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but everyone has a right to. everyone has the right to say. the but. the but. this is the w.'s line from berlin back to square one the british prime minister buys more time for brags that theresa may is back in downing street but if she can persuade british lawmakers to pass her deal this time the u.k. will only have a couple more weeks to propose an alternative way forward so that all breaks it
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options are wide open while the prime minister's own position grows more perilous also coming up. we of procuring the pocket. book. we brokered. a message to new zealand from a new mom whose mosque was attacked in christ church one week on from the shooting that claimed fifty lives a nation pauses for empathy and unity. and will meet to work the fans from english who are planning a trip to the rugby world cup in japan and get this it promises to be quite a journey especially because it's by bike. thank you so much for your company everyone well we begin this broadcast in the
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united kingdom where the race is on for british prime minister theresa may to come up with a way to save her briggs a deal after european union leaders agreed to delay the break that process. but sporting it beyond march twenty ninth all right let's take a look now at the timeline the next state that to bear in mind is march twenty sixth because on that day it's very likely that a vote in the british parliament will take place to approve the word drawl deal that may's government agreed with the e.u. now lawmakers as you might recall have already rejected that deal twice if they were checked again britain will likely crash out of the e.u. and that would happen on april twelfth but the u.k. can also use that time of course to find an alternative solution with the european union if the british parliament approves a deal however the deadline for an orderly brags that will be extended may twenty second donald tosca the u.
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council president welcomed the european union's unanimous decision to delay bragg's it take a listen to what he said. drags it the real cause so. much decisions by the e.u. . and the u.k. to delay that cleavage allow for an extension. so i am really happy about this development as i said yesterday it remains that the very proof and the thing that possible. do you. decided to rethink its strategy all is ok to go through fifty which is a priority for the u.k. government. the fate of. so far of british friends all right so much to digest let's go straight to brussels to do you have a correspondent barbara ways or who is standing by barbara last night in the
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leaders agreed to extend the deadline beyond march twenty ninth giving the u.k. some breathing space why did it take them so long to reach that decision and are they satisfied with the outcome give us a post-mortem. there is one really simple reason because there are twenty seven so if everybody only gets ten minutes to talk about bracks it and what he thinks about it and how he or she things their country are affected by it then we do the calculation this drags on and then of course somebody says something somebody is sort of gives a. counter speech and says no no let's not do this it's a strategic trap and so on it's of course as soon as they start talking about strategies things get more difficult away ever in general quite united in what they wanted it was just they were just more dates bandied around somebody joked last night one of the diplomats here is at the council and then you find on tinder so
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basically they in the end got to they got together and they figured out that this would be a smart solution and today actually everybody was quite content with themselves not only and the americans said yes we avoided this live action we've given britain a bit of time but they know really need to get their act together we can't do anything if they don't decide and also mundell mcclung the french president he was quite happy and said yes this is what we needed kuna meant unanimity and to act together and not to sort of have the european project taking pasta. by the brits so that is that front has been closed again and everybody goes into the weekend smiling all right while smiling so the ball is back into the court of the u.k. leaders in brussels now i i'm expecting are waiting to see what london's next move will be. absolutely and there seems to be a certain amount of movement there and when we think back to last night what happened here at the council was that leaders had to reason may in here for an hour
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and a half that's a long time and asked her over and over again what is your plan b. if you parliament rejects the deal again what will you do and she didn't have a single answer which is again then everybody found pretty annoying and so now in london there seems to be a certain amount of movement and everybody here will be quite happy to see that because now there seems to have been an agreement between the opposition and government to hold a series of indicate if next week that means everybody everything every possible solution to correct that is put on the table like would you like with the customs union would you like breaks it was in no way solution would you like bracks it was those of what would you like basically every sort of permutation of correct it is put on the table and this will be voted on and then you quite easily can see where the majority of the house is sort of where it is and what parliamentarians really
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want is something trees may should have done in general after she lost the vote first the first time around but now it's at the last moment it seems that some movement begins to happen in london and everybody here is sort of is quite contentious that there is some movement there on the other side of the channel what happens now after the e.u. agreed to put out drags it until at least april twelfth are there contingency plans in place for a no deal crash out of the. everybody of course warns against being over optimistic never says you know we can't believe this will you know turn out well and until we see it here and we sort of have it on paper at the council building in brussels which is going to be a couple of weeks again so contingency plans have been made the european commission has prepared to legislation for planes to keep planes flying to keep the trucks rolling over european highways to keep permits intact and lots and lots all these
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many full details of everyday life which sort of really are based on european regulation to keep things moving after it possible heartbreaks it and mario draggy the the president of the u. if the e.c. be the european central bank he criticized some european countries and said they haven't done enough and i'm going to america the german chancellor said that doesn't hold true for germany she things german industry is quite well prepared the dutch so they are quite well prepared so basically the country that the countries that will be affected most think they've done their best by visa reporting from brussels thank you. all right now as we have to stay with some of the other stories making news around the world. north korea has unexpectedly pulled its staff from an inter korean liaison office just six months after was set up well the development is a said back for peace on the peninsula it came just hours after the u.s.
