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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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the rebel army. wasn't. it was. a controversial success is people question. want to start. w. this is the daily news asia coming up on the program access to education it's especially tough when you live in a refugee camp i think that children in bangladesh may be eager to learn so why won't the adults in government let them and. a detergent out for a holy star in a hindu girl and a muslim boy provokes and nationalist backlash. plus we go behind the scenes at the world's biggest film studio where for the foot soldiers
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movie making is more grit and glamour. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia good to have you with us more than seven hundred thousand muslims fled a military crackdown on mar two years ago and ended up in refugee camps in bangladesh they lack access to a lot of things adequate shelter basic supplies health care and for the kids they need to find a way to continue their education but bangladesh has not made it easy for them from the government's perspective setting up schools confers a state of permanence one that would encourage your hand gets to settle down something the host country does not want and so we think the children struggle for what is a universal right. his life may have been turned upside down but morning
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routine endures he should be getting ready to go to his school he should be walking through his front door. instead it's a stroll through the sprawling sea of shelters that's been home for two years for everyone here life is on hold but with almost no education provision teenagers have it worst dreams of graduating from school have to wait. at makeshift study groups like these but they refused to give up the fight for education. because if. i can do everything. for everyone. outside the camp local bangladeshi schools like this one once opened their doors to reckon just children. but fresh attempts to send the refugees back
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so the government puts an end to that the headmaster says his hands are tied. the government thinks that the road in just students may get involved in militancy and crimes. can be more radicalized and get involved with crime if they have access to education will be removed. after they were kicked out of the classroom the students took to protest education for all why not for this girl asked for something the expulsion was crushing but has hardened their resolve. when i was kicked out of school i cried loudly and when i went home my parents were also very upset and. i want to be a journalist because i want our voices to be heard i want to help my community by highlighting our suffering many in this present. back in the makeshift classroom the boys are learning english and the student has
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become the teacher. playing his part to inspire. them again that you. can also teach and i noticed today i know that our generation and also that and also. that. there may be little cause for optimism here but it hasn't stopped some fearing the hopes of a lost generation of children on their shoulders. joining me now from london. amnesty international now kate you visited bangladesh just last month tell us a little bit more about what you saw. yes so we went to several of the refugee camps and talked to a number of people at the forefront of them minds with the need for education even speaking to young people there's very few options for them to get
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a meaningful or. quality education within the caps there are child friendly learning spaces at the minute that they only cater for young children and they are more about play and connections into is about formal learning so there's this concern now that it's eighteen months on from the crisis that first resulted in these people playing to bangladesh and if something's not done soon around education that we lose a generation in terms of development and reaching their full capacity one thing that i don't really understand hopefully you can explain is why doesn't an international organization or the united nations just provide that schooling camps why can't they just move forward and do that. yes i mean absolutely there are organizations working in this space right now in trying to develop curriculums to ensure that that schooling is provided to excuse the block that we're hearing at
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the moment is the bangladesh government is still very heavily focused on returns to many myanmar they want that to happen soon and this seems to be this fear that if they are now any kind of medium to long term development plans that invest in doing up the community making stronger shelters for them providing education for these kids that these people are going to stay in bangladesh longer and say bangladesh has a real fear that this is counterproductive to what they're trying to achieve with sending people back but the reality is that things haven't changed in me and mari for the past eighteen months they are unlikely to change overnight and we need to look at the realities and the rights for people within the caps right now now one thing is did the bangladeshi government receive loans and money to provide education for the children in these camps so isn't the government breaking their promise when they are preventing children from accessing education. yes so
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essentially what happens is that a number of governments have committed funding through a un process to various issues within the country just supporting your refugees one of those categories where funding commitments have been made is under the banner of education but obviously the bangladesh government has a very strong say in how that's provided to bring your refugees within the country and that seems to be where the block is happening right now so in principle. the ability and the funding available to provide education rates to these kids the question is how to provide quality education and make sure that the government. during that process making sure that education is quality and meaningful at the same time. thank you. today people in india are celebrating the hindu holiday of holy it's known as the festival of
