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the chinese president xi jinping has started a select tour of europe focusing on france monaco and italy his first stop with ports that's often easy gateways into europe's richest markets italy is a promising partner for china and as the first g seven nation italy is poised to sign up for china's belts and road initiative and the deep water port of three s is set to play a significant role in this venture. from a distance three s new port area built on reclaimed land doesn't look like much yet in future this section of the harbor may be operated by china as a trance shipment point for markets in central and eastern europe the northeastern italian city is currently celebrating the port of tree s three hundredth birthday for local politicians and businesses china's planned investment is a huge opportunity see if we don't want to sell the port we just want to rent it out or see that as a huge economic opportunity for the entire region. cardio. it's not that china is
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offering us something to participate in the belgian road we have something to offer them a stake in the harbor that's how you have to see it we've been developing this port for four years where. the harbor basin is eighteen meters deep meaning that even large container ships can unload their cargo here china has already purchased a majority stake in the greek port of paris in the mediterranean tree asked in the northern adriatic would be a further foothold in the region. the european union is investing around one hundred thirty five million euros in the port that sorely needed to modernize much of the infrastructure. i put cash strapped is really also welcomes financial backing from china there's only occasional criticism of its role as a strategic investor. but if you're. our leader anyone is thinking about the. all china's taking on in the world but if i just think about how they
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treat their workers then i don't know if they are the right partner for us and wherever they can have a good future. job. such concerns aside most interests see only positives and becoming a further gateway to europe for china's belt and road initiative. from well let's bring in see my doctor a freelance journalist based in rome good to see you see my italy is the first stop on g.'s limited to europe tour what do we know about his itinerary there well he's expected to arrive later on today and his visit pop up the kids on friday where he'll be meeting senior political figures including its least president said that their love now much of l.s.t. king on thursday said that the relationship between italy and china should be based on transparency sustainability and security and the chinese president for his part
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his recent editorial that is here to tell you people are talking about greater corporation in terms of looking at ports as we saw in that story as well as shipping telecommunications and pharmaceuticals so it's a range of records that i expected to be signed but the one that everyone is looking at is what will happen on saturday boarding and that's the memorandum of understanding that it's legal side with china that's a no one binding agreement we have to take note of that but it will be a formal recognition from this g. seven nation it's really all of china's belt and initiative this so-called new silk road initiative. at the end that he's expected to travel to sicily and i mean what you just mentioned that's ruffled some feathers already why do you think roma so determined to join this ambitious but controversial venture the belton road initiative despite strong reservations in the rest of the e.u. . well you have the prime minister decepticon hotspot of the five star movement
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and it's the now that's the populist party that is in this coalition government and they believe that this is money that it's only needs in order to deal with all those promises that they made to boost the infrastructure and to boost this sluggish economy so they believe that china can perhaps might that mean that direction it will also open the italian products out into that you massive chinese market now on that end of the start on this coalition government you have the lead party going to far right party and the leader of that party is money itself being equal he has expressed reservations saying he does not want to see china to colonize easily so really divisions of the government but they are expected to sign that memorandum of understanding ok leaving the wording of colonize ation aside how big is the worry that rome could actually be selling out to china well there s concern expressed by observers that really this might end up so-called death traps and that essentially means that if. china does lead this money and italy is not
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able to pick back at that which happens to the assets to the end up in the chinese hands and then there's also concern that china could perhaps assert. influence really on the countries that it has led this money to do it so they some that certain on those fronts in observers see that perhaps it's really should have consulted more with its neighbors and other partners as well as its close ally the united states that is concerned about this agreement that's been signed all right sima good to their reporting for us from rome on visit in italy thank you so much. and now to some of the other global business stories making the news. emerging markets stocks head to their highest in almost seven months on news of the u.s. federal reserve's decision to hold interest rates steady investors witchy it by the fed's plans to steer clear of rate hikes until twenty twenty one
