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philippines in the center. starts. on t w. this is. from berlin with just nine days to go before bright sit british prime minister theresa may up the pressure on parliamentarians tonight in a short statement following a long day of emergency debate the prime minister has ruled out a lengthy extension she says she hopes lawmakers will finally back her divorce deal from the european union and it comes just hours after she asked e.u. leaders to delay breaks that until the end of june also coming up the european
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union sanctions prime minister viktor orban political party suspended from the european parliament's biggest political party group it's all the result of tensions in europe over war bonds anti migration and euro skeptic stand. off it's good to have you with us well just nine days to go until britain is scheduled to leave the european union it has been another day in london to begin with theresa may the prime minister asking european leaders to delay brightside until the end of june that was the subject of hours of heated emergency debate in the house of commons the day ended with may delivering a much anticipated statement at ten downing street but there she said that she is determined to deliver. on briggs and she piled on pressure on m.p.'s to finally
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back her divorce deal a deal that they've already rejected twice here's part of what she just said moments ago i passionately hope and peace will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d u p and others for this deal but i am not prepared to delay breaks it any further than the thirtieth of june some argue that i'm making the wrong choice and i should ask for a longer extension to the end of the year or beyond to give more time for politicians to argue over the way forward that would mean asking you to vote in european elections nearly three years after our country decided to leave what kind of message would that send and just how bitter and divisive would that election
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campaign be at a time when the country desperately needs bringing back together some of suggested how doing a second referendum i don't believe that's what you want and it is not what i want we asked you the question already and you gave us your answer now you want us to get on with it and that is what i am determined to do. the british prime minister to resign me there just moments ago i'm sure to be capable alex for responding our bricks with a list that's what she's determined to do she's been saying that for the past two years. what do you make of what she just said there she wants that play in past there was nothing new in what she just said apart from yet again reiterating that the the blame had to be laid at the doors of m.p.'s nor make is in the u.k.
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not for the this deal has not passed its m.p.'s for appealing above their heads to the public to say i am trying my best to get this deal through the m.p.'s of blocking it this is what needs to happen they need to change their mind so she was trying to win over m.p.'s and let's face it she has a lot of m.p.'s she has to win over she didn't do a very good job of it tonight she didn't want a very very if a more well she wants to go ahead deal possible yes she does if she wants to get that deal. said today the ultimatum basically that she gave lawmakers a sort of talking about the past airplane and well yes he said that if they pos that plan then then he can get this short extension otherwise there were effectively be a no deal brix it although he didn't quite say that he left the door open for the possibility that actually the european council could have this emergency summit next thursday night and perhaps take over or help the help the u.k.
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out by offering an even longer delay if needed now we know that teresa made us not one but she's made that very clear but what has happened is that it's made it very clear to those m.p.'s who do not want it to be a no deal bricks it next friday which by the way it still nor that is still what is jews to happen i'm sure is going to be changed in the next few days but at the moment we're still heading for the u.k. leaving the e.u. next friday appealing to those m.p.'s to say unless you want a no deal bricks. it back me now we've got these strong. tory m.p.'s who do not want that necessarily to be a deal they do not want to back because she's appealing to them but also probably to some of the labor m.p.'s the opposition m.p.'s saying to them look if you do not want a new deal you have to come on board you have to practice but i am not convinced she's going to get those numbers liz i want to take a look at what. the european council what he said today regarding this delay that
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this extension. i believe the show the extension would be possible. but it would be condition the for the positive votes on there is the road movement in the house of commons. the question remains open to that you ration of such an extension even if the hope for a finding of success may seem for a. given. peak increasingly the who and to justify it we can look to give up sic income through the last moment the positive solution i mean he says don't give up hope and it feels like an impasse right now but there may be a way there may be an amendment we were talking about earlier a bit may open another door yes so there are certainly m.p.'s who are now as that
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clock his mission of being wound down who are desperately trying to take control of what's going to happen so if she brings her deal next week which we are expecting and to there will be amendments that will be tabled by other m.p.'s and one of them is a labor amendment that is by two labor m.p.'s which is effectively saying we will see if the deal if it is to get through has to them be put to the public for a vote so for an affirmation to check that they are happy it's like a referendum is the way the people supposed is a way for the labor party jeremy corbyn to get around this issue of a referendum because he doesn't want one that this could be their way round and then if the public says yes ok if they don't they'd have to start again and i mean then we would you know then it would all be up to the european council as to what happens next but there are still things on the table that could possibly mess out
