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to inspire people to take action. to use the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin a cycloid brings devastation to southeast africa in mozambique much of a city of homs five million is now under water this fear the death toll may topped a thousand in neighboring zimbabwe they are digging graves for the day also coming up germany's five g. mobile frequencies go up for auction who will be building the ultrafast mobile
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networks and can it be done without using hardware supplied by the chinese tech giant huawei. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us before we go to those stories german chancellor i'm going to medical is about to address the global solutions summit here in berlin she's expected to repeat her commitment to multilateralism and stressed the need for more international cooperation will be covering her speech live when it begins in just a few minutes first we go to south east africa where the devastation calls to a psych loan is becoming clearer more than five days after it tore through the region tropical storm brought flash flooding and ferocious winds with communications down and roads cut off the no. dead and injured remains unclear in
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mozambique at least eighty four people have been confirmed dead but the government fears the death toll there could rise to more than a thousand the red cross says psych loan damaged or destroyed ninety percent of buildings in the port city of beirut which is home to half a million inhabitants in neighboring zimbabwe some three hundred people are dead or missing. survivors dig graves for the victims of psycho need i. say is the worst hit district in zimbabwe. scores are dead and still many more are missing. my mother my father my two younger sisters including the one who had brought us food earlier and the one with the child. my house was destroyed in the floods and i
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was buried underneath my daughter who was in bed with me was washed away from me a big a flood carried my father away. then. the cycle has wreaked havoc on zimbabwe's infrastructure making it hard to assess the extent of the devastation. think human cost. i'm going to see my family i don't know how they're doing because there's no communication and the roads are inaccessible because of the heavy rains and i'm not sure how will find my way. rescuers are struggling to reach people in the afflicted areas. these boys were trapped for two days but they are among the lucky ones a boulder crashed through their school dorm killing three people. the w.'s privilege moves fan here he says many more lives are at stake. this situation in
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zimbabwe in the aftermath of. that affected two neighboring countries is getting desperate particularly. with people having to walk long distances because they've been cut out from essential services bridges have been washed away because contra reach those areas where people need assistance in this area you can see these modern cars can possibly splays the taking in the mud we have spoken to. people along the way you have doctors without borders also trying to reach people affected but they can't reach those areas because it's virtually impossible. here in berlin german chancellor angela merkel is addressing the global solutions summit is being prepared ahead of the g twenty summit coming up in june in japan
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let's listen in. on the national stage we sometimes have a difficulty to understand what chad responsibility means we here in the federal republic of germany as you know have a federal system. sometimes it's not all that easy so you see at the local level a local authority is you see them trying to bring about some kind of community of chaparral use with the lender level or the regional level of the national level and if you wish it would also hold on to deny and in an incredible challenge. so does our slogan. hardly knowing clover like i did note up and for may perhaps only a few dozen times larger in my life in the proper mental. each and everyone can read about it all was understood to be a pulse and that's a good mind to miss that unfolds all but do you need this. ability of a. good old. act. into
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acting all. this energy. only imo it's fun for them it's quite a bit of dns we have. to learn sign off on the. aisle to go make an unknown set each. does you can buy it on the loose longer than you are pro-choice that means we sit ups we don't want the garden does it make a real mess and most and try to move the norm he said is the question and tried for the nonviolent high enough myself but that's of what i've not seen he tries to about you position tell us how the position dodged on tar's when i was wishing on a person's shoes he does a lot of each a pail and it is you sure does that mean and so folks when i say like you know i also went to this show to see others and this isn't mine and. there was no one in my who missed a vested interest and understand that i asked urgency diminishment which is our guy
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said i didn't want a lot of our lying and saying one has also been one for mis concept of multilaterally. also needs to instead know that you know i will not listen and i really need to deal with that actually says that it played a bigger. i mean lots of dobbing very very i will not one hundred percent on how messed up it would have just was in my you know way using it in my political. views what taylor must know enough about him to compromise the other is the need to my way to argue just like college was put in for that i am one hundred percent going to vote for either side of this feeling how much i wonder if he'll answer some of what i mean about to me is well incident a little bit well. those who are battling his value added. have. to go one pass and what it all is easy and ya mounted naturalism is and it was hard to see to it that because our families really. resurfacing the people.
