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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2019 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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only being discussed right now but according to a draft document it's looking likely that they will hand britain a short said the late. theresa may spoke to the media earlier when she arrived for the high stakes talks in brussels take a lesson what is important is that parliament delivers on the results of the referendum and that we do little tricks it for the british people i sincerely hope we can do that with a deal i'm still working on ensuring the parliament can agree a deal so that we can leave in an orderly way what matters is that we deliver on the bench of the british people for the take care of prime minister preferred what matters is what matters is that we recognise that breaks it is the decision of the british people. all right joining me now from brussels is our g w brussels bureau chief max hoffman max we've been waiting we were expecting an announcement hours ago there was a press conference scheduled no one has yet to emerge from those talks we're hearing there's a lot of different options being discussed for it
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a potential extension but can you tell us what the latest. well it's taking longer because the leaders decided to draft the passage of the conclusions by themselves that is quite unusual it's happened before but normally you have the sherpas who prepare this and the leaders just change a word or two or just wave it through now it's different so you have twenty seven heads of state and government with their own ideas about how this should play out. this takes time of course but there are a couple of key dates emerging that seemed likely to be part of this conclusion the first one is the twenty second of may as we understand right now the twenty second of may will be the extension date if the house of commons in the u.k. approves of the withdrawal agreement next week if they don't do that then there will be an extension until the eleventh or twelfth of april we're not sure about
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that yet so not a long time and then the u.k. has to decide whether they want to participate in the e.u. elections or not and if they do want to participate in the e.u. elections then an even longer extension would be discussed so all very complicated lots of different dates and extensions but the important thing is they seem to be trying to avert a last minute summit here in brussels next week so they don't want to go until literally the last day to resolve this or at least to give everybody a little more time they want to solve this at least for the time being today. max i mean we are nearing the end of a long road it's been nearly two years since threesome a triggered article fifty. so we're hearing an extension maybe of a few weeks maybe of a month or so what difference will an extension really make here. we don't know it might not make a difference at all you're absolutely right about that it might make the difference
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that recent days no longer prime minister it might make the difference that the house of commons finally finds a position a majority for something it might also just give the pollard is involved a little more time to prepare for the worst meeting and no deal bragg's it so i can't really tell you all because we don't know so many. variables that need to be clarified within the next weeks. max hoffman standing by there at that e.u. summit in brussels waiting for those leaders or come out of that room with some sort of confirmation of the deal thank you very much max. in the meantime let's get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world more than eighty people have drowned after a ferry sank in the iraqi city of mosul according to an official most of the dead are women and children the boat had been ferrying passengers to a recreational island on the river tigris when it capsized. former brazilian
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president michel has been arrested in connection with a large scale corruption investigation prosecutors say ten there was arrested on charges related to alleged graft in the construction of a nuclear power plant tender was president of brazil from twenty sixteen to twenty eighteen and he has denied any wrongdoing. at least five people have died and more than twenty have been injured in a series of blasts in the afghan capital kabul the explosions occurred near a shiite shrine as people gathered to mark the persian new year police say the bombs were detonated remotely. u.s. presidents donald trump has said that the golan heights should become a recognized part of israel. after fifty two years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights that's what trump said in a tweet israel took control of the strategically located golan heights from syria in the six days war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and the area has been
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occupied by israel ever since the annexation has not been recognized by the international community. now that news is a major boost for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in his upcoming elections that's now who had this to say about trump statement president room. i just believe is true i called him. i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel he did it again first to. recognize drusilla was israel's couple to move the u.s. embassy. then he. pulled out of the disastrously wrong. but now he did something. historic importance he recognizes rules so we do with the golan heights all right that was benjamin
