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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a cyclonic brings devastation to south east africa in mozambique much of a city of half a million is now under water this feared the death toll may soon top one thousand in neighboring zimbabwe more than three hundred people were killed or remain missing also coming off. germany's five g. mobile frequencies going up for auction today but can the ultrafast network without art wear on the chinese tech giant wall the way the u.s. says the company is
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a major security risk. and with just ten days to go into complete disarray it's pretty faces a constitutional crisis the speaker of the house of commons says there can be no new vote on brecht said as it stands we'll get analysis from long. and we'll bring you the story of armando the million euro racing pigeon like a champion racehorse at the end of a glorious career armando's been sold for stockholm father and other a new generation of champion racers. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us the devastation caused by a psych loan in southeastern africa is becoming clear more than five days after a tour through this region trouble storm brought flash flooding and. ferocious
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winds with communications down and roads literally cut off the number of dead and injured remains unclear in mozambique at least eighty four people have been confirmed dead but the government fears that the death toll in that country could be more than a thousand the red cross says cycler damaged or destroyed ninety percent of buildings in the port city of by russia. now that city is home to half a million inhabitants and in neighboring zimbabwe some three hundred people are dead or missing. their survivors are digging graves for those killed by cyclonic. she money money has been the worst hit district in zimbabwe. scores of people are dead and still many more are missing. my mom my mother my father my two younger sisters including the one who had brought
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his food earlier and the one with the child the whole dead. in my house was destroyed in the floods and i was buried underneath my daughter who was in bed with me was washed away from me a big a flood to carry me further away. that it's been on foot and that is what we say. the cycle has wreaked havoc on zimbabwe's infrastructure blocking the transport of much needed help. and we're going to. i'm going to see my family i don't know how they're doing because there is no communication and the roads are inaccessible because of the heavy rains and i'm not sure how will find my way. from. the most affected areas are still cut off from the outside world. these boys were only just rescued after being trapped in their school for two days. two of their fellow pupils and the stuff member had
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been killed after a boulder crushed through their dormitory. this situation in zimbabwe and was a movie in the aftermath of cycle a new day that affected the two neighboring countries is getting desperate particularly here in nj money money where people are having to walk long distances because they've been cut out from essential services bridges have been washed away vehicles kind to reach those areas where people need assistance in this area you can see it is modern because composite these police taking in the mud we have spoken to. people along the way we have doctors without borders while also trying to reach people we affected but they can't reach those areas because it's virtually impossible. a spriggan now dies the site or she's emergency response manager for save the children in the photo good morning to you thanks for being with us you're
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based there in mozambique what's the situation if you could where you are. yes and based in. this situation spending critical. yesterday we had. presidents statement he did a kind of assessment. came out. eighty four people dead but. in seems that. people. see that more people might be might be dead by these say connie the same time it is mentioned that that is that hundred thousand people in risk now in the they really need support they need really need help you know we're looking at pictures of bahraini and that city is mainly it looks like under water right now how bad is the
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damage there and and to infrastructure nationwide. yes it's almost the story. that we're getting. is showing buildings destroyed. building we grow. we have information that some clinic is also triggered. planning. seems that. they mentioned that outlet in percent of the better city it's destroyed their routes and not that's a symbol saw is really a challenge to get into beda beda routes ok what about other outlying areas must be very difficult not only in beirut but in the surrounding area to get supplies to those who've been so hard hit. definitely very difficult better to do and or to almost all the provinces because the
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main road that you use twenty heads some sections that cuts the only way that you can get to describe insists rear. seat so yes. to get the supplies to get the food to get the water is extremely difficult dicey sartori emergency response manager for save the children there put oh thanks very much for being with us thank. you. here in germany the government is launching its auction for the construction of an ultra fast five g. mobile network today just as the trans-atlantic dispute over the chinese five g. hardware supplier wall way rages on the u.s. has deep security concerns about that manufacture washington is even threatened to end intelligence sharing with berlin if it does not exclude hardware made by wall way from its five g. infrastructure u.s.
