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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2019 6:45pm-7:00pm CET

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today's episode of our series baking bread. tells us how tiny bread represents the netherlands colonial past. and what was back in two thousand and fourteen that a film about timers hit the theaters here in germany hornish or head full of honey was a huge hit but went largely unnoticed outside of german speaking europe but then actor filmmaker to who is one of germany's box office heavyweights decided to remake his film for american audiences with an all star cast and let's see what happened. today you know much of you. personally.
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in a head full of honey hollywood legend nick nolte plays a man suffering from dementia who goes on a final trip to venice with his granddaughter when she has a. journey to tell sugar cost multi matt dillon and emily mortimer in the film a shot by shot remake of his own german movie from two thousand and fourteen. the original starring local comedy legend peter holler ford was a huge hit the director thought the story would easily translate. as it's a universal story is a story about a family about love about the bond between different family members so i don't feel any pressure i'm sure that people in other countries will find it just as moving as the audience is in germany did. sadly head full of funny flawed what was sweet and funny in german feels in english just market and sad. and there's a verdict for you directly from our film expert scott ross perot who's joined me in
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the studio thanks for coming in scott so we have here a film with seemingly all of the ingredients. good tear jerker dramedy why it why didn't that's why yeah it's funny because basically makes hollywood style movies for the german audience and so this book like this was biggest success this looked like an ideal film to adapt for a hollywood scene but all the elements and so forth ticked all the boxes but i know i think it's just casting or maybe something's lost in translation but i mean nick nolte the great actor but he's not sweet he's not he's not fun and funny and you know how to fall in the original german actor he's both of those things and so i think. that's what we're it sort of fell apart what should be funny and should be touching ends up being awkward and the jokes fall flat if you're interested in in this you should probably see the original thought ok well i'm thinking about a film like the french comedy. which was so successful and so terrific why and it was also recently remade yes in several languages in fact why remake
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a great film that's a big question i always have why they always remaking movies is something hollywood's doing all the time taking four language films and doing them again in english i guess the idea is a lot of people watch films in the original they don't like to read subtitles so we'll do it in english and we'll get them get the story over to not weigh in the intouchables french film was a great example remade just recently as the upside with kevin having to add and bryan cranston where kevin hart the comedian plays ex-con who's a caregiver to a rich quadriplegic played by cranston. how well you have the thing is i mean if you seen the original it's very very close to the original film where of course you know you have the unbelievable omar side playing the ex-con i much prefer the french original but the upside is a huge hit in the united states so you know what i know i think i'm probably going to be with you on that one and then there's this interesting trend of foreign language directors like
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a remaking their own films for english speaking audiences yeah i guess that is the idea behind something like that is a lot for directors and burned when they are great film has been ruined by hollywood so maybe they're thinking if anyone's going to ruin the film i should be the one to do it. so there's a great recent example the film glory of bell which is stars julianne moore it's just coming out in theaters now and it stars more as a fifty something single woman who is looking for love in the single but singles bars the dance clubs a ballet now this was directed by the chilean. made his own film and i think in this case maybe it works critics are love this movie and they're really praising it if the high maybe this is going on because. maybe this is the example that the exception proves the rule you know maybe this is worth seeing both the original and the remain ok well thank you very much scott for telling us about
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that and head full of honey opening here in germany on thursday for better or for. being here it's been a slice that's for sure but this time we're up for the whole loaf because we're continuing our track around europe in twenty eight loaves with my colleague now as our hobby baker pock excellence he's taking us to the netherlands where products like dutch cheese or dutch pays guarantee a certain sensory entertainment but has raised the bar and shows us how to score some dots crunch with a real bite. welcome to the netherlands kingdom of two lives clucks windmills and. yes you heard that right in this episode of baking bread we'll be following these footprints to our north true colors very good light. the tiger bread.
