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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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as an eighteen he has denied any wrongdoing. this is d.w. news live from berlin yes we are leaving the e.u. says to reason may just not quite yet the e.u. confirms the shorts for exit extension and prime minister theresa may says u.k. lawmakers must now realize this is the quote moment of decision so will this stop the u.k. from crashing out of the you still get analysis from prospects. i'm calm as men welcome to the program e.u. leaders have offered the u.k. two options for bret's a deadline extension delaying by several weeks but not eliminating the threat of a chaotic british bank that british prime minister theresa may said the delay offers a clear choice for british politicians and that this must now be the moment of
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decision following you talks that went late into the night european council president donald tusk explained the bracks and options now on offer to the u.k. in the first scenario that is if there was zero agreement passed by the house of commons next week. they would be able to agree still extension until the may. defect and so will you if this. is not approved by the house of commons next week. they would be able to also agrees to an extension until the. twentieth of april twelfth. while expecting to indicate their way forward. what this means in practice is. it. all options remain open.
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british prime minister to resign may had to wait on the sidelines for several hours at the u. summit in brussels on thursday while the other european leaders debated whether and how to offer of the u.k. a bracks a delay speaking after that delay was confirmed may welcomed their decision even though it was shorter than much asked for what the decision today underlines is the importance of the house of commons passing a brics it deal next week so that we can bring an end to the uncertainty i believe in a smooth and orderly manner. tomorrow morning i will be returning to the u.k. and working hard to build support for getting the deal through. i know when peace on all sides of the debate has passionate views and i respect those different positions last night i expressed my frustration and i know that m.p.'s frustration i have to fill jobs to do. i hope we can all agree we are now at the moment of
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decision and i will make every effort to ensure that we are able to leave with a deal and move country for u.k. prime minister there saying we are at the moment of decision that moment talk all night and i'm joined now by our brussels bureau chief max hoffman who is in brussels for us look max nothing is simple with price it right at this extension deal is no exception we have these two dates in fact in this deal april twelfth and may twenty second can you first just walk us through some of the complicated details here. nothing is ever simple but it all starts next week when presumably the house of commons will vote for a third time on the withdrawal agreement so that's the divorce the e.u. and the u.k. negotiated for the last years and the house of commons already has rejected twice to be fair but it seems to reason may the prime minister of the u.k. is rather optimistic that if she really gets that third vote she might be able to
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push it through let's say just for the sake of it she does in that case there's an automatic extension until the twenty second of may that would be a technical extension because even if the house of commons approves they would need some time to implement that decision into the into u.k. laws so that that's probably the simplest of the options now the unfortunately it's not the most likely one the most likely one is that the house of commons will reject this deal as they have done twice before and then the extension gets shortened until the twelfth of april doesn't mean that there will really be a briggs because. president of the european council was asked exactly that question and he said everything is still on the table until that day so even a very long extension could be possible if and that's the big if the u.k. participates in the european elections in may also a no brainer deal bragg's it would be possible at that moment so to sum it up karl
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they have kicked the can down the road two weeks. now max theresa may she came into brussels in a tough position she was asking for an extension to join june thirtieth she didn't get that how satisfied do you think theresa may is with this outcome. by aster that question she felt about the fact that she again didn't get what she came for here in brussels and she basically brushed it off saying that this was part of the the nature of something like that that there needed to be to be compromise which is obvious of course the european union is all about about compromise but the question really is how does this change anything for the recent made because. most likely outcome at this moment is that the deal that withdrawal agreement will be rejected for a third time in the house of commons next week even if it even is put up for another vote because the speaker of the house of commons rejected it for
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a third vote this week so there might be some kind of change for him to put it up next week so most likely outcome it gets rejected and then they have another two weeks basically to sort things out and why should any kind of majority emerge during that time or anything substantial really change except maybe for the u.k. having a new prime minister to resign may steps down but those who know or say that's unlikely to happen because she has been. maybe not many things but one thing she has been and that was that's tough she's tough. and she's deaf and been tough there is these niggas. nations however. you were touching on this how much confidence do you think e.u. leaders have in may's ability to go home now and get those m.p.'s to accept the deal that she has already to go shaded in fact this extension deal as to possibilities maybe that's even implying that they don't have a whole lot of confidence in her. well i think i could answer that they're very
