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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the first funerals take place in christchurch new zealand a father and son who fled syria's civil war for what they believed was the safest country in the world barbaric the two died in last week's last shoot also coming out. aid starts to get through to parts of mozambique stricken by side clone to die u.n. officials say it's one of the worst storm disasters to hit africa in decades. and the world's best selling killer also kill humans and jerry in the u.s.
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finds a roundup used by gardeners and farmers the world over contributed to a man's cast. also on the show it's time to get smiling it's international day of happiness from beijing to london to lagos we ask people around the world what makes you happy. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us a father and son who fled the civil war in syria for a better life in new zealand have been buried in christchurch is the first funeral for victims of the mosque shootings that shocked the nation a far right extremist has been charged in connection with the attack that killed fifty and wounded dozens. two members of
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a syrian refugee family were among the first to be laid to rest in christ church cleave mustafa and his fifteen year old son hamza came to new zealand fleeing war before they were gunned down by a white supremacist in a mosque last friday among the mourners mustafa says younger brother he suffered gunshot wounds to his leg during the attack. heavily armed police to guard outside another reminder of the horror of what happened. the nation is grieving with its muslim community. and prime minister just cinda are down once to demonstrate that. we're is a desire to show support to the muslim community as they were tuned to mosques
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particularly on friday there is also a desire months new zealanders to mock the week that has passed since the terrorist attack. to acknowledge this they will be a two minute silence. on friday we will also broadcast nationally via t.v. in seed and radio new zealand the core to priya. and with the outpouring of sorrow the message is clear we stand together in the face of terrorism. let's go straight to new zealand we're joined by chris a permit journalist based in auckland good morning thanks for being with us it's a very solemn day for new zealand. indeed brian good evening
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here new zealand is still in mourning but people are banding together and this the prime minister just into arguing that our hearts are strong but our spiritus our hearts are heavy but our spirits a strong every day there's news about a vigil happening in one of the cities in new zealand and more vigils are planned in the coming weeks in the coming days and s. twenty nine wounded victims remain in hospital with eight in critical condition including a four year old girl boys in a special are still going hospital in auckland people are still praying people are still hoping but i would say the general feeling is hopeful that these horrific attacks would only make new zealand stronger as a nation a chorus of the prime ministers and organ was hoping that all the victims of being returned to their families by today has not been the case. yes all autopsies of fifty people who died in the mosque shooting staff in complete however only thirteen until. today earlier in the afternoon have been released.
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new zealand time and the first three gnarls happened earlier today to get off the four victims including the father and son who arrived from syria few months ago tonight it's mild we survived by these queen brother and another victim whose name is suppressed and hopefully they do the try to release the body to the families by the light although it's already eight pm here and the police finished their investigation at the scene yesterday night and words are currently under way for misty al gore to reopen so the muslim community can return to pray there this friday afternoon. chris give you tell us how this is a tragedy affected the national attitude towards gun ownership. the prime minister admitted that there were massive loopholes in new zealand's gun loss that needed to be addressed and while adding these would be addressed by the new
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legislation that her cabinet is currently working on and the new legislation would be announced in the coming days earlier the finance minister also mentioned the possibility of a gun buyback and meanwhile new zealanders are beginning to hand in their firearms voluntarily to police and at least forty weapons have been handed in so far by a person joining us from new zealand from auckland thanks very much for being with us. i'll check some of the other stories making the news this hour the new brazilian president hire both an r.-o. has cemented his political friendship with president donald trump at the white house the president said he would work to designate brazil as a major ally even suggesting it's membership in the nato military alliance and. the u.s. state of nebraska and adjacent states of the cleared an emergency after catastrophic flooding waters cut off road access to
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a nuclear power plant and inundated farmlands across the u.s. midwest president mike pence traveled to nebraska to assess the damage. the european union's chief negotiator has warned that a no deal brax it is still possible michel barnier said any delay your company cost of the e.u. and must be linked to a new political process in britain by mr friess amaze likely to request an extension to article fifty during a summit in brussels coming up on thursday. he's. the president of kazakhstan as announce he's stepping down after three decades in power he didn't explain his decision seventy eight grohl has led kazakhstan since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when it was still part of the soviet union songs due to hold a presidential election next month. or one is to mozambique now where aid is starting to get through to communities devastated by syke loan you
