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these captives. deep in the red forest in central africa. the people. looking at a live. look. at their culture. the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle the. result reverse culture shock. was. true from the forest start first. this is news africa coming up in minutes to fifteen minutes very often at one of
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the south east africa's deadliest people still being pulled out of water pump flooded areas in the country's basket by side till you die all parts fondant is in zimbabwe where some of the day it's being laid to rest. and the beacon of stability that is now plagued with still cold war and terrorism we have the story of the deteriorating security situation in mali which terrorist attacks all raging and that's despite a significant presence of foreign troops. i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're itching did a week off decide to. coastal areas or rather coastal mozambique flood watches all rushing across the plains of the country. submerging entire. risky tools are still
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plucking people from the water but thousands still remain trapped the flooding has created a muddy inland ocean with farms and villages used to be mozambique stuff it is to me is that one thousand people may have died. psyco nitai also hit zimbabwe they have flash floods and landslides have slipped away much of the major infrastructure in the eastern province bordering mozambique funded privileged filed this report from. that during a flood victims and barbara money money district the elderly man died when a mudslide crushed his home. she got old enough to be my maintain my father in law had a painful death of the house collapsed because of the cycle and it's hard to accept that he died that way and while i've got all want to make sure we are fortunate that our mother survived. she was rescued alive so the small show off.
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their fishel death toll from cycling to die in the zimbabwe stands at around one hundred but hundreds more inch of money money are missing feared dead people worry they won't have a body to bury with reports of corpses floating downstream into neighboring mozambique flash floods and landslides swept through this region leaving piles of rubble behind. desperate moments and a desperate situation for the two money money community in the eastern part of zimbabwe where this community was the hardest hit when cycle on the day swept through most of the and zimbabwe you see some of them have lost their entire belongings and they have nothing that they asked to do on to. and nothing to do but wait. for me would all of this.
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ended their home or my family we've affected because we are here to be cloned we have nothing to. even. ourselves it's not what this disaster is heartbreaking my only consolation is that my family and i are a life people. help is patchy roads and bridges that haven't been swept away are often still impassable. helicopters are lifting out the critically injured when they can low cloud means they can only fly occasionally. patients who. he's. been crushed with in my course dawns on us if we're going over the summer fractures broken limbs and doctors here say they're now seeing rooms turn septic because it's taking so long to reach the injured for those bringing help
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it's a race against time. our next story is in mali where the start of this week saw the most deadly attack against the countries on me this yet at least twenty soldiers were killed when suspected hardest stormed a camp in the central region a modest government has been struggling to stabilize the security situation since twenty twelve that was off to a coup so the northern part of the country for two jihad is linked to al qaeda and allied to rebels now despite significant international if it's the violence is not letting up islamist groups saw increasingly using central and northern mali as a launching pad for attacks across the sahara region on its reports fixes to the northern city of to about two which has borne the brunt of the assaults. the u.n. force aims to maintain security in timbuktu. the devastation throughout this desert
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city bears witness to the crisis in mali. the airport is in ruins following an attack last year. there are no scheduled flights in or out of timbuktu it is quiet in the city for the moment the u.n. mali mission has deployed soldiers and police here. they patrol around the clock in order to prevent renewed attacks. on the united nations and been targeted several times in timbuktu. by terrorist groups terrorist groups have their bases. next three many vast area and the size of france the fifty thousand residents of timbuktu feel this threat every day. before the conflict erupted in two thousand and twelve the city was a popular tourist destination it was also a trading hub but the rebels and jihadists have caused the economy to collapse. the
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moment has brought her twins to hospital they are both sick she used to be a successful produce merchant but now she doesn't have the money to pay for their medicine. and the battle before the crisis i had a good life i traded with on the villages and my husband was a builder so we traveled a lot of me and to living now it's too dangerous to travel. conditions are terrible and food is often in short supply many children are in urgent need of medical treatment. those living in villages out in the desert have hardly any access to help the few hospitals in timbuktu are swamped with patients. who lives on four corners for the children that we see here in the hospital are very very ill. they're not only malnourished they have other serious illnesses. for example malaria.