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short way they have absolutely zero confidence here that theresa may is able to deliver on that with all agree with that why should it she's failed twice she's not speaking on behalf of anybody it seems things she promised failed to materialize and. it's not you know rocket sides it's not hard analysis that brings us to this conclusion even the parliamentarians back home say exactly the same things so that is why by the way the leaders took matters into their own hands building this two step system and did not follow the lead up to resubmit they'd said we need to avoid a no deal bragg's it next week we need to make sure that we have at least a small extension maybe just to get ready for some of the basic things that they need to get ready for in the case of a no deal bragg's it and maybe even giving the chance for whoever follows theresa
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may is that ever happens in the near future is to say then to give him a chance maybe to ask for a long extension to participate in european elections and maybe would call the second referendum or snap elections massive in about forty seconds left i think what a lot of people do want to know is is there any chance any path for the u.k. still to remain in the e.u. . you know all options are on the table if they apply for a long extension participate in the european elections who knows what will happen all right max often after a long night there in brussels thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of people have traveled to christ church to attend a muslim call to prayer marking one week since a gunman killed fifty people in a terror attack against two mosques in the city the memorial comes
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a day after the government announced its plan to ban semiautomatic and military style weapons by next month u.s. president donald trump is said that the golan heights should become a recognized part of israel after fifty two years it's time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights that's what trump tweeted israel's claim to the territory is not recognized by the international community. former brazilian president michel has been arrested in connection with a large scale corruption investigation prosecutors say de mer was arrested on charges related to alleged graft in the construction of a nuclear power plant ten of us presidents of brazil from twenty sixteen to twenty eighteen he has denied any wrongdoing. almost one hundred people have drowned after a ferry capsized on the tigris river close to the iraqi city of mosul most of the
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victims were women and children celebrating the kurdish new year and the arrival of spring the boat was crossing the river and heading towards an amusement park iraqi prime minister adel declared three days of national mourning. the lucky survivors coming on shore. this father had feared he would never see his children again. many didn't make it out of the water alive after the boat fairing them across the tigris overturned. carried off by the currents they drowned as horrified bystanders looked on. some risk their own life to help. mosul is no stranger to disaster iraq's second largest city was ravaged by the war against the so-called islamic state liberated from the terror group after months of bitter fighting in two thousand and seventeen its inhabitants desperately crave a return to normality the amusement parks restaurants and cafes on this stretch of
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the river had offered an escape from the tough post-war reality. but it's here that horror returned to mosul. thursday was world down syndrome day millions of people are born with the genetic condition and many struggle to integrate fully into society but there are some exceptions and that takes us to a cafe in the iranian capital tehran you can get a cup of coffee and a lesson in the benefits of giving people with down syndrome a chance to hold down a job. in the cut down this completely in his element serving couple chinos to the guests in this cafe waiting tables this is first ever job and the forty year old is loving every second of it. you know i like the cafe it's big and it's nice. that's why i'm so grateful to the
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owner. that every night when i go to bed i thank. the others who work here have little chance of finding work elsewhere iran's job market is currently in such a bad state that over a third of college educated young iranians are unemployed for people with special needs it's become nearly impossible to find work. for most of those people there's nothing to do once they finish school they just stay at home but we're convinced it's good for them to show people that they have other abilities not just good for them it's also good for their families they're often sad because they can't do anything but here they can show just what they're capable of. more than forty people living with down syndrome autism work here regularity everybody pitches in doing what they can
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brewing coffee waiting tables or entertaining the guests with music. they all get paid for their work except for the cafe owner he she runs a deficit every month there are very few government programs to support social projects like this one in the islamic republic. we've never received support from any kind of organization it's a completely independent project founded and finance privately or totally self dependent. giving up is not an option because every day she sees just how much this work means to him ron and the others. i used to just be with my father. but father look at me. i finally made it. i'm famous
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and go through life with my. c. . with a positive attitude imran and his colleagues have created an atmosphere found nowhere else in the islamic republic. no other cafe here in iran could get away with this level of frivolity imran and the others are making the best of being a little bit different and have transformed. into a place that's bursting with positivity. you're watching the news live from berlin more news at the top of the hour and don't forget all the latest headlines are available around the clock on our web site that's dot com. thanks for watching.
