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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin germany's five g. mobile frequencies go up for auction who will build the ultra pass networks and could be done with out hardware made by the chinese tech giant always. also coming up a devastating cyclons puts much of the city of haifa million in mozambique under water
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as feared the death toll in the country may top towns and neighboring to zimbabwe they're already digging graves for the jet. plus german chancellor i'm going to. fight to the last minute to secure an orderly exit with this as a constitutional crisis which is a good place for spirit in to request of the lake and its withdrawal from the e.u. . and we bring you the story of army mondo the million euro racing pigeon like a champion racehorse at the end of a glorious career armando's been sold for stud bill halter and a new generation of champion racer. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the german government has started the witing for who will get the rights. to build germany's next generation mobile
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phone networks telecoms companies have been invited to bid for radio frequencies to operate the ultra fast five g. mobile networks the technology could have far reaching impact unable ling a ton of us driving for example on a wide scale. and they're off the auction for the next generation mobile phone standard five g. started with an old fashioned clock. even during the very first round the companies taking part bid nearly three hundred million euro but the time the auction ends they're forecasting revenues in the billions on the expected technology that will change the world to intersect an enormous but it is enormous potential here because we want to be a part of the gigabyte society at the forefront of the industry four point zero era and it's there for extremely important that these frequencies are brought to market quickly so the industry can create a new business model. step by step the new mobile phones down to replace the current l.t.e. technology and transmit data one hundred times faster than the tech is good for
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technology such as video conferencing live images and medical data can be transmitted through the ultra fast five g. network. technology for the network is built by china's while away there is a route whether this company should be permitted to provide the technology to germany critics fear that the chinese could use it for spying also huawei remains very faithful to the government in beijing. once the auction ends in a couple of weeks then the battle for investment begins. stephen beardsley from our business team is here with us to help put all this in perspective so even if it's really important this auction that's taking place for the five g. frequencies what the bidders are they when it comes to huawei are they going to be allowed to to rely on the way technology when they hand in their beds yes that's the way to peers right now and because the bid stipulations weren't drawn up so that they prohibit. it any particular network hardware provider that would've been
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one way to prohibit while ways to say to the bidders you can't use the following sub contractors or services that didn't happen and then if there are any questions today on the america will actually said we're not in the business of prohibiting one particular business from the five g. rollout or from business here in germany and so that seems to settle it at least in the near term that does not mean however that the skepticism over huawei is gone from germany you know we've even seen germany's intelligence agency saying that they see a threat within the company potentially and that i think it's widely known also across the security structure in germany that it would not be unheard of for this to be an avenue for espionage or for some sort of state role should china be involved in while way and so it's there still is a lot of controversy about the company itself how difficult would it be for telecoms operators to roll out five g. in europe in germany in particular without while way other alternatives there are
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alternatives there are companies like ericsson and nokia even samsung is getting in the business now none of them have quite the heft of huawei and for these bidders who are now getting these frequencies they're going to start their their build out and they've in fact promised as part of this bidding process to have i believe their coverage a certain amount of coverage by i want to say the twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two their estimates are built around qual way and having that network year cost wise meeting deadlines it's built around while way they have the heft they have the size they have the lower costs and so it would be a lot different to use ericsson or nokia or a newcomer they might not be able to rely on getting the hardware so fast that means that would delay this rollout which would not be good obviously for the politicians here always seems to be at the head of the game here what about the rollout of five g. in a realistic perspective timeframe when can german consumers and companies expect to actually be using five g. i think it is really good to always. i know that five g.
