies are only just grasping the full extent of the damage such as in the port city where the red cross says ninety percent of the buildings have been destroyed. they were
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a city almost completely flattened by the psych line sometimes hundred thousand people call the port city home and with communications down and roads count the numbers of dead or injured here a still unclear as the cycling swept across mozambican into zimbabwe torrential rain flash floods and winds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers per hour left a trail of destruction past areas have been cut off leaving people without bruce over their heads clean water and electricity. in neighboring malawi the rain spoiled the waters in a region already hit by flooding. now people are even more reliant on aid. when no one but my house and many other homes have been destroyed and my land and my kitchen utensils and my food everything's gone and the floods of the night. we've nowhere to go we can relocate as we are covered by and surrounded by water.
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food is arriving elsewhere in the cycling he region high winds and dense clowns a still hampering rescue and aid efforts leaving communities to fend for themselves and prepare to bury their dead. with a w. africa's privilege was fine here he is on the ground for us in monaco province in mozambique he sent us this report their effects of cycling are most likely going to be felt for a long time i am here in the money cup province in mausam beak or if bridge has been washed away most of the villagers now say they're going to feel this for a long time because surprise i've been cut off they all want to be having any supplies from across the river and they are appealing for things like for jane even showed up because some of the orms have been washed away by these raids. you're
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watching the w. news still to come tonight wolves writing again marking five years since russia's annexation of crimea we'll tell you why for these my it's a day to celebrate. the pressure continues to mount on the u.s. aircraft manufacturer boeing the black box data flight recorders in the recent ethiopian airlines seven thirty seven max crash point to similarities with the crash of another seven thirty seven max in indonesia in october of last year now both crashes killed everyone on board tonight there are also reports emerging which counts more delicate on the u.s. federal aviation authority they claim that the f.a.a. may have relied on but wings engine ears in what were supposed to be independent safety certifications for the seven thirty seven max and that is quite an accusation right there to talk more about that i'm joined by the w.'s christophe cobra he's been following the story for us chris also there talking about what gross violations of development certification and what isn't being run the seattle
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times is reporting several issues over its experts are raising their eyebrows first boeing's safety analysis and this analysis of this new augmented flight control system had crucial flaws including understating its power and the statement that boeing's engineers submitted to the f.a.a. they called a complete failure of the system a potential complete failure they were able to hazardous rather than catastrophic which would have meant more and longer testing now we have to remember the failure of this malfunctioning of this system was responsible for the crash of the lion air flight in october and the most recent crash of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two shows similarities secondly they all reports that the federal aviation administration has outsourced much of the certification process you mentioned it to boeing itself amid budget cuts and an increase in air travel so ultimately the manufacturer of the product was responsible for certifying its. fifty that as
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boeing was under pressure it's amazing to bring out the seventy seven macs on the market because it was facing stiff competition by airbus so what are boeing and the f.a.a. saying about this well both parties are saying the process followed a regular routine and both parties declined to comment further and now we have reports from the wall street journal though saying that one day after sunday's crash of flight three hundred two the u.s. just a justice department issued a subpoena to at least one person seeking documents and further material when it comes to the plane's certification now a criminal investigation into this whole story would be certainly a new twist to it more pressure for boeing there that the transportation department is also probing the approval process of the seven three seven it seems like the more we find out here the worse it gets i mean it's going from a crash crisis to something much bigger it's not getting any better it's not
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getting any better boeing is facing potentially facing financial claims from the victims' families not only the ones from indonesia but also the ones from ethiopia is facing potential claims from airlines jets are grounded possibly further financial fallout if companies cancel their orders and the distrust in the company is growing and for a company who is relying on people's trust in their products day by day this is a very uncomfortable position to be so that again chris of cobra's always thank you . well everyone talks about gender equality here in europe or we're also walking the wall when it comes to equal pay and we know men and women pursue the same kind of careers for everything from drivers to doctors and lawyers but while many women do the exact same jobs at the end of the month their paychecks differ that. here in germany there's a gender pay gap of up to six percent some say there's room for improvement. in berlin it pays to be
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a woman well today it does the city's transport operators have given female passengers twenty one percent off the aim is to raise awareness of the gender pay gap is just finished is that young fair yes it's unfair to the whole but we have to point to it that it's much much less fair that women in germany earn on average twenty one percent less for the same work as their male counterparts and yet i manage pretty but it's a little more complicated there must women often work in professions that are poorly paid as kindergarten teachers for example to every second woman in germany only works part time because they are looking after children or other dependants that means they are earn less and are less likely to pursue a career. but even when women and men in germany work in the same jobs their salaries are often different the gender pay gap there is six percent.
