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this is d. w. news line from berlin the self-proclaimed callous that crumbles in syria syrian rebel forces hoist their flag and book crews out for expelling the so-called islamic state from the last scrap of territory it still held in the country will go live to rock on also coming out collusion are of no collusion u.s. special counsel robert miller completes his probe into possible russian interference into the two thousand and sixteen presidential election is reportedly not recommending any further charges to look at analysis from washington.
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welcome to the show we begin with some breaking news u.s. backed syrian fighters are claiming victory over so-called islamic state they say they have expelled the self-proclaimed caliphate from the last bit of territory controlled in syria rebels from the syrian democratic forces group a raise their flag over broncos after announcing the defeat of i.a.s. this followed weeks of fighting over the village on the iraqi border i asked a clarinets caliphate and two thousand and fourteen and went on to control bast areas of syria and iraq. were. to washington now at the moment voters
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around the country have been bracing for yesterday special counsel robert morris of minute has reported to the u.s. justice department lawyer spent almost two years investigating russian interference and the twenty sixteen presidential election and possible collusion with president donald trump's campaign team it's unclear how much of any of the confidential report will be released to the public but u.s. media are reporting the special counsel does not recommend further charges and the document president trump has repeatedly condemned them are pro as a baseless witch hunt there was no collusion no there's no collusion no callers there are a good girl mojo the question was played to a trump presidency since day one of five or collusion. duties campaign team collude with russia to win the presidency did donald trump obstruct efforts to investigate this is the man tasked with finding out robert muller shrouded in secrecy his team
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has been quietly conducting one of the most high profile political inquiries in u.s. history borger. so what do we know so far. russian meddling russian meddled in our twenty sixteen election our intelligence community has it right it was the russians we know that they know that it was directed from the highest levels. to let. u.s. intelligence agencies say russia did interfere in the election more than two dozen russian citizens and three russian companies have been indicted so if you fall seven derek used to using online campaigns to sway voters talking into democratic party e-mails. so what about trump and his team one by one members of his in the circle have been swept up in the investigation. former national security adviser michael flynn and former campaign adviser. george papadopoulos who have
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both pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about their contacts to russian officials. former campaign chairman paul manifolds convicted of tax on bank fraud he was also found to have lied to investigators he now faces a lengthy jail sentence for roger stone former presidential campaign adviser and long time trial. i will not justify against the president he's accused of making false statements to congress and witness tampering. and transform a lawyer michael cohen jailed for three years on separate campaign violation charges he's since admitted to lying about a trump business deal with moscow in damning testimony before congress claimed it was trump who instructed him to commit those violations and to lie about them i am ashamed because i know what mr trump is he's a racist he's
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a con man and he used to cheat. so what to expect now i'm sure will be just that you know why none of the revelations so far amounts to proof that the trunk team colluded with russia. to trump seek to obstruct the investigation that's one area could present more evidence the probe has got ever closer to the oval office the question now is what it all means for the president. on our miers findings have not been released some details about his report are coming to light correspondent helen humphrey has more on. what we do know so far is that the special counsel has reportedly not recommended that any more indictments be made so far thirty seven people have been indicted in this investigation including those close to the president paul munna forty's former campaign manager was sentenced to prison time as was of course michael cohen his fixer as well now not since the watergate
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scandal the american public been so mesmerized by an inquiry all of the source certainly the president and other high ranking republicans have called this a partisan probe they've said that it's a witch hunt and even if no criminal wrongdoing is exposed in this report what may be exposed all misdemeanors which the democrats may then further investigate so although this has been a long process and the report now has finally been handed in is expected now to be a far lengthier process china's president xi jinping is in rome where he's preparing to sign an agreement to work with italy on beijing's belt a road initiative she is meeting with italian prime minister to separate content to put their names to the plan also known as the new silk road it's meant to improve transport and trade links between china and dozens of other countries italy will
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become the largest european economy to join so far against objections from the u.s. and other european governments they're concerned that the project lacks transparency and favors chinese firms. i'm now joined by me in paris he's an expert on china relations and works for an italian think tank mr kasuri me you wrote a paper entitled rome beijing changing the game how does this new memorandum change the game. the change in the game it means that the memorandum for the first. language is. in principle including clear reference to the east and clinic dee dee published in denver for the first time we had. more you in the second generation a memorandum which is fitted for she said that the nations that's the game changer
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china has accepted to sign to cities and other to the e.u. and the us are not happy about the deal why is that. they're not happy about the morongo in itself they say to you not their language with using sound about their method that italian government has been below and there has been no consultation no clear information whatsoever about what the government wanted to do with china with the traditional and very distinct. and that's why the united states and european union are rightly concerned. government has done what does italy get out of it. to obtain both economic and political benefits on the economic side i think you mentioned the market access a poor italian prado to meet the need to live productive in particular in the expanding the chinese market but those investments are under the bed where the
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initiative but those could have been obtained without any demur and of them the standing the memorandum of understanding with. nation political benefits for instance by hoping that china would intervene in financial markets and to italy in case italy needs to sell bonds and something that could happen in the future when it illegal to face another two whether it's in financial markets in policing it's a tactic. in their real deal or there is significance of the memorandum infrastructure and economic benefits but also the financial backing of powerful china in the future it is a gamble of course. thank you very much mr kettering. a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you the u.s. backed syrian fighters have claimed victory over self called islamic state in syria the syrian democratic forces saying the recapture of the village as that goes to the last scrap of territory held by us in syria.
