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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin germany's five g. mobile frequencies going up for auction today who will be building the ultra fast mobile networks and can it be done without hardware from the chinese tech giant wall way also coming up. a devastating site phone calls much of a city of half a million in mozambique under water this fear the death toll may top one thousand neighboring zimbabwe they're digging graves for the dead there.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us well the question today is who will be building germany's next generation mobile phone network telecoms companies are being invited starting today to bid for radio frequencies to operate ultra fast five g. mobile networks now five g. is the technology that for example would make autonomous driving possible on a very wide scale the better so far are telecom britain's vodafone spain's telefonica and a german network. they currently don't have their own network there are a new comer now in other parts of the world five g. has already taken off in asia pacific region for example they are forecast to be about one hundred twenty million subscriptions that by twenty twenty one now work supplier ericsson expects north america to be quite. a bit support behind it forty
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eight million subscriptions by then followed by europe with twenty two million latin america just three million and the middle east and africa at about two million subscriptions let's find out more now to do that we're joined by stephen beardsley from d.w. business good morning to you stephen this is a key technology isn't it five g. is set to dominate the future of communications absolutely and sometimes it's hard to parse high from the reality here as you mentioned to bring something like autonomous driving on a wide scale you're going to need five g. network to have something like remote surgery the often here talked about some of these advancements that we so often talk about the require this network that's going to be tremendously faster than what we have now it's quite a hefty build out though this required quite a lot of money that's going to need to be spent by these carriers telecom their c.e.o. estimated between three hundred and five hundred billion euro for all of europe and their course profitability will be much further down the road so it's a little bit of a gamble they're going to want to get as many devices them and chip makers to
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create sort of. internet of things your toaster your microwave your car all these things will be networked is the idea the vision behind five and everything is going to rely on five g. the io t. the jesus mentioned but this is going to mean lots of money for the telecom carriers that wind up getting these contracts yeah absolutely again this is going to be something where they're really going to have to spend without knowing completely how much money they're going to make right now they're buying the frequencies as you mention between three and five billion euros they're paying for that that's what the german government expects to get and what they actually make that's going to depend on how this all sort of pans out it's a very big big build out that ok meantime we'll see is being closely watched not only because of the cash involved but also because of the politics and the security issues there's a huge controversy surrounding the build out of the five g. network here in germany and the rest of europe as well almost every major telecom carrier says they need equipment from china's way walk to control costs and the deadlines but. the u.s.
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has been pressing germany and other allies to prohibit that company's components here's why. remote brain surgery in china the patient was in the beijing hospital the neurosurgeon three thousand kilometers away in the southern island province of high none of the live images and medical data were transmitted by an ultra fast five g. wireless network with video conferencing and other technology from quad way this is just the latest example of the game changing use of new super fast five g. networks europe also wants to use the technology but is spacing a problem part ways one of the main producers of five g. hardware but the company is said to be too close to the chinese government apart from unconfirmed allegations of espionage there are concerns that follow a technology could pose a security risk if it were used in sensitive infrastructure in europe was that this should have to recognize that china is also pursuing its search egypt interests through economic policy are for this so we mustn't be naive when it comes to
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important infrastructure projects like the awarding of a license let's forgive it sounds. complicating the move to next generation mobile standards is pressure from the u.s. not to use huawei hardware china's foreign minister y. e meeting in brussels with ease counterparts of cold security warnings groundless and politically motivated and suggested they were designed to discredit huawei. it's up to now wireless network operators in the e.u. could decide themselves whose technology that is so that in some countries in the block the debate is growing about how to restrict the use of equipment from non european companies that could pose a risk to critical infrastructure and that could affect huawei. or could telecoms companies restrict the use of wall way components in his five g. possible without wall way i think is a big question if you listen to the carriers themselves they say no not really at the cost and the timeline that we envision and that you. the network who's selling
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us these frequencies wants if germany wants five g. within a certain timespan it's probably going to have to go with huawei they're quitman is better it's more cost efficient it's basically meets the requirements that germany has to go with something like an ericsson or nokia the technology may not be there compared to what huawei has and the cost definitely won't be there now if it germany doesn't go with no cure ericsson for example one has to go with wall way it's in a lot of trouble with the u.s. the u.s. says it's going to exclude germany from intel's and share intelligence sharing if it chooses wall way with germany risk its transatlantic relationship yeah it's hard to say exactly how much of this is true it's really hard to imagine the u.s. for example revoking its intelligence sharing with germany or the u.k. which is going through the same debate both of them you see german officials and u.k. officials delivering mixed messages one is there is an intelligence risk there is a security risk the other is we can also overcome it and the carriers themselves are saying we really need huawei to be able to go forward so there's also a lot playing into this we look at the u.s. china trade issues when you look at