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who might you know by not appear that he and i. guess i have a. national policy should work together and now that is a movie i want to see with my people so in a way in. two different rules of so i guess i don't really need. to. my hair is not really think that would actually want to even think of i'm sick with what i see my mum is responsive as a mom when we are national passable possibility all. very lonely are never going to look and there was a senior of all the questions and as you know this is. just ten years i don't think that's why we don't feel the need for love and actually even when their stock price is behind us it's about time. that the level of got going on feel that they should and shouldn't even if i was i remember how well it over the long of
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stuff to which i know you cannot deny that. is you know little i was speaking of this to this glow on visit was. actually on for shark. armani and silly actually thanks. for the first time we met in the usa also i initiative a phone call you will come on wednesday and all by luck if not with me we'll i'm trying to honor him i know you should involve banking regulation so if you had an evil you know he did i also want to that he has a i at least you can you tell us who he was showing you at the time they talk about you on the islands when you go be on the market i don't mind so much i mean i'd like to be on it while people tweet bill you know probably not really for such on that was the host is very very. busy also i dined all winter and wait of we're not sure if they're also going to cause me to have slowed down in advance wasn't
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actually the one and that you're far from what is it would have been way too soon in the end you know we had it out and. then our market actually can be ones that are elections we said in an interview i think i must play a. product off you know myself and i knew it was all our intent was young i was lucky i mean and i bet i you know you heard i was afraid if i go with someone who don't like you know best i would of backlash but i do make them sound. like saying on all those areas in which the whole garden of harvest betteroff come out all the goodness is you can be it's true that. the penalties are out there and if i was you should say. to which all those issues are and you're you know you see them that are you want us to take the direction that i don't use my body would have a problem because i'm in this for trying to you're not going to get. the internet it's in our constitution that's it's not yours i need to move on this international not like the situations we have on me when you think i thought it was
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a hundreds of times that for me said i want to trade organization while the man you know and it wasn't an american for you know i mean doesn't it i mean we'll agree on glynn's or not it's safe to be i don't see also you need to. talk about history of the you know so far we have no it. they miss i don't they tell you that i do not remember say much about it and he went to twenty anyway. because if the police are going to be times more than his heart it's hard to know how they're doing and not a p.r. dog does this whole thing humans fat. now we have to make my day in savannah just as are they have a farm they're not gentlemen and we have millions of how many times are we going to say sean's obviously has no enemy so we don't need to. know about the inspiration i remember that whining about matthew i don't know jesus wasn't time and time again we're done and that we each one of us remember and she in the heart of the trade to green don't. want it all the time where we see god that's upcoming maybe we need to
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concentrate fast not on the others i don't really like you this is. actually going to be a show you one hundred. hundred see this isn't a series of a simple scenario no if i thought it was a trade agreements this move on the direction of the side. of usually with a i would i must lose the overall i do not have to fall in love on them like that's true some like because they're not doing it to come out i think i have also on track a compromise and. punisher hits rancifer that i am delighted he made you go out and light off to power off the road and he tells you that even with all the fog of his own monthly logging there is nothing on what doc and how we deal intended because i think when you have you will know that come on that you need not you know look here's my problem. i'm here peon scene we can do something. and that's really fantastic this is something one says i read you far enough i mean who
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. really is are and yes my suggestion to pull off that are all the data recording i noticed and guns combo there is no second in jail but also a very important piece of the same thing. yes chris lee in order to get to see you in the article. i should be and have a lot by which i thought will. and will also have an m.b.a. of a global nature. buy it of gardening talk about a long time but it was also nothing at all means that you can say i wasn't good as you think i'm buying you know listen very time it would only have to start by the. national press and you guys i mean some sort of cafe and i know he i mean at the end of the hotel and such a bit of the world bank. has are going along for she really time isn't really going on to the time where this is actually from the shadows of what it is mostly like and one out. of all these with. you just this morning i
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want to i say this you know that it's just well you want for your family naturally i just have to give it in such an incident and she did i'm feeling like i was if you know how much the models we are doing is have it has an inordinate you know i don't i'm going on tonight i'm on with i'll ask the charlotte lenient on the show and how it was all not easy and some point in time. begin their time but also how do we do it on your new even if you can only use one solo and your life depended enormous water as we know they are. putting our all our large you know here if you have to say one thing to myself and i love it when you look at your most recent annoyance of having interest about here and it and if not to answer me then we need to i will you know in the i can see it in certain ways in the media but i'd say i'm a bit of a song and i think we should not cite this as a. bad prize here our nasa employees and so on so that's good on the team that develops as we instill in you that this. challenge turns out it might even not