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colors and marks the start of spring friends and family through a colored powder at each other ending up with rainbow stains on their clothing that's a perfect premise for a detergent ad right the indian brand served excel thought so and came up with this commercial take a look. so you see this little girl right through her neighborhood. and she draws the fire of all of her friends until all the color is used up. then she picks up a muslim boy and drive him over to the mosque. all the other children watch respectfully as they write. and he only rise for his namaz prayers spotless and clean her muslim custom you can be done with an image that lived. well since its debut the ads racked up nearly eleven million views on you tube and a ton of heated reactions on social media most of the critical comments have come
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from the hindu right wing and it appears to be in orchestrated campaign tweets like this quote boycott surf excel that ad is humiliating hinduism and promoting love jihad holy color as staying is not acceptable by hindus and quote to a lesser degree came tweets like this criticizing the ads treatment of muslims quote it's deeply regressive an anti muslim it shows that muslim boys shouldn't enjoy secular festivals and muslim girls are invisible and quote but some tweet celebrated the ad quote the surf excel ad was so pure and joyous i cried what is wrong with you people hating on this. deli correspondent sonja sally carr tells us more about the social media storm the ad has triggered. it seems incredible that a seemingly harmless advertisement for washing powder brand promoting hindu muslim unity can spark controversy but these
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a polarizing times in india with the mere presence of a muslim boy and girl together in an advert even though they're just children in this case can lead to allegations of love jihad a term coined by rightwing hindus implying that muslim men want to persuade him the women to marry them and convert them to islam in no way are these divisions more pronounced than on social media or organize a tax by so-called troll armies essentially followers off the ruling hindu nationalist b j p party target anyone perceived to be critical of the hindu majority. such organize online campaigns on news journalist writers and even activists critical of prime minister nouri modi and his administration are dubbed anti national and have been at the receiving end of vicious hate speech and even death and reprint with the indian general elections just a few weeks away that i feel as a touch online campaigns might be stepped up. the biggest names in chinese
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cinema have walked the lots of hung studios but none of that stillness and t.v. series would be possible without the extras the anonymous cast of thousands who provide the bustling backdrop for an eager pay and little hope of stardom. they come from across china drawn by the thrill of film and the lure of the limelight china's and some say the world's largest film studio the hollywood of the east has become a haven for the out of luck and out of ideas. you know. most people who come to hong don't have any education skills connections and can't do business here they're just escaping from reality escaping from the competition outside because there's not much competition here. on c.n.n.
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claims to have a hand in seventy percent of china's t.v. and film productions. for the six thousand strong army of extras on hand it means grueling schedules and a life tensed with disappointment. not many people respect us it doesn't matter how well you perform in their eyes you will always be unqualified. to many film crews are just terrible i'd say sixty to seventy percent of them there cursing people and all sorts of things. behind the scenes a rather different picture of life emerges of dreams of stardom clashing with reality. that story and more on our website that's d.w. dot com forward slash asia and you can check us out on facebook as well we'll leave you now with pictures from india where people are celebrating holi as we covered
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earlier it's the festival of colors that marks the arrival of spring you next time . i'm secure in the fire more than tyrant and in the end this is a me your not a lot of the year and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with violence and. what's your story.
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i mean when i was a women especially a victims of violence in that. part and send us your story your training or with understand this new culture. another visitor another years you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for information. all roads lead to rome even china's new silk road as italy prepares to be the first g seven country to join beijing's ambitious venture the port of three yes to could soon be a new gay. wait for china into europe. also on the show more and more indians come to work and study in poland's campus a wall so we tell you why. hello welcome to the w
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business asia i want to get jens and glenn good to have you with us the chinese president xi jinping has started a select tour of europe focusing on france monaco and italy his first stop with ports that of easy gateways into europe's richest markets italy is a promising partner for china and as the first g seven nation italy is poised to sign up for china's belt and road initiative and the deep water port of three asked to play a significant role in this venture. from a distance three s new port area built on reclaimed land doesn't look like much yet in future this section of the harbor may be operated by china as a trance shipment point for markets in central and eastern europe the northeastern italian city is currently celebrating the port of three s three hundredth birthday for local politicians and businesses china's planned investment is a huge opportunity see i mean we don't want to sell the port we just want to rent
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it out or see that as a huge economic opportunity for the entire region.


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