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die six days ago heavy flooding has emerged submerged roads and countless homes so although aid is now arriving getting it to people remains difficult more than two hundred are confirmed dead at this point in mozambique but the death toll is likely to rise it's being described as the worst humanitarian crisis in mozambique history. heavy flooding and prolonged bouts of rain a compounding the destruction week by cycling last week the storm and floodwaters not only engulfed roads and bridges they also wiped out communications networks across the region and many of victims once again finding themselves in danger. this mother is one of hundreds of thousands who lost their home she's worried about her newborn as food supplies in the shelter for low. they didn't own doesn't last night i haven't eaten anything
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yesterday i saw that food was running out i went in asked and they told me that food was over and until now i've had none. that's because the floods and heavy rain which followed in the storm's wake a hindering aid workers efforts in some areas floodwaters a meters deep most rural area streaming cut off from help. police is the latest focus is. already stopping and we think in terms of holding. rescue us also working around the clock to save lives many victims as to trapped on rooftops trees and all the remote areas and the region is bracing for more heavy rain in the coming days flooding has become to pick his threat mozambique is facing right now. bring in jamie list or his emergency response manager for the
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red cross and birol which has been especially hard hit good morning to you jamie the u.n. is calling this the worst storm disaster to hit africa in decades what's the situation where your. well it's still raining. that and it's going to rain for a couple days more so we are on the second disaster in a few days and it's actually going to get more space and sleep we know that cycling to die hit us directly in by a and that the it continued on toward zimbabwe. amount of water so the flood disaster is another disaster on top of the cycle and so we're keeping visibility on both and our focus to the operation right now is immediate lifesaving activities search and rescue making sure people get sued blankets shelter water everything they need to stay alive because this is where our focus is at the moment ok getting resources to keep people alive where are people going
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right now with so much of by rofl audited and uninhabitable. that we're setting up accommodation centers that have been thirty seven ists outposts in numbers expecting to freeze that's the site on affected population for those who are flood affected we're also moving them to accommodation centers to keep them set up we have rapid response team going out in helicopters this morning to support moving people from the houses from the top of their roofs on their houses and in some the trees to put them on safe and dry land we're doing everything we can with our aerial assessments to make sure we're going to not at risk places for future flooding that are completely dry and where we can get access to them quickly this is one of the main challenges for all of us here ok is certainly sounds very challenging. jamie are you out of area are you managing to find safe and dry areas that are going to be safe even with as you said the new rains coming on. yes for us
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this is non-negotiable point we absolutely need to find low risk safe dry areas so we have international experts and shelter from around the world that are supporting on this the red cross is a co-leader of the shelter strategy here and helping to ensure that we're finding that dry land and setting up the places where people need to be jamie thanks very much for coming in and being with us today jamie or and all the best you from urgency response with the red cross. well journey united states has delivered a blistering decision on bio of weed killer round up and found it was a substantial factor in causing cancer in a seventy year old man now this is the second time a jury has found that his main ingredient life is a cause non hodgkins lymphoma roundup is made by the us company monsanto which is owned by the german chemical giant bio. a landmark verdict could affect thousands
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of other similar cases buyers it was disappointed with the jurors initial decision case now moves to a second phase to determine the country's financial liability and potential damages . for more i'm here with the w.'s stephen beardsley from the business desk good morning stephen morning run this looks like a bellwether case doesn't it that potentially could cost triple digit figures for buyers yeah it's going to be expensive and this is actually a bellwether case that's a legal term it's often used in product liability cases like this when a company faces hundreds maybe even thousands of cases against it the judge will often pick one case and say this is the one that's what we're going to use retest the merits were to see how that goes and then we'll produce the others afterwards what was interesting about this case is first of all it's the second case to go to trial i think you mentioned there was another case in august of last year that was in state court in california the first federal trial the federal judge said this will be a bellwether case going forward what was interesting is it was actually separate
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into two phases one was evidentiary phase against roundup itself and the other is months antos sort of knowledge of whether round up and the chemical in a glass to say it was problematic and it was supposed to actually be an easier case you know months on to win and they they didn't. choose a month acquired months after just over a year ago now there must have been a sense back then of the potential liabilities of round up which is one of monsanto's best sellers right there more than eleven thousand cases in state and federal court against. now by are related to round up. on claims of. lymphoma or other cancers that were caused by this said because of this when buyer acquired monsanto last summer the c.e.o. venerable men actually said at the time that the safety assessment of life is it had not changed that they were come to comfortable with it at the same time is that they couldn't really understand the full risk in front of them so you can see that