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be but you know it and i just seen the show that to obviously obviously we are like i need to hang with dealing sharks and you know military families hearings on the field it's a. either one of these we have legally i have to really have to what you learned about the scene of that movie itself doesn't rule my nose and not. trust in them system i think that no not even that was really. funny i knew this was the one who god does an easy to see that my don't get me by night we don't know when i'm going to germany just these are not going exactly as it is to say the mission it developed here in the city. star is just my. roommate choppered so it's a little zeal to tell if he isn't having this because i haven't got one does we lower down about arabs just talk money and go out and you know hundreds and who hates not just couldn't be done. but then months went by just talking to him one way to get into the air which i wasn't
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a lot of the other guy on target i'm from color and change is unbearable so. take the money you do yours hands on and you will miss him saying i don't know i went off. to college and they would ology you know he would. also say it's a hobby of mine is all you are going to have me i am going to do all that i did you a gun right i don't want my interview it's going to come from terrorists you know me how examine. your own security it was and thought of. all i know that he has and i mean thought he was any more than most of the seed i got home in us and then we didn't have anything to hide that's what's so funny to see areas of iraq stop you but we know security says. it's a good name and you most of us could rule set in a while even because certain ways to exclude obvious others we can often and that he has done under this time do you find. back yes but you know normally episode i
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was catching all of this. even bought he was even watching chancellor merkel there addressing the global solutions some of this is taking place here and berlet and we want to apologize for some technical problems we have with that purpose come. from the source apparently the different audio tracks were being mixed together the german and english so again we apologize for that but we were able to hear a few points that the chancellor was making in her speech this event that she was addressing is preparation for the g twenty summit this coming up in june in japan the chancellor she was having on a number of themes include particularly dealing with multilateralism our political correspondent simon young is with us here in the studio simon the chancellor she gave a very impassioned speech at the at the munich security conference earlier this year in which she gave a really impassioned appeal for multilateralism in the world did we hear a lot more of their yeah i think in those remarks you heard the chancellor you know
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hopping on this thing which has become pretty much the theme of her chancellorship you could say the idea that the nations of the world must work together that's the best way to solve the problems and that doesn't only mean the countries of the west or europe and the united states it does mean reaching out to china india other powers of course they're becoming more important she said there are so many global challenges to face the wold refugees was just one she mentioned but climate and so on issues of trade many of the different things she said they can only do so by not just by national efforts but also by international efforts she talked about the idea that of course you must start at home and she said even here in germany of the different levels of government sometimes don't even agree what's the best way to solve problems here but expanding that to the international scene of course it's much more difficult she said we talk about multilateralism but it's often far
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easier said than done but she's making another appeal for that just as she didn't mean it just as she's done many times of the recent years it's very interesting that of course chancellor merkel having been in power now for more than a decade a highly respect. world leaders she's dealt with lots of other world leaders g eight g seven g twenty summits around the world she was reflecting on on progress that was made in the past with the with the former u.s. president bush i just wondering whether she was drawing a contrast there between what she used to be dealing with in the international community and what she's facing now particularly with the united states indeed and she's made. pretty obvious references in the recent past i think directly in this speech but a frustration i think with the trumpet ministration the unilateralism of donald trump you know for instance in munich she was talking about the decisions to pull out of syria more quickly than all those leaving the wife others to get involved in
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that very complex set up that she was talking about as you say previous cooperation but. with george w. bush and barack obama of the financial crisis she said everyone was on board back in those days even the chinese did what they could to implement investment programs it was very successful she says and the banking regulations and new ideas of investment and cooperation came out of that and that's the kind of thing she'd like to see addressing the crises that face the world today and certainly as you say frustration with the current u.s. administration and on many points some of our political correspondent thank you so much for your insights. now a signal to some other stories making headlines around the world today dutch police have arrested a man suspected of carrying out a shooting on a tram in on monday two other suspects suspected involvement in the times have also been detained the move remains the motor remains unclear three people were killed
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and five others wounded in the shooting. new zealand's prime minister just send down says she will never speak the name of the gunman who killed fifty people in last week's attack on two mosques in christ church she urged the public and the media to avoid giving him recognition and instead focus on the victims and the survivors of the attack here. here in germany the government has started the bidding for who will build germany's next generation mobile phone network telecoms companies are being invited to bid for radio frequencies to operate ultra fast five g. mobile networks now five g. as you may know is the technology that for example would make a ton of us driving possible on a wide scale the bettors so far are door to telecom britain's bota phone and spain's telephony as well as a german newcomer the united internet its brand called one and one has no network
