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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm CET

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mines. africa. coming president to. go on the drug that from tommy the rebel army and did the ninety four genocide wasn't when full in the room it wasn't when you in need to reinforce the controversial leader to success is beyond question. good to. have wanted tragedy starts able fifth on t w. five.
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the bundesliga has taken a hit every german team has been bounced from the champions league and they're all missing something biron have lost the confidence of a top european team. dortmund are missing the easygoing nature of wins earlier in the season in the process of losing first position while shall go have lost everything not just matches but their last ounce of self belief they have been the like yourself teams but hey there are still plenty of winners left in the league. like bruno labadee of the scorched full sport into a very good team but he's still going to leave at season's end going out on top. the royces another winter dark winter kind of back on track since his return from injury and against terror. and so lofty hearts on the democratic. something dumbass have to start his hoops statements a winner. silverware in the past now is back. he turned the team
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back into winners again. with nothing left to lose kick off looking for the winners on the last day twenty six. that so many go to disco lasted longer than expected shocker. the man who guided shot the two runners up finish last season performed a walk of penitents after the home thrashing by just aloft earlier this month. but after five straight defeats caps by the humiliating seven election from the champions league he didn't have a prayer. who could the club find to take his place in the hot seat. fans were largely relieved to see a familiar face back at the helm none other than who've stated. it's his third stint a shocker in the first he famously won the club to domestic cups and the away for cup. stevens and his assistant
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manager mike risk ins will be in charge through the end of the season. so what's their magic formula. that it's most important to clear their heads not to on the past our focus is on the present and future. just four points off the relegation play off spot the game against leipsic would be a test of his side's mental strength. when things began promisingly shaka had the form in it in just the second minute. i ensure self talk i because it had been just a dream linesman catching up with the score in an offside position i so neil neil for now but at least shock or looking right i asked for the visitor's life she had the best. defense in the league plus
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a couple of handy strikers in the fourteenth mini chaos descended on the shelter box and then disaster ping pong or pinball take your pick with you soft house unraveling the cross bar before team obana slams. not the return states had been looking forward to but this time shot they did rally to the challenge sebastian rudy played it for one goal only for the striker to shoot straight at peter blushing. what would stevens do during the half time break. whatever he said it seemed to work as the hosts up the pressure looking for a goal. line was again not in their side as their appeals for handball by tyler adam spelling test. shall be showed a lot more intent that in previous weeks they're just missing the finishing. you cannot afford to be so wasteful for much longer. some fans look less than impressed
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perhaps they're skeptical about the third coming of the messiah. or is it the players. he said even the ones of freedom of the not unhappy with the team's display the boys gave everything to take something away from the game when you're down the table you don't get that bit of luck says hazardous clinching let me shout they have been unfortunate but they will need more than a bit of luck to prevail in the weeks to come. stephen's comeback has instilled hope even if not much else. shaka down one nil by a top three team and their own mistakes. in any job people make mistakes so you try to iron them out and learn from them and that's what we're going to do. the beauty of. looking it's. david's pastor says and silverware with shock of
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expectations or perhaps understandable. but time is running out on the relegation front even if the shot the faithful still believe. dortmund are also under unexpected pressure where is the devastating form that gave them a seemingly unassailable nine point lead to sample office men went to berlin after relinquishing top spot for the first time since september and their woes have been compounded by the knocked out of the champions league. obviously star players like marco voice have to be in top form now back from injury he can give the team the kind of cohesion that was sorely missed in january and february. but heritage were not a prospect dortmund had necessarily been looking forward to. paul darvill as men have home wins against all top five sides except lights at this season.
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dortmund got off to a surprisingly slow start and paid the price just four minutes in roman burkey fumbled a long range shot leaving salomon kalou to pounce but the top man looked like anything but champions are only on the back and they needed a bit of luck to get back into the game thomas delaney shot took a wicked reflection off khari recchi and past but the top and were level the but that lot then deserted them with a somewhat harsh penalty given against you leon vital for handball above kalou coolly slotted away for his fourth of the season against all times keeping his coach happy on his birthday above after the restart though dortmund burst out of the blocks christian pulis sick going close after a. fine solo run. and the pressure paid off as down it sells i do headed
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in from jaded sensors point of the. to do all square. on them are so damn much when the link you have to have the right mentality about the show the kind of morale we did today and it's going to be tough to stop us jones off to bring it on seven thousand mark of course himself haven't been very visible up to that point but there's still be time for him to shine. parents that were playing well enough but darn i wanted to calm things down. i asked for dortmund they were the superior side after the break but not clinical enough i twelve minutes from the end still amy did not embrace by the crossbar. but it was his moment was still to come even if he left fans
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waiting until the second minute at stoppage time of the was essentially snuck the ball through for his have to clinch all three points and take his tally to fifty five's from the way dog men celebrated anyone would think they already had won the league. at crucial victory for dog mims and not just because of the three points starter when i'm getting a late goal is such a boost it's really difficult to wimberley the shots were a quality size there with much of so of course i'm extremely proud of the guys after we've won three points here you know i think i'm fine. in the end the voice was there when it mattered most and dortmund remain in a neck and neck place with science. lopez's besom some i think it will stay tight right till the ends for the spy on the sure i don't expect by him to show any weakness either from di and we're playing against them soon for even a few fucking things will remain exciting. but suppose somebody puts in the line.