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netanyahu speaking there earlier today we talked to our correspondent all of us silent in washington and while netanyahu is decision does fit in with trump's foreign policy towards israel we asked about the timing of this announcement. this move by the united states by the u.s. president would help him enormously he can now say well look not only did i have did i make the u.s. accept jerusalem as our capital but now also the golan heights as israeli territory and they simply knew the israeli government that this is a good moment to push for this the united states have proven under the under president donald trump to be very supportive for israel during the last two years and now just today we had the foreign minister visiting the western wall in jerusalem for the first time also the first time an american high ranking official visiting the western wall a very symbolic move here and one that is very much celebrated by netanyahu he
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called the white house today he spoke with president donald trump he will visit him next week at the white house and that is probably when we will hear the official declaration of the united states accepting the golan heights as israeli territory that was our correspondent in washington all of our salat rescue workers in mozambique have widened the search for survivors of a powerful psych loan that ripped through southern africa one week ago it caused devastating floods and a turned mozambique's worst hit area of beirut in into an island see more than two hundred forty people are confirmed dead in the country and several thousand more still be need to be rescued search efforts have been hampered by a broken infrastructure and more rain is expected in the coming days. across the border in zimbabwe the situation is just as dire it was also badly hit by a psych loan you die. during
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a flood victims and. the district the elderly man died when the month's lord crushed his home. i'm in pain. my father in law had a painful death after the house collapsed because of the cycle and it's hard to accept that he died that way and what got home to me is sure we are fortunate that our mother survived that she was rescued alive he's. happy that the official death toll from cycling he died in zimbabwe stands at around one hundred but hundreds more in germany money are missing feared dead people worry they won't have a body to bury with reports of corpses floating downstream into neighboring mozambique flash floods and landslides swept through this region leaving piles of rubble behind. by desperate moments and
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a desperate situation for the ching money money community in the eastern part of zimbabwe where this community was the had this to hit when sekou in the days swept through more sunday and zimbabwe you see some of them have lost their entire belongings and they have nothing that they asked to or do onto. and nothing to do but wait. to move forward with this. ended their home or my family we've affected because we are here to be cloned we have nothing to. even prove here ourselves it's not this disaster is hampering king my only consolation is that my family and i are alive. people. help is patchy roads and bridges that haven't been swept away are often still impassable helicopters are
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lifting out the critically injured when they can a low cloud means they can only fly occasionally. it seems to do that he's. been crashed in my storms or process for going over there so many fractures broken news. doctors who say they're now seeing rooms turned septic because it's taking so long to reach the injured for those bringing help it's a race against time new zealand's prime minister to send our journey has announced that the government hopes to have a ban on semiautomatic and military style weapons in place by next month the move follows friday's fatal shootings at two mosques in christ church which left fifty people dead. one of the many vigils taking place across new zealand this week. as the country
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continues to come to terms with its worst mass shooting it's also taking radical steps to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. today i'm announcing that new zealand will be in all military style sue me or the medic we friends we will ban or parts with the ability to convert semen automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style sumi automatic weapon the lone gunman who opened fire on worshippers at two mosques in christ church was armed with semiautomatic rifles he's believed to have modified them with high capacity magazines to make them fire faster from now on all of this along with assault rifles will be banned in new zealand owners of such weapons will have to turn them into the police but we as police want to do everything we can to ensure those people. get to bring me far to suranne surrender them to us and make that possible and possible quickly
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new zealanders in christchurch and the cross the country have largely welcomed the law change as a necessary step to keep their communities safe. i think it's a step from the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience i know some people could see this is a reaction. across reaction because of one person the consequences what we've seen is this terrible and something must change hopefully nothing like that for him to garner the gun laws will stop it from having the guy in the two mosques will reopen their doors on friday when mass commemorations to mark a week on from the attack are due to take place. well don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google player from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well
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as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d w app to send us your photos and videos. thanks for joining us here on news live from berlin coming up next all your business news and headlines with chris darkover com assman thanks for joining us. i'm secure in the they work hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. new smugglers we're alliance or. what's your story.
