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it's a piece for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on g.w. . this is you don't use line from berlin down to the wire the e.u. says this prepared to offer britain more time for braggs it but the extension fall short of what british prime minister to rescind may was asking brussels for and the e.u. is offer comes with strings attached the british parliament must approve the divorce agreement by next week so is the country hurtling towards a new deal exit. great
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to have you along everyone well we begin with a story that's dominating the political agenda here in europe and that is drags it british prime minister theresa may is in brussels on a mission to delay the u.k.'s departure from the european union she is scrambling to avoid a no deal of regs that you leaders are meeting in brussels for a summit where they have now said in a draft statement that they would be prepared to hand britain is short break the delay but only until may twenty second that's shorter than the three month delay that theresa may was asking for and that offer would come with strings attached britain's parliament would have to ratify the brig's of divorce agreement by next week while the trees. may spoke to reporters as soon as she arrived for the high
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stakes talks so let's take a listen to what she said to the head of the meeting. is inclusion is that holman to dishes on the results of the referendum on the internet or practice it for the bush people i sincerely hope that we can do that with a deal i'm still working on ensuring that the continent can agree on a deal so that we can leave in the woods in a way what matters is that we on the bench of the british people really think you're trying to defeat masses masses is that we recognise that brics it is the decision of the british people. while the joining us from brussels now as you know has brussels bird chief max hofmann very eventful evening where you are this really has been a political game of cat and mouse during the past two years and now tell us what happened. well as you mentioned before we know what's in the draft conclusions regarding bragg's those were available very very late we usually get some form of
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this draft the day before maybe two days before but the part on bragg's that was blank we do know now that there's a date in there as you said is the twenty second of may so delaying bragg's it until that day why that day well because on the twenty third of may the european election process starts takes from twenty third to twenty sixth of may and the europeans want to avoid that the u.k. does not participate in these elections whilst in in the european union that could have legal entanglement entanglements that might be quite difficult to resolve afterwards some of the member states would have been in favor to follow theresa may for an extension of till the thirtieth of june but like i said it would have been more complicated because the brits most likely would have not participated in the european elections but still would have been part of the european union all right now as you know you can prime minister theresa may when. in for the hard sell today
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with her deal and i'm wondering if this is some sort of compromise this draft agreement to give her until may twenty second because nobody is prepared in brussels to go down in history as having been responsible for britain leaving the e.u. with no deal. the sympathies for him extensions were were there for quite some time and you're right nobody really wants to be responsible for a no deal bragg's and in this situation right now where the heads of state government of the e.u. twenty seven so all the you member states except for the u.k. say you can have this extension but you need to approve the deal they can put the responsibility on the u.k. if the house of commons does not approve that deal and you know it's the third time they're trying and was still unsure if actually the speaker of the house of commons will allow such a vote but if this happens and they rejected then. the state government of the you
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could say listen it's not our fault we really tried we wanted to give you this extension but even then labor the game is not over then they're talking about a special and extraordinary summit next thursday here in brussels a one day before bragg's a day to talk about the implications of what the house of commons did but only if they vote the deal down a third time so you know you said we're going down to the wire in the beginning they re still have one that's an eternity are at it stills of inner nerves of steel i should say marks off and i thank you for now please stand by because we're still waiting to hear from the leaders there and we'll get back to you to get that take but for now let's take you straight to london to the beer get a mosque because of beer gate of course theresa may now it appears to be that the she has a bought some time somewhere prevent i mean i'm wondering if that is enough for her to end the deadlock and get the m.p.'s which she. trying to persuade to come on
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board and support her deal because it's a very short time that's left even if it's until may twenty second. well it's just eight days until breaks if nothing happens so that's still the default date actually the end of next week and talking about nerves of steel this is what everyone here in london and the whole u.k. i think needs to have who's following this debate now is reason may had a statement last night where she was directly talking to the public and she in a way tried to portray herself as the voice of the people of common sense and she effectively excused m.p.'s all of just rooting the bracks it and just not helping her to get it through and that has really angered a lot of m.p.'s and i've spoken to to some here they think that she really hasn't made many friends with this intervention and and there is pessimism as to whether
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she will get her through next week which is the precondition for the extension as marx explained until until may well i mean that that's exactly the point as you just illustrated she's antagonized m.p.'s last night and wondering is this deal basically dead. many people here think that it is dad and there are many voices and an interesting development the head of the trade union together with the biggest employer organization two ladies have come together and have issued a statement a letter to its reason may be to just abandon the deal and look for a plan b. they think that really she needs to consult move widely she needs to look for also a longer extension and come together for a different compromise so they think it needs to be much closer to something like a customs union or single market membership as soft or bricks if they're just