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imposed the first new sanctions over the north's weapons program since the collapse of talks last month. the united nations world food program has started early fitting supplies to parts of mozambique that have been cut off by severe flooding all the u.s. says it has delivered aid to some twenty thousand people so far mozambique was hit by one of its worst storms in decades last week. in paris police have banned lead yellow vests protests from taking place on the shelves in these eight on saturday one week after hundreds of anti-government demonstrators rioted a mood of shops on this famous boulevard called the decision comes after french president and many were not calling me the controversial decision to call in the army to curb the violence. back here in germany a police have arrested eleven people in an antiterrorism raid near the city of
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frankfurt some two hundred police commandos were dispatched in two areas of the western germany among the nearly a dozen people arrested are three primary suspects a twenty one year old and two thirty one year old brothers well they're accused of planning a terror attack to kill non muslims the three allegedly rented a large vehicle and made contact with arms dealers are at let's get you some more on this developing story we did correspondent a mix of young men who joins me now for more on this story a marks and mark so what more have you learned. well we as we've just heard we know now that these arrests have taken place today and that the alleged attack was planned to quote kill as many people as possible as prosecutors said today the suspects were allegedly planning a tag including a vehicle and firearms to kill these people as was planned and yes that's as far as
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we know all right and do we know how far these suspects were in planning. planning to go in their plot. so what we know so far is that they had already contacted arms dealers to acquire weapons for the attack we already know that they had rented a car for the a planned attack and we know that there would he have the funds to acquire those weapons and pay the car so there was already contact with other funding groups that were helping them in this planning who has been arrested do we know more about the suspects what we know is that there were eleven suspects all in total have been arrested today there were twenty police men involved in the the arrests around the area of frankfurt and that of the. eleven people there ten are currently being very sufficiently being invested and what we know is that these suspects are allegedly salafist so they're part of
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a very extreme so not islamist group all right. reporting on that developing story thank you for now we'll bring you of course more details as they come in. next up we shift our attention to new zealand that country has passed today to reflect on the shootings one week ago or two mosques in the city of christchurch fifty people were killed while the riff event has moved the country to unify around its muslim population long long war. the is that long the islamic call to prayer resigning in christ church after that silence falls across new zealand for two minutes the nation mourns and remembers. as many as twenty thousand people have come together at christ church as hagley park opposite the al-noor mosque targeted in friday's attack the
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most. calls the country's reaction an example of love and unity to play. the dearest. evo nation. lead. but. we have. new zealand's prime minister wearing a headscarf yet again in a sign of support and quoting islamic scripture where nearly half of the body south as the home body feels prime. new zealand mourns with. one while grief is palpable in christ's church a message of unity prevails. it was good to come to give it to you as one fun night and and all we got to don't know is
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a strong. for the muslim family and the muslims. as the government takes steps to prevent charges like this from happening again new zealanders in christchurch and across the country are determined to find a way forward as one community. while women and men in new zealand have been wearing headscarves in a display of solidarity with new zealand's muslim community they haven't called has scar for harmony was organized via social media interviews are full of reporter william glu croft is here with more on that story good to see you well so what's the idea behind this action solidarity unity are the key words here after this this horrific shooting that took place exactly a week ago today so women in new zealand want to show their support for the muslim community set up a facebook page called headscarf for harmony and it was to encourage women around the country muslim or not to were headscarf in support of women of muscle of the
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muslim community at that were affected specifically in this attack and how it was done with the consultation of a few muslim groups in new zealand to get their approval they're ok that this was an ok thing to do an ok way to show their support the page has got thousands of response by the thousands women posting selfies of themselves in head scarves as well as reasons why they've chosen to wear a headscarf on this day in support and we actually have some explanations of a few women why they decided to wear a headscarf or have that here it will be a sign of support to the woman that there's a lot you cannot talk community they are part of a community and i'm going forward i think no need to get a lot of support and i can realise that they are in this community all my primary reason was that the. issue anybody else turns up when. i want to stand between him and anybody he might be pointing at it. and i don't