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on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with understand this new culture. are not a very little or nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. britain is hurtling towards the exit from the european union now a study shows what financial stress it disorderly bradford would cause in the u.k. and outside also coming up during a denim style icon against brand levi strauss is back on the new york stock exchange we'll get the latest from our markets correspondent and pete no problem
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our german micro distillers are trying to woo whiskey aficionados. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program the. the likelihood of britain's departure from the e.u. in less than ten days without a deal still looms ominously and the costs of such in-or deal brags it would be high for both the u.k. and you members germany's burton's money foundation now that the math no deal breaks it would hit the heavily industrialized german state of north rhine-westphalia particularly hard the state's top three exports to the u.k. include cars chemical products and mechanical engineering services the tariffs and other trade barriers will make products and services more expensive this ensures that prices rise and that people can buy less with their incomes the second factor is competition with a brics it competition becomes weaker the battle for the best products and services is decreasing. of course and no deal breaks it would hit brits the hottest with
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each losing nine hundred euros per year on average they would also be significant losses for the germans and the french as well as other europeans. the belittlement study says china and the u.s. will be the main bricks at winners both would become more attractive trading partners for the u.k. but london is going to have its work cut out to secure deals as good as those it had with the e.u. . chinese president xi jinping has started a five day tour of europe which will take him to italy france and monaco mr she's a plane touched down outside roll on thursday afternoon italy is seen as a promising partner for china's belt and road infrastructure initiative as its ports and model rays are for easy access to europe's markets and the deep water port of for us is seen as playing a significant role in this venture. from
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a distance three s new port area built on reclaimed land doesn't look like much yet in future this section of the harbor may be operated by china as a trance shipment point for markets in central and eastern europe the northeastern italian city is currently celebrating the port of tree s three hundredth birthday for local politicians and businesses china's planned investment is a huge opportunity c.f.e. we don't want to sell the port we just want to rent it out i see that as a huge economic opportunity for the entire region. cardio. it's not that china is offering us something to participate in the delta road we have something to offer them as a stake in the harbor that's how you have to see it we've been developing this port for four years now. the harbor basin is eighteen meters deep meaning that even large container ships can unload their cargo here china has already purchased
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a majority stake in the greek port of paris in the mediterranean tree asked in the northern adriatic would be a further foothold in the region. the european union is investing around one hundred thirty five million euros in the port that sorely needed to modernize much of the infrastructure. put cash strapped is really also welcomes financial backing from china there's only occasional criticism of its role as a strategic investor. but you go home so they only. anyone is thinking about the role china is taking on in the world but if i just think about how they treat their workers then i don't know if they're the right partner for us and with that can have a good future but it would be worth the trouble such concerns aside most interests see only positives in becoming a further gateway to europe for china's belt and road initiative which now there are some rules that the new york stock exchange has upheld to this day one of them
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no business attire no entry meaning if you're wearing jeans you're better off getting in line at the hot dog stands out on broadway on thursday these rules were relaxed traders showed up wearing denim pants and jackets the reason for the unusual dress code levi strauss one of the world's best known jeans brands made its way back onto the stock exchange after thirty four years of absence. now levi's shares were up more than thirty percent in thursday's trading session i guess that's what a successful i.p.o. looks like and there could be more of this to come here is a wall street correspondent yes quarter with more. it's a promising start to a year that could see new records when it comes to i.p.o.'s overall some analysts on wall street estimate that with new companies coming to the stock exchange the wall street might raise about one hundred billion dollars that would be
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a new record and exceed the former record that still holds from the year two thousand we remember the time of the dr called bubble in the next couple of weeks and months we get some other heavyweights coming here to the stock exchange and of next week we will get lift a little later we will get other companies like we work a pin to rest. or be my follow and now for levi's they could probably use the money and also a try to attract more women than if we look at past year the overall five point six billion dollars in revenue for four billion god made with men so female business is still far behind when it comes to levi's. and scored a reporting from new york there is triangle on one of africa's leading oil producers so you think the country would be awash with cheap fuel well that's not
