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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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this is the w. news live from the first funerals of victims of the christ church mosque shootings take place among some of those of a father and son who had fled syria's civil war for new zealand believe it to be the safest country in the world also on the program page starts to reach parts of mozambique stricken by cyclon each day the u.n. says it is one of the worst storm disasters to hit africa for decades. to friendly homage shake but frosty relations between the united states and germany washington's ambassador declares himself dissatisfied with balance traffic defense
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structures. also coming up are you happy about cheer up it's the international day of happiness from beijing to london to like us we've been asking people around well what makes you happy. i'm phil here and welcome to the program. the funerals of victims of the christ church mosque shootings began today amongst the first with arms of a father and son who had fled syria's civil war for what they believed would be a safer life in new zealand a right wing extremist has not been charged with murder and police say more charges will follow fifty people were killed and dozens more injured in an attack that shocked the country. two members of a syrian refugee family were among the first to be laid to rest in christ church.
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mustafa and his fifteen year old son hamza came to new zealand fleeing war before they were gunned down by a white supremacist in a mosque last friday. among the mourners. says younger brother he suffered gunshot wounds to his leg during the a talk. heavily armed police to guard outside another reminder of the horror of what happened. the nation is grieving with its muslim community. and prime minister just send to our dan wants to demonstrate. here is a desire to show our support to the muslim community as they were tuned to mosques
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particularly on friday. there is also a desire months new zealand as to mark the week that has passed since the terrorist attack to acknowledge this there will be a two minute silence. on friday we will also broadcast nationally via t.v. and sieved and radio new zealand the core to priya. and that the outpouring of sorrow the message is clear we stand together in the face of terrorism. from curse upon me as a journalist based in oakland new zealand welcome to day person so clearly a solemn day for the country. clearly phil a new zealand is still in mourning but people are banding together and as the prime
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minister dissing the argand said our hearts are heavy but our spirit is strong more vigils happened today in many cities and towns in new zealand and more vigilance are planned in the coming weeks fund raising tributes a moment of silence are being held in schools offices and universities as a migrant myself i never imagined something harmful like this whatever happened in seal that a kind of shock that i know is experienced by the migrant community here but i would say other than the own well being fear of grief and shock that people here are also hopeful hopeful that these horrific attacks would only make new zealand stronger and more united as a nation and it has been shown in the last days through the outpouring support shorts the muslim community so with of sixty people killed in this attack have all of the victims not been identified and returned to their families. thirty five bodies have now officially been identified and can be released to their families
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new zealand's health minister earlier today assured that the majority of victims will be returned to their families by wednesday night however some of the victims are more difficult to identify and it will still be some time before they are able to be returned to their families the first you know rolls happened earlier today that up to six victims including father and son or i from syria less than a year ago and tonight he smiled when we survived by a slim brother the father who was visiting from fiji and indonesian men and another victim whose names are meant suppressed while another victim was farewell at a short service and christchurch of years before his body was repressed treat it to a case that the police finished their investigation at the first scene yesterday and works out for a week underway for must do more to be open so the muslim community can return to pray there is friday afternoon. in the aftermath of a shooting the government has announced that it will tighten the gun control laws
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how has this been received. by the prime minister did it meant that there were a large number of loopholes in new zealand's gun laws that needed to be addressed she also added that these would be addressed by the new legislation that her cabinet is fairly working on and will be announced in the coming days. new zealand's fine and minister also mentioned that there is a possibility of a gun buyback scheme meanwhile new zealanders are beginning to hand in their firearms voluntarily to the police at least forty semi automatic weapons have been handed in so far bill curse of punk had no oakland new zealand thank you sam. ok we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world brazil's new president john bolton all of has cemented his political friendship with u.s. president donald trump with a visit to the white house mr trump said he would work to designate brazil as
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a major ally even suggesting pushing for its membership of nature. the rest ate of nebraska and neighboring states have declared emergencies following catastrophic flooding road access to a nuclear power plant has been cut off and farmlands across the midwest inundated vice president mike pence is trouble to nebraska to assess the damage. one student has been killed and another wounded in a shooting in a peruvian high school local media reporting that he might have been an accident that occurred when a boy brought his father's firearm to school. british plans to delay the country's departure from the european union have been dealt another blow with just nine days until breakfast at the presidents of the european commission says it is unlikely that a deal to perspire it will be reached this week. seen here speaking yesterday told the german public radio that the e.u. would go no further to meet british demands this comes as british prime minister
