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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide doesn't win it all and knew it wasn't going to be you. need to reinforce a controversial leader whose success is beyond question the good time coming and the london tragedy starts april fifth on d w. a major court decision in california with major consequences in germany jurors have once again linked the herbicide round up to a man's cancer this time in a case that could open the door to other cases like it bad news for germany's buyer which now owns the herbicide maker monsanto. and another about face from taiwanese manufacturer foxconn which says it will complete a facility in the american midwest but will it be worth the investment the state has already put in. also on the show volkswagen and the german national football
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team join forces at a time when both could use some good press. i'm stephen beers in berlin thanks for joining us a jury in the united states has found that buyers weed killer round up was a substantial factor in causing cancer in a seventy year old man now this is the second time a jury has links roundup ingredient glyphosate to non hodgkins lymphoma roundup is made by us for monsanto owned by german chemical giant buyer the landmark verdict could affect thousands of other cases buyers said it was disappointed with the jury's initial decision and the case now moves to a crucial second phase to determine the company's financial liability and possible damages. and let's turn now to our financial correspondent conrad bosun he's standing by in frankfurt conrad how are investors reading this decision and what could it mean for buyer. stephen the shares of fire are
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plunging this morning in the first minutes of trading here in frankfurt the share price lost more than ten percent because of course a huge amount of damages for by air is now a possibility we have to take into consideration that this is a so-called bellwether case which means we're not only talking about one man getting cancer and suing buyer the judge in this courtroom in san francisco has more than seven hundred cases more than seven hundred files on his table where other gardeners other farmers are suing buyer and of course there are eleven thousand more cases all over the united states pending against buyer all those cases can proceed now more easily after yesterday's decision more than eleven thousand cases now buyer acquired monsanto last summer in a blockbuster deal today really realize the legal exposure that they were facing in this. no they didn't. who is the c.e.o.
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of gave an interview in december where he said that when a buyer and started talking about a possible twenty one court cases about this week killer now we have several thousands no wonder that investors are really scared the share price at the moment is forty five percent where it was before the takeover was announced and the largest part of those losses occurred since last august this was remember stephen when we had this first court case in california where it was. decided to have to pay more than two hundred eighty million dollars this amount was reduced later words but if you multiply this was all the cocoa suspending you have the risk and how great it is conrad burns in their force in frankfurt thank you kyra. taiwanese tech firm foxconn now says it will
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complete the final manufacturing phase of a massive facility in the u.s. state of wisconsin the company had said it was abandoning its original plans to assemble large l.c.d. screens there citing a change in global markets that made it more expensive and that shift was a black eye to wisconsin and a blow to residents who feel like they've already sacrificed enough for the company . for the residents of mount pleasant these frozen prairie's now feel like a field of broken dreams this is the spot the moho news chose to build what they thought would be there for ever. but then taiwanese electronics giant folks called moved in forcing most of the neighbors out this is our view to the west used to be beautiful cornfields and well maintained beautifully landscaped houses now there's only one loft and big on soon foxconn came to the state of wisconsin lured by an unprecedented four billion dollars in incentives from taxpayers'
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pockets in return thirteen thousand blue collar jobs were promised manufacturing flat screen t.v.'s that was a year and a half ago those jobs have yet to materialize now building walk appears to be at a standstill but in mount pleasant the bulldozers have already been and gone photos are all that remain thriving farmland the authorities declared has blighted and hindering the growth of the community they say they paid a fair sum for the properties came only sees the move is illegal they threaten us based on what i call fake blight and they ended up eventually blighting the entire twenty nine hundred acre project area. but i had done a lot of research and realize that everything there were threatening was not allowed under wisconsin law the moho nice food hard to stay but more vulnerable members of the community were not able to hold on off an hour's drive but
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a world away from the concerns of the mt pleasant residents the city of milwaukee where foxconn has also made its mock at the chamber of commerce pictures of the day the deal was signed up proudly on display president tim she admits that despite all the up people exactly what will be built at the foxconn site. it is now unclear what we see today is a developing and changing story as the industry for making screens and panels changes so that original investment is going to change we understand today that they'll be making smaller screens likely less of a capital investment the folks qandil was meant to herald the start of a midwest and manufacturing renaissance a factory complex president trump a old as the eighth wonder of the wild instead mt pleasant residents are left wondering whether they're the ones paying the price for
