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the result reverse culture shock. ready for. a strange artificial little is really connected to life. the prize winning documentary something from the forest starts april first on t w. the only kind of humanitarian aid has been turned into a spectacle to justify a military intervention. in fact doing it more by twenty third will be the day of the humanitarian aid to enter venezuela. the press is waiting for self declared interim president juan why don't he spearheading efforts to bring humanitarian aid into venezuela from colombia in defiance of the incumbent leader nicolas maduro. the news women journalists. is here to cover this battle of
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wills the co-founder of online news site l b times he's exposed corruption involving government and military leaders in doing so he's put himself at risk men from venezuela secret service mingle with the journalists they observe and photograph anyone and everyone because it's from here that on why don't plans to set off with opposition m.p.'s on his aid mission. says our relays their every move to his staff at. the moment are there right now we can see one of the buses carrying lawmakers and the convoy heading to the colombian border with. the bar. council on.
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a twelve hour drive lies ahead of ses are in quite a convoy from the venezuelan capital caracas to the colombian border this road was once lined by huge fields of sugar cane but the late president hugo chavez expropriated millions of acres of farms and ranches because of government mismanagement the fields are no longer cultivated the country even has to import sugar. typical farms have been abandoned. all of the money that was invested here is lost. if we have neither the sugar cane that used to be cultivated here and gave a sugar nor do we have the vegetables that were supposed to be grown here to feed the venezuelan people. as well but. the result is a hunger crisis more than three million venezuelans have fled the country after syria it's the world's biggest refugee crisis.
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neither sees our bodies no one quite knows convoy are making headway the road is closed. in a more. informal we've been stuck in this traffic jam for over an hour and the information we have is that the government so either the military or the police have parked a truck sideways across the other end of the cabrera tunnel to block the convoy from passing through. they believe it possible. to bypass the road block caesar and his driver turn around the bus carrying the lawmakers is stuck in the tunnel. that we're going to have our little way to go but we've had word that is in the black jeep cherokee ahead of us. now we're looking
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for an alternative route to reach the employees and the colombian border. but no matter what route sezar and his driver take the military is a step ahead it's blocked whole side ramps. up into head of state there's a road block every three hundred meters that we've never seen anything like it. will still make it and the humanitarian aid. get into venezuela. a police or military roadblock can remain in place for hours sees or has lost track of the convoy. but that's a lie the block the old. people's nerves are starting to fray.
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and you just want to go home a confrontation erupts with the national guard. to pick up and we complained because we wanted to continue our journey. like how. we've been here for a long while and are tired after work. even if i was attacked by two female and two male soldiers my husband and my brother tried to defend me and were both arrested. but you did the rest which was my husband my brother and my seven year old son mike and they haven't caught me yet because i ask people here for help. but the situation in venezuela that people just accept it because we're all afraid because they attack us but it is. ok if the military does it and we just put up with it that i think about the taliban or not. after
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twelve hours on the road says are hasn't even made it halfway to the venezuelan border city of san antonio he's starting to don't whether he'll reach his destination in time. that is the downside until there's hope that you can sense the hope and the determination among all of the boarders the database the region they believe that the reach the border and that will get the humanitarian aid. awareness that what they're confronted by were oppressive forces trying to prevent that poor. little thing you know the fact that you're living in fear but if the government resorts to violence to stop the aid from coming into the country. that nicolas maduro knows this. then the international community could launch investigation us going all the
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way to the international criminal court go to court the demand that enough or not. the burning question is how will the venezuelan military react until now the generals have stood firmly behind nicolas maduro. pads and remember you're going on there already met with the armed forces are a pandora's box that hasn't yet been opened. the water coconuts. in the state of touch era which borders colombia long lines form at gas stations it's a paradox venezuela possesses the world's largest proven oil reserves and yet its refineries are dilapidated run by the military with no expertise venezuela has to import fuel and here you can buy eight hundred liters of gas for the price of
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a bottle of mineral water because the state subsidizes gas. the skew the city with. their typical for this state. since gas is so cheap it's no wonder there's a brisk trade in smuggling gas to colombia. with that's why there are such long lines at the gas stations. in israel as military and colombia's yelling guerillas control the lucrative contraband fuel to. after thirty six hours three times longer than planned cities are reaches the seimone boulevard bridge on the border thousands cross it each day to buy things no longer available in venezuela or to escape the country altogether i don't know that they're over there where they want to go without or they will find out do you know the best of.