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of its own in other parts of the world five g. has already taken off in the asia pacific region there are forecast to be around one hundred twenty million five g.'s descriptions by twenty twenty one network supplier ericsson expects north america to be in second place with forty eight million subscriptions by then followed by europe with twenty two million latin america will start off with just three million subscriptions and africa and the middle east with two million. well here in europe because first it is a company in the build out of the five g. network almost every major telecom carrier says they need equipment from china as hall way to control costs and meet deadlines but the u.s. has been pressuring its allies to prohibit y.y. components here's why. remote brain surgery in china the
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patient was in the beijing hospital a neurosurgeon three thousand kilometers away in the southern island province of high none of the live images and medical data were transmitted by an ultra fast five g. wireless network with video conferencing and other technology from quad way this is just the latest example of the game changing use of new super fast five g. networks europe also wants to use the technology but is facing a problem quite way as one of the main producers of five g. hardware but the company is said to be too close to the chinese government apart from unconfirmed allegations of espionage there are concerns that technology could pose a security risk if it were used in sensitive infrastructure in europe. have to recognize that china is also pursuing its or teaching interest through economic policy are for this so we mustn't be naive when it comes to important infrastructure projects like the awarding of a license let's forgive it since. complicating the move to next generation mobile
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standards is pressure from the us not to use huawei hardware china's foreign minister y. e meeting in brussels with ease counterparts cold security warnings groundless and politically motivated and suggested they were designed to discredit huawei. that it's up to now wireless network operators in the e.u. could decide themselves whose technology that is but in some countries in the block the debate is growing about how to restrict the use of equipment from non european companies that could pose a risk to critical infrastructure and that could affect why wait. our business correspondent paul courson blitz's standing by in mines here in germany where the auction for the five g. is taking place paul how soon could five g. technology be a reality for german consumers. well the super fast internet unfortunately isn't going to come ask super fast as we'd
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like it. for twenty twenty two the operators that are now bidding for the frequencies are required to have ninety eight percent of german households covered so that's that's a long while until and even then they're going to be focusing more on the industry and industrial use cases which are likely to bring them more money also it's not going to happen just you know with someone turning the switch and then it's there there has to be a lot of infrastructure built and that's going to come incrementally incrementally but when it's finally there as you say industry consumers everybody's going to want five g. how profitable could it be for the networks. well that depends and it depends in part on what is going to happen today and possibly the next few weeks when this auction happens and how much money operators are actually going to spend on it in two thousand we had
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a network frequencies auctioned off and. they made fifty a billion but then companies ran out of money to build the infrastructure and now we're looking at three to five billion probably with companies having become more conservative also the big question is how much money is it really going to cost to build that infrastructure to build these cell towers a lot of cell towers have to be built and it's still unclear what kind of technology can be used can operate is used while way technology or can they not for example focus on glitz there in mines germany thank you so much. and just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news germany's chancellor angela merkel has renewed her commitments multi-lateralism speaking at the global solutions summits in berlin she stressed global solutions required global cooperation some of those being health care policy recommendations fortunatus g twenty summit and she's kind. of a so i closed has brought devastation
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to southeast africa in mozambique it's feared the death toll may top one tunnels in neighboring zimbabwe they're digging graves of the dead. and germany's g five mobile frequencies have got up for auction today therefore better so far the big question is whether pressure from the u.s. will prevent the use of equipment made by the chinese tech giant why wait. so it is for now thanks watch. that people hold on for t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.
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to the effect of humanitarian aid has been turned into a spectacle to justify a military intervention. that there were. more by a twenty third will be the day of the humanitarian aid to enter venezuela. the press is waiting for self declared interim president juan why don't he spearheading efforts to bring humanitarian aid into venezuela from colombia in defiance of the incumbent leader nicolas maduro. the news women journalists. is here to cover this battle of wills the co-founder of online news site lp he's exposed corruption involving government and military leaders in doing so he's put himself at risk men from venezuela secret service mingle with the journalists they observe and photograph anyone and everyone because it's from here that why don't
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plans to set off with opposition m.p.'s when his aide mission. says are relays their every move to his staff at. the moment but. right now we can see one of the buses carrying lawmakers and the convoy heading to the colombian border for. the bar. crawl along. a twelve hour drive lies ahead of ses are in quite a convoy from the venezuelan capital caracas to the colombian border this road was once lined by huge fields of sugar cane but the late president hugo chavez expropriated millions of acres of farms and ranches because of government
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mismanagement the fields are no longer cultivated the country even has to import sugar. typical farms have been abandoned. all of the money that was invested here is lost. if we have neither the sugar cane that used to be cultivated here and gave a sugar nor do we have the vegetables that were supposed to be grown here to feed the venezuelan people. the result is a hunger crisis more than three million venezuelans have fled the country after syria it's the world's biggest refugee crisis. neither season but nor convoy are making headway the road is closed. they've been stuck in this traffic jam for over an hour and the information we have
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is that the government so either the military or the police.


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