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a deal gone wrong. and the correspondent joins us now from taipei taiwan where foxconn is based so foxconn now says it will complete the manufacturing portion of the plant do we know how many jobs we're now talking about well just like they're all regional players and foss can claim they've got to create thirteen thousand jobs in wisconsin but many aspers i talked to really doubts it all in fact the company has set up a ration there and for the information we get that not only that they missed their hiring talk it's for the first year work to hire workers hired they're also noticed something very wrong for example their pay were supposed all and a lot of them were not so sure if they'll be hired full time later on many promises were just not materialized so we really don't know if kong can do what they claimed to hire so many workers there in wisconsin now foxconn has faced
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a lot of criticism for backing off its original plans what's the company's side of what it's done. while the bland the change of the local governments they and the new democratic governor has put their deal aside and they also talked about what the deal will be win win cooperation and that is for them to get a four point five billion dollar total in government subsidy and at the same time they also have what kind of technology they will use for the new factories in order to compete with overseas manufacturing it's in china and mexico so they're just many uncertain factors they said they can control briefly any lessons from this project. while i think we have to understand that party like this is very complicated it's not just like let's say that's a bit of a factory here and that's all we really have to really think about for example if there's a supply chand there to support whether the business will be successful and i think that's the most important lesson will learn from this one hundred joining us from
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taipei thank you. saying in the u.s. it's arguably one of the biggest ever entertainment industry acquisitions disney finalizing its purchase of rupert murdoch's twenty first century fox deal brings mickey mouse the simpsons and star wars together under one roof is costing the hollywood entertainment giant more than seventy billion dollars disney is hoping to better arm itself in the battle against rivals like amazon and netflix is planning to launch its own streaming service later this year. germany's national football team and its top automaker volkswagen both are still looking their wounds from past mistakes from one to poor showing in the world cup for the other a much more serious diesel emissions scandal now the two are teaming up hoping to sell more cars and more jerseys and of course to boost their public images of the new partnership takes the pitch for the first time wednesday with a match against serbia. the look has certainly changed the new outfit may be
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a step toward polishing up the w.'s image and that of the german football association the d.f.t. as can be also may well succeed studies show that its involvement in football so far has had a positive effect on v.w. zoom which for example soccer fans right the v.w. brand is more sustainable or of higher quality than soccer enthusiastic that's why i think it's who. has been sponsoring soccer teams and events for some time the carmaker supports the bundesliga soccer teams both men's and women's from its headquarters involves core. and v.w. is on the ball internationally sponsoring u.s. soccer teams too. but the sponsorship of the german football association with its national teams is the crown jewel in the portfolio for which it's reportedly willing to shell out as much as thirty million euros a year. beyond that judy because of course our goal is to sell vehicles and all
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from the ability to the customers and the deal with these associations and clubs but we also want to accompany the german national team in the coming years back to the heights they once had that's the goal for the euro twenty twenty. one says the d.f.t. can use those millions from v.w. its coffers are less full than in the past the association is dealing with scandals of its own over germany's bid for the two thousand and six world cup that's already cost a lot of money with demands for back taxes still on the cards analysts say that is the main reason for the abrupt change of sponsor after forty six years with mercedes. the new team bus now comes from v.w. subsidiary m. a n. times have changed and the d.f.t. leadership is pinning its hopes on its new sponsor. over this time to leave the g.w. is an authentic honest partner they don't just say it. so live it there are real patna to saka and i think the days old scandal is
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a general issues. if it wasn't just folks who are going to alton it was the car industry in general and it wasn't an issue for us too much easier than in the d.f.t. both want to return to their glory days but they'll have to work hard to get there . and that's it from me in the business team and find out a lot more about these stories and others on our website www dot com slash business also facebook and twitter i'm saving there's a place watching. if
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you ever have to cover up a murder the best way to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. mr jermyn street. exhibit continues.
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the cards with the good morning stephanie still. out there carrying. around the world. every week. hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture with me karen homestead spanish painter pablo picasso is credited with reinventing art in the twentieth century and under the watchful eye of one of his later muses will keep him warm while i tell you what else is in store for today. israeli television on a role t.v. drama series like i woulda for prisoners of war not only internationally successful but they're also some of the most adapted on the market look into why the israelis
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have such a knack for being for the t.v. . but first to picasso an artistic rebel who set new standards in so many forms and was so prolific that you can find multiple exhibitions of his work across europe at any given time for instance his early blue and rose periods currently showing in basel switzerland but less well known are his later works when his focus was increasingly on one single woman and the museum in potsdam has the goods. was it was it her eye it's. her nose her high cheekbones public because it was the leave to have painted his beloved wife shot clean more than any other model some four hundred times and that's not even including the numerous portraits which are not named for her but whose features are.


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