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the. one million venezuelans have fled to neighboring colombia. over a highway. others travel on from here to chile a room or ecuador ship. out without the how much to the casino hotel. the play pistols twelve that much. says are discovers that the lobby of this hotel is a good place to conduct research lots of good duros political opponents are in town . like louisa or take a d.m. has been as well as former prosecutor general in twenty seventeen she called nicolas maduro policies unconstitutional to escape arrest she fled to colombia with a suitcase full of incriminating documents she hopes they'll be used to bring charges of human rights violations against president maduro at the international criminal court in the hague took an awful time where you know the beast from within
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my door is i'm shocked as i'm the apparatus of power and you know it well and that in the past the government had lots of resources to overcome crises and in the why are you convinced madeira won't survive this one that they think no us a leader of modi one of his and. if so he called me see that put it in the line convinced because who for the first time get all of venezuela's democratic powers are united in that who took notice of this is no fight of the traditional opposition that was the reason that you know there is nothing within chavez in itself at least. people who once believed in this project but don't anymore and so . volunteers are waiting at the colombian side of the border most are venezuelans
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they want to bring the aid which has been supplied by the us the e.u. and other countries into venezuela by human chain if necessary. this is listen eat breakfast quickly and then come to the tea and beat us bridge we'll be waiting for you then so eat and go there is enough i embrace you because today's the day we must do all we can to free venezuela you see it's not just about getting the aid through the scene we must to free our country. guide your. national. test. and. to me that i want you to do and i love it and then look at
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it by signing it and all your days yet we have many of. the very thought oh yeah it's all me that you know you sit down and they love it when you do so young fellow for his great britain and thirty three this morning the humanitarian aid was officially handed over to one why don't the interim president of venezuela. got it at this moment he's in colombia giving a press conference together with the presidents of park y. and columbia and the secretary general of the organization of american states luis . they're calling on the venezuelan military to stop the violence and allow. humanitarian aid into the country ok say fill out your name plate that meeting and get its oil money that. by letting the aid in the military would be sending a clear message that it recognizes why don't as interim leader by stopping the supplies at the border it would show it remains loyal to mudra so there's far more
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at stake here than just aid it's about the power of images and a showdown between two men who both claim to be venezuela's legitimate president of the venerable the market we're going to we've come as far as we can go on the bridge. and we can't go any further because the colombian police have cordoned it off putting. in clinton at the end of the bridge the containers and the tanker truck are blocking the entrance to the bridge and in this ng seem like a straw man to go overboard on the truck we can see a camera person and a journalist who are looking over at our side. a second loan via come our order for you at up at the same must be waiting to see if something happens on this side of the colombian venezuelan border and i do with that on the line said that. they're not friends that i know more innocent than a. little. on the colombian side of the lusty and d.t.s.
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international bridge all the cameras are pointed toward venezuela. but nothing happens but. the. fact that. several hours passed and still nothing happens. to them but this is what the entrance to the ten details bridge into that and looks like the guy who pulled off the flow but you can see the trucks carrying the humanitarian. aid and the people who were allowed a little money not a good move up the road where these trucks going by. car for her . to ordain yellow home are now that these trucks are now going to order a new. ukrainian nizar on the venezuelan side of the sand
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tender bridge and it's over this bridge that the aid convoy wants to try to cross the border. but moments later one of the trucks goes up in flying. on the santander bridge and ultra cation erupts between demonstrators and venezuelan security forces if we're going to federal i mean here is an across the border line here between venezuela and colombia on this entente a bridge the tear gas attacks began looking more into the port it is for the border still to be for not before and now you can see lots of men throwing stones toward the venezuelan side of the lens and oh dear it i like and if you're not. there when i come or go not much tear gas cartridge went off right next to the journalists not god that i had just been fired there was no no you better look on the lines on twitter there was hopefully no one was hit. any philosophical and it was tossed into the river right away but the smell still quite strong. and i got on
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some of the throwing molotov cocktails careful not to think they could set fire to the truck that. the box. was there. was no one here knows which side set the truck on fire or whether they did it on purpose or by accident them. however while . i'm only a little bit i think we can see that a truck is going up in flames when i got out of a meeting at the first truck that tried to cross the bridge operated by that and then they're calling for matthew and kill them off the phone to the people fighting here say it was the venezuelan police who set the truck on fire when it will be an idea when it's an honor killing fan the adult and like of her and the lot was
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a propaganda war rages in the media and social net maps some blame a duro security forces and call for a military intervention in their eyes the burning truck is a symbol of materials flagrant violation of human rights others believe my door as opponents set the fire to discredit him but maybe it was simply an accident was. some of the relief supplies onboard can be salvaged aha. but on this day not a single aid package makes it across the border from colombia to venezuela. many people's hopes have been dashed that the military would switch sides. meanwhile in caracas president ma duro announces that he is severing diplomatic relations with colombia and closing the borders between the two countries. getting
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close to. the border between venezuela and colombia has now been closed for two days but people are still crossing back and forth using what's known as truck jus illegal trails that lead right through the river it's a dangerous route as they torch us. are controlled by criminal gangs anyone who wants to cross over here must pay. for the police and the military on both sides of the border simply look the other
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way. to the. wall our young venezuelan refugees have gathered under the border bridge some are still children they call themselves loud resistance yeah the resistance to the majeure a regime. that we must or we didn't get through because they just smirked at us but he who laughs last last best to being with you will be a meal. and who will that be. good order some of us read it looks like a military intervention is off the table. as it were enormous only on his will and no one knows if why dole will return to venezuela today this. nor was seen anywhere on the article. and also the game still wide open.