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a complete policy reversal. the world's most successful jeans brand levi strauss has been valued at around six point six billion dollars for its upcoming i.p.o. the biggest in the u.s. so far this year levi's will use the funds to invest in the brand made iconic bust such as james dean and bruce springsteen. and after three years of planning and building it's time to raise the and curve the new cruise ship spectrum off the seas has left the shipyard in patton book germany nearly thirty five meters long the luxury liner has eighteen decks and space over four thousand passengers. poland has turned into one of the most attractive destinations for students from india the number of new arrivals has been growing rapidly in recent years one reason could be the fact that poland office a unique diploma from a well known university that is recognized in all e.u. countries another the cost of living. two wheeled food deliveries are
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a common sight in most big cities but in the polish capital warsaw many of the careers are indians and that's somewhat unusual because poland is known as a country with few immigrants why do so many indians do this kind of work. most resent is a language that is no polish language going to listen needed more needed in this this kind of job. aki less delivers for an indian restaurant to earn money while he studies computer engineering albeit in english he says the customers give him no trouble but as a dark skinned foreigner there are some people he has to watch out for. sometimes they are way angry and big they may harm us so be careful with those de both people and don't like don't speak bad wish to youngsters and late they have so few rules regarding their religion and most oh yeah we are following them. indian students
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have discovered the polish capital my theory is cheaper than the us or in england and students from abroad are welcome in poland in the last ten years. due to the demographic impact universities from poland they don't get enough number of students to run their classes and their programs the indian students find their way to poland via placement agencies or word of mouth. akeelah she earns the equivalent of around two euros per delivery plus tips school is the pats are there are these jobs and no one here wanted to do them so it's a good thing that the indians are filling the gap for five. dollars i was expecting . to play five lucky for me and i would be happy for them. with tips flexible working hours and low living expenses indian students can make good in morse and the traffic is certainly tame compared with most cities back home
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in india. now europe need skilled workers to deal with the demands of the digital age india has millions of qualified i.t. experts so is this a match made in heaven let's ask p.k. co-founder of fact a daily in bangalore and i'd even go to see if they europe introduce the blue card scheme back in twenty thirteen to make it easier for employers to hire foreign i work as how do highly qualified workers in india see this move so qualified workers in india see this as a great move because it brings them one step closer to the permanent residency your opponent in the europe and the blue card itself offers them a. set of rights or you know the freedom to move around in the new you freely and also to bring family with them so this is a great move and. it also gives them an opportunity to participate in let's say in the startup ecosystem out there in europe because after two years they can move to
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different countries they can move move companies so there they are quite excited about this but has it been welcomed by everyone what does in your software services industry for one think of this move. yes so the software services industry doesn't quite like it because you know once you send a worker there on a blue card visa you have a problem that they might shift to another company and this company may not mills are the company would sense them from india may lose out on the work of so on but you know it's again create for their companies in the e.u. which offer. which can't get more talent from india to the stroke so the software services companies usually send their people in using of these are called the into corporate transfer really research and that has a that's a more limited kind of a work permit and not as good as the blue blue card the blue card a seen as the equivalent of the green card and in the u.s.
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so yes our software companies don't really and from india especially don't like that happening all right jay dave if you like a fun question just on a scale from one to ten compared to the u.s. in the u.k. traditional places students would go to how does europe fare. that's a good question but i would say it's very clear it's not as great as. i would just i would just stop it or two ok all right that's a start it's a dave i'm thinking you there from bangalore thank you so much. and i was a business a show for you for me in the team thanks for watching. the for.
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. this is didn't use life for a role in bringing same goes down to the wire as theresa may pleads for more time in brussels the british prime minister is making a last ditch attempt to buy more time and delay briggs it but you here say there can only be a delay if the british parliament ratify is the breaks it would draw agreement next week so is the country curling towards a no do exit also coming up taking action new zealand's prime minister announces a ban on semiautomatic weapons after the deadly mosque should.


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