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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't. there wasn't really a. need to reinforce a controversial leader whose success is beyond question the good times. and the london tragedy starts april fifth on d w. is the free internet on the threads in europe that's the e.u. tries to protect artists copyrights and revenue streams with new legislation demonstrations are planned across europe and vicky pedia shuts down its local sites in protest. and for the first time in four years top management of dogs of banks is paying itself bonuses again fifteen million for the top management while a looming merger with a local rival threatens thousands of jobs. also the show good bye scotland hello
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bruns a bug out german distil is trying to break into the lucrative market for high end with. this is deemed of your business i was in berlin welcome does you lose believe the critics the free internet in europe is under threat proponents of the sector are up in arms because pedia shut down its national science in germany and all the e.u. countries yesterday in protest against the use haphazard attempt to better protect copyright the e.u. wants to make providers like facebook all huge super sponsible for copyright violations they use this commits on their sites for vida's now threaten to employ special algorithms so-called upload filters to block users from up loading content containing copyrighted material is more. who on earth would ban this song from the web.
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well you two might do it for one. if the new e.u. copyright directive comes into force content sharing platform such as you tube might end up using automatic upload filters to prevent copyrighted songs or photos with registered logos from being posted on social media there are concerns that posts containing users' own cover versions are holiday snaps which would be allowed under the new rules might also be erased by faulty content matching technology and that the filtering software might not recognize humorous posts like me. critics of the e.u. wide directive say it could end the free exchange of information on the web some
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fear the new barriers with effectively isolate europe from part of the internet supporters of the measures dismiss such objections as scaremongering they say the new rules will mainly affect a few commercial platforms and they emphasize that the directive addresses a problem that artists have long been unhappy about. that's the thing that the creative community has been demanding for years namely to be paid for content and for content to be licensed is going to happen. but if a viral rendition like this vanished it might leave the web a less friendly. is another example of what that could mean let me show you a video a friend of mine made of his son harvey making caught wheels you listen closely the radio is on in the background. and that lady gaga
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playing so in future my friend wants to put this on you tube all facebook to share it with his friends and family becomes because music in the back. shed more light on what that all means we're talking to some of the now he's with eco that's the german lobby group for internet companies or the european group for internet companies. is this the only problem what we've just seen that hardly means that freedom of speech is under threat doesn't. well you're just after america in the future every content which is being uploaded to reenter it doesn't matter if it's a picture if it's music or video well it is controlled by a river and i'm very checked if it's kind of a lie and very i think are behind this arc of evil and we say we don't want to be controlled by algorithm because of the law which are. obviously trying to.
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say for copyright he said yes to copyright but he said no to other focus but what i mean did you do enough they you one of the lobby groups why didn't you influence legislation in europe better. we did we did the last years actually and in the last year we had a little success. in the area that the parliament voted against the last. draft of this law and now we still hope that the parliament is going to decide again against this law because we think that the collateral damage of this law will be to be just to prevent the copyright we need some smart a law in this case did you make it very concrete suggestions that you say we need small the laws is there is there any concrete suggestion that you could make. and they are a lot of gears on the table but we have the problem that the router fos was really
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not listening he had a mission obviously he wanted to fulfil these mission we did separate talks tried to show him what will be alternatives just maybe in the text of the article thirteen in this case but at the end we have an article thirty we can support i mean the whole copyright reform has different articles of different problems to call their office another one to focus on the upload filters they think this will be the biggest damage they will prevent if they vote for this law do you really see evil forces at work there or is this just collateral glassful damage the fact that free speech might be infringed upon. i mean if you will. if you're a political if you are in talks of all the experts and afterwards you still think it's the best idea to prevent upload photos even for example the german government
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in this coalition contract said no to upload filters and now the whole coalition says well yes we need some maybe some ideas to work around i mean what is the idea behind that everyone knows this is a problem if you have once installed the infrastructure for censorship they will use it now for copyright later maybe for something else this is something we have to prevent now briefly if you can what's landfall tomorrow. i mean this is something we're a little bit proud of it the young generation is demonstrating because they see in their daily life what's going to have for impact this kind of lore and i mean we want to have the voters actively european politics now they succeed and i think we will see all over europe in different countries a lot of young people and other people of course. they demonstrate against this law
