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the recent reverse culture shock. ready for the kentucky really is a strange artificial is really connected to life. the prize winning documentary some from the forest starts people first on t.w. . with just nine days left before the u.k. leaves the european union the brics it pressure cooker is running hot tonight european council boss donald tusk saying a delay to breaks it is possible but only a parliament approves a brics a plan by next week the plan that lawmakers have already rejected twice where you can feel the pressure on parliament tonight will lawmakers use a stiff upper lip and vote against themselves to win a break sit delay and a deal or will they keep calm carry on and crash the country out of your i'm burnt
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off in berlin this is the day. i believe this show the extension would be both but to have the condition on the post that the votes are there was a drove of events in the house of as prime minister i'm i'm. i'm no today i mean for the. job of parliament is to hold government to account from the prime minister to. the weak greek. has indulged itself and you're a fool to know. what the purpose of this government. to be the prime minister's reply will be how
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we should be delivering breaks for the people that. we are going to spiral down into oblivion a wisconsin they don't want is that we. also coming up tonight something to cheer you up on this international day of happiness will be asking what puts the smile on your face my move makes me happy every day i see you. well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day with a basic brics it question who is in control tonight there are nine days left before the u.k. is set to begin leaving the european union today prime minister theresa may have requested from the e.u. a delay after more than two years of fruitless negotiations with brussels and two parliamentary votes against the prime minister's brogues or plan or time is finally
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right now you'd think that this would be a mayday mayday call a national emergency worthy of the situation room instead it appears europe is now taking the bricks it we'll today european council president double toast said in the most sober of homes that a break sit delay will likely be agreed upon but there is a string attached britain's parliament must approve a brics a plan by next week and the only plan that is on the table is to recent days the one plan that lawmakers have said no to twice brussels clearly directing london tonight either pass or brakes a plan and merge into the lane with more time to prepare to leave the e.u. or you can stay the course and crash out of the e.u. with new no plan at all i. know a long way to go and what the prime minister is saying must be. the prime minister
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. i have therefore this morning written to present to us the president of the european council informing him informing him that the u.k. seeks an extension to the article fifty period until the thirtieth of june but as prime minister as prime minister i am. i am not prepared to delay brecht's it any further than the. prime in this proposal. we have it creates a series of questions over. and politically this is speaking we're now in the midst of a full scale national crisis incompetence failure and intransigence from the prime minister and her government i've brought us to this point parliament has rejected deal it's rejected no deal the prime minister now has no plan even if the hope
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for if i love this may seem frail. even lutherie and although wrecked it for teak it's creasing really visible and justified. not to give up seeking to follow the last moment that positive solution to this house has almost itself on europe for what syria was . all judge order there's a lot of very noisy barricades there a lot of noise indeed we're going to try to cut through that right now i'm joined here at the big table by roger because he's a former labor lawmaker and founder of new europeans that's a group dedicated to ensuring that e.u. citizens know their rights raj it's good to see you again i mean it's unbelievable
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that we are where we are in this brics it process i'll ask you what we've been asking all day who is in control of brics it's not well tonight the concert or in the hands of the european union it's a great irony that in twenty sixteen one of the reasons that many people said they voted for me was to contro well tonight controllers with european union. because theresa may has kept the european council and what happens next is dependent on not on what she says to the european union but what the european council say to teresa to teresa and they know that if she goes back to london and tries to put her plan up for third the logic would tell us that parliament would reject it again unless it feels like it has there were the tories it feels like we are at an impasse and there's no way out is there a way out if you've got a plan or
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a possible plan well some of our members some of our chapters put an idea of food in an open letter due to reason may and jeremy corbyn and the e.u. beginning of february and we said that there needs to be a compromise we said that m.p.'s need to back the withdrawal agreement as it is put into the withdrawal agreement a clause sunset clause which requires there to be a confirm a tree referendum in other words if that referendum doesn't take place the withdrawal agreement would be void but if the referendum does take place two things can happen next. i the british right to remain the case that we don't agree quad open would vote to leave again in which case he would leave but on the basis of the withdrawal agreement and so i'm very pleased to say the two m.p.'s have now taken out i dare upbeat conifer wilson and if the deal comes back next week if the way