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theresa may passed a bite to eat just to request an extension they'll discuss press it as an e.u. summit in brussels on thursday and friday. let's get more. on this month's hoffman in brussels and mass in london we'll start with you myself and how is the e.u. likely to be spun to teresa mayes request for an extension. as you can imagine phil that's exactly the question that the whole town is obsessing over right now at the moment but all the people we've talked to say it's very very likely that the u.k. will be granted an extension if they really request it because so far there hasn't been an official letter and no argument made something that many leaders have said in the past they need some kind of argument why are we extending this if three months later let's say we're going to be exactly in the same message because this is not here yet that's why you include younger as you just mentioned the head of the e.u. commission said that he doesn't believe the leaders will be able to decide this on thursday and friday because they have no basis for this so now everybody is talking
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about a possible special summit at the end of the week but then again you know maybe this is just the pressure cooker get maybe some code younger sister in to build up pressure until tomorrow on thursday and it will be decided that in any case to sum it up if the does extension is demanded by the u.k. it's very likely that it would be granted. less of a demand i think more of a polite request book at mass and in london series of a has been told that she won't be able to appoint you can stroll deal to another part of and but we're not hearing that a vote will happen next week how. well the law is exactly and what max already mentioned intervenes i'm a strip to brussels and it was very enlightening to listen to him duncan smith a former leader of the conservative party in the stones bricks a tear when he said well we're hoping for concessions from brussels and he even said and i think that will be museveni and brussels even said well they in brussels
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have to understand how we walk how apollo so really they're hoping that there will be some last minute. sessions at the summit that might help to reason may to bring the deal over the line in this that really last minute meaningful vote that we're expecting to happen next week. in london in brussels thank you both. now eighty starting to reach communities in mozambique devastated by cycling six days ago and getting it to people is difficult because heavy flooding has submerged roads and swab some of the way foreign governments have pledged support with twelve million dollars from the european union and the united kingdom so far it's being described as the worst humanitarian crisis in mozambique's history heavy flooding
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and prolonged bouts of rain a compounding the destruction wreaked by cycling last week the storm and floodwaters not only and roads and bridges they also wiped out communications networks across the region. and many of eat ice victims once again finding themselves in danger. this mother is one of hundreds of thousands who lost their home she's worried about her newborn as food supplies in the shelter for low. they didn't own doesn't last night i haven't eaten anything yesterday i saw that food was running out i went in asked and they told me that food was over and until now i've had none. that's because the floods and heavy rain which followed in the storm's wake a hindering aid workers efforts in some areas floodwaters are meters deep most rural areas streaming cut off from help. with his focus is.
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already suffering and we think in terms of. rescue us also working around the clock to save lives many victims as to trapped on rooftops trees and other remote areas and the region is bracing for more heavy rain in the coming days flooding has become to biggest threat mozambique is facing right now this is news life and still to come are you a happy person well it's something to think about all this international day off half of us from beijing. if you're asking people around the world what makes you happy. relations was very much of a on the united states very happy you have much of a bad feeling seems to central funding for the nato military alliance
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a president trump has been pressing i'm going back to meet nato's goal of allocating two percent of g.d.p. to defense but germany's newly released a draft budget shows defense spending still well off target triggering a new round of tensions. u.s. ambassador to germany richard grinnell is continuing to raise tempers in berlin on tuesday he accused the german government of quote reducing its already unacceptable commitments to military readiness unquote calling it a worrisome signal to germany's nato hours and fact the new budget features a small rise in both absolute military expenditures and the percentage of german g.d.p. spent on defense but those outlays aren't enough for grinnell or his boss u.s. president donald trump germany's well sort of the two percent target agreed to at a nato summit in two thousand and fourteen and expenditures in coming years are set to remain twenty five billion euros below what germany's own defense minister says
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she needs. german chancellor angela merkel defended the budget plan as being part of a slow but steady hike in military spending. this year we have one point three five percent of g.d.p. according to growth projections for nato expenditures and we've gone from one point one eight to one point three five in only a few years despite robust growth. and next year we'll increase the amount to a projected one point three seven percent of g.d.p. . by the end i'm staying in the german government is annoyed at what they see as grinnell's meddling a leading member of medicals coalition partners the social democrats shot back mr grinnell is a complete diplomatic zero members of the opposition have even demanded that the controversial ambassador be expelled that's a near impossibility but tensions over defense spending between berlin and