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there was knowledge of there was a patient they couldn't fully gain but there was also they believe an upside to taking that risk going to get a better picture they just needed to look at investor sentiment the markets have been nervous from the very beginning about this acquisition yeah absolutely i mean so after the first trial for example the stock fell thirty percent because it showed that there was such a nervousness about this legal exposure and it hasn't really come back up since the buyers stock that is at the same time you have to remember that there is an incredible upside seen two months on so and seen to the seat and history that it's involved in in terms of global global food production which is becoming more and more relevant issue with climate change with land use things like that so the future prospects of the technology that monsanto offered were seen as such that the the risk perhaps we're taking some outside analysts have put the legal exposure for these cases to five billion dollars to settle them for a buyer it acquired months on two for sixty three billion dollars last years that gives you no idea of the scale of perhaps an outside assessment of legal risk with
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you know what the money is at stake here to actually acquire this company as this case moves forward will learn more about the exact liability numbers even beardsley thanks very much for the diffusers as. well diplomatic ties between germany and the united states appear to be going from bad to worse and a lot of that has to do with berlin's funding levels for the nato military alliance president trump has been pressing berlin to meet its goal of allocating two percent of g.d.p. for defense but germany's newly released budget numbers show defense spending still off target triggering a new round of tensions. u.s. ambassador to germany richard grinnell is continuing to raise tempers in berlin on tuesday he accused the german government of quote reducing its already unacceptable commitments to military readiness unquote calling it a worrisome signal to germany's nato allies and fact the new budget features a small rise in both absolute military expenditures and the percentage of german
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g.d.p. spent on defense. but those outlays aren't enough for grinnell or his boss u.s. president donald trump germany is well short of the two percent target agreed to at a nato summit in two thousand and fourteen and expenditures in coming years are set to remain twenty five billion euros below what germany's own defense ministers says she needs. german chancellor angela merkel defended the budget plan as being part of a slow but steady hike in military spending. harmonising this year we have one point three five percent of g.d.p. according to growth projections for nato expenditures and we've gone from one point one eight to one point three five in only a few years despite robust growth. and next year we'll increase the amount to a projected one point three seven percent of g.d.p. . by the end staying in the german government is annoyed at what they see as
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grinnell's meddling a leading member of merkel's coalition partners the social democrats shot back mr grinnell is a complete diplomatic zero. members of the opposition have even demanded that the controversial ambassador be expelled that's a near impossibility but tensions over defense spending between berlin and america's embassador are likely to continue. well for more on these new tensions political correspondent simon young is with us in the studio good morning simon let's start off if we could with the calls for grinnell the u.s. ambassador to be expelled they come from a pro-business german politician from a party committed to the transatlantic relationship are we in new political territory here that's right both could be the deputy deputy leader of the f.t.p. co calling for ambassador grinnell to be declared persona non grata i think it's just a measure of how ugly this dispute has gotten and the ambassador has got politicians
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here in germany of all parties saying that he's interference in these domestic question of germany's budget spending is completely unacceptable golding it provocation and so on and you know that even from those who support an increase in military spending as we know the president has long the key jim many of the free loading on the u.s. military power to end the tunnel may well get even tougher in the coming weeks even in two weeks' time the nato member countries a.g.t. gather for a commemoration of the seventy. three of the founding of nights and ways that happening washington d.c. you know these difficult times for nato diplomacy ok and you talk about tone coming from the ambassador's residence here in berlin and it's not just the military budget in the past we've heard about the iran trading from ambassador goodell
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sharply criticized and most recently over the past few days the call for now warning that the u.s. would scale back intelligence sharing over the five g. network if wall way the chinese check giant was involved just this is a long laundry list that that he's tweeting on quite often he's tweeting and indeed it seems the rest of the group now wrote a letter to the german economy minister paid out why. making the threats effectively as you say that if germany chooses wife of five g. that could affect intelligence sharing of course washington believes the wall why the chinese company is too close to the regime in beijing and that sensitive data could leak again a big pushback from the german side the foreign minister high commodity said you know that except a bowl in germany will do all it can to ensure the security of its key infrastructure like the five g. network is just being rolled out. you know some say this is really about business
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and that the u.s. side would have no problem for instance in germany chose qualcomm the u.s. five g. equipment mike ok thanks very much for your comments and insights on on these issues this morning someone young there from our political desk while in other news a president trump says that the united states can impose harsher sanctions on venezuela in his campaign to oust president nicolas maduro we also repeated that all options are open when dealing with the crisis there was venice was economic and humanitarian turmoil drags on millions are making the decision that it is so difficult to make for many in that country the decision to leave you caught up with a group of those seeking refuge in neighboring colombia. these people have picked an unusual route out of venezuela. with the border to colombia closed their using water known as talk as. illegal trials that lead to