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is such a massive massive build outs that the infrastructure that's required is so expensive and it's going take some time to build it out it's going to be available in industrial applications first there's not going to be some curtain that comes up and suddenly everyone has magical five g. and they're all in autonomous cars it's going to be a procedure of incremental process i should say and it's going to be expensive telecom c.e.o. recently estimated three hundred to five hundred billion euros to roll it out across europe profitability will be in the distance for a lot of these carrier companies and there is skepticism that they will be how profitable they will be so that's more incentive for them to makers to really build out the applications for five high stakes game indeed stephen beardsley from didn't leave his nest thanks so much in syria. you're watching news still to come children of the jihan train to withstand the shops of war we look at a documentary that offers a unique insight into the lives of fighters from the so-called islamic state and their soldier son who's. now some of the other stories making news around the world
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today dutch police have arrested a man suspected of carrying out a shooting on a tramp in utrecht on monday three people were killed and five others wounded in the shooting prosecutors say they are now investigating a possible terrorist motive behind the shooting after police found supporting evidence in these hikers getaway car. new zealand's prime ministers are down says she will never utter the name of the gunman who killed fifty people in last week's attack on two malls in christ church she urged the public and the media to avoid giving him recognition instead to focus on the victims and survivors the attack. and heavy flooding across the u.s. the american midwest has left at least three people dead officials said two hundred ninety others have been rescued after the missouri river flooded much of the state of nebraska the region has suffered hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage
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the breast is governor described it as the most widespread disaster in the state's history. of south east africa and the devastation caused by a psych clone is finally becoming clear after more than five days after a tour through the region in mozambique eighty four people are confirmed dead but the government fears the death toll there could rise to more than a thousand and red cross says site clone damaged or destroyed ninety percent of buildings in the port city of beirut meanwhile in neighboring zimbabwe around three hundred people are dead or missing. survivors dig graves for the victims of psycho need i. remind you money is the worst hit district in zimbabwe. scores are dead and still many more are missing.
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my mother my father my two younger sisters including the one who had brought us food earlier and the one with the child. my house was destroyed in the floods and i was buried underneath my daughter who was in bed with me was washed away from me a big a flood carried my father away. the cycle has wreaked havoc on zimbabwe's infrastructure making it hard to assess the extent of the devastation. the human cost. i'm going to see my family i don't know how they're doing because there is no communication and the roads are inaccessible because of the heavy rains and i'm not sure how will find my way. rescuers are struggling to reach people in the afflicted areas. these boys were trapped for two days but they are among the
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lucky ones a boulder crashed through their school dorm killing three people. w's privileged fan here he says many more lives are at stake. this situation in zimbabwe and in the aftermath of. two neighboring countries is getting desperate. people are having to walk long distances because they've been cut out from essential services been washed away. to reach areas where people. in this area you can see. these police taking in the mud we have spoken to. people along the way you have. also trying to reach people but they can't reach those areas because it's virtually
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impossible. to use privilege most binary reporting there to syria now and the last fighters of the so-called islamic state under siege their future and that of their families remains uncertain many of the children are traumatized and any perceived military training in an oscar nominated documentary called the fathers and sons syrian filmmaker. reveals just how problematic it may turn out to be rehabilitating the children of jihadi fighters. this is the training camp for children. to be unshockable. to face death without showing any signs of weakness to become hardened militants from a young age. some i was sent here by his father
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. himself. these images were filmed in northern syria not far from the border with turkey. the camp was run by the terrorist group. a group inspired by al qaeda the syrian filmmaker titled they came to the region to shoot the documentary of fathers and sons he spent over two years living with us summer and his family gradually gaining their trust by protesting to sympathize with their course this gave an insight into the process that turns innocent children into had its fighters i want to understand how. you become what you are who are those people how they look from the inside what was the courts what is the thing. to bring the beat. in some ways the family appears quite normal the children are born in an environment where there's love and care
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but also radical religious education as father has been a member of the terrorist group for two decades he trains his sons to follow in his footsteps from their earliest years the intimacy of family life and the horrors of war are never far apart. the children's play time is also dominated by themes of war or violence one game involves playing with a makeshift bomb with even the youngest children involved. one day the boys cut it and kill it. the father inside from the moment his son is born he named you know. and that's mean that the kids in all his life don't have