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that makes germany one of the lacquered in the european union only in the czech republic and just stoney a is the salary gap between men and women grace. the trade unions were actually in force in germany today to highlight their frustration over the continuing inequality. which they marks five years since russia annexed crimea from ukraine since then the potential in the black sea has been a focal point of tensions between russia and the west russian president vladimir putin addressed crowds of an outdoor concert in crimea to celebrate the anniversary many people in the region are happy about the move which moscow has described as the day of crimea is reunification with russia but ukraine and much of the international community stand by what they've said all along the end exemption was a violation of international law all our next report takes us to crimea is the largest city so vast a poll where people on both sides of this issue starting with members of a pro russian biker again they helped to make that annexation happen.
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the night wolves and their leader of exam results are vladimir putin's favorite bikers. rally through the city of sebastopol marking five years since the russian takeover is more than just a bit of fun. back in two thousand and fourteen they played a very real part in helping the kremlin bring the peninsula under its control. setting up roadblocks and patrolling the streets while the russian special forces in unmarked uniforms took over government buildings. so i assume it's a miracle this all happened fairness went out for the first time and it all happened without bloodshed as they present just growing. a claim that ignores at least six deaths in fifteen disappearances attributed to russian security services by human rights activists over the years since moscow took control. one of them was evan. a member of the region's three hundred thousand strong muslim to tar minority and
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a vocal opponent of the russian takeover of the region in may twenty sixteen he was abducted just a few hundred meters from his home men dressed as traffic police stopped evans car for what appeared to be a routine check soon they were bundling him into an unmarked minivan. he broke free and tried to run away but he was soon dragged back. he has not been heard from since. course now with a view that's where the surveillance camera was it's only thanks to that camera that we know what happened. because police came around to the neighbors afterwards to tell them not to report anything they might have seen coming for the fourth day we don't. evans parents have sent more than a hundred appeals for help to official bodies sent dozens of letters to president vladimir putin all to no effect his father is convinced the authorities have no interest in getting to the bottom of the case but everything points to the fact
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that it was the russian security service the f.s.b. the pressure they put on him beforehand the warnings they gave him they would interrogate him for hours every time he crossed over into ukraine. in sebastopol the night was rarely reaches its climax at their patriotic feeling park imperial symbols rub up against soviet icons of rock music and science fiction all in the cause of russia on hand to extend his graduations to the bikers is the leader of crimea is russian administration. but you know it's my thanks goes to those who took part in the unique operation to guarantee the security of the referendum everything was done with such a deputy such guts that our opponents didn't even have time to realize what was going on. the anniversary is about more than crimean and its two point five million inhabitants the annexation put russia on
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a collision course with ukraine and the west that shows no sign of ending what it also did was to change the tone of russian politics as the kremlin found itself easing international isolation and sanctions it embrace groups like the night was bringing their very particular back to the future brand of russianness out of the margins and into the mainstream. sports news now a new look at a new sponsor and a new team bus the german national football team gathered today in the city of host for which is home to folks wagon also the new team sponsor germany are preparing for a friendly match on wednesday against serbia following followed by a tough qualifying match for the twenty twenty euros against a fellow group favorites netherlands over the weekend could you walk in love and captain manuel neuer absent from for the in baling of the new team bus skokie illinois is the only player over the age of thirty called up for the upcoming two
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matches in a rejuvenated germany squad devoid of many of the big names of the past decade. i don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just to download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the v.w. app to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. up next on new what do the king james version of the bible and breaks it have in common after a short break i'll be back with the answer and more as i take you through the day stick around for that.
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on the road with our superheroes my mission is clear new kushti
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good and nico slowly explore germany. they died then and everything out there is a lot going on in. germany tried and tested. on t w. a city in ruins. morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when the mayans fighters aka how the city center two thousand and seventeen president of church's response was brutal. by it or it will never again will hold up. the reconquest turned
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into a tragedy. that's not a breach at all this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did already become a gateway to islamist terror. and now we see sorry gun under my city as a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of i.a.s. starts april eleventh. d.w. . today british house of commons speaker john bercow ruled out a three peat vote on prime minister teresa mayes bracy plan he said you just can't vote on the same measure more than once cited examples going back all the way to sixteen zero for the same year why do you began of the king james version of the bible well tonight the prime minister is reportedly furious and britain is set to
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crash out of the european union in just eleven days but those against brakes it they may now have more than just a prayer after all i broke off in berlin.


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