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america's embassador are likely to continue. it's got more of this from the w. political correspondent simon you're welcome simon let's start off with those calls for the expulsion of the u.s. ambassador to germany this seems to have brought the simmering route to a new level. if there is right this is both going to be key the deputy leader of the f.t. pay usually one of the more one of the parties more inclined to be friendly to washington here in berlin he says that the u.s. ambassador should be declared persona non grata i think is just a measure of how you know how brutal and ugly they said the speeches become the ambassador is politicians of both parties off in arms against him saying that these are outrageous provocations and intensity interference in a domestic issue namely how germany spends its money and we know that
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the u.s. president donald trump has long criticize germany for what he should have called free loading on a u.s. military power and the toilet in this could even get worse in the coming weeks and the coming couple of weeks time we've got the nato countries meeting to mark the seventieth anniversary of nato ways that are happening in washington d.c. so you know it's difficult times for diplomacy in the sort of the question everyone's going to look at a germany house the money it's got good healthy tax revenues it has a budget surplus so why doesn't it just spend more. you know well as you saw in the reports in fact the numbers are at the moment going up but this is about predictions of where the economy is going and there are signs it's contract just yesterday we have the economic wise men sort of advisory institutes here forecasting just zero point eight percent growth for next year and we've had other
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sort of more or cloudy for costs as well of late germany's economy is contracting a bit and that means the battle for how the money gets spent by the different departments is getting tougher and you know that's why even defense spending may be squeezed in the years going forward. thank you so much for the. jury in the united states has delivered a devastating decision on that we need round up finding that it was a substantial factor in causing cancer in a seventy year old man now this is the second time a jury has found that its main ingredient of life is a cold numb hodgkin's lymphoma roundup is made by the u.s. for months and which is owned by german chemical giant five. it is likely to affect thousands of other cases by i said it was disappointed with the jurors initial decision the case now moves to
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a second phase to determine damages and the company's financial liability. stephen because they from t.w. business can tell us more welcome steve this is not the first jury decision i guess by so why is there so much concern right to feel this is the first federal jury decision against fire the last one was a california state case likewise the jury found there against monsanto what's interesting is that this was considered a bellwether case for hundreds of other federal cases against ones onto that is when you have many people saying the same thing oftentimes the court was choose one case that it believes represents all the others so it's maybe a common complaint common evidence a common legal theory sort of an average case that they take they try and see what happens and then both the plaintiffs and defendants know basically where they stand in this case obviously there's some blood in the water here now because they found against monsanto i should say buyer what's also interesting is that this trial was supposed to be two buyers advantage because it was broken into two phases one that
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was focused more on glyphosate and the science behind it and the other was focused on whether buyer knew about warnings around glyphosate about whether was pushing something in a new could be dangerous a lot of people believe that was their advantage and they still lost all right so so presumably then they buy it did not realize that the scale of these problems when they took it home right when they took over monsanto last year you know there was such a drive to acquire the company months on. seen as such a major player in the agro chemicals business and there are a lot of other mergers ongoing the same time dow chemicals with du pont for example a lot of analysts sort of now look at this and say maybe they didn't heed these risks enough it's worth pointing out that the number of cases they're more than eleven thousand u.s. cases and state and federal courts against months on so related to round up they've increased dramatically since the first trial finding so they are climbing but at the same time there was always this risk these cases have been in there since
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buyers took over months on to and presumably this is not doing the price much good it's doing very very bad this is the worst day that buyers shares of had sixteen years the stock was down almost ten percent or one point right now it's hovering around nine percent down for the day i should say so a lot of a lot of questions there so that any upside to this i mean this looks like this is going to be a problem for a long time for sure this is something this is why the there the share prices are down you know the legal costs can of course cut into profitability they can drain operating costs all of these things and shareholders can then basically sort of leave the door open for more activist shareholders to come in and complain about the management and to then seek their own solutions to it so it really puts a lot of pressure on buyers a company to take care of this but it could be quite quite expensive steve bisley thank you. that's the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere so could that be a better time for the u.s.
