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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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documentary from the forest starts people first on w. business d w news live from germany's five gmo about frequencies go up for auction to build the ultra fast mobile data networks and can it be done without hot bread made by the chinese tech giant. also on the program aid workers sound the alarm for survivors of cycling to die were told through southeast africa last week
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floodwaters are endangering thousands of people the rescue crews are struggling to be tremendous and. this research may look for a way to save her with just ten days before view k. is due to leave the european union but with europe's exasperated that lead escaped the british prime minister. i'm still going to welcome to the program the german government has started the bidding for the right to build the country's next generation mobile phone network telecoms companies have been invited to bid for radio frequencies to operate ultra fast five g. mobile networks the technology could have a far reaching impact for example and i think the widespread use of private. and there off an old fashioned stopwatch counted down to the auction for the next
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generation mobile phone standard five g. during the first round the bidders had staked nearly three hundred million euros for operators are in the running to secure the frequency blocks and drag germany up from a lowly forty sixth in the world for download speeds to intersect and enormous but it is enormous potential here because we want to be a part of the gigabyte society at the forefront of the industry four point zero era and it's therefore extremely important that these frequencies are brought to market quickly so the industry can create a new business model. step by step the new mobile phone standard will replace the current l.t.e. technology and data transmission speeds one hundred fold that will make operations such as this possible via video link with live images and medical data transmitted through the ultra fast five g. network. chinas who our way will build the technology that makes the network possible allowing the company to deliver the technology to germany as controversial wow as connections to the government in beijing have fueled fears that the chinese
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could use five g. tech for espionage chancellor angela merkel says stringent telecommunications laws will be drafted to prevent that. and the devastation caused by cyclonic day after it tore through zimbabwe malawi and mozambique five days ago is becoming clearer in mozambique alone nearly one hundred people have been confirmed dead the government fears the death toll will rise to more than a thousand according to the red cross today damaged or destroyed ninety percent of buildings in mozambique sports eighty but many of the devastated and severely flooded areas still cut off united nations is urging the international community to help. the situation is a very. important crisis and that must be seen as an impact on quizes a lot you just need it i don't think of the world yet the scale of the problem especially in mozambique we have
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a bit less information about zimbabwe in malawi in malawi some of the people displaced start to go back home to rebuild their own then the situation looks a bit better there before mozambique it's differently an impact on quiet there's additional funding is necessary for the human family and obviously for the world food court. didn't lose how the cleaver has been looking at the situation for people searching for missing family members in mozambique's worst city a byron welcome how to how does it look pretty awful actually it's almost impossible to be in touch with people in the really badly hit areas of mice and bacon and you mention the city of daraa so what i was doing was to see how people are trying to track check their relatives friends friends or relatives outside of the country often people go to social media to set up pages with missing people and to try to get themselves safe and stuff not much himself safe from
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people within the disaster area it's not been possible but i did have a look at the international red cross page where they've setting up a list of people who have been marked registered as missing by their relatives from outside the country amazingly enough at the moment there are twelve people on this list and we must be talking about hundreds probably thousands maybe tens of thousands of people who would eventually be seen as been missing but that just shows i spoke with people from the red cross of how come you can only have twelve people registered as missing and they said it's number one it's still fairly early in the kind of development of this disaster if you like but also it just shows how completely cut off that region is there's no electricity. there's therefore no internet and so communication is almost impossible with people there so who else have you been talking with well i also got in touch with two people who are actually looking for relatives who were in that town and. i spoke with a lady called finn and you can bond he listened africa she's actually from that
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region she's been trying to look for her mother who's in her early seventy's who's a thing her on her own in fairly central part of town she spent three days calling all the people she could calling her brothers to try to send them to try to go and see whether their mother was ok you see a picture here on the wall this is this is you know with her mother ship photograph she sent us that we could use. and she spent three days desperately worried about how her mother was her mother lives on the fifth floor there on the fifth floor of a block of flats of six floors the sixth floor was very badly damaged with the roof being torn off but the fifth floor was actually fairly unharmed and after three days she actually got the son of a friend of hers to go around to see her mother with a satellite phone which is the only way to communicate and she did speak to her mother and told me she's going to be going to mozambique on friday to see if she can actually reach her mother to get her to
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a safer place because there's no water there's no food this it's a real disaster the real question is not not quite a happy one but certainly good news that the thank you are likely thank you. and we'll have more on the aftermath of cyclon. news africa in about twenty minutes. let's look at some of the other stories making news around the world now thousands of doctors professors and students are valid in the algerian capital repeated calls for the president to step down president up to a flicker has now said who looks down for a fifth term who says he boasted of them until a new constitution is adopted a two year old has ruled for twenty years. convicted french cardinal. of barbara says the pope has turned down his offer to resign the roman catholic archbishop of received a six month suspended sentence or spawn for failing to report allegations of child sex abuse against a priest in his diocese in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's he's appealing the judgment. of. us
