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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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w. . this is. mission impossible again britain's prime minister. is back in downing street after getting an extension from the. mission to persuade . but amid growing fears that she couldn't. be asked to vote. next week also. a critical and desperate situation the u.n. says hundreds of thousands of flood survivors need. to turn into devastation in its
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wake. i wrote trip to this year's rugby world cup from england. to the program. we start in the united kingdom where prime minister to recent may is trying to come up with a new way to save her brakes a deal european union leaders agreed to delay the start of delay the date of britain's withdrawal from the union and beyond next friday the prime minister was not expected to resubmit her deal to parliament for a time i have reports now suggested theresa may could skip this and instead a government could ask parliament to take part in a series of indicative votes these would offer a majority decision on the final direction bracks it should take you come so
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president don't task welcome the unanimous decision to give britain more time because as he said every option is still on the table. it also formalized last night's decisions by you. and the u.k. to delay their cleavage allow for an extension. so now i'm really happy about this development as i said yesterday it means that on the twelfth of april and the thing possible at you long extension. decided to rethink its strategy all revoking article fifty which is a priority for the u.k. government. the fate of bridget. and so far every to shreds. let's go to brussels that were overjoyed raf and doubly correspondent barbara vai's
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all welcome barbara so the decision to delay bragg's it was unanimous but was that meeting harmonious because they did seem to take an awfully long time. it took an awfully long time for one simple reason phil i mean these twenty seven prime ministers presidents and chancellors and every single one of them things that are very important and they finally really need to sort of hash it out talk about say what they maybe think about to resume after she had left the room and say put a date on the table at one point to deployment a joke that there were so many dates on the table it was like tinder and then finally sort of figure out what could be the strategy you know we need this strategy that finally after some hours emerged dinner was postponed and then they set down and said ok we give the lines just as you have just shown a short one where they need to really push it and then maybe if they get it done
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and then they can a bit more have a bit more time to figure out the legal niceties and that is the strategy we don't want to be held hostage by the crisis any more said france is a man room and right he is ok so. just as we just wait and see what what theresa may and what the british parliament do next. that is right because as we heard donald tusk say it's in the hands of our british friends it has been in their hands all the time but they let the ball drop over and over again the hopes are higher that's true isn't me under so much pressure or might even be kicked out of office or. that finally something begins to move now there are two varieties of things or two variations of things that could happen next week one is as you indicated the breaks a deal can be brought back now we hear in the meantime that the reason may might step back from that because she realizes that she would get
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a bloody nose again because the two sides in parliament the conservatives and the opposition have dug themselves in and say we will not do this not over our dead bodies so that is the one thing what happens next there might be and there are so this negotiations about ideas on the table serious of so-called indicated that means it's like a politicking you put everything on the table and then the speaker says a do you want bricks it was a customs union and then people walk out of one of it one side of parliament or the other do you want no way do you want no bricks to deal revoke to revoke optical fish and so on and so for seven variations and after that they could then go back to brussels and say see we figured out what we really want however they could have done this some months ago so hold off you just follow the public going. what presumably though brussels given the political impasse in london brussels is
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preparing for brics it to happen on the twelfth of april for the effectively everything to just that. they've done so furiously for some months already i mean since before christmas even the european commission has pasta numerous laws and legislations to figure out the rules can british trucks roll on the continent how planes going to fly because. the the airline. breaks it and so on and force is an endless listening and so they really have been doing their homework my view draggy the president he criticized some member states and said they haven't really done enough to prepare qana me but i'm going to make a pick that up and said look at the industry really has done everything it will prepare we know from the dutch they're very well prepared the french are trying to be well prepared so everybody knew this could go very wrong at the last minute that
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means weeks time april twelfth never a dull moment for now though bob revisal thank you. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the new york times is reporting that the two boeing seven three seven months airplanes have crashed in recent months both missing the safety features for which bearing had charged and mines extra one of the features would have alerted pilots to a software malfunction that investigators say might lead to disasters. tens of thousands of protesters have returned to the streets of the algerian capital to step up their calls for the president's immediate resignation after months of demonstrations president he's beautifully first his plan to run for a fifth term but the but however stopped short of stepping down. police in paris of yellow vast protesters from a show in cities say on saturday nights a week after hundreds of anti-government demonstrators rioted and looted shops open flames boulevard the decision follows french president emanuel michael's
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controversial decision to call in the army to quell the violence. thousands of people in the dutch city of utrecht of held a memorial bunch of the victims of monday's truck shooting prime minister bhutto was opposed to mormons the gunman who killed three people has confessed to the oath or issues of still investigating his moves. thousands of new zealanders attended the more than christ church nothing a week since a gunman killed fifty people in the two most in the city press with. the new mosque which was a target of one of the shootings. made women on bed in new zealand to be wearing head scarves in a display of solidarity with the country's muslim community. was organized by social media deal before to would include. what's the idea behind this well as we've seen a lot of outpouring of support and unity in new zealand this is yet one more way
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that new zealanders have been trying to come together the facebook page facebook event was launched headscarves for harmony to encourage women of all kinds in new zealand to put on the headscarf men as well but mostly women especially today the one week since the shooting at the mosque this was done in consultation with a few muslim groups in new zealand to make sure that this was an appropriate way for non muslims to show their support for their muslim neighbors we see here people posting selfies of themselves wearing the headscarf today and also reasons why the reasons why that they they did it what it meant to them we also have a few examples here of of women saying why they did it. out of support. there is a lot to come out. and. i think we'll need to get them a lot of support and i realise that they are. all my primary reason that.