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argues that the chinese equipment could help beijing spy on western companies governments and even military operations lots at stake here we're joined for more by stephen beardsley from the the view business good morning stephen morning five g. the auction starts today this is all about the future of communications isn't it absolutely and today is seen as a concrete first step for germany towards building out that new network and of course germany has been criticised because compared to a lot of other developed western nations of its status it doesn't quite have four g. in areas the unit matching the coverage is actually pretty pretty pretty low so now it's starting up on the five g. process that's also been criticised for the bureaucracy surrounding it. just the slow roll out the time that it's taken so hopefully this will sort of move things faster real quick they're looking to raise about three to five billion euro here the government is by selling off these frequencies that the major carriers like telecom like vodafone that they need to provide have to provide the five g. network of that's what's happening today it's going to cost significantly more for
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each of these carriers to build out their network as much as three hundred to five hundred billion euro for all of europe that was an estimate by deutsche telekom their chief recently so very expensive prospect but they also hope to make a lot of money on it in the future of the government doesn't and while way is the main player in five g. globally isn't it and they have a main role to build out or could potentially absolutely brian they're one of the their furthest along probably in terms of network hardware so this is the major hubs sort of the basically the joints of the network. that these carriers are going to be installing that means that all these carriers soon all of them are going to rely on huawei in terms of cost in terms of technology it's better than the rivals you would see such as ericsson things like that those would be more expensive to use so if the government wants to build out that's affordable it's going to probably have to allow these carriers to go with huawei and what we've seen with the auction is that it has not prohibited them from using huawei which is something
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that could be expect now this is of deep concern to the united states right and actually the fact that germany did not prohibits in the contracting process in this option appears from using huawei that's already a blow to the u.s. the u.s. of course sees huawei as a trojan horse for the chinese government saying that they could use it for espionage for service disruption for example and there's no way to get around that germany says however that they can build some redundancy into the system they can work around it but their intelligence services also have concerns here and of course we've heard from nato as chief commander their top general that they have concerns too and the big threat right now from the u.s. from nato is to stop intelligence sharing with germany if they use huawei in their networks ok the auction starts today and weird we don't know if weiwei will be one of the companies that gets the contract but it but it is an important company is what we will not be bidding today but the carriers that will be bidding will likely be using huawei ok for us business thank you very much. let's check out
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some of the other stories making news this hour heavy flooding across the u.s. midwest has left at least three people the official saying two hundred ninety others have been rescued that after the missouri river flooded much of the state of nebraska region suffered hundreds of millions of damage brasses governor described it as the most widespread disaster in that state's history. francis prime minister says he will ban yellow vests protests on paris the seans all is a and the government protesters took to the streets again over the weekend with a number of them ransacked and stores and restaurants in central paris the yellow bus demonstrations began as an anti tax protest in cities across the country four months ago. new zealand's prime minister usin the are there and says she will never speak the name of the gunman who killed fifty people in last week's attack on two mosques in christchurch syringe the public to do the same instead of focus on the victims and the survivors and took it from here. was to the netherlands now where
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police have a main suspect under arrest for opening fire on a tram in fact on monday two other people are also reported to be in detention the terrorism threat level has been scaled back that following the arrests of the ortiz have not yet specified a motive for the attack that left three people dead five wounded some of them are in critical condition in hospital right now police say terrorism or a private dispute or possible motives for the attack. at the latest interviews rebecca readers are standing by for us in the morning rebecca do we have any new details about a possible motive for the attack. good morning brian well details about the main suspect in this crime are starting to emerge this morning local media here is reporting that the thirty seven year old turkish man was recently released from prison where he'd done
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a short stint inside for breaking parole conditions. he has a long rap sheet criminal record he was known to police he's a violent crime fair so they're the details that are emerging but police are also looking into alleged links that he and some family members had to a salafist organization that originated in germany but police haven't been saying much more about the motive i'm afraid they they are not ruling anything out they're still looking into those possible terror motive and also just just somebody who was on the edge of rebecca with the suspect as a criminal past as you mentioned a solid first tires as well police are also looking into possible links with so-called islamic state do you have any information about that for us. that's right brian as i mentioned they are looking at all possible motives and all possible links but nothing more has been released about any possible links to i yes i did
