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all the new member states except of course for the u.k. and this is something that doesn't happen at every summit usually you have the sherpas the so-called sherpas preparing the text at this time the leader said no we have to do this buyers sellers that's why it took so long and that's why you had all these different scenarios floated around one thing's for certain the reason they asked for an extension until the thirtieth of june she did not get this this is now a very well rather complicated system a step system but to break it down into it will twelve all the options are still on the table so april twelfth is the new march twenty ninth because march twenty ninth was the original brags that all eyes that day getting pushed down the road max hoffman is standing by for us in brussels thank you very much and we'll try to get to that press conference with the prime minister may as soon as she takes the podium. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world former brazilian president michel has hammer has been arrested in connection with
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a large scale corruption investigation prosecutors say ten there was arrested on charges related to alleged graft in the construction of a nuclear power plant was president of brazil from twenty sixteen to two thousand and eighteen he has denied any wrongdoing. venezuelan forces have reportedly arrested the chief of staff of opposition leader. roberto marrero was taken into custody during a raid on his caracas own according to. the u.s. and other countries do recognize mr interim president and have warned of venezuela's government not to arrest him or is a. rescue workers in mozambique have widened the search for survivors of a powerful psych loan that ripped through southern africa one week ago caused devastating floods and turned mozambique's worst hit area of they run into an inland sea more than two hundred forty people are confirmed dead in the country and so. all thousand more still need to be rescued search efforts have been hampered by
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broken infrastructure and more rain is expected in the coming days. across the border and zimbabwe the situation is just as dire it was also badly hit by a psych loney die. during a flood victims in barbara money money district the elderly man died when a mudslide crushed his home. team i'm in pain my father in law had a painful death after the house collapsed because of the cycle and it's hard to accept that he died that way and what that all going to make sure that we are fortunate that our mother survived. she was rescued alive in the small schools. here fishel death toll from cycling to die in the zimbabwe stands at around one hundred but hundreds more injured money money all missing feared dead people worry
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they won't have a body to bury with reports of corpses floating downstream into neighboring mozambique flash floods and landslides swept through this region leaving piles of rubble behind. desperate moments and a desperate situation for the two money money community in the eastern part of zimbabwe where this community was the hardest hit when cycling a day swept through more sunday and zimbabwe you see some of them have lost their entire belongings and they have nothing that they asked to do on. and nothing to do but wait. for me would all of those. men and did their home or my family we've affected because we are there to be cloned we have nothing. even who are still not
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these days after his heart breaking my only consolation is that my family and i are alive. people. help is patchy roads and bridges that haven't been swept away are often still impassable helicopters are lifting out the critically injured when they come low cloud means they can only fly occasionally. patients who. he's. been crashed or storms or process for going over so many fractures. means that doctors here say they're now seeing rooms turn septic because it's taking so long to reach the injured for those bringing help it's a race against time new zealand's prime minister just send our dern has announced that the government hopes to have a ban on semiautomatic and military style weapons in place by next month the move
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follows friday's fatal shootings at two mosques in christ church which left fifty people dead. one of the many vigils taking place across new zealand this week. as the country continues to come to terms with its worst mass shooting it's also taking radical steps to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. today i'm announcing that new zealand will bring in all military style sunni or medic weapons we will ban or parts with the ability to convert seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon the lone gunman who opened fire on worshippers at two mosques in christ church was armed with semiautomatic rifles he's believed to have modified them with high capacity magazines to make them fire
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faster from now on all of this along with assault rifles will be banned in new zealand owners of such weapons will have to turn them into the police but we always want to do everything we can to ensure those people. get to bring the far out to soarin surrender to what might be possible and possible quickly new zealanders in christchurch and across the country have largely welcomed the law change as a necessary step to keep their communities safe. i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience i know some people could see this is a reaction. across reaction because of one person the consequence is what we've seen. this terrible and something must change i play nothing like this for him gonna hide the gun laws will stop it from happening again but the two mosques will
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reopen their doors on friday when must commemorations to mark a week on from the attack are due to take place. but we're still following the news in brussels and waiting for prime minister it's recent may to address the crowd there but we're going to move on to another story as we pay for that today is world down syndrome day millions of people are born with a genetic condition and many struggle to integrate fully into society but there are some exceptions and that takes us to a cafe in the iranian capital of tehran you can get a cup of coffee and a lesson in the benefits of giving people with down syndrome a chance to hold down a job. completely in his element serving couple chinos to the guests in this cafe waiting tables this is first ever job and the forty year old is loving every second of it.