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i want to stand between him and. but he might be pointing at it. and i don't want him to tell the difference because there is. so what sort of response yeah well of course when it comes to head scarves it's a bit of a touchy subject headscarves are seen by some as a symbol of oppression within the muslim community forcing women to cover up but when it comes to the context of just this particular situation a lot of positive response specially among the muslim community we see a few responses here online the headscarf harmony facebook page itself can't find enough words to thank you ladies for your support today we really appreciate all what you've done for us always united and here on twitter to all those who have chosen to wear the headscarf and solidarity today and those who choose to do this in other ways know that you are legends respect with the hash tag head scarf for harmony that's been trending in new zealand today so it's just one of several ways that we've seen in the last week new zealanders coming together to mourn this
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really horrific shooting that happened last week in blue cross thank you so much. and cases of cholera have been reported in the mozambique and city of barrier of following the catastrophic flooding triggered by cyclonic day eight days after the cycler obstruct the homeless hungry and injured a slow to making their way to bahrain from devastated inland areas the city was its that was itself heavily damaged but has emerged as the nerve center for rescue efforts in the country. davos city is almost unrecognizable it's been a week since. devastated to mainland of east africa to feel you have to cycling has subsided to misery is overwhelming. everything is in short supply i'm not going to come here starving we're on some waiting list but there is not enough aid we're suffering and no one is giving us anything. to survive though some surrounding
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regions have been arriving by boat hoping for support to the city that i must ninety percent of the iraq has been destroyed. food prices have tripled in a short time food and medicine supplies are slow to arrive. the united nations has given a bleak assessment. the executive director described the scene on the ground as this parade stating that the situation on the ground and i quote i'm quoting her the situation on the ground remains critical of the reason no electricity or running water or hundreds of thousands of children need immediate help the priority right now is to give them shelter food water education protection do you an estimate said in mazembe as well as in neighboring zimbabwe in malawi eat i affected well over a million people house of them children while many are waiting for humanitarian aid tens of thousands are still trapped by the flows that followed the cycler does
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simply aren't enough helicopters to rescue everyone. even if the rescues are successful the danger isn't over and use one of contaminated water that could quickly lead to a cholera outbreak. this is rugby world cup is being hosted by japan it doesn't start until september but the two have it in them fans the trip to tokyo starts today they are cycling there and hoping to raise money for charity in the process. from london to tokyo as the crow flies it's over nine thousand kilometers but george cullen and ben cooke will be on their bikes passing through twenty one countries all for a good cause. i think it's a chance can see the world class and foremost here literally. in a country feeling all the hills mean all the people. for the best way to go and
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travel. and then raise money as well so i raise money for them i've been the foundation of the. can phrase thirty thousand pounds if all goes to plan they'll arrive just in time for the rugby world cup in september in order to make it their traveling light along with this one luxury item. substances but simple things that we need to resupply along the route to the water say as long as you got those two things and should be there e it's not in six months time these two could be cheering on their rugby heroes after the ride of a lifetime. and i coming up next day w d w business. taking a look at it sleeping in china's new silk road infrastructure project to hop off to europe but there are concerns with me about beijing's growing political class.
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we'll have that story and the rest of the days of business news all at the news updates at the top of the hour. good day from the wonderful the. first the. first clues. and then the doors grand moment around a joint hearing a tank on her journey. you know where i'm intrigued you turn to iraq and the returns home. to good news your romex you tube channel.

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