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worried the business organisations and the trade unions that this on saturday is just going to cost jobs it's going to cost livelihoods effectively and it's already affecting many businesses in the country so they really urging tourism a to change of course now on a related note note we understand that thousands and some reports are even saying a million people have signed an online petition to counsel greg so what can you tell us about that. well it's true there is over a million signatures urging the government urging parliament to revert article fifty soon and in effect stop bricks it and this doesn't mean that it's going to have a big effect by parliament needs to be consulted because it's more more than one hundred thousand signatures also there is a big march on the weekend a people's vote march so the pressure on to reason may to do something different
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either go for a softer break sit or to put it to the people again have a second referendum these calls are getting louder and louder aren't good masseur reporting from london and i want to ask you to stand by as well because we are hearing that the british prime minister's office which has announced their theresa may. they will be giving it first conference in brussels later today about the possible brags that extension and of course we will bring you live coverage when and if it happens and analysis of what mrs may says but now i want to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. this former brazilian president michel to america has been arrested in connection with a large scale corruption investigation prosecutors say to mare was arrested on charges related to alleged graft in the construction of a nuclear power plant that's america's president from twenty sixteen to twenty two he was he has denied rather any wrongdoing. at least five people have died and more
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than twenty have been injured in a series of blasts in the afghan capital kabul the explosions occurred near a shiite shrine as people gathered to mark the persian new year police say the bombs were detonated remotely. but israeli forces have reportedly arista the chief of staff of opposition leader. roberto matteo was taken into custody during a raid on his caucus home according to the u.s. and other countries recognize mr bryan dawe as interim president and have warned venezuela's government not to arrest him or his aides. iraq's second largest city mosul is mourning the death of more than seventy people killed after an overloaded ferry capsized it happened on the tigris river just a few feet from the shore the vessel was reportedly packed with families
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celebrating the new news new year holiday of the start or spring have been gathering to check if their loved ones are among those dead. well that's a get more on this developing story i'm now joined by florian noir hoff a journalist who lived in iraq for two years and knows mosul a very well floor in a horrifying accident that has unfolded there today do we know what caused it well there have been reports very early on that boat with bucky overcrowded. and now we have to have had a iraqi politician come out and say that boat which we've only been carrying at the most fifty people charge in fact around two hundred at the same time it's rainy season in iraq tigris moving at a very fast pace and the current is very strong so suggesting that the boat capsized because of those conditions tragically there were a lot of children and women on that boat because they were traveling to
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recreational park on an island in the tigris so many of the dead the majority of the dead are women and children because it's a holiday there of course it's a holiday there and the first day of spring people trying to enjoy some of the normalcy that has returned to mosul because as you know better than anybody else the people of mosul have suffered through so much. years of war the city being under occupation of the so-called islamic state just recently liberated and now they have to deal with this that's right i. was under ice occupation for what three months the battle to retake it from the jihadists took months and devastated a big pots with city. i actually bring to this area it's an amusement park area with. restaurants cafes leisure activities even a year off the battle was over there were already people coming to enjoy their lives after all this hardship when i visited it late for the last year the place was buzzing and it's very tragic that this should have happened in an area which
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for signifies the resurgence of the revival of with the will after all this years of hardship florian noire hof thank you so much for that update greatly appreciate it. and rescue workers in mozambique have widened the search for survivors of a powerful cycling that ripped through southern africa one week ago causing devastating floods and turning mozambique's worst hit area of barrow in an inland sea and into it and forty people are now confirmed dead in the country and several thousand more still need to be rescued search efforts have been hampered by broken infrastructure and more rain is expected in the coming days we are now joined by saul abettors he is assistant director for mozambique for the aid organization care he joins us from the city to put oh very good evening sara working you tell us about the ongoing rescue efforts. and there all over. the water those birds are. heard from all save. the
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estimated size of the flooding is no longer than twenty five kilometers bottoms bottom of those is a huge area our people are still stuck in trees a lot of groups and there's a lives that have helicopter capacity. receives into really considering. doing work and to try to say. how is your organization coping with first scale of this disaster. it's a good question where we will be in town to solve and related to those people that needed we started operation is. essential supplies to. the lives of. some tens. was of fear of flying equipment.
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and was another agencies of providing food and hired to this gives us the whole food program. for care at the beginning of war use that civilian extra to go home. roasted over here we're trying to reach out. sort of them out of what are some of the most urgent challenges that need to be resolved in the short term. i think one of the main things of this is trying to develop a system of crossover you can get to as many people as efficiently as possible hold those in those villages close or a huge area as i said and setting up those systems where we can to get the aid moving faster to those people who said the biggest challenge we face. coordination and that is going on. now in the days of old provide humanitarian relief to those
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people for. sole potters' assistant director for mozambique for the aid organization can.


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