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want him to tell the difference because there isn't. wow talk about solidarity there are very a powerful statement made by that woman there was some reaction been like to this to this action of course when it comes to headscarves a bit of a dicey subject because this is by some people seen as a symbol of oppression for for women in the muslim community not having equal rights to men but in the context of this shooting it's being widely embrace and very positively received we've just seen some we have some reaction online of muslim women responding quite positively we have one on the head scarf or harmony facebook page itself saying can't find enough words to thank you ladies for your support today we really appreciate all what you've done for us always united and then we have another reaction from this one on twitter with the hit with the hashtag headscarf or harmony to all those who have chosen to wear the headscarf in solidarity today and those who chose to do this in other ways know that you are
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legends respect so you see a lot of coming together a lot of unity a lot of solidarity just one more way that people new zealand are showing that they are together they are one after this horrific shooting at this mosque that happened a week ago when we cough thank you so much lately appreciate it. next stop china's president being has ordered an investigation into thursday's massive explosion at a chemical plant in the east of the country well the death toll has now risen to forty seven with more than six hundred injured it's one of china's worst industrial accidents in recent years. this shift force of the explosion that shook the city of yen chang. sent to a chemical plant with a long record of safety violations i think toxic smoke seen from all around. us all the black smoke in my house is windows and doors were all broken.
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emergency services worked around the clock to bring the blaze under control and to rescue the injured. while none of them was a member of parliament. this man clearly hurt now safe by morning the devastation all too plain to see several chemical factories once stood here the company at the center of the explosion had already been accused of thirteen health and safety violations including mishandling tanks of toxic benzene it's benzene that's thought to be the source of thursday's explosion but the cause of the blast one of china's worst industrial accidents in recent years is still being investigated.
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you're watching the news still to come. on the world of water a day report from a neighborhood in the indian capital delhi we're not a single house has running water the consequences for families living there are dire. but first the tens of thousands of protesters have again gathered in the algerian capital of algiers to step up their call for the immediate resignation of president i've been seized with a flick called after a month of demonstrations which if they said he would no longer one for a fifth term he has still not stepped down to talk more about this developing story i'm now joined here on the set by a reporter who has been tracking very closely this past months the events of turbulent events in algeria good to see you bashir a month on people are still out on the streets algerians are just not buying or beautifully selling well you know it's not really all the announcement of would
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speak to him so he was hit by a stroke some six years ago and it's his obscure who by the announcements he's name and who takes the very important decisions in the country and to return to your question for the people it's in the post as of course it's by far not enough that he or his entourage. for the first time because they're calling for a complete change and you know as much for the fist is in the reality. prolongation of the actual time until the new constitution will be approved and that's come last for many years because ok talk to us about that let's continue on that topic because there are also legal challenges not just that people want to see him gone but they're also legal challenges to the fact that he wants to stay on talk to us about that according to the actual constitution but because power. approved twenty eight and after the state he. has no legal means to exult he's the
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president and the more but the constitution is in the same time is not valued by the people because it has changed it has been changed by bush because many times in the last years of his reign in order to keep his interests or to exclude potential challenge so you have the protesters were also calling for a transition which is extra constitutional and they want all the people of the figures who are known for their integrity to lead the new transit through vision and do we expect this turns the period to take place or the regime is already preparing for. such a fuss and would freak and his clown in all that to reorganize and have the chance to to stay in power in another form and the people of it and continuing
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insisting on their wish to change the whole regime. like the slogan which they're calling during the protests that you cannot build a new ship with old plans so the next two weeks would be very decide as events recede who will win and for sure i'm a. reporter who's been tracking this developing story for us very closely thank you so much for the answer greatly appreciate it thank you. now to efforts for getting clean water to people in every corner of the globe today is world water day and the new united nations report shows how vulnerable children are when they don't have access to clean water has more on that ripple effect. in the sight of daily water is delivered twice a day in this neighborhood it's free of charge not one of these tice's has drinking water and that has consequences for these families. because even children cannot go