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a lot of geopolitical issues that are sort of surrounding this whole five g. debate you don't know what's being said in public and what's being said sort of in conversations the last thing i would say is that this conversation is very hard to have publicly because there's so much technical data around it to understand really how these networks operate it requires a lot of owners just even as a possible for any western companies like erica ericsson or no good to get up to speed in time to to match the level the wall ways that right now i think right now always sort of heads and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to the production and sort of what they're doing that they're not really comparable with those companies right now and that's the carriers see and that's why they're taking issue with these efforts to sort of put pressure to bring pressure and revoke i guess we're always partnership with their their build outs stephen beardsley for us from the business desk thanks very much for that thank you brian. let's check out some of the other stories making the news at this hour police in the netherlands of rest of the man suspected of carrying out a shooting on a tram in detroit monday two others suspected of involvement in the attack have
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also been detained the motive there remains unclear three people were killed five others were wounded in the shooting. and new zealand's prime minister usin the are there and says she will never speak the name of the gunman who killed fifty people in last week's attack on two mosques in christchurch cured the public to do the same and focus instead on the victims and the survivors of that attack here. is to southeast africa now and the devastation caused by a psych loan there is becoming clear more than five days after tour through the region probable storm brought flash flooding and and ferocious winds to this region with communication down and roads literally cut off the number of dead and injured remains unclear in this area on mozambique at least eighty four people have been termed firm dead but the government fears the death toll there could rise to more than a thousand the red cross has seen cyclonic eat i tour through the area destroying
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ninety percent of buildings in the port city of beira now that is home to half a million inhabitants that city in a neighboring zimbabwe some three hundred people are already thought to be dead or missing. their survivors are digging graves for those killed by syke loney di. she money money has been the worst hit district in zimbabwe. scores of people are dead and still many more are missing. my mother my father i tell younger sisters including the one who had brought us food earlier and the one with the child dead. my house was destroyed in the floods and i was buried underneath my daughter who was in bed with me was washed away from me a big a flood carried me further away. and that is. the
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cycle has wreaked havoc on zimbabwe's infrastructure blocking the transport of much needed help. i'm going to see my family i don't know how they're doing because there's no communication and the roads are inaccessible because of the heavy rains and i'm not sure how i'll find my way. but the most affected areas are still cut off from the outside world. these boys were only just rescued after being trapped in their school for two days. two of their fellow pupils and the stuff member had been killed after a boulder crushed through their dormitory. the situation in zimbabwe and mozambique in the aftermath of say q. and a day that affected the two neighboring countries is getting desperate
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particularly here in china money money with people having to walk long distances because they've been cut out from essential services bridges have been washed away vehicles can't reach those areas where people need assistance in this area you can see it is my parents can pass this please be taking in the mud we have spoken to. people along the way we have doctors without borders while also trying to reach people we affected but they can't reach those areas because it's visually impossible. spriggan now dies he sighed tory she's emergency response manager for save the children. good morning to you thanks for being with us you're based there in mozambique what's the situation if you could where your. yes i'm based in. this situation spending critical. from yesterday.
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president statement he did a kind of assessment. came out. eighty four people dead but. people he say. might be by. the same time. that it is under it hundred thousand people. now in the they really need support they need the really the help. we're looking at pictures of byron and that city is mainly it looks like under water right now how bad is the damage there and and to infrastructure nationwide. yes it's almost destroyed or said to be a good thing. it's showing buildings destroyed. building
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with proof. we haven't written that some clinic is also. quoting them percent is doing since that. they mentioned that outlet in percent of the better city it's destroyed. and not that system all saw is really a challenge to get into beda beda routes ok what about other outlying areas must be very difficult not only in beirut but in the surrounding area to get supplies to those who've been so hard hit definitely very difficult better to do and or to almost all the provinces because the main road that you use to him to head some sections that cut the only way that you can get to describe insists rear. seat so yes. to get
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the supplies to get the food to get there ward. is extremely difficult dies he sartori emergency response manager for save the children there put oh thanks very much for being with us thank you. we have this one's foresight and now in a new look a new sponsor and a new team boss the german national football team gathering in both bird home of the new corporate sponsor for the team germany are preparing for a friendly match on wednesday against serbia followed by a tough qualifying match for the two thousand and twenty euros not against fellow favorites netherlands over the weekend. captain manuel neuer were absent for the unveiling of the new team boss goalkeeper know as the only player over thirty called up for the upcoming two matches in a reworked germany squad devoid of many of the big names of the past. this is due to be news up next the crude poker game documentary about the geopolitics of oil
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for now though for me brian thomas the entire team here in berlin thanks so much for being with us. which of course is. any time any. good.


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