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a choice. in the many other radicalized children and young men in syria have known little else in their lives but violence and war forced to leave their families to fight in jihad they now face an uncertain future. german chancellor angela merkel has said that she had other european leaders will fight to the last minute to secure an orderly brags that she was taking questions here in berlin after addressing the global solutions summit it's being held to a pair of policy recommendations for the g. twenty summit in japan in june here's part of what the chancellor had to say about rights. let's. fight until the last hour of march twenty ninth for an orderly brax that. we don't have a lot of time but it's a few days until then and you could talk about that at this moment i cannot comment on what my position will be on thursday because it heavily depends on what to
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research. what the situation will make like what will happen in the british parliament to all that we as twenty seven countries will come out with a unified reaction. live to our chief political editor mikhail who is attending that global solutions summit and follow the chancellor's speech for mikhail or can we infer anything for what chancellor merkel said there today about bragg's or is there still hope do you think in her mind at least for an orderly brags that. well there certainly still seems to be that bit of hope and also the willingness to do whatever it takes to keep that process going of avoiding a no deal and if that means more time she hasn't said it in as many words but we also heard from people around her that it was quite clear that she wouldn't stand in the way of giving brisson more time despite critical voices namely france really
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asking the question what would that be for because the problem clearly lies in britain so this is an open question and i think it highlights how open the situation is going into that summits later on this week chancellor merkel was clearly addressing many of her international partners here many of germany's international partners also regarding defense germany has gotten some criticism for its handling of its defense budget the chancellor once again defending the sea. yes clearly germany is late also doing its homework it was late handing in its budget papers for nato this year and it is really struggling to put that new budget out that really entails what germany has promised which is to aim towards that two percent goal by twenty twenty five germany wants of reached at least
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one point five percent but the budget currently which she is preparing with the coalition partner the social democrats which have been skeptical of this rise in defense spending all along appears to be rather difficult but we're talking about a moving target here because this two percent goal is measured measured in g.d.p. now with indications that the growth of the german economy might slow down these figures could change once again but it's a clear signal across the atlantic to donald trump and it will be read as such that germany once again is not doing its homework on defense. political editor michael thank you so much. now there are just ten days to go before britain is due to pull out of the european union but now as we suggested earlier there's a new crisis in london the speaker of the house of commons has announced that a third vote on prime minister teresa mayes bragg's that deal will not take place
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because it breaks british parliamentary rules only a deal that differs substantially from the previous versions can even be put to about the speaker's ruling is based on a long standing convention in britain but it took both the government and lawmakers by surprise with it more confusion over breaks that we asked how they thought the e.u. should handle it. i think the e.u. should be tough because i think in england the punch and judy show is taking place on the other hand there is a good side to this because those who are against the e.u. are now seeing want to happen it acts as a deterrent. effect and. you don't have to stick to hard deadlines just because they're there you have to see what's best for the e.u. . and the best option would be to consider how you can help a country that maybe should come back to the e.u. . postponing bracks it helps they should postpone. minimal so you don't make
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a point of being tough and not make it easy for the u.k. i mean. yeah i prefer the idea of pushing ahead diplomatically by negotiation that way there's the possibility of a positive outcome if you haven't found the right solution yet then you can't leave the e.u. you have to sit down and find a solution to force a decision just because the deadline is now i don't like that. it's been a minute i think we should act in a consideration mama so we can persuade the british to rethink and unite the european union again after all it's not good free decide if we. would. win and let's get the very latest now from our correspondent in london farragut the speaker of the u.k. parliament has blocked a third vote on a briggs that deal just days away from the deadline for leaving what does this mean for prime minister to recent days breaks of plans. well the reason may is
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just in the process of figuring out whether there is some way that she could yet get her deal back on the table maybe by changing the wording so i think the government is really just as we speak in the process of trying to figure out what they do the most likely scenario would be that they go to the e.u. summit this week in brussels ask for an extension of the of the brics date and that gives them more time but the default option is that greg's a day is still on the twenty ninth of march and that's at the end of next week but e.u. is clearly losing its patience with britain breaks it brussels wants london to finally put a concrete proposal of some kind on the table is that likely to happen in the short amount of time. the question is when will this happen so if tourism a really does get an extension from brussels and that's not guaranteed at all she would then buy more time and parliamentarians here hope that in that time they will