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if the skipper can't drive his team on dortmund could well still do it but now let's see if the fire did show any weakness in our contacts. after their early exit from the champions league against liverpool byron wanted to prove they're still bundesliga giants against mines on sunday. they got off to a quick start one you know from home but they've been after just three minutes played. minds were just as powerless to stop by and second the play on to the scales setting up on. clay kingsley come on rounded off the first half scoring. premier. league even he go like coach me go cold but had to admit his squad had everything under control right yeah.
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that time break didn't do mine so much good the first came just six minutes after the break thomas again the colombian sixth of the season. and four minutes later he was back at it with a fine finish five neil had his first hat trick for by. the barrage ended with twenty minutes left to go alfonso davies made six nil it was the eighteen year old canadiens first goal for by talking about the nearly double his age was quick to congratulate him when he's got to keep the game ball. so you feel . yeah i'm happy being that's my first hat trick here and i hope many follow so much we're going to get you most important is that we played well and we've scored a bunch in our last league matches and that makes me very happy mature does he want to stay for his best. buy and send dortmund a clue. a message will keep patting the goal difference.
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bloodbaths want to make their ground a fortress again winning all their home matches in the first half of the season kept sparks flying could they return to home form against freiburg. not like best just ten minutes in former gladbach man the chance of grief but the visitors ahead. at least he didn't rub it into his former club. six minutes later in the cheers for allison players equaliser interrupted the ref wanted another look at the call. offside apparently not wanting one. player's first goal in seven matches. in the end rico did celebrate the road point as well as his call up for the italian national team.
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the second to last hanover had not won away in an astounding seventy two meters. that looked like it might be changing after this curious scene announcement. and look why don't eventually made it one million effeminate. this is a clear foul just too bad for hanover the ref didn't play the authentic. player game to who she did not by the woodwork playing on the other end out spoke up their own free kick and over struggled to deal with it properly corner lives energy a quarter of it was first to the rebound from on their hands volley to put it away to break out spoke back into the game won one sixty five minutes in. and over stanley yet again. you want to touch me fired outspoken head in the seventy eighth minute. and overs hopes for staving off relegation took another hard hit on their
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hands three one only seven. out board took a step towards safety and seemed very grateful to the officials afterwards. stood guard were still desperately looking to escape to safety against hoffenheim who in turn still have europa league ambitions and the home side came desperately close to taking the lead to underpay aspect in the thirty sixth minute otherwise you'll be on novels months hoffenheim were clearly disappearing your side and their dominance paid off andre kraemer which put them ahead with this thirteenth goal of the season. but the favored visitors just couldn't finish off stood guard and were eventually punished by of all people one of their own the equaliser came from stephen suba on loan from hoffenheim a goal he seems pretty glad about. but machineguns it's i'm happy for him he's
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a decent guy and a good player and he may be the celebration was a bit of necessary and maybe he'll give it some thought later when off they will decide which to the biggest. bottom place nuremberg had to travel to frankfurt who are coming off the high of knocking out interview on out of the europa league. but they were almost brought down to earth by nuremberg skipper in the third minute. another surprise was who popped up in the box to top home frankfurt school after half an hour of central defender day by goal that takes frankfurt to within a point of champions league qualification. braman were away at leverkusen in the early sunday game after a disappointing start to the season the hosts have looked reborn since their change of coach. the change seems to afraid their minds they were kids and have been the
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second best team since the winter break. that had brought them up to six good enough for the year openly and just four points off a champions league spot. but watch out. for him and also with europe in their sights had not lost since before christmas. the big surprise in the labor because the lineup was caught hafetz on the bench. and braman looked the more buoyant from the off don't hand this next one with a clever little pass to his brother moxie the perfect ball to captain max close and one in the thirteenth minute. it was almost like we practiced it by i think the lighted i got the ball from your highness saw marks on the other side it was we knew leverkusen with the space open as they pressured us to sounds like there was a fly zone on. no false modesty please
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a close and brothers co-production leverkusen seemed unexpectedly tame so far. raymond possible oil and coal felt have no complaints not even in the thirty eight minutes when you had us at the shrine was mowed down because captain kusa kept the ball rolling pass across to me loads rushing. to nil. braman were tenacious and above all playing as a team showing leverkusen how it's done. by . the hosts were lacking someone to pull the strings in midfield. and by merlin's beard on came cause i have outs after the break laver cousens hopes now resting on the shoulders of a nineteen year old. although it was hands that helped to get his side back in the game ten minutes. later or what have had the referee not seen his misdemeanor.
