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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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and commerzbank merging as both of them look just really for a way to put their troubles behind them that story and more with you the business team after the break i'm going to offer all of us here in berlin thanks for the come. six make. raring to me. if there is any product range between them you'd have to find it between the alliance . literature hundred german streets. and gemini with w.
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at any time time to place the news media in the manner you have an abundance of quite cool songs to sing along to see this to come from soup. to. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive benjamin fulford with d. w. . it's official germany's two biggest banks are discussing a merger but is a possible tile both dogs are bankrupt from art's bank putting what the german government wants against what employees and investors want also coming up as five g. frequencies go up for auction in germany the question is do you can there be ultra . mobile networks without hardware from chinese tech giant huawei and you're of
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marks equal pay date but figures show equality is still a long way off we asked why. i'm chris thanks for joining us germany's two largest lenders are officially in merger talks a tie up between bank and commerce bank would have a market cap of twenty five billion euros with nearly two trillion dollars in assets the german government is strongly in favor of the deal but many have their doubts after all due to struggling banks really make one success successful one. deutsche bank chief christians even and comments bank head mountains have the green light from the german government to begin talks on joining forces to create a german mega bank which can compete with global investment linden's before a merger between the two banks can go ahead the state has to give up its fifteen
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percent stake in comet's bank but germany's economy minister stressed the government would stand back from merger talks. it's private banks they take their decisions and. yes that pairing for decisions and the timing for supplying the situation critics will on the merger could be complicated the banks themselves say they're approaching things with caution. francis fished there then ross it's important that we only merge with comets but if it makes economic sense that requires a good plan above all a good integration planets will work this out together with comments and when we have the results then we'll decide then we had shot. both banks say the merger would lead to enormous cost savings but opposition politicians and economists opposed the move german services union verity has warned a merger could cost up to thirty thousand jobs for two banks supervisory boards are
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to meet on thursday to discuss the potential merger. let's get the view from the world financial center on this was our correspondent standing by yes the idea here is to create a german banking giant that can hold its own among the heavyweights of the industry is wall street shivering already well so far wall street is not really pumped up about the potential merger between the two and if you compare for example the doj or bank and commerzbank together they might have a market cap of a good thirty billion dollars in comparison to j.p. morgan it's worth about three hundred fifty billion dollars so more than ten times as much and if you look at the u.s. banks in the past couple of years they've done their homework and after the financial crisis we saw billions of dollars in write downs we saw hundreds of thousands of layoffs us with that they could restart sort of from zero and
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seem to be quite stable at this point and we cannot really say the same about the bank or other european banks either and also want to help some of the u.s. financial institutions is that here in the u.s. we have higher interest rates and that is also not the case over in europe. thank you for the moment but do stay with us. pressure is mounting on us aircraft manufacturer boeing the black box data flight recorders in their recent ethiopian airlines seven three seven max crash points to similarities the crash in indonesia in october of another seven three seven max both max serious crashes killed all on board the flight data recorders are currently being evaluated and friends meanwhile reports are emerging casting more doubts on the u.s. federal or well as the asian authority they claim that there were groups violations in the development and certification of the aircraft type.