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be able to somehow shape the bricks and process those on the remains site hoping that a softer bricks it is sort of consensus could could reach and parliament for either so if the brics it or to put it back to the people for referendum know those who want out of the european union after speaking to somebody who is on the read the conservative. side of things he said he also wants a longer extension in order to then get a new prime minister who would be in his point of view should be a brics it's here who would be playing tough with the e.u. on negotiating a better deal is what he hopes and so we have two opposing views here but the extension seems the most likely option at this point in time the french europe minister because as you i'm sure you heard said today that there if there is no
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decision forthcoming from the u.k. on the deal that so on the table it will be a no briggs a deal a new deal breaks it all march twenty ninth is that where this is heading. well the u.s. the time and again that the u.k. must have proposals at a mosque of negotiating just with itself and basically put something on the table in brussels we have to take i think everything that comes out of brussels at this point at this crunch time also with a pinch of salt of course brussels would like to get this off the table they don't really want to start reopening there was draw if you missed out all the negotiations again so there might be the hope that they could somehow put pressure on parliament to in the end go and unite behind series a maze deal that would in from their position probably be the easiest option but it's only over a week's time so really not much for parliamentarians to get their act together and
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decide on what they really want to do. to get thank you very much t.v. is big at last in london. the man in charge of the two thousand and twenty tokyo olympics says he'll step down when his term ends in june amid an ongoing corruption investigation against him suni katsu takeda is suspected of paying bribes to ensure japan would win the olympic hosting rights prosecutors are looking into two million dollars worth of payments made to a company in singapore ok this is he's done nothing wrong in two thousand and twenty games are less than five hundred days away. now some football and a new look new sponsor and a new team bus the german national football team gathered in both spoiled home of blokes wagner and the new team sponsor germany are preparing for a friendly match on wednesday against serbia followed by a tough qualifying match with twenty twenty euros against fellow group favorites
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netherlands over the weekend coach walking and kept in a manner where the neuer were absent for the baling of the new team bus goalkeeper neuer is the only player over thirty called up for the upcoming two matches in a reworked germany swann devoid of many of the big names of the past decade. and an unlikely visitor at the training ground of real madrid this week barcelona star and argentina kept in the n.l. messi is training facility with his national team squad and he joined them for the first time since last year's world cup in russia messi opted to take a sabbatical after his country's disappointing early exit at the world cup for the tournament he suggested he would retire from the national team if argentina didn't win he has now joined his compatriots ahead of a friendly friendly matches against venezuela and morocco. though the
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story of a bird described as the lewis hamilton of pigeons this guy behind me is named armando he's a belgian racing pigeon and he's just made his owner a euro millionaire the sale has caused more than a flutter of excitement in sport. this is no ordinary pigeon these are the wings of a champion meet the belgian whose success in the skies has netted his owner a small fortune the pitching is regarded as the best distance race of all time and that made him the subject of a late bidding war between two bias in china the winning bid more than one and of course a million euros three times the previous record. that was in office. we got up this morning and thinking is it going to rise a lot more or not and we hope for a little more as we'd already broken the record and that was already
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a serious amount but still he has more than doubled in value it's incredible. how little flip. bridges across europe of benefiting from the popularity of pitching racing in china where the sport is considered something of a luxury. it's nearly time to let go of his prized possession for soon to retire from racing and life in stud awaits he'll be toph's towards fathering a new generation of winners as his new owners try to wreak their investment. million euro pigeon. streamliner the top stories we're following for you here today on t.v. news germany's five g. mobile frequencies of gone up for auction today there are four bidders so far big question is whether pressure from the u.s. will prevent the use of equipment made by the chinese tech giant huawei. and
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germany's chancellor angela merkel has said she will fight to the last minute to secure an orderly exit this as the speaker of the house of commons in the u.k. has ruled out a fresh vote on the price of deal unless substantial changes are made to it. up next d.w. news. they sure with melissa tread all that and more still to come come.
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to. earth first. first clinton was. gore's grand moment to run a joint during a tangle on her journey. you know we're going to return to iraq and the writing returns home.
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the floods have taken everything. now despair the. climate refugees. they seek shelter. but. the floods come. continue to dog. this is. coming up on the program superheroes are fun and fantastic but often have traumatic origin stories in india we meet a woman who inspired a comic book with her story of survival and. spectators love it but is this culture for cruelty we take a look at camel wrestling and talk stunt. plus reeve soft cambodia rich with marine
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life but scientists worry it destruction in the food chain poses a threat to this habitat.


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