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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is v.w. news when i go from berlin tonight the british prime minister and her request to the rest of the european you get what will it take to say yes to it works it delay theresa may as indigo she mentions with e.u. leaders at their work any offer from europe will come with strings attached we know that the british parliament will have to approve the brights it divorce agreement by next week and that could be impossible for the prime minister to deliver also coming up donald trump tweets that the golan heights should be recognized as part
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of israel it's being celebrated by the israeli prime minister but it's also being criticized as a provocative move that violates international law. and taking action new zealand's prime minister announces a ban on since my automatic weapons after that deadly shooting when we could go in the city of christchurch which. i bring golf it's good to have you with us we start tonight with the story that is dominating the political agenda here in europe british prime minister to resign may is in brussels on a mission to delay the u.k.'s departure from the european union she is scrambling to avoid a no deal exit and is currently in negotiations with the other leaders of the u. member states they have now said in a draft state. that they would be prepared to hand britain in short breaks
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a delay but that offer would come with strings attached we understand that britain's parliament would have to ratify the brights divorce agreement the one they've already rejected twice by next week now theresa may spoke to reporters earlier today when she arrived for the summit here's what she said. what is in fortune is that hanumant delivers on the results of the referendum and the engine of the tracks it for the british people i sincerely hope that we can do that with a deal i'm still working on each thing the parliament can agree a deal so that we can leave and in the was in a way what matters is that we deliver on the side of the british people for they think you're trying to defeat for what mass is mass is is that we recognise that breaks it is their decision is versus people are listening to story now if you that so many brussels max hoffman are burial correspondent standing by good evening to you max ok let's talk about the timing on this i understand now that different
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dates are being thrown around what more do we know. well it's about the dates and it's about the conditions that you mentioned brian earlier you said there were some strings attached for example that the so-called with raul agreement or the divorce deal whatever you want to call it anyway that deal that was negotiated over the last two years would have to be approved by the house of commons next week to grant an extension well that's no longer written in stone to put it that way it seems like the leaders have just taken away everything that was drafted before and they're drafting their own thing now so you can imagine you have twenty seven you leaders in there it's all that you leaders except for theresa may the u.k. prime minister everybody with their own idea trying to come up with of we know for example that mike hall the french president proposed deadline may seventh without any conditions but that the u.k. would have to express itself by the eleventh of april whether they want to partake
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in the european elections or not and if they if they indeed do partake in the european elections that they could extend even further until the end of the year that's what's been called here a flex tension because you know there are some flexible elements in an extension like that we don't really know what's going to come out of that it's like everything's been throwing into. a big cooker and we don't know yet what kind of recipe they're following. feels a little bit like much ado about nothing because at the end of the day we still don't know if the prime minister will be able to deliver what the european union wants and that is to get the british parliament to approve the brics a deal. well what we need to do you know there are some lines emerging here and it appears that the leaders are no longer counting on theresa may to deliver on that brags that they don't they don't believe that three some may can convince the house of commons even if if she do that if she tries it for the third time to actually
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approve this withdrawal agreement so that's that's part one as an absolute red line is also emerging the safeguarding of the european elections because beforehand they were discussing extensions beyond those elections that are taking place at the at the end of of may and now that seems to be more or less off the table because they fear that this could compromise the e.u. institutions that's something they will not accept so those two very important decisive elements and lines of thinking are emerging here even if we don't know the exact outcome yet. maggs there has been a narrative throughout these negotiations that the european union would never really have the nerve if you will to refuse an extension because they would be fear that it would throw the u.k. into chaos is that true tonight i mean do the other leaders the e.u. twenty seven do they feel like if there were a
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a crash out of the european union would they be seen as the bad guys in this situation. nobody really wants to take the blame you're right about that and that's why it's very likely that there will be some kind of extension although you know the delay that the default option is still the train crash that would be a no deal bragg's it so that's why presumably they are disk. a system that has certain automatic elements so at the end they can say listen the brits didn't you know they didn't. follow our conditions at this given point and that's why it's no longer the fault of the e.u. twenty seven but you always have to keep in mind even if the use shying away from being responsible for this at some point there will have to be a decision and it might be a no deal bragg's it and there's just no shying away from this because you cannot extend forever you can say ok there is no brags it but the u.k. would have to do that but at some point that will have to be a decision yeah it's amazing isn't it just
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a week to go until break that is scheduled to begin and we still don't know how that deadline will look at that summit in brussels exactly one week max thank you. well u.s. president has said that the golan heights should become a recognized part of israel he tweeted today that after fifty two years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the go on high on his role to control of the strategically located go one hides from syria in the sixty's were in one thousand sixty seven the area has been occupied by israel ever since the end exemption has not been recognized by the international community. and the news is a major boost for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he is facing reelection in two weeks netanyahu had this to say tonight about trump's announcement the president. has just made history i called him.