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mention that some family members may be linked to this organization indeed the man himself may also be linked to the salafist organization but but nothing more to any alleged links with the i.r.s. ok can you force in on the other individuals who are now in detention. well details still are still few and far between unfortunately brian i can't fill you in on too much more what i can say is that a third suspect was arrested late last night so that's three in total now in custody obviously the main suspect is that thirty seven year old turkish man another person was arrested earlier yesterday and as i said a third person last night police are obviously questioning and investigating their involvement rebecca what have been the reactions where you are to this shooting. oh police people are obviously very shocked and i mean this crimes like this are
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very rare in the netherlands of gun crime in particular they have been you know largely spared of these sort of terrorist attacks in recent years so people have been shocked but this is the site of the attack and as you'll see behind me they've already cleared the site the tram has been removed and the city is back up and running this morning people getting on with things and trying to keep good spirits and not not be sort of harmed by this attack rebecca rose for us and thanks very much for backup. well with just ten days to go now before britain is due to pull out of the european union there is a new crisis in london the speaker of the house of commons john bercow has announced that a third vote on prime minister teresa mayes bracks of plan will not take place because it breaks the rules only a plan that differs substantially can be voted on his ruling came as
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a surprise to both the government and parliament let's listen to what he had to say . what the government can more legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the saving proposition was substantially the same proposition as last of last week which was rejected by one hundred forty nine. let's go straight to london and interview correspondent bigot moss outside parliament for us to get what does this mean does to research may's bracks a plan in its current form now look bad. well we have to remember brian that still the default position that if there is no solution to one of the government's top legal advisor calls a constitutional crisis if there is no solution to bret's that then the default position is still that at the end of next week at the twenty ninth of march that britain will leave the european union and there might not be any plan for the
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future at hand so this is still what's most likely to happen now nobody wants the u.k. to crash out or not many people want the u.k. to crash out of the european union with a future plan and hand so the government here and also brussels they will do what they can in order to have a crisis and also the government is hoping that they somehow find another technicality maybe you way around this problem what the speaker has just put in front of them so either a long extension looks like he or the u.k. really leaving at the end of next week with no plan ok now the govern. and seemed completely blindsided by the speaker's use of rule dating back to sixteen zero four let's listen to what secretary steven barclay had to say we need to consider the right. to speak and with the over security considerations. overseas. so are we looking at the possibility of
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a no deal that it has that the most likely possibility in ten days time. i would say is the most likely but it's still something that really threatens a lot of parliament ariens and that's part of threes and my strategy that she has put the pressure on she's always said it's this deal she's kept it open on to the last minute before in peace a very just you know less than two weeks for a week for the deadline in order that once again for farhad eland to put it again and again in front of parliament she wanted to put pressure on the many m.p.'s that don't want a no use in our use and now the government would just try to maybe change the wording in the meantime they're also trying to get their deal three through consensus they're still talking to the northern irish m.p.'s they're trying to have somehow another go at changing the votes and changing the parliamentary era for the
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take so that if they do find another way of getting this in front of the house of parliament somehow you know another technicality that allows them to put it in front of them which is still what they're hoping to do that then they have this time the votes in front of them the votes to get this deal through but it doesn't look very likely there's still a lot of opposition to terrorism may still that she still hopes somehow to get it through parliament ok well briefly what happens next where does the government go from here. well really know that there is an e.u. summit. this weeks it's the reason may will most likely she will ask for an extension. because if there really is no or no other way here forward she will have to ask for an extension presently and in any case also if she does get a deal through it's not much there's not enough time to get all the ducks in
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a row to prepare for brakes though that's a very likely scenario and here in london at least the expected expectation is that he you will accept it but of course has to be unanimous decision so nothing is clear when it comes a break big of mass for us in london from parliament there thanks very much. so what do the people here in germany make of the political crisis over in britain we asked the e.u. should have. my number and also to this time i think the e.u. should be tough because i think in england the punch and judy show is taking place on the other hand there is a good side to this because those who are against the e.u. are now seeing want to happen it acts as a deterrent. and. you don't have to stick to hard deadlines just because they're there you have to see what's best for the e.u. . and the best option would be to consider how you can help a country that maybe should come back to e.u.