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now but i. find. that. there are many assuming right now we're reporting from the cmon bully our bridge where the venezuelan national guard has advanced almost to the colombian border for danielle. the young people enter frustration at the venezuelan police on the other side of the bridge pelting down. tones and steps. people are injured.
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in could as love karada district right behind the border bridge the situation has remained calm many venezuelan refugees now live here some of the one million who've sought shelter in colombia. ok if you want to feel you hit your day get back out and i came here the people in this house helped me and for that i'm grateful that a family i mean the folks here like my family my soul candy is here lollipops cakes for us i was in the some days i didn't sell a thing and couldn't pay my rent or went to bed hungry that angle or i didn't complain i didn't want to burden anyone that i was up until my father in law when i guess i know i come from an agricultural zone the took the name of valley the state of iowa that was it was once a very productive area with lots of small farms it was i'm a small farmer from there myself unfortunately i had to leave because we had
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nothing no seeds no fertilizer nothing instead we were dispossessed and lost the little we had left since the farm supply business okro patri it was nationalized agriculture in the entire area has ground to a halt and mr president use your common sense look at how states and acknowledge the problems you've created because you are to blame for what we're going through because on the part of the comic books on the good get there what do you think about what's happening now with the moment. you can't find corn meal in the supermarket what's that but you can find it on the black market isn't that isn't there a cost. two or three times as much harm if it is that corruption is a good booking that is corruption because who supplies the black market vendor. ok someone has to get him the goods that he sells. and yes the vendors that effect you now think in all fairness one of the stock at bottling is one of. wilmer asked
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why he was once a political ally of hugo chavez but in two thousand and eight began to investigate corruption within the chavez family since then he's been arrested twice and tortured by the secret police to get them to according to the information we have i'll tell you across the board even the biggest idiot has a hundred million dollars why is the country in the state today it's because of the corruption it's not the sanctions it's not donald trump. no it's because that stolen everything. and the state of venus they have the stooges who hide the money of the ministers. well that's ministers to us where the government now. and the day will come when there will be justice in venezuela and many truths will be uncovered that we still know nothing about. the us. corruption is one of the root causes of the venezuelan crisis and of the country's frequent power outages
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say czar has uncovered cases of corruption in the nationalized energy sector and the question a critical. take electricity. let me give you an example at the moment ago. first the power grid grow old and decrepit the. second you declare an electricity crisis that the third the crisis lets you award contracts without having to call for tenders for think this gives you the chance to hand out contracts to your friends to whom he goes single with your friends help you can inflate prices. by the articles wanted but it's. safe so you can also buy junk instead of new equipment. simple seventh place as a result people die because the power goes off in hospitals and they think oh no hope ben focusing on.
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the. we're getting this or why did you leave why did you feel even if. the. the crisis has also increased tensions with the world's major powers the us russia and china are pursuing their own interests it's about geopolitics and oil. has made us the food it is to feel. free to know that.
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every medicine idea can the first scenario is that maduro stays in power and rules over a land in ruins and thing the second scenario is that there's a transition and initiated by the minister wayland's themselves. but that will result in deaths as well as going to sell a coup executed by the military but with a transitional government in which civil authorities would also take part of it on a bit of a sensible insulin looking for should there be a coup in such a scenario would be the most successful one. a scenario in which power doesn't all wind up with the military but with the government composed of the military and civilians by you. know the civil authorities that would be we don't know yet cynically that casey really sorry and the third scenario which i see as being the most likely one thing is a transition that's the result of an international military intervention in
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international national. what you want to. order. people here. that. venezuela's fate no longer lies in the hands of venezuelans alone the outcome of this power struggle is still wide open. your major film clip always said i want to perform my job as a journalist from the opposite side of the street. no not that's where we always need to be but with another government. it's my duty to confront those in power to raise a critical voice regardless of which government is in power and that. says our bodies is back in venezuela but the story doesn't end here one point zero has
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also returned the government and the opposition are calling on their supporters to take to the streets a week after caesar's return finished wailing suffered a massive near total blackout that lasted five days it left twenty million people without drinking water or electricity and led to the deaths of dozens of patients in darkened hospitals.
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take off. the mask resist counter attack made all the difference braving beats leverkusen and keep it secure liko some mild. to read cards for hair to burn in and in dortmund scores in injury time after a turbulent match in britain dortmund has the last laugh. because. the minutes on the. wall. with him had a big gun because others were lions i know if i had known the boat would be vast i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my harris on the adventure of the lot of the team of the a beautifully able world. loved ones under the other one
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a little of the give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story and for my great strayer fighting and reliable information for more grants. the speaker of the u.k. house of commons says prime minister theresa may cannot put her withdrawal deal to a third vote without fundamentally changing it first in response matthew elliott the man who ran the leave campaign in two thousand and sixteen says he thinks u.k. lawmakers are likely to approve a deal by march twenty ninth the.


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