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can be found maybe this is the way to bring the deal back next week because if they can have this element did it could break the impasse there has to be a compromise that's a real compromise but roger your this idea sounds very sensible but i mean why why didn't someone else side of parliament have to propose it to begin with and why has it why has it taken so long for it to even find ears in parliament but i think the the reason that our members came up with this idea is because they're based in brussels and also in the u.k. we're not going to brussels and london as you our members are in rome in the europeans we europeans so we can see it from both sides because i think one of the very strong element of westminster debate any of us would have noticed is that there's very little understanding of how the rest of europe. i think we can see from both sides i think the other thing is that we represent you citizens who are the victims of all of this who are the ones who have suffered most whose lives are
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in limbo because of the uncertainty of breaks and and therefore we gave a lot of thought to how we could come up with something that would be a way to break the impasse to actually do you risk and one of the things about the proposal that we put forward is that it makes the withdrawal agreement the default so it really does take no deal off the table and the the big risk to citizens is the risk and the risk to business is the risk of an ideal of a credit we don't want to come up something that would that would do that and and i think that's where it came from you know you say that this just shows how little you know london understands brussels how is that possible the u.k. . has been a member of the european community the e.u. since the one nine hundred seventy s. how can you be in the same club for so long and still be strangers i think it's an institutional thing there are individual members of parliament who do invest time
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to come across to brussels and meet with that counterparts in other national parliaments who serve in the e.u. but institutionally britain is very fixated on westminster and most of the start of westminster politics is different everything is reduced to a binary choice that's right for or against but we see if the ticket in the bracket situation is right then life is much more complicated not nice you need to have a lot of options on the tape to discuss it but the way in which westminster dynamics of westminster politics reduces everything down to a binary choice first past the post that's right there's been a lot of criticism outside of the u.k. that breaks it is an example of not only british government losing control and authority but of british democracy failing i want you to listen to what the u.s. president's national security advisor john bolton told sky news today. the people actually is a quote from him the people of britain he says have voted when is the political
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class going to give effect to that vote the president has been clear of the us president that he wants a resolution of this issue that allows the united states and britain to come to trade deals again he sees huge opportunity if britain's status can be resolved. is speaking of troops there i mean. are lawmakers not following the will of the people is that what we're looking at is what i think lawmakers in your view and others know that what donald trump says his spokesman says today and says tomorrow is not going to be the same thing i mean he has a reputation of being able to can contradict himself even in the same sentence so i . i don't know if i do would be a mistake for british people to think that britain can leave the european union and the united states is going to look after british interests united states' interests are. going to be based on having. a good relationship with the european union with
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the. times in the lead in the leaders of europe and with person of course but i'm afraid that britain is a big country but it's not as big as the european union combined and i think when it comes to don't try dealing with other regions around the world particularly comes to trade issues so as matters britain's not big enough we're getting roger we're getting here across the wires that the prime minister may says we will not leave the e.u. on march twenty ninth. so that means that an extension of some sort is going to take effect as i understand this coming across right now is she saying that we won't know not leave the european union on march twenty ninth so we're going this window of opportunity now has been opened time wise tell me
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what you're hoping is going to happen so this this amendment or this motion here that has been spawned by your efforts when is that actually going to be come actionable in parliament when are we going to see that actually take effect in the house of commons well it really would need to be next week because we're going to the while with the breaks in process and whatever teresa mayes said tonight the unless britain revokes article fifty britain is still leaving on the twenty ninth or reaches an agreement with the european union to extend and the speaker of the house of commons and said that you can't bring the would all agree for a time and this is it's essential now what i would hope is that the compromise proposal that we put forward and that is being taken for by piece of card and phil wilson and me we're doing a fantastic job to build consensus around as i did in the house of commons could actually form part of a new motion that could be brought to the house of commons next week in such