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there you know we have to juggle right of these international today having those that are you feeling fatigued and rightly so the honorable gentleman will know that and maybe we'll be sitting here again this time next week if i'm lucky to be with you always were as whiting as always alex thank you. well now if you want to piers to be a big blow to hungary and prime minister viktor orbán his ruling fidesz party has been suspended from the european parliament's biggest political party group and it could face expulsion or buns who does party is part of these interviews european peoples party bloc which is also known as the p.p. and it receives strong support from the right wing anti immigration party however some members of the e.v.p. they want to be thrown out because of its anti european union stand questions are also being raised over. compliance with european union walls. all right joining us now with more is our correspondent rebecca ritter's she is
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covering events for us from brussels tonight's could even see you rebecca viktor orban he has been slammed for his anti migration policy now his party being suspended from this big political bloc in the european parliament is it possible that they could be suspended and kicked out permanently what more do we know. at this stage it's not looking like a permanent but anything is possible it's very rare to see europe's biggest parliamentary group so divided bren's the question of what to do about faith is has been the elephant in the room for some time and till a recent campaign which you briefly spoke about before against you commission president john quote and billionaire. billionaire george soros really threw the party into up his evil many calling for him to be expelled completely so we some tonight that are very disappointed with this watering down. the they voted
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overwhelmingly in favor of this but it was a closed door meeting but a pay sources say that it was very heated in there with with viktor orban himself making a speech saying that he would stand that he would pull his party out completely even if this is pension vote going through and then have the president of the pay pay also saying that he would stand down if a compromise couldn't be made eventually a compromise was made and they agreed overwhelmingly one hundred and ninety votes in favor and you know we've reported many times a bell or bomb in his his open disdain for brussels in for some of the rules of the european union the decision tonight is this a warning to other e.u. member states that are thinking of jumping on the bigger orbán train. brand it's difficult to say i mean we see this across the e.u.
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the fit as party is certainly not the first party not the only party to leave brussels and go home and then and blame brussels for what's conceivably domestic issues and gain popularity from that at home you know you have to look at the u.k. as one prominent example but if it is and victor pushed to have pushed it to the extreme. you know this what we've seen with the campaigns against the e.u. and its institutions is really unprecedented and many probably could possibly be trying to teach them a lesson all right a correspondent rebecca richards on the story for us tonight in brussels but i think. the united nations appeals court in the hague has increased right of any card which is sentenced to life imprisonment for war crimes and crimes against humanity a panel of appeals judges upheld the former bosnian serb leaders original twenty sixteen conviction for atrocities during the balkans war they say that his forty
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year sentence for crimes including a massacre of muslims in srebrenica was too light of the chief prosecutor told the w. news that today's verdict was of historic significance. well very satisfied with the appeals decision today not only because there were convictions were confirmed in relation to the genocide in two when it's any relation to the siege of sarajevo and in relation to the ethnic cleansing campaign in many many polities not only do we have convictions in all those cases but also the sentence was increased we were asking for a life sentence and in appeals we got a life sentence which is extremely important. mainly thinking today about the many many survivors and victims of the crimes committed in bosnia herzegovina victims which are present today and which waited more than ten years to see this
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decision being being confirmed so it's very important for victims but important for survivors important for the tribunal obviously but also important for history because now it is formal that is a war criminal that he's responsible personally responsible for major atrocities committed during free years in bosnia herzegovina. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the first funerals for victims of the massacre at two new zealand mosques have been held in the city of christ church hundreds of mourners paid tribute to a father and son who fled work in syria for what they believed was the safest country in the world they were among fifty people killed by an australian white supremacist last friday. aid organizations are racing to get help to devastated cities and communities after cycling devastated swathes of mozambique zimbabwe and malawi more than two hundred people have been confirmed dead in mozambique alone
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the death toll is expected to rise as the rubble is clear dozens of italian schoolchildren have made a narrow escape after their bus driver set the vehicle on fire near milan police were able to stop the bus and get all the passengers out safely the driver who was arrested said that he was protesting migrant deaths in the mediterranean. here's a reminder the top story we're following for you a british prime minister to resign may says she remains determined to deliver bricks that urging him penes to back the divorce deal that she's of negotiating with the european union her statement comes just hours after she asked any new leaders to grant a three month delay to the ukraine's departure from the european union. you're watching. from berlin still to come. shares have plunged after a u.s. court found that a killer round up the company that owns roundup may be linked to cancer
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crystal is going to have that and all the business to. stay with me right back after this. what secrets lie behind these may. find out in an immersive experience and explores. cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage three sixty s.


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