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britain's hurtling towards exit from the european union now a study shows what financial stress disorder would cause in the u.k. and outside also coming up during a denim styled iconic jeans brand levi strauss is back on the new york stock exchange we'll get the latest from our markets correspondent and no peter no problem with german micro distillers are trying to woo whiskey aficionados. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program the likelihood of britain's departure from the e.u. in less than ten days without a deal still looms ominously and the costs of such a no deal brags it would be high for both the u.k. and e.u. members germany's bertelsmann foundation now that the math. a no deal breaks it
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would hit the heavily industrialized german state of north rhine-westphalia particularly hard the state's top three exports to the u.k. include cars chemical products and mechanical engineering services the tariffs and other tried barriers will make products and services more expensive this ensures that prices rise and that people can buy less with their incomes the second factor is competition with a bricks it competition becomes weaker the battle for the best products and services is decreasing. of course and no deal breaks it would hit brits the hottest with each losing nine hundred euros per year on average they would also be significant losses for the germans and the french as well as other europeans. the bertelsmann study says china and the u.s. will be the main breaks it winners both would become more attractive trading partners for the u.k. but london is going to have its work cut out to secure deals as good as those it
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had with the e.u. . chinese president jiang ping has started a five day tour of europe which will take him to italy france and monaco mr she's a plane touched down outside roll on thursday afternoon italy is seen as a promising partner for china's belt and road infrastructure initiative as its ports and motorways are for easy access to europe's markets and the deep water port of fiesta is seen as playing a significant role in this venture. from a distance trysts new port area built on reclaimed land doesn't look like much yet in future this section of the harbor may be operated by china as a trance shipment point for markets in central and eastern europe the northeastern italian city is currently celebrating the port of tree s three hundredth birthday for local politicians and businesses china's planned investment is a huge opportunity see a theme that we don't want to sell the port we just want to rent it out i see that
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as a huge economic opportunity for the entire region. are you know. it's not that china is offering us something to participate in the delta road we have something to offer them a stake in the harbor that's how you have to see it we've been developing this port for four years now. the harbor basin is eighteen meters deep meaning that even large container ships can unload their cargo here china has already purchased a majority stake in the greek port of paris in the mediterranean tree asked in the northern adriatic would be a further foothold in the region. the european union is investing around one hundred thirty five million euros in the port that sorely needed to modernize much of the infrastructure. i put cash strapped is really also welcomes financial backing from china there's only occasional criticism of its role as a strategic investor. but your. only. anyone is thinking
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about the role china is taking on in the world but if i just think about how they treat their workers then i don't know if they're the right partner for us and with that can have a good future but it would be worth the trouble such concerns aside most interests see only positives and becoming a further gateway to europe for china's belt and road initiative. now there are some rules that the new york stock exchange has upheld to this day one of them no business attire no entry meaning if you're wearing jeans you're better off getting in line at the hot dog stands on broadway on thursday these rules were relaxed traders showed up wearing denim pants and jackets the reason for the unusual dress code levi strauss one of the world's best known jeans brands made its way back onto the stock exchange after thirty four years of absence. now levi's shares were
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up more than thirty percent of thursday's trading session i guess that's what a successful i.p.o. looks like and there could be more of this to come here as a wall street correspondent yes quarter with more. it's a promising start to a year that could see new records when it comes to i.p.o.'s overall some analysts on wall street estimate that with new companies coming to the stock exchange the wall street might raise about one hundred billion dollars that would be a new record and exceed the former record that still holds from the year two thousand we remember the time of the adopt a bubble in the next couple of weeks and months we get some other heavyweights coming here to the stock exchange and of next week we will get lift a little later we will get other companies like we were pin to rest. or be my follow and now for levi's they could probably use the money and also