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a way that the speaker could be persuaded that this represents such a substantial change to the motion which that he would allow which he would do which i mean it would you would allow it so he would allow it to be debated seven instead of going through as an amendment to the motion it would become part of the main measure part of the motion of the government itself would table and then trees and make could say look back i would draw agreement. but i'll let you have a referendum as well the only way to break the bank is for everybody to do one thing that they don't want to do exactly but you at the end of the day though you are still banking on the british people when they do have that referendum opportunity just say we don't like it no brakes they will have the opportunity to vote for breaks it again but they would do it on the basis of facts they would do it on the basis of the withdrawal agreement almost actually been agreed they wouldn't do it on the basis of a fairy story that was told to them last time this was the sort of mentioning in the ring do you think that when they have this plant in front of them that they
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will still say yes it is quite possible that you would have the second referendum and britain would still leave to leave that concerns me i believe britain will vote to remain in a second referendum and i would be voting to remain and as you know from our previous discussion i don't believe that britain will be but i think there is a risk but the much bigger risk there's a risk to leave again but if it does fit to leave on up a compromise proposal it would leave on the withdrawal agreement that would already have been passed through parliament and agreed and there be no more discussion about that. and said britain would leave on the basis the withdrawal agreement it would have the opportunity to vote to remain if having looked at the door agreement it decided that it wants to stay after all what couldn't happen anymore would be a no deal that's what no need to be taken over the table and that's where the compromise proposal would be no one wants that and without even taking sides here i
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think that anyone listening to the voice of reason would wish you and your group well and hope that this compromise agreement actually gets a chance because as a looks right now the country and you're both are at an impasse so we appreciate you coming in tonight roger and let us know what happens we'll be watching anyway maybe we'll be talking again next week thank you for to thank you thanks frank. well in a week and a world heavy with worries and despair dare i ask are you happy the u.n. has declared today international day of happiness and i know what you are thinking how do you measure or even define happiness well there are lots of studies in fact finland is the happiest place in the world at the moment says the united nations and despite breck's it believe it or not britain has risen for places to fifteenth in the un rankings i doubt however that they asked theresa may but more about her
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happiness in just a moment first we asked people all around the world what makes them smile. when your ship. to wake up every day next to her that's happiness for me. and you want me to apply as well a few days less work every week that will be happiness for me. money. money makes you happy right. now my life that they haven't got a life yeah. there's no you need to be able to enjoy simple things the songs and the birds. not just myself i neva i'm never happy if i don't make someone else happy my move makes me happy every day i see my mother is my my cat and my husband they're my family i love finding time with my
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friends. happy boy friends get a little exercise we go good weather and a whole lot more guns done to me out ice cream cars toy soldiers but that was i'm happy when i get enough sleep or joking playing table tennis washing the ball brings me joy it's a good way to relax how he did it so that's what makes. these guys every day since six months i come here and they pure in heart fresh coffee and there's just been wonderful to meet some of connections that's what it's. there and that's what we're going to be right here we're connecting right here at the big table i'm joined now by a person who trains people here in berlin to be positive education experts she's one herself paul is with me here at the big table if it's good to have you on the show it is good to finally be talking about something that at least on the surface
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yeah feels good you're teaching people to be happiness experts is that correct what in the world is a happiness expert. that is a person that is on a journey to. own happiness first and without the helpfully become positive spirals wherever they teach whatever they work to infect other people to look more off to their own wellbeing and occurrence of am i yeah exactly and their own health and happiness but the curriculum for becoming a positive education expert involves and i was looking this up today training yourself to know yourself better is that the key to happiness and do you. most people don't really know them still that's exactly vice happiness is an inside job that's the good news and it's the bad news the good news is that happiness is not depending much on what's going on i'm bound to you it's going on