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i like the cafe it's big and it's nice. that's why i'm so grateful to the owner. but every night when i go to bed i thank. the others who work here have little chance of finding work elsewhere iran's job market is currently in such a bad state that over a third of college educated young iranians are unemployed for people with special needs it's become nearly impossible to find work. for most of those people there's nothing to do once they finish school they just stay at home but we're convinced it's good for them to show people that they have other abilities not just good for them it's also good for their families they're often sad because they can't do anything but here they can show just what they're capable of. more than forty people living with
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down syndrome autism work here regularity everybody pitches in doing what they can bring coffee waiting tables or entertaining the guests with music. or we have to interrupt our report because the prime minister of u.k. theresa may now taking the podium there in brussels let's take a listen. i just met with stan interest following the council's discussion of the u.k.'s request for the approval of the strasberg supplementary documents for sure six tension three article fifteen process firstly i welcome accounts approval of the weekly binding assurances in relation to the amount of backstop which i guess it was placed on your income last week. they should give extra surance to parliament that in the unlikely event the backstop is ever used it will only be temporary the u.k. and the e.u. will begin work immediately to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements
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by the end of december two thousand and twenty. after a lengthy discussion the council today also agreed subject to a successful vote next week the order to provide time for the u.k. parliament to agree and ratify a brics it deal the date of our departure will now be extended to the twenty second of may. if parliament does not agree a deal next week the e.u. council would extend article fifty until the twelfth of april at this point we would always leave with no deal or put forward an alternative plan is this involves a further extension it would mean participation in the european parliamentary elections as i've said previously i believe strongly that it would be wrong to ask people in the u.k. to participate in these elections three years after voting to leave the e.u. . well the decision today underlines is the importance of the house of commons passing
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a break that deal next week so that we can bring an end to the uncertainty and leave in a smooth and orderly manner. tomorrow morning i will be returning to the u.k. and working hard to build support for getting the deal through. i know m.p.'s on all sides of the debate have passionate views and i respect those different positions last night i expressed my frustration and i know that m.p.'s are frustrated to have to forego jobs to do i hope we can all agree we are now at the moment of decision and i will make every effort to ensure that we are able to leave with a deal that move our country forward. laura. and thanks very much prime minister b.b.c. news doesn't this delay just disposing that i lend my you still find yourself and what is it that makes you think you have
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a chance of passing your vote next week in can you can fire you will definitely hold a start meaningful vote next week and i know you've expressed what appears to be some regret from how the remarks you made last night about m.p.'s you think actually you should apologize for the remarks you made about what parliament has done well first of all as i said in relation to members of parliament there are a passionately held views on all sides of this argument and yes as i said last night i expressed frustration by no m.p.'s a frustration or two but i'm very grateful to those m.p.'s you have supported the deal to come around to supporting the deal having not previously done so and all those and pieces that i've been meeting across the house and talking to about the issues that they are concerned about in relation to this deal but i think what this decision tonight does is show the clear choice that is available. and when peace getting the deal through next week in
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a meaningful vote means that we can have that extension to the twenty second of may yes our latest. through this on the referendum leave the european union and do it in an orderly manner. not getting through means that we will obviously is the council has said come back to the council before the bells of april with a plan for the way for the way forward. that if it involves that further extension would mean us candidates being stored in the european parliamentary elections i think the choice is clear for people james. probably will trust listed for options now before april the twelfth deal no deal extend. all revoke. we know that your first choice is deal but to help us understand your thinking could you not rank in order of preference those are the three choices is no deal your second choice. i am working to ensure that we
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can leave the european union with a deal you mentioned a fourth choice of revoking article fifty i do not believe that we should be revoking article fifty that is not something we should be doing so this reason we gave the choice as to whether to stay in the european union or leave the european union to the british people they voted in two thousand and sixteen they socially to leave the government at the time said we would all know and respect the decision at the last general election eighty percent of the votes were cast the numbers of parliament to start on a manifesto to all of that decision respect the referendum i think the time is now to deliver for the british people that i'm is now to make the decision. i think for risk i mean you can you can see what will happen if you will to yield and they wanted to pass but just say it doesn't if the deal does the message is