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international day of happiness d w correspondents around the world have been asking people what makes you happy. shields would do shit. to wake up every day next to her that's happiness for me. but you want me to apply as well a few days less work every week that will be happiness for me. but all with. go nigh to why but i will make. money. money makes you happy right. now my life the very happy. happening in our business you need to be able to enjoy simple things the song and the birds. making me to be the.
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more people not just myself i mean i'm never happy if i don't make someone else happy my move makes me happy every day i see my mother's my my cats and my husband they're right there when i was spending time with my friends. boyfriends a little exercise really good weather and a whole lot more. models ice cream cars toy soldiers with those i'm happy when i get enough sleep. so when my country is doing well my family is well and my life's going well. i'm proud to least on this is my happiness people are starting to go you are joking i was playing table tennis smashing the ball brings me joy it's a good way to relax how he did it so that's what makes me happy we have. these guys every day says six months i come here and if you're in hard fresh coffee
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and there's just been wonderful to be some other connections that's what it's. about thought it's about connections let's get more on the science of happiness for me from my d w a science welcome thanks of when we are happy what's going on inside our bodies well let's say that there's still much going on in our bodies but they are far basic happy chemicals that are in our bodies and our brains and they do different thing. they confort different types of happiness let's say you can remember them by their first letters that make up the word those and so because all those about as we know and the first one is the open mind i guess you heard about it it's what comes up what is triggered when you want to reach a goal when you run a marathon and you see the finish line and then you know it gives you the boost the energy boost and you reach it and the enter so then there's the towson and this is triggered when you trust someone your good friends your family your sex partner and
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it's so it's like the bonding hormone let's say the third one is severed tone and and this flows when you feel valued by someone at also stabilizes our mood and it's like the harmony coming in the sense then there's and our friend and this comes up in extreme situations it's our self-made marfan's so it's actually the painkiller but when you do bungee jumping for example and often flows but also when you laugh so there is different kinds different types of happiness and i guess we all experience that i mean there's this this short term pleasure this really extreme feeling but then there's happiness which goes over the long run which is more of a feeling of contentment maybe or satisfaction right good deal less taking notes at home so what about german so that's what's going on inside the body i mean would
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you say that happiness is situational or is it genetic or are some people predisposed to be hopping. studies that say that our genes make up for fifty percent of our happiness which is quite a lot i think but of course it's scientific debate so no one is really sure where happiness comes from but there was a recent study now from jail and they said that there was the specific gene variation that accounts for our happiness in our relationships so. so this variation is called the g.-g. genotype it's on our oxytocin receptor you know the receptor that this for the far bonding hormone and they say if only one partner in a relationship has this gene variation both feel more satisfied in the relationship which seems cool for those who have it. but yeah it seems nice but we need to be careful because this study was conducted with only two hundred married couples so
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now we need more research to see if this effect really shows and other relationships as well ok all right with you so far right so how much then does that gene variation actually influence relationships it's not like you can you can turn to your partner say look let me just check your genetic makeup to see if it's your fault well because if one has a both would feel happier right so it wouldn't be it would be. good if one had the this genetic variation but the researchers say that at the collins far far far percent of the happiness and relationships so have couples who have this digi genotype are four percent happier and those who don't have it kind of person i mean there is much more to happiness than just genes it's so complex there is it seems that for example that's what others that you so that if you win the lottery or if you get a big salary increase it won't make you feel happy for a long time. because you get adjusted to this or you say you get used to it it's
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how they have done it just meant so having small changes small goals will make you much happier over the long run. to thank you for that's nice to meet some nation that is up for that is it you are up to date. have a good day and be happy. the
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germany next. i think that. the primate camisole of the world. uganda is couponing first national congress is hidden deep in the jungle. its range is ensure the survival of anti the creature. concept for successful eco tourism. sixty minutes of the. coming presidential. hundred front could tommy the rebel
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army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when pulled in the roof they wasn't doing to us to be used in toto me to reinforce the controversial leader whose success is beyond question he could come in and wanted tragedy starts able fifth on t w. my three year old son likes watching as i make a spread the dark satiny coffee the golden brown cream the swirls over his coffee of course but it's also an amazing display of color color matters whether in our food or in our clothing it catches our eye and lodges in our memory it evokes memories and emotions and it makes us thing.


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