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the case and no one seems to know why drivers in the capital are having to sit for ages and they think use just to fill up their tanks. making a living is not easy in the wand and for those who have to drive for a living the gosh shortage can be a real problem. since yesterday have hardly been able to arrive at work due to a lack of fuel and we know almost nothing about the shortage now while the gas stations and cars and are in the same situation. sabina's having no success either . i went to sixty without success and this is where i could find gas that's why i got in this huge queue i don't know what time of the service. you know my feeling the. previous gosselin shortages were blamed on late payments to suppliers but the current problems remain mysterious and gold is the second largest oil producing country in sub-saharan africa the country produces one and a half million barrels of oil per day which comprises ninety percent of angola's exports and seventy percent of revenues leaving drivers there wondering where is
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all that gas gong. to baguio sales in zimbabwe are expected to dip this year as farmers grapple with the fallout of a reasoned drought it's a blow to the economy which is currently in the grips of a currency crisis after mining tobacco is the country's second biggest earner of foreign exchange the industry employs some one hundred seventy thousand people most of whom work on small scale farms over the past decade rising demand from china in particular has helped boost sales. german car giant for its way and says it plans to work with swedish sell start up north volt and other companies from seventy you member states to develop batteries for electric cars for swag said in a statement its so-called european battery union will handle the entire production chain from for batteries from raw materials cell technology all the way through recycling b.w. didn't want to name any of the other partners but that no other car makers were
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involved that's what the company stated the word whiskey may can juror images of scottish glens or the hills of tennessee an increasing number of people here in germany have also been developing a taste for the tipple now micro distilleries are popping up all of the countries but are they ready to give the multinational distiller giants a run for their money. nestled in a small town in about an hour's drive from berlin is the shop levi's distillery a place where workers pride themselves for having a nose for quality. it was always something we really love because we used to work involves really lots of cocktails with with the right whiskey and so we said ok that's going to be our focus the operation is just one example of a growing trend there are now more whisky distillers in germany than in scotland.
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typically they produce tiny quantities compared to their scottish counterparts but what they lack in scale they make up for with other advantages in contrast to scotland export oriented whisky industry german distillers are primarily for the domestic market making them far more immune to two looming political threats an unruly praxis and the possibility of u.s. tariffs depletions it what's the political situation we're currently facing such as breakfast or the present government in the united states they're not scaring off german distillers start. up at the moment we're still mostly trading nationally but we're not setting any limits for the future. for now though german distillers are choosing to stay domestic enabling them to serve their whiskey with
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a hint of confidence. and finally after three years of planning and building it's time to raise the anchor and the new cruise ship spectrum of the seas has left the shipyard pop and berth here in germany nearly three hundred fifty meters long the natural liner was steered out to the north sea on the river. and space four thousand passengers will be in service for royal caribbean as part of its ultra class serving destinations in asia. and we say. that's a show you know back in tomorrow. to
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the conflict zone with tim sebastian coe my guest this week here in mountain view. a member of the progress of european the search group who just consistently campaign for a tough deal with brussels last week grow mr mills changed his mind or decided to stick to resume or agreement. finally given the conflicts.
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are not just couldn't get this song out of his head. ecologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. that deep in the rain forest to central africa to the bank of people. that i am. going out. and the like to believe the flood even less. money live the. good by their culture the state.
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only a promise to a son was made son of the jungle and returned to the concrete it was john. the result reverse culture shock. to realize how strange artificial. they collected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t.w. . britain's foreign secretary has warned of brecht's it paralysis in the u.k. but there are frantic efforts underway to prevent that happening my guest this week here in london is nigel mills a member of the probe european research group which has consistently campaigned for a tough deal with brussels tougher than the one currently on the table or no deal at all last week though mr mills changed his mind and decided to support to resume
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may's agreement all the time i hods finally calling it a day.


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