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and it shows just the european politicians who are going to decide they have no idea about what that means if they vote for it but we still hope parliament will vote against it. thank you very much. there's been another data security lapse at facebook the social network admitted it's stored hundreds of millions of views the passwords in plain text on encrypted and readable by more than twenty thousand staff at the social media network facebook claims the data was kept on internals so it wouldn't have been accessible from outside the company it also says it had detected any abuse by employees but that it wants to inform effect it uses as a precaution. germany and the doj a bank will publish its annual report today with some good news for the top brass at least for the first time in four years top management is paid bonuses seven million euros for c. . and just over fifty million for the entire top management and one point nine
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billion euros in total bonuses split amongst ninety thousand employees in wa controversial measure talks between germany's biggest lender and its local rival are still under way. let's go straight to france that our correspondent who's in figure out today any surprises. well get the high payment for the management board are a bit of a surprise given the difficult situation that though it's a bank is in christiane saving and his colleagues of the management board were paid eighty seven percent more than in the previous year of course this has to do with the fact that deutsche bank managed to return to a net profit but of course given you know the situation of the bank the merger talks with co matts bank those high payments are matter of very intensive
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discussion here in frankfurt germany financial center magic what are you hearing about that those merger talks are they going. well yesterday at a meeting of the supervisory board saving is reported to have argued in favor of such a merger what's also reported is that the jew diligence has already started which is you know the process when both banks evaluate each other and what i can also tell you. is that investors are still very skeptical share price eight percent lower than last monday. george investors as usual disappointed thank you very much for now when you hear the word whiskey you might think of the stock as highlights but as an increasing number of connoisseurs across europe have been developing taste for local whiskies produces here want a piece of that market to it so why can't he come from broad bards. nestled in
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a small town in about an hour's drive from berlin is the distillery a place where workers pride themselves for having a nose for quality. he was always something we really love because we used to work involves lots of cocktails with the right whiskey and so we said ok that's going to be our focus the operation is just one example of a growing trend there are now more with few distillers in germany than in scotland . typically they produce tiny quantities compared to their scottish counterparts. but what they lack in scale they make up for with other advantages in contrast to scotland's export oriented whisky industry german distillers cater primarily for the domestic market making them far more immune to two looming political threats an unruly practices and the possibility of u.s.
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tariffs to police. the political situation we're currently facing such as breakfast with the present government in the united states they're not scaring off german distillers. up at the moment we're still mostly trading nationally but we're not setting any limits for the future. for now though german distillers are choosing to stay domestic enabling them to serve their whiskey with a hint of confidence. and that's all your business card them stead is next with thanks for watching.
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earth. or saving google does tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions. has been a series of global three thousand on d. w. and online. dictionaries begin to. show their stuff. off. the cards with the good morning stephanie.
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chats with musicians from around the world. every week on t.w. . greetings am from berlin and welcome to news from arts and culture with me karen house stead and i'll be joined shortly by a man who has mastered the art of immersing the masses in his music. germany's most successful electronic music artist has just released his tenth studio album or or morning hour which he says is one of his most diverse a musical journey with an impressive list of guest musicians.
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but first springtime in leipzig in eats or eastern germany means that bookworms literally come out of the woodwork the likes of book fair is the second largest in germany after frankfurt and one of its big events is the annual likes of book award for european understanding. awarded on wednesday night to the russian american journalist author and activist mush i guess than a long time and very outspoken critic of russian president vladimir putin and his brand of strongman politics she was awarded the prize for her book the future is history how totalitarianism reclaimed russia which judges have said offers a persuasive lifeline in times when the flames of intolerance are spreading like wildfire here's what she says about her book. russia's future.

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