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our recipe starts in typical dutch style with lots of cold and salty water. in fact the dutch have so much water they even invented floating shoot. around a quarter of the netherlands lies below sea level so add a dash of milk and watch the water level rise even higher. the dog needs to be nice and moist you also need to add half a gram of fresh yeast plus a little butter and plain flour just enough to soak up the water and reclaim your land. now what ingredient could you possibly add to give your bread a dutch kick. well think again the netherlands might be known as a stoners paradise but cannabis is tightly controlled you're only allowed five grams for personal use. so let's throw in sixty ground.
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of hands full fiber and omega three fatty acids. don't need to do. it have anymore. just let it rise at room temperature for twenty four hours folding it over for a gentle high. place the dough on a sheet of paper paper and leave for another fifteen minutes. while we wait let's take a quick trip to indonesia home of the sumatra tiger and foremost stomping grounds of the dutch east india trading company. when the dots were a colonial power in asia they brought back all sorts of things to lips how sheesh even the mother of care will does comes from indonesia yes that you shared with us you know the anti immigrant stuff nationalist also from indonesia is the tiger
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paste we're going to be using today mixed together sold shoulder asian sesame oil fresh yeast water and rice flour. then place the dough in one of these. a top shelf and what else can bake it's two hundred forty degrees for forty minutes this ensures that the bread stay smallest remember all that water. weight. this isn't a tiger. more like a leopard. or g. roth. and it's to ross that dutch prime minister mark little has in mind when he thinks of the new europe it's like you know an animal difficult to define all the different languages and cultures and at the same time europe is easy to record. as
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a community of values and as a united park tiger never heard she was it doesn't really matter need your love too cool for one hour and then cut yourself a slice to find out why this thread is also called. crunch. of a bread to books and in mcewen is one of britain's most prolific and politically engaged writers with a new novel about every two or three years and in the midst of all his activities he found time to talk to us about his continuing battle to keep britain in the e.u. and of course is upcoming book machines like me see ian mckeown is latest book is a what if own terms of history of britain in the nineteen eighties britain has lost the falklands war margaret fact faces
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a far left challenge and alan turing the famous enigma code breaker hasn't committed suicide and has made an artificial intelligence breakthrough there's also a love triangle involving an almost perfect robot who. wanted to explore something that we are now just taking the first baby steps towards. already our lives are beginning to interact with artificial intelligence on quite a large scale. so this is no science fiction i'm not interested in that i'm interested in the moral emotional reality of what it's like to be in close contact with something that seems to have a consciousness it's an intriguing question should a robot with morals conscience and feelings be considered human so moving slowly by little baby steps our own moral perspectives will change. because if we have
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someone who looks just like a human who talks and seems to feel and can write a good novel. i think we will get to the point where he will have to accept the scene. mckeown is also a critic of brick sets and has described leaving the e.u. as a national tragedy we are at a point of nervous collapse and. the ideological bricks that. will not let go of this minute point about the backstop. and those of us who wish to remain now see these current events is always written into the disaster because we are actually now being sucked into a civil war within the tory party for mckeown brecht's it is an ill wind blowing through the land on march twenty third to be part of the people's vote to march
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demanding a second referendum. record keeping us all on the edge of our seats of course and a new book by an mckeown is always a literary abets a stated goal that's all for today to check out our website in between programs and until next time all the best for last year in berlin and trips.
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to the conflict zone with jim sebastian. my guest this week here in london you'd like to know a member of the progress of european the search group which is consistent with campaign for a tough deal with brussels last week grow mr mood changed his motives decided to support the museum raised a dream of a title finally giving a conflict. few minutes. what's the connection between bread flour and the european. no guild motto e.w. correspondent david baker crap. and let's go about recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w.
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. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the colleges began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bulk of people. nothing else must say let's look leave a bit less in the. money a little. did buy their culture if you stayed close. promise to. the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts to first w.
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. play play play. play this is you know reviews like for days before britain's break that the stakes are raised again as theresa may ask european leaders for an extension now the prime minister wants to delay the u.k.'s withdrawal from taking your time till the end of june russell says in a short extension might be possible that is if lawmakers approved may spread that plan also on.


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