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to school in they want to since media because they had to go and fetch water rather than going to the scoop so the west affected and they were a little bit led to children and do we mean that the lack of access to clean water affects rural populations and refugees worldwide in twenty nine countries across the asia pacific region water resources are scarce plumbing facilities are often missing too there are no public toilet facilities for women in rural india although the government is trying to change that rising water consumption is also an issue. this is new style and just think as it is drinking water is not the only problem water consumption is increasing in general especially due to consumer behavior and eating habits we have are becoming more similar to those in western countries with lots of meat and a very high water footprint the clothes and all the other water intensive goods we consume but also affect the water crisis the have to. the united nations report
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calls in the world to recognize that clean drinking water and sanitation are human rights. and next up the twenty nine thousand rugby world cup starts a september in japan but for two avid in england fans a trip to tokyo starts right now there is cycling the whole way and hope to raise money for charity in the process. from london to tokyo as the crow flies it's over nine thousand kilometers but george cullen and ben cook will be on their bikes passing through twenty one countries all for a good cause. i think it's a chance to see the world's first and foremost bike you know you're actually. in a country feeling all the hills meaning all the people so it's for the best way to go and travel. and then raise money as well so i raise money for them i've been the foundation of the immanence foundation. looking for a thousand pounds if all goes to plan they'll arrive just in time for the rugby
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world cup in september in order to make it their travelling light along with this one luxury item. substances pretty simple many things that we need to resupply along the route of freedom water say as long as you know there's two things and should be there e it's not in six months time these two could be cheering on their rugby heroes after the ride of a lifetime. good luck to them and before i let you go remind you of the top stories that we're following for you. this hour british prime minister theresa may has returned from brussels with an extension to the brakes a deadline but the e.u. has made it conditional on the u.k. parliament passing the brig's of divorce deal next week if the deal doesn't pass parliament will take part in a series of so-called indicative votes on the direction regs it should now take the
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people of new zealand have cause for two minutes of silence they were commemorating the fifty people who were killed in a mass shooting at two mosques one week ago in the city of christchurch. you're watching need over your news coming up next cindy w. news africa. the humanitarian emergency left by say clone each day in south east africa with thousands still awaiting rescue stay tuned for an update from bahrain the worst affected area in mozambique. and africa is a great green wall a belt of trees planted planted along the side held me just in an admissions project to improve life in some of the continent's degraded landscapes. don't forget you can always get the daily news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest
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news from around the world as well as the push out of occasions for any breaking news and of course you can also use the detail you review after you send us your photos and videos. we've got lots more coming up now in detail you news africa with christine lauren do on layla iraq and berlin l.b. half of all of us here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us all see at the top of the hour.
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the thing. if. the something nice from fires came from jurors or dealing with anyone i don't know killed many civilians i mean the irish coming in cleaning my father was something i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like the stock polish or sudden my life became alledge kind of
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saw. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. what secrets lie behind these walls. find out in an immersive experience and explore the fascinating worlds cultural heritage sites the. w world heritage three sixty to feel. the city in ruins morrow a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. last. occupied the city center seventeen president to turn his response was told. by hitler it will never again football game. the reconquest turned into
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tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did not become a gateway to islamist terror as in i'll be seeing more sitting as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sun. starts it will live on g.w. . this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes thank you man it's here in emergency left by side tony di seen drinking water is scarce in mozambique where aid is still unable to reach remote regions hit by the storm we'll be talking to somebody in beirut. then the ambitious projects improve life in africa's desert regions we have a story awful greenwald planted along the sahara.


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