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. postponing bret's that helps they should postpone. the cinema so you don't make a point of being tough and not make it easy for the u.k. i mean. yeah i prefer the idea of pushing ahead diplomatically by negotiation that way there's the possibility of a positive outcome if you haven't found the right solution yet then you can't leave the a hue you have to sit down and find a solution to force a decision just because the deadline is now i don't like that. it's been a minute i think we should act in a consideration manner so we can persuade the british to rethink. and unite the european union again after all it's not good for either side if we. win another man . it's to syria now in the very last so-called islamic state fighters are under siege there and their future and that of their families remains uncertain at this point many of the children are traumatized of course and many have received
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military training in an oscar nominated documentary called of fathers and sons the syrian filmmaker to log or cry reveals just how problematic it may turn out to be rehabilitating the children of jihad as fighters. this is the just what is training camp for children they drilled to be unshockable. to face death without showing any signs of weakness to become hardened militants from a young age. some i was sent here by his father that he was there to harvest himself. these images were filmed in northern syria not far from the border with turkey. the camp was run by the terrorist group. a group inspired by al qaeda the syrian filmmaker titled they came to the region to
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shoot the documentary of fathers and sons he spent over two years living with us summer and his family gradually gaining their trust by pretending to sympathize with their course this gave an insight into the process that turns innocent children into jihadist fighters i want to understand. how you become what you are who are those people from the inside what was the cords what is the thing that they can use to brainwash the people. in some ways the family appears quite normal the children are born in an environment where there's love and care but also radical religious education or some as far there has been a member of the terrorist group for two decades he trains his sons to follow in his footsteps from their earliest years the intimacy of family life and the horrors of war are never far apart. the children's play
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time is also dominated by themes of war or violence one game involves playing with a makeshift bone with even the youngest children involved. one day the boys catch a bird and kill it. i think that. the father inside from the moment his son is born he named him senior to some of bin laden and that's mean that the kids in all his life you don't have a choice. osama and the many other radicalized children and young men in syria have known little else in their lives but violence and war forced to leave their families to fight in just heard they now face an uncertain future.
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and we have much more on islamic state and the situation in syria on our web site interview dot com. balance to the story of a bird described as the lewis hamilton of pigeons the guy behind me while his name is armando now he's a belgian racing pigeon and he's just made his owner a euro millionaire the sale has caused more than a flutter of excitement in the sport. this is no ordinary pigeon these are the wings of a champion meet the belgian whose success in the skies has netted his owner a small fortune the pitching is regarded as the best distance race of all time and that made him the subject of a late bidding war between two baez in china the winning bid more than one and a quarter million euros three times the previous record. that was in office. we got up this morning and thinking is it going to rise
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a lot more or not and we hope for a little more as we've already broken the record and that was already a serious amount but still he has more than doubled in value it's incredible. how this all of. the bridges across europe are benefiting from the popularity of pitching racing in china where the sport is considered something of a luxury for george sr it's it's nearly time to let go of his prized possession for amount owed soon to retire from racing and life in stout awaits he'll be tasked with fathering a new generation of winners as his new owners try to recruit their investment. stitcher a quick reminder of one of our top stories at this hour germany's five dream global frequencies are going up approximately there are four bidders thus far the big question is whether pressure from the u.s. will stop the network being built without equipment from the chinese tech giant wall away. even veers away from business will be here with more on that story
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coming up straight ahead for now though for me brian thomas in the entire team here in berlin thanks.
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the players the table. stakes control them. in a good game of money the competition is fierce for its most important natural resource . betting checking. how long will they be able to play. with. poker to a jew polygamist again ship forty five minutes want to believe. there's going to.
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managers to not go to day nothing would change you know the banks why and so was the language of a bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. the. ruins. morrow we. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian population . last finance fighters occupied the city center seventeen president to tertius response was told. by jittery will never be political themes of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we won. how did we
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become a deep way to islamist terror until now you say sorry guys i mean more sitting as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the us starts april eleventh on t.w. . germany's five gene frequencies go up for auction today who'll be building the ultra fast mobile networks and can it be done without hardware from chinese tech giant huawei. also on the show more than half the world's population has mobile internet access speed and costs vary from continent to continent we ask how is africa facing the challenges of the mobile age. i'm stephen beardsley in berlin thanks for joining us. the next generation.


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