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right through the river it's dangerous as a tossup controlled by criminal gangs and they demand a high price but such is that desperation that they're willing to take the risk around one million venezuelans have sought refuge in colombia many say they have lost all hope. for you now so i guess when i come from an agricultural zone the name of valley the state a lot of. it was once a very productive area with lots of small farms was i'm a small farmer from there myself you know unfortunately i had to leave because we had nothing no seeds no fertilizer nothing. somebody corruption is largely to blame for the situation. but you can't find corn meal in the supermarket and what's in it but you can find it on the black market as it is and there are cost two or three times as much on the issues that corruption is a blue chip cookie that is corruption. venezuelan reporter says here on the left
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has been investigating the causes of the crisis he spoke to opposition member oh man who also says graft plays a big role but why is the country in the state it is because of the corruption it's not the sanctions it's not donald trump duca no it's because that stolen everything . the crisis in venezuela has become an international issue with the u.s. russia and china all pursuing their own interests reports about outlines how he thinks it could come to a head. and. the first scenario is that maduro stays in power and rules over a land in ruins. into the second scenario is that there's a transition and initiated by the minister whalen's themselves. that will result in deaths. so a coup executed by the military but with a transitional government in which civil authorities would also take part of it on
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the upper echelon should there be a coup in such a scenario would be the most successful one but as yet no such resolution is in sight and the struggle for power in venezuela looks set to continue. and if you want to find out much more on this story stay tuned for a close up showdown on the border where did the view follows the venezuelan reporter there we just saw seize our bodies and his investigation that's coming up right after the news and now what makes you happy that's a good question to ask as it's the international day of happiness established by the un seven years ago we asked our correspondents around the world to find out what makes people happy for. their ship. to wake up every day next to her that's happiness for me. if you want me to reply as well a few days less work every week that will be happiness for me. but all with.
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no name to why but i will make a. money. money makes you happy right when he was there you see me. now my life the very happy life yeah happy to now there's no you need to be able to enjoy simple things the song and the birds. teach chrome is needed as making me to be out be. more people be not just myself i mean i'm never happy if i don't make someone else i think my move makes me happy every day i see my mothers my my cats and my husband they're my family i love spending time with them my friends. the four friends a little exercise good weather and
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a whole lot more guns guns female mottos ice cream cars toy soldiers with those i'm happy when i get enough sleep. so when my country is doing well my family's well and my life's going well you have to do what i would lose me at least this is my happiness people. are joking i was playing table tennis smashing the ball brings me joy it's a good way to relax when i'm out he should be proud of what makes me happy running virtually half of. these guys every day since six months i come here and they pure in heart fresh coffee and they just be wonderful to me it's about connections that's why it's. great to see so many happy people don't forget you can always get interviews on the go download our app from google play from the apple store and i'll give you access to stories like these and the latest news from around the world as walls push notifications for breaking news john also used to send us
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photos and videos. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us up next is that report on venice where a lot you're not going to want to miss that for me and the entire team thanks bill . good. good
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good. good. good after. five days in the midst of venezuela's crisis in the fight to get aid into the country with a convoy of honda i don't support. an exclusive veto we'll report alongside venezuelan journalist says our bateese that shows the country's catastrophic conditions up close and a way to colombia a showdown on the border. shows up next doubling.
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the city in terms. morrow a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. come to christian population. when i asked fighters akagi city center two thousand and seventeen president a terrorist response was brutal. fight terrorists would never again look over any of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not the reason at all this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did our become a gateway to islamist terror. i think. the second i knew my city has.
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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines few in the sights of i.a.s. starts april eleventh on t w. the only kind of humanitarian aid has been turned into a spectacle to justify a military intervention and that doing it more by a twenty third will be the day of the humanitarian aid to enter venezuela. the press is waiting for self declared interim president one why don't he spearheading efforts to bring humanitarian aid into venezuela from colombia in defiance of the incumbent leader nicolas.


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