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i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel he did it again first to. recognize to swim israel's capital and move the u.s. embassy. then he. pulled out of the disastrous you won't really read bull's arms but know he did some through. the stork importance he recognizes ruse so we do with the golan heights there was bridgeman and you know who's speaking their lives take the story now to the u.s. capitol our correspondent oversoul is in washington if you do you mean this decision it does fit in with trump's foreign policy towards israel but what about the timing of this announcement why now well as you just said benjamin netanyahu is in the middle of his reelection campaign and this
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move by the united states by the u.s. president would help him enormously he can now say well look not only did i have did i make the u.s. accept jerusalem as our capital but now also the golan heights as israeli territory and they simply knew the israeli government that this is a good moment to push for this the united states have proven under president donald trump to be very supportive for israel during the last two years and now just today we had the foreign minister visiting the western wall in jerusalem for the first time also the first time an american high ranking official visiting the western wall a very symbolic move here and one that is very much celebrated by netanyahu he called the white house today he spoke with president donald trump he will visit him next week at the white house and that is probably when we will hear the official declaration of the united states accepting the ball and hyatt's as israeli
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territory in oliver what repercussions will draw tweet this announcement have for the security situation there in the region. a little more once war and power in israel and the israeli government became a bit nervous when trump announced that he would pull out american troops out of syria because that would have meant and would mean that pro iranian forces and the hezbollah in particular would be able to move closer to the israeli border and the israeli intelligence service came out with evidence recently that the hezbollah and their allies were trying to set of a network on the syrian controlled part of the golan heights and those efforts would certainly be countered by that move but it would also raise the question how much leverage woods the united states have in the future when trying to negotiate
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and to act as a mediator between israel and in the in the middle east conflict in particular over the corresponding over salant on the story for us tonight in washington over thank you new zealand's prime minister just into ardern has announced that the government hopes to have a ban on semiautomatic and military style weapons in place by next month now that follows last friday's fatal shootings at to mosques in the city of christ church fifty people were killed. one of the many vigils taking place across new zealand. as the country continues to come to terms with its worst mass shooting it's also taking radical steps to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. today i'm announcing that new zealand
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will ban all military style seamy order magic weakens we will ban or pouts with the ability to convert seeming automatic or in any other type of fire into a military style simi or dramatic weapon the lone gunman who opened fire on worshipers at two mosques in christ church was armed with semiautomatic rifles he's believed to have modified them with high capacity magazines to make them fire faster from now on all of this along with assault rifles will be banned in new zealand owners of such weapons we'll have to turn them into the police but we as always want to do everything we can to ensure those people. get to bring the foreigners to surrender surrender them to us and make that possible and possible quickly new zealanders in christchurch and the cross the country have largely welcomed the law change as a necessary step to keep their communities safe. i think it's
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a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience i know some people could see this is a reaction. cross reaction because of one person and the consequence is what we've seen is this terrible and something must change i play nothing like that for him to garner the gondolas was something for having a guy in the two mosques will reopen their doors on friday when must commemorations to mark a week on from the attack are due to take place. rescue workers in mozambique have widened the search for survivors of a powerful slide which ripped through southern africa one week ago it calls them devastating floods and turned mozambique's worst hit area of barrow into an inland sea more than two hundred forty people are confirmed dead in the country several thousand more still need to be rescued search efforts have been hampered by broken infrastructure and more rain we understand has been forecast for the next few days
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. all across the border in zimbabwe the situation is just as dire it was also hit by eating. during a flood victim and zimbabwe's chief money money district the elderly man died when a mudslide crushed his home. i'm in pain my father in law had a painful death the house collapsed because of the cycle and it's hard to accept that he died that way and all will do that is sure we're fortunate that our mother survived she was rescued alive and he's. the official death toll from cycling unison bob way stones at around one hundred but hundreds more inch of money money all missing feared dead. people worry they won't have a body to bury with reports of corpses floating down stream into neighboring
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mozambique flash floods and landslides swept through this region leaving piles of rubble behind. by desperate moments and a desperate situation for the two money money community in the eastern part of zimbabwe where this community was the hardest hit when sacred days swept through more some leakage and zimbabwe you see some of them have lost their entire belongings and they have nothing that they asked to aunty. and nothing to do but wait. to move forward with this. mill and if their home or my family we've fixed it because we are here to be cloned we have nothing to. even to help ourselves it's not this disaster is high.


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