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and spring and flooding your friend doesn't work our correspondent in syria is currently and roc-a lead amir what are you hearing about the situation in baghdad. well today as you have a final liberation i should stir dorrian more of the sort of syria. now there's a ceremony and buckles which were liberated from isis and. finally at the balance of a go it has been going on for weeks why hasn't taken the syrian defense force says so long to drive out. well the problem was there were thousands of civilians in book you sent it was not expected there was a spec to be only a small amount of personal use and that's why it took months before it was finished what happened to all the civilians are they now in refugee camps.
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while the men that were most of them i says biters they were brought to prisons and the woman and children that were most of them women and children from isis fighters who were brought to i did the gump in all your anorak the former capital of the caliphate how did people there respond to the news. well the people in the northeast of syria are happy to see that isis but they're also worried about the future because there is still risk of isis the purcell's and that's why does the actual call on the u.s. not well listen other countries to come to you to stay here in syria support them to prevent a resurgence of isis but the u.s. for example have announced that they're going to reduce the number of troops on the ground what would that mean for the kurds in syria. well obviously they don't need any more any more of that many u.s. troops on the ground who are military operations part of the curse or dicey out
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there saying they still need a number of troops because otherwise there's there are threats from syrian regime or turkey to take that back to area here and that's why they're calling for troops to stay vocal until now two hundred troops for sure will stay in your view syria thank you very much blood line your. termes football team begins its euro two thousand and twenty qualification this weekend and they don't come much tougher in an away match against the dutch coach king live is hoping to shake up a shakeup well cast off the gloom venice around the team says the world cup and this game will get the first indications of whether they're on the right path or the road to nowhere. germany's national team took a break from their training pitch in wolfsburg to visit the towns of both swag and assembly line germany have been far from a well oiled machine lately they need to click into gear ahead of their tough euro two thousand and twenty qualifying clash against another lin's coach you he loves
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under pressure he's trying to remedy dismal performances in the world cup in nations league by dropping mainstays thomas. and mats hummels but their recent one one drop of serbia showed his new young team need some fine tuning the experience of manuel neuer marco rice and midfielder tony cross will be needed against the dutch. of course we know that everything doesn't happen overnight but we are all on misha's we want to win every game whoever is on the pitch. and to concede that soon sunday's match will be germany's third against the netherlands in seven months with a dutch victory and a draw in the other two games is from them it's always an interesting jewel when germany plays against the netherlands and will show the according level of might of asian. as a child i used to go to the netherlands on holiday when you could say i've grown up
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without rivalry. so it's going to be a spicy encounter with as much as. the focus now for germany is on exploiting their strengths and finding the winning formula to beat their dutch neighbors only a victory will give the new look squad a much needed boost to their confidence. yes bob barr and as brian donnelly known professionally as cars has told a massive inflatable sculpture into hong kong victoria harbor the floating artwork looks like a cartoon mouth there you can see and drifting on its back and gazing at the sky it's nearly forty meters long about the length of three double decker buses formerly a street artist costs. as the reclining mouse is aimed at inspiring relaxation in an increasingly hectic world. coming up shift living in the digital age with
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a look at how smartphones may be impacting our brains from memory and always get all the latest news on our web site that's d.w. dot com from all of us here in berlin thank you for talking to. climate change. sustainability. environmental roger. federer's biodiversity species conservation exploitation equality. human rights displacement. current local archer. three thousand.


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