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president donald trump has welcomed his brazilian counterpart giant paulson are to the white house mr trump told the far right to be there has been dubbed the trump of the tropics and he was looking at nato membership for brazil they also said they would discuss improving trade relations and cooperation on the crisis in venezuela the russia brazil both support the venezuelan opposition's efforts to oust president maduro as the country's economic and humanitarian crisis drags on millions are making the difficult decision to leave you caught up with a group of venezuelans seeking refuge in neighboring colombia. these people have picked an unusual route to venezuela. with the border to colombia closed their using water known as tall as. illegal trials that lead right through the river it's dangerous as a tossup controlled by criminal gangs and they demand
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a high price but such is that desperation that they're willing to take the risk around one million venezuelans have sought refuge in colombia many say they have lost. the angle you know so i guess i live i come from an agricultural zone the name of valley the state that. it was once a very productive area with lots of small farms. i'm a small farmer from there myself unfortunately i had to leave because we had nothing no seeds no fertilizer nothing some believe corruption is largely to blame for the situation. you can't find a formula in the supermarket but you. find it on the black market it is in there a cost two or three times as much if it is that corruption is a good bookie that is corruption. that has been reported. here on the left has been investigating the causes of the crisis he spoke to opposition member. who
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also says graft plays a big role in fact for the country in the state it is because of the corruption it's not the sanctions it's not donald trump. no it's because that stolen everything. the crisis in venezuela has become an international issue with the u.s. russia and china all pursuing their own interests reports about outlines how he thinks it could come to a head. at. the first scenario is that maduro stays in power and rules over a land in ruins. and the second scenario is that there's a transition and initiated by the minister whalen's themselves. zoltan deaths. so a coup executed by the military but with the transitional government in which civil authorities would also take part. there be a coup in such a scenario would be the most successful one but as yet no such resolution is in
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sight and the struggle for power in venezuela except to continue. a spokesman for british prime minister theresa rice says that she will write to european council president donald tusk and outline a plan for delaying the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. but a day after the british house of commons speak of rolled out of the bags a deal negotiated by mrs my skepticism of the delay is growing in europe british labor is likely to formally request an extension to article fifty during a summit in brussels on thursday but the blocks six negotiator michel barnier is the latest public to european official to question the move. also of commons also voted in favor of an extension of dr phil fifty faryab. if prime minister may request such an extension before her own served it's really. going to serve
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a reduced brushless reason. for an extension. of this president likes of just watching welcome alex michel body that was me exactly yes what do you think will mrs may get a break that delay i think she'll have to get a break that delay but it's very clear them from what michelle pandey was saying that they all fear iest in brussels and the other twenty seven member states with the u.k. that they are the u.k. still in this mess remember that they are jus to leave by law or next friday their duty thing a huge by next friday and less that is changed by another law is the situation nobody wants a no deal brics it but at the same time it is very clear that the e.u. want good reasons to go on to long extension you mentioned the letter that reason may is pending to donald tusk the e.u. council president and we don't know how long she wants a delay for this talk about off until june but possibly being extended for two
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years and you can imagine the things that is going on within the e.u. over that he taught i might say of the political and economic cost to the blog and it is very very easy for a member state to say no we're not happy for that kind of extension because there has to be unanimity so that the speaker ruled yesterday that service is made cannot bring this this deal back unless it's substantially different despite the us will she try she most certainly will and even michelle has said that at the moment that is still the only deal on the table to ensure that there is an orderly brics it the question is how does to raise it may bring it back given that ruling by the speaker and there are various scenarios going on and suddenly her legal team looking at how she can if she can get this. support of the brics it isn't particularly those ten northern irish and do you pm p.s. if you can finally bring them on side perhaps that would help can she get more
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concessions from the e.u. this is e.u. summit on thursday and friday blue she possibly be able to get anything to satisfy those bricks it is and we're also hearing that jeremy corbyn the leader of the labor party has been holding talks with the other opposition leaders in parliament and they are saying that if she brings that deal back she has to offer a vote to the public so an affirmative vote like a referendum to ensure that the people get a final say that's the kind of way for him to get around offering a referendum but it is a complete mess i know i say this to you every time i sit here but it really is a complete mess and by the way a cabinet so the top team around to all completely about this year or some of them that she is offering a delay at all they would still be quite happy for there to be no deal. i was on president on masonic forest y.c. this is day w news is still to come thousands of people all suffer i hate you dying
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candy from snakebites the world health organization blank screen the shortage of county friends. story i found out i was inducted every business in africa with monica jones in just a moment full of awful world headlines of the top off because up until the fall. i'm not laughing at the well because sometimes i am but i stand up and with that. i don't think deep into the german culture. we think those grammar they owe to you because it's all that they know i'm right oh join me i mean the devil to fund.


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