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what's going on inside you and the if i should say bad news is that you have to work on it on a daily basis so it's an attention thing what do you put your attention in life can you can you tell if someone's happy by looking at them or by really knowing a little bit about their story. i think if you're trained if you have empathy levels and that's part of being happy you could tell you could say all right we've got some pictures you're on the wall well i mean here's one for example here's the german chancellor angela merkel would you say that that the woman that people called. is she happy i would say that she's turned by a deep sense of meaning and purpose and that is a big part of your personal happiness sundance and that sense if she's aligned with her meaning and what she wants to reach in life that is a big part of her happiness and this picture she just conveyed what about him behind you there donald trump and teresa many breaks not to resume
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a. layoff because that's that's that's good would you say the recent me is a happy person. from what i can picture and i haven't spoken to her but what what how is she conveys herself i don't think she's very happy at the moment she is she is hot and he's she's hot driven by what she does but i don't see i don't see her heart i don't think she knew she didn't want to leave the european union before the referendum and now she's the the prime minister of briggs so she's a she's leading she's playing a role that she really is it that makes me think she can't be happy and that would tear me apart and i think that's what happens with her as well what about donald trump. that's a very interesting character i think that he's driven by pleasure and pleasure is not happiness so if he finds pleasure he thinks he's happy and he is a troubled soul i mean he is it would you personally i mean what you mean by trouble so i know that there have been psychiatry psychologist in the u.s.
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who have said that you know without diagnosing him from a far that the he has the symptoms of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder can you be a narcissist and still be happy. i doubt that you can half an hour later happiness but i doubt that you have a genuine deep sense of meaning and purpose and having a good and meaningful life that is one of the requirements for you to have a happy life i was looking at some of the books that are recommended in your courses and they claim this is i thought it was interesting they claim that artificial intelligence is a grand opportunity for people in the in the near future to find happiness how how is it going to make us feel better. i would turn this around i think that human skills and that's what the news for search shows us human skills of requirement to go alongside with artificial intelligence to make it short everything that
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a computer cannot do that is a human trait will be much more important in the future and these are skills like empathy collaboration positive emotions that's something we need so that we can work alongside with computers the right to stay on a happy path ok so the future on earth i want to ask you but what we saw this week a baseball player in the united states brandon is his name he signed a contract which will pay him fifty five thousand dollars every time he steps up to the plate to bat i mean that is a lot of money most people make that much money in a year so surely it will not change the values of us or make us happier when we are a society where athletes are rich and teachers remain. meagerly. i mean that's a very interesting question because what we know from research is that people. aren't happy because they have money you have the most wealthiest people on the
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planet but they're not necessarily happy people you want to have the life that you have few create yourself a framework and a mindset that allows you to be happy and for that you want to have generally good relationships for example or you want to have a goal set aligned with your meaning or you want to have positive emotions so that doesn't depend on money or you would you be a supporter of something like a basic income for everyone a future where you don't have to work to pay your rent and you work because in something that is fulfilling i would like to separate income from from paid work i'd like to be community driven and to to pay for what we can do for a community and get maybe a bonus point system for that and said if only saying if you have a dog then you're something worth in our society it's more what can i contribute to a person to to this society final question time do you have students
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leave your program because they're saying. no because if you're a sad that means you have a feeling that is a very important field and you want to look at what what is going on with me that i'm sad and then be on the feeling and then you see what you can do to make you feel better well. definitely made us a little bit happier tonight you coming on the show with you're talking about something that everybody could i think use a little bit more of thank you that's what are the days almost over the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news you can follow me at bring golf t.v. and don't forget to use your hash tag the date and remember whatever happens between now and then whether you're sad or happy tomorrow is another day you get.
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he's the president of ukraine but only in a television series. so far at least let him use and then sleep really enjoys the role so much so that he's decided to run for real servant of the people in the young players with a sense of humor no political experience but powerful backers. ninety minutes on d w. e prison
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cut. this is. from berlin with just nine days to go before bright sit british prime minister theresa may the pressure on parliamentarians tonight in a short statement today of emergency debate the prime minister has ruled out a lengthy more exit extension she says she hopes lawmakers will finally back her divorce deal from the european union and it comes just hours after.


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