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a deal doesn't pass next week that you will bring forward the yes side it will change the dates of the twelfth of april. we use therefore also hold to promised a sequence of indicative very different plans in the house of commons will come about as will be revealed when i stand by the commitments that we've made both in state legislative commitment for nation the house of commons and obviously the commitments that the chance of lancaster has made in the in the house of commons the decision been taken by the european union council and obviously to which we have a great does mean that there is now that different ages the twelfth of april i believe this is important it gives us the opportunity m.p.'s next week to look at the choices that clearly face them we can leave with a deal in an orderly manner has extensions the twenty second of may or if we don't get that deal through if we don't get that through before as well as of april we have to come forward with another plan and it's a plan means
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a further extension it means standing in those european parliamentary elections that tom. thank you prime minister you so the house of commons on wednesday that if you want it was not passed and i quote the house will have to decide how to proceed can you confirm with the house to the size to proceed with a long delay or a sauce to practices or a customs union you will the night that i was very clear that we need to work with the house to decide how to proceed if we if we don't get the deal through this week but i think what's nice decision from the council has done is very clean very frame for people the choices that will be available to them i continue to believe that the best route for the united kingdom is to all of the referendum result to leave the european union to do it in an orderly manner that means with a deal the deal is that the option is there for members of parliament i believe it's important that we do see that going through and that we are able to leave in
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that orderly orderly way jason. thank you just in goes for the daily mail we have going to leave the province where we've got we're going to hold a new date here yesterday you said to be suggesting you wouldn't ever sanction a longer delay now you're talking about it again will you ever sanction along with delight it was that bad line for you is this it this is the law states where we're going to say about drugs or the still first question is yes we will be leaving the european union and i absolutely believe that it is the duty of parliament to deliver on that result of the referendum i also believe that it is better for the u.k. if we can do that with a negotiated deal to do that in an orderly smooth and orderly manner that's what tonight's decision from the council enables us to do but i think it is important that we recognize i hope all m.p.'s would agree with me that we are now at that moment of decision now take a couple of more is andy here from p.s.a.
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yes. and he would cut from. the press association prime minister there's a petition on the college website that is now gained more than two million signatures all skewed to ruth cause school fifty or you confident that it is still the will of the british people to leave the european union or even if any chance that opinion has shifted since two thousand and sixteen well if you don't actually what happened in the referendum we saw all the biggest democratic exercise in our history we saw many people who'd either never voted for four or not for many years turning out to vote in that referendum and there was a clear result that we should leave the european union and i think that it's important if we want to show that we can be trusted as politicians to respect a decision that we gave to the people we didn't say tell us what you think and
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we'll think about it we said here's the vote what is your decision and we will deliver on it and i believe it is our duty. as a government as a parliament to deliver on that stage and other final question i'll take is there somebody here from deutsche of ella yes sorry yes. german broadcaster prime minister you put some of the blame about the situation that the u.k. is in on the house of commons yesterday you put some of the blame on yourself as well and would you do things differently especially dealing with the e.u. given the fact that today again you did not get what you wanted because you want another extension until the thirtieth of june and that's what you got well throughout these negotiations of course they've been tough sides have had their interests they've been promoting their interests i believe and any negotiation involves a degree of compromise i believe we have got
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a good deal on the table that's why i continue to promote that to my tale and also if we look at what has happened tonight there was always a tension as the days between the various legal risks around the european parliamentary elections and i recognise that was that that was that but i believe what we now have in terms of the council's decision is a very clear framework within which these can operate they know what the choices are but it's now is the image decision we get through this week we can leave on the twenty second of may with that deal with that deal ratified if we don't get to five through the next week we will have to propose a different way forward to the european union and involves an extension then they would say that we should hold those european parliamentary elections it's right to be in a situation of holding european parliamentary elections three years on from people having very easy to leave thing here i think they would rightly question why it was