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or respiratory diseases such as pneumonia they're often in critical condition. the situation is unlikely to improve unless the warring parties renew their commitment to ending the conflict a two thousand and fifteen a court set out a peace process that's hardly been upheld in the past few weeks alone many people have been killed in terror attacks. on under the terms of the peace accord former rebel fighters are supposed to be integrated into the army but progress has been slow the fear is that they will take up arms again unless their prospects improve resources here at home has been scarce it's an intense struggle for the little that remains i'd like to bring in orally until the from the stockholm international peace research institute also known as slippery he is senior research on the region
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he's joining us from the swedish capsules mrs harvey great to have you on africa i'm in twenty fifteen madea's government signed a peace agreement with some of the armed groups but the jihad just remained active why was that process simmering seemingly ineffective. well there are twenty fifteen or twenty five. he's addressing one part of the goal we should refer to the. independence of your chain of your old. records approach to two thousand and twelve it seems to the twelve o'clock that has evolved as you said we know are you up to speed he had sectors operating normally valued at no central that's not being addressed by the p.c. games right so i mean as you say there it is a complex mix of plot the sort of the tribalism issues you've now got the jihadist threat and i wondered if that complicates any effort to try and get to quash this
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insurgency as a whole is of course i mean i actually was in the north for quite well i don't like this new treaty so the peace begins and these are just contacts we can actually negotiate real problems one of the problems with the jihadist groups they're not really identified it is not ready to negotiate so it's very very difficult when terry to it just about. the actors in central america and really well i didn't like this new job i think it's such as the one that you can see you know. all right i mean a lot of people might be familiar with the fact that a lot of international resources have been committed to this case we've got thousands of foreign troops in mali i think france alone has about four thousand five hundred yet these attacks not just raging why is that also proving ineffective . this is true this is a very big problem in a small conflict most. fresh to mention said by
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a. retired two you retentions you got we had an african union mission we not if you want me to sixty love and what we see is that this if you're used to carry so everybody agrees that security is a problem in this hell it better but i think one of the major problems is that we haven't defined security well what are the security priorities of fifteen percent albums what do we need to address in the sale that's the key problem and i think the ability to deter between the international community the other governments and the completion of the sales and that's not the problem right last one very quickly i mean we're talking about a country that we will once one of the beacon of stability it's now bogged down with all of this violence people are wondering is a country with a significant isn't population that gonna for example going to be next i mean what is the how how do we sort of cook this problem on the continent i think religion is
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not necessarily the problem here but it is true that if you have. some faith in the money going to safety to be relatively stable and relatively so it's actually all these hypothesis and these assumptions about the united states prove to be untrue. no. you see it except. the weakness of the states in being an illegitimate allocator of disputes and that's a key problem and actually it should be a wake up call to actually reassess the gnc elements in west africa and to actually see where they're all support it actually so help raise states actually be more that it's and be more responsive to the populations needs. or a senior research of all this the whole region at stockholm supreme thank you. that's it from africa you can catch all stories on our website and facebook page the acclaimed guy named al anon is a focus of
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a major is sufficient care germany. in it even now with images on his words we'll see you next time i buy.
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what keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is dr carson because i talk to me because. i watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to your home. state use and let's all try to stay. calm. take. us. with. some special. true true friends.
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greetings from berlin and welcome to news from arts and culture with me karen how instead and i'll be joined shortly by a man who has mastered the art of immersing the masses in his music. cilla. and is germany's most successful electronic music artist he's just released his tenth studio album or morning hour which he says is one of his most diverse a musical journey with an impressive list of guest musicians. but first springtime in life so you can eat certain eastern germany means that bookworms literally come out of the woodwork the leipsic book fair is the second largest in germany after frankfurt and one of its big events is the annual leipsic book award for european understanding. awarded on wednesday night to the russian american journalist author and activist mush i guess in a long time and very outspoken critic of russian president vladimir putin and his
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brand of strongman politics she was awarded the prize for her book the future is history how totalitarianism reclaimed russia which judges have said offers a persuasive lifeline in times when the flames of intolerance are spreading like wildfire here's what she says about her book. russell's hoot.


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