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a try to attract more women than if we look at past year the overall five point six billion dollars in revenue for four billion got made with men so female business is still far behind when it comes to levi's and scored a reporting from new york there and strangle on one of africa's leading oil producers so you'd think the country would be awash with cheap fuel well that's not the case and no one seems to know why drivers in the capital are having to sit for ages and they think use just to fill up their tanks. making a living is not easy in the wand and for those who have to drive for a living the gosh shortage can be a real problem. since yesterday have hardly been able to ride the worksheet to a lack of fuel and we know almost nothing about the shortage now while the gas stations and cars and are in the same situation. sabina's having no success either
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. i went to sixty below that success and this is where i could find gas that's why i got in this huge queue i don't know what time of the service. you know my feeling the. previous gosselin shortages were blamed on late payments to suppliers but the current problems remain mysterious and gold is the second largest oil producing country in sub-saharan africa the country produces one and a half million barrels of oil per day which comprises ninety percent of angola's exports and seventy percent of revenues leaving drivers there wondering where is all that gas gone tobacco sales in zimbabwe are expected to dip this year as farmers grapple with the fallout of a recent drought it's a blow to the economy which is currently in the grips of a currency crisis after mining tobacco is the country's second biggest earner of foreign exchange the industry employs some one hundred seventy thousand people most of whom work on small scale farms over the past decade rising demand from china in
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particular has helped boost sales german car giant for its way and says it plans to work with swedish cell start up north volt and other companies from seventy you member states to develop batteries for electric cars for swag said in a statement its so-called european battery union will handle the entire production chain from for batteries from raw materials cell technology all the way through recycling w didn't want to name any of the other partners but that no other car makers were involved that's what the company stated the word whiskey make them juror images of scottish glens or the hills of tennessee an increasing number of people here in germany have also been developing a taste for the temple now micro distilleries are popping up all of the countries but are they ready to give the multinational distiller giants a run for their money. nestled in
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a small time in about an hour's drive from berlin is the distillery a place where workers pride themselves for having a nose for quality. it was always something we really love because we used to work involves made lots of cocktails with with the right whiskey and so we said ok that's going to be our focus the operation is just one example of a growing trend there are now more whisky distillers in germany than in scotland. typically they produce tiny quantities compared to their scottish counterparts but what they lack in scale they make up for with other advantages in contrast to scotland's export oriented whisky industry german distillers cater primarily for the domestic market making them far more immune to two looming political threats an unruly practices and the possibility of u.s.
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tariffs to pollution that what's the political situation we're currently facing such as breakfast with the present government in the united states they're not scaring off german distillers. shut up at the moment we're still mostly trading nationally but we're not setting any limits for the future. for now though german distillers are choosing to stay domestic enabling them to serve their frisky with a hint of confidence. and finally after three years of planning and building it's time to raise the anchor the new cruise ship spectrum of the seas has left the shipyard of pop and bird here in germany nearly three hundred fifty meters long the luxury liner was steered out of the north sea on the river. and space for four thousand passengers will be in service for royal caribbean as part of its ultra class serving destinations in asia. and we say.
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that's our show back to tomorrow thanks for watching.
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the power of commerce in business they make a statement and entice fires to congress representing the brain. tumors and sometimes called. their quiet but powerful ambassadors who help companies stay in the black. color matters on made in germany. the all.
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the extra begin. to. really know their stuff. the good and the funny. thirty inches. from around the world. every week. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe nice to have you with us deal no deal or delay the chaos surrounding brags it has be will there are lots of europe but the longer
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politicians in london debate over when and how the u.k. should leave you the more dangerous the situation is becoming in northern ireland it is.


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