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shortly afterwards leverkusen with a bit of luck as norris shocking spray kick crashed off the bar. as full time drew closer. with resorting to fouls. leon bailey stepped up. i hold out a sumptuous free kick i. still wouldn't be too little too late. and into stoppage time bailey embarked on what could have been an epic solo goal only to be stopped by your highness at this time. frame and took the ball straight up the other end with leverkusen wide open at the back. to use a still have plenty to do but he did it in style. and
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with my job to create a decisive play now and again if everyone says they've never seen me playing this well before i can only hope i can maintain that level. raymond's charge off the table continues taking them to within three points of leverkusen thanks also to max palooza with two goals and an assist for labor couzin a setback for their plans to finish in the top four. has a reputation for being an emergency rescue coach. both teams eventually drop back down the table and short. but this time a different. season. contending for
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europe and seven. after speculation about his descendants with sporting director york last week the a finally decided to quit while he's ahead this time he has the upper hand. but on saturday it was visiting just lawful got off to the better start . after a foul on. a half hour in fortune a center back con i had curled a free kick over wall to take the leap i was the news of the coach's departure too much for his rules to handle with a caught off guard. it didn't appear so a lot of these boys reacted almost immediately just four minutes after conceding about the cost gifted the ball to a birthday boy at me and make maybe two level proceedings i. love it he is staying put until june and hopes to go out with a bang but he swears his future is not on his mind i mean yes that is he
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my fear and now is involved with one hundred percent because i'm having too much fun with the team and i want to perform until the very last match day. some of them with players like maximillian on old home and they cost scored his tenth league goal to make it two one in the fifty fourth minute it's no wonder a lot of idea has so much fun with this team. signing the dutch striker this offseason was one of the few things not at the end shmuck agreed on in a lively second half the visitors wanted in on all the fun up top too but they seem to have had a momentary blackout on the back. of the towering front man they cost turn provide a once again all being cannot attack telling the three. i. missed his boys carried the ball from one end of the pitch to the other five fortunate players. couldn't even stop them with how although they try to.
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be cost the way the rubes third go in five minutes not in a brace in the process. ah but do you really sure he wants to these guys. made no pretenses that i won't be leaving with teary eyes most of all because of the team and all that we've accomplished with your time while dusseldorf still fought back the need to come on manage to cut the lead. weren't finished either hard working they cause wrapped up his very first hat trick two minutes before ta. determination like this is why vote spoiled are in the mix for your. response before he thrilled to be able to watch the team in the europa league on t.v. next year he's great with me. although he would be on their sidelines to enjoy it but he is still determined to make it happen. and the club mind even regret ever
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letting him leave but you know love a deal will have the last laugh this next club will be lucky to have him. did you know kick off is now with the world of football. and. all the while can really feel how high tensions are running i'm going to make this stuff never people and. i am crazy. when you go. visit football on you tube. and that's it from match day twenty six a couple of expected wins from top teams nothing out of the ordinary struck hard and earns political points while freeman remain undefeated in twenty nine. speaking
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of defeat who gets more blame than anyone else one team's least that's right the referees. coaches and refs have plenty of chips for one another sometimes it's carmike in berlin. sometimes it's not so diplomatic as seen between hanover's thomas and referee manu local a phone. call. for your great reporting the following. comment must be on the eve of night for the same thing i'm all for when they bring reform of the nuptials in for a history needn't be just make money jennifer pretty close up. but it's not always that way to stay because they didn't just have strong words for the fourth official in the relegation battle he also had candy. to sing the theme of the. now for the table by an endorsement or down to the wire
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their followers are chasing from a safe distance bracing for a champions league spot frankfurt are in the mix and are this season's last german representatives in europe. things are shaky up to outspoken fourteenth place stevenson showed to have the work cut out like slowly fading for hand over in europe berth as always we'll end with our match day moments voice it's all give. us a chance surely such a. subtle . so from a distance of us when i would have been the nominee. it's hard to suppose finest lines are in almost. software from the most modern global. show written by was
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behind on treasure causing high fashion janus san shall i mark overall is the dynamic duo of the born to sleep guy which by the way we'll be taking a break for international don't worry you can still catch kick off in the meantime .
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much of it a feel. good link to school africa. or link to exceptional stories and discussion from our use of easy it's our wild website deputed com smash africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. closely.
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