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back to you in new york it's been another bad day for boeing shares and this crisis only seems to be expanding you know we're at the early stages and once again boeing was the biggest loser in the dow jones industrial average there are so many open questions and also what boeing might face might there be a multibillion dollar lawsuits and or criminal charges against boeing or some employees and then on the other side there is the image the seven three seven series basically since the end of the sixty's has been the best selling plane from boeing and so the future seems to be in jeopardy even if we hear from boeing that they believe at this point fix software might do the trick but it probably won't be
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that easy and simple it's all the pressure and the heat certainly is on and this story is still developing day by day he has court in new york thank you. the next generation mobile standard in germany is up for auction on tuesday telecoms companies will be bidding for the radio frequencies needed to operate also fast five g. mobile networks the only technology which makes self driving cars for possible for example but the high tech leap doesn't come without controversy with the us pressuring allies to refrain from using hardware from johnny's tech for an ad market leader hallway. remote brain surgery in china the patient was in the beijing hospital the neurosurgeon three thousand kilometers away in the southern island province of high none of the live images and medical data were transmitted by an ultra fast five g. wireless network with video conferencing and other technology from quad way this is
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just the latest example of the game changing use of new super fast five g. networks europe also wants to use the technology but a space in a problem but way is one of the main producers of five g. hardware but the company is said to be too close to the chinese government apart from unconfirmed allegations of espionage there are concerns that technology could pose a security risk if it were used in sensitive infrastructure in europe. there's now that recognize that china is also pursuing its strategic interests through economic policy for me so we mustn't be naive when it comes to important infrastructure projects like the awarding of license source for good it sounds. complicating the move to next generation mobile standards is pressure from the us not to use while away hardware china's foreign minister y. e meeting in brussels with ease counterparts cold security warnings groundless and politically motivated and suggested they were designed to discredit huawei. it's up
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to now wireless network operators in the e.u. could decide themselves who's technology than. that in some countries in the block the debate is growing about. how to restrict the use of the clip in from non european companies that could pose a risk to critical infrastructure and that could affect. the i highly anticipated trial underway in the french city of today the french bourbon group specializes in providing marine services for the arl industry and apparently played the system very well using traditional indifference in some african nations now the group is accused of bribing public officials in three african countries. really an hour after proceedings began the court was suspended after defense lawyers for the bourbon group claimed they hadn't been given enough time to examine the hundreds of pages in the trial dossier at the center of the trial is a key form a text director of the durban group he says the company had an ingrained culture of
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bribery in order to secure contracts and gain tax breaks for. me at the forefront of this case when actually i'm just a simple employee i'm not part of a world series since i arrived to the group about what i was seeing there i immediately noticed that there was organized fraud i say well organized scientifically organized. the case came to light in two thousand and twelve when customs at the airport opened a suitcase which had come from nigeria two hundred fifty thousand dollars were hidden in the lining. was arrested when he came to collect his baggage group executives claim they knew nothing about the money he says he's being set up the court will decide on tuesday with a trial can proceed. now here in europe many people talk about gender equality but all we also walking the walk well not when it comes to equal pay men and women are . the same kind of careers from taxi drivers to doctors and lawyers but while men
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and women do the exact same jobs at the end of the month their paycheck often differs vastly germany there is a gender pay gap of six percent. and barry lynn it pays to be a woman well today it does the city's transport operators have given female passengers twenty one percent off the aim is to raise awareness of the gender pay gap is such a good question is that unfair yes it's unfair it off but we have to point out that it's much much less fair that women in germany earn on average twenty one percent less for the same work as their male counterparts who come in via dimensionally but it's a little more complicated than mass women often work in professions that are morally paid as kindergarten teachers for example to every second woman in germany only works part time because they are looking after children or other dependants that
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means they are unless and are less likely to pursue a career. but even when women and men in germany work in the same jobs their salaries are often different the gender pay gap there is six percent. that makes germany one of the lockers in the european union only in the czech republic and a stone ia is the salary gap between men and women greater. trade unions were action force in germany today to highlight their frustrations over the continuing inequality. while the program for now you can find a lot more business news on background stories on our web site that's t w dot com slash business for now thanks for watching once you back here tomorrow.
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five days in the midst of venezuela's crisis in the fights to get aid into the country with the convoy on guy don't support. an exclusive report alongside venezuelan journalists is on that team that shows the country's catastrophic conditions up close. to colombia showdown on the border.
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everything they own now despair is a place god must climate refugees. they seek shelter. to come. the floods. are going to. this is new news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the tropical storm that has special southeastern africa cyc lodi has destroyed ninety percent of the mozambique and port city of beirut the government says as many as one thousand people could be date the relief operation has begun will be talking to those involved. and then the museum on
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a mission to deep colonize african ought to put some of the pieces on display have you been shipping to be returned to their european owners will hear from the curator.


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