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that they were then being asked to elect people to an organization part of an organization that i had already voysey to leave thank you. that was u.k. prime minister to resign may addressing from the podium there the gathered reporters answering a few questions as well and joining us is correspondent bob or of easel she is in brussels for us now barbara this announcement to postpone from british prime minister threesome may this is kind of the dilemma right so she doesn't have enough support in the u.k. parliament for a withdrawal agreement what will happen then if she doesn't get that deal past interim if we end up at this deadline of able twelve. yeah i mean the funny thing is that the e.u. has just to tend to it tiny bit of road to kick the can down on because she said
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she is modest gain just two weeks she needs to push the deal through next week everybody knows that it is very very unlikely she talked about building support now to to get the necessary votes and there that question sort of asked the question sort of is in the room. what has she been doing all this time since mid january when the deal was for the first time beaten resound and so it is we're here to resume a repeating herself and she was from reports from what we heard what happened here in the room she didn't have any and says to give to the e.u. leaders either they asked for a plan b. what will you do when you can't get the deal through next week what will you and she just didn't have an answer and so we see the same spectacle repeating itself and it seems in a way if you look at the realities of the situation that the eleventh of april
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might be the new twenty ninth of march. now barbara what about the back stop on the border in ireland we did hear her mention that in the press conference did recently get any new concessions out of the you tonight in terms about. no absolutely nothing changed but the e.u. had made that clear before hand we're not going to give any further concessions we're not going to anything we're not going to add anything this is it what they did do was sort of formalize the concessions and the assurances they had given her and strauss book just two weeks ago and they are sort of going to be formally edited to the it was drawl agreement which makes them then legally binding so that is something she can take back to london that is also something that she might use to sort of take own to. the deal to that was draw agreement and convince the speaker that this is now something else because remember just a couple days ago john bercow the speaker came out and said you know you know stop
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this nonsense we can present the same law and the same deal in parliament again and again till the vote it's. less it is substantially changed you can't really come come back with it now she might try to just tach those assurances and then sort of bring it back to parliament so now look this is a somewhat changed deal and now please say yes to it but still chances are slight that this is going to happen. now donald earlier you had his prague press conference he mentioned that there could be four options where we go from here there could be a deal bracks at a no deal bracks that there could be yet another extension or article fifty could be revoked now we just heard prime minister theresa may say that she does not think that article fifty should be provoked she mentioned that in the press conference what are the chances are is it possible that her government could still end up revoking bracks and somewhere down the line. as long as treason may is
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prime minister that is very unlikely because she has really dark herself in we also heard her say you dig yourself in with regard to a long extension she said again as she has reiterated dozens of times that britain wants to leave the vote to years ago voted to leave the european union now they should have this breaks that they wanted and so it will long extension would be somehow cheating and so that is one of his stock phrases really so she's against a long extension she's against revoking article fifty what is left is only she gets the deal through or there is going to be a cliff on the on the eleventh of april so that is really what this. bolos down to now situation politically in london is fluid trees i'm a might not stay in office she might not last throughout the next week we don't
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know all this and so things could still move but the e.u. has done is given britain just a tiny bit of room to maneuver just two weeks to the eleventh of april to figure out can we do something differently of course there's even less time to maneuver in terms of bringing this deal back to the parliament and you can get an approval there hasn't been enough changes and of will that get approved. that is the question that john bercow the speaker is going to have to decide are there enough changes. quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week pusey been busy morning up to the christ church attacks on quadriga when asked about possible links between the suspected perpetrator conduct stream breitling group some books the role of social media played in spreading his propaganda to
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join us shortly. which of it can be. sure link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of these eat and while with safety deputed comes to much traffic on join us on facebook w africa. we make up of what we watch as a half of the under section five we are the seventy seven percent. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters testings share their stories their dreams. they're challenging. the seventy seven percent. platform for her.
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to continue. to. make groups with boring stiff. party chair musicians from around the world. live. every week t.w. . female. britons hurtling towards the exit from the european union now a study shows what financial stress is disorderly calls in the u.k. and outside also coming up during a denim styled iconic jeans brand levi strauss is back on the new york stock exchange we'll get the latest from our markets correspondent and no peter no
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problem german micro distillers all trying to woo aficionados. i'm.


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