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this is deja vu news live from berlin this self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles in syria syrian rebel forces forced their flag in buff moves after expelling the so-called islamic state from the last batch of territory it's still held in the country also coming up. collusion or no collusion u.s. special counsel robert muller completes his probe into possible russian
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interference into the twenty sixteen presidential election is reportedly not recommending any further charges. i'm michael ok welcome to the show us back syrian fighters are claiming victory over so-called islamic state they say they have expelled the self-proclaimed caliph it from the last bit of territory controlled in syria rebels from the syrian democratic forces fought for weeks to retake the village of who's from the militant group declared its caliphate into the twenty fourteen and went on to control vast areas of syria and iraq. the final shred of the cardiff but now just a torn up field littered with clothes twisted metal and bodies. the battle for bugs is over after years of war the searing democratic forces celebrate the hard won
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victory. you know it began we celebrate operation just zero storm from by close here in the camp where we brought it to an end i asked has been finished as a fighting force we dedicate this victory to all the people of the world. despite vowing to fight to the end thousands of isis members had surrendered. among them the unrepentant wives of the jihadists hundreds were killed and by cruise i mean the relentless ecan pain and the ground assault by the u.s. backed forces. isis remains an insurgent threat in both iraq and syria but territory that once stretched across two countries has been whittled down to but it was when the guns fell silent here the caliphate declared five years ago by its leader dadi it was and i know we must become history for now.
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to make sure it's kurdish that forces have called on the us to keep troops in syria . if the u.s. pulls out a war it's only a matter of time until the minutes. let's bring in daniel gerlach middle east analyst daniel this is been going on for quite some time give us some context here in perspective how big is this well certainly it is big victory against isis ice or whatever you want to call it has been announced several times just like let me remind you that more than a year ago the iraqi government already celebrated victory over this organization of president trump to celebrate victory of over it many times but this is a decisive victory of course. let's not forget this battle took a long time and it's also been criticized because it didn't move forward fast enough some weeks ago a french officer who was involved a high ranking officer who was involved in this operation said we didn't manage
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this campaign very well it was of course criticised by the french government before i think the problem here is of course this is an important battle and decisive victory but let me say that the powers on the ground also losing a strategic asset now because they were united against the odds against us but now that this so-called caliphate bull disappear as a territorial entity and as a military force the powers around will struggle again and they will have lost a common enemy and that is normally not a good thing that leads very nicely into the next question i have for you because in the past we have all heard of defeats of by us and they have emerged from some of these defeats so is this really the end of violence as a body not just as sort of as a structure the caliph it but as a body as an entity i think i think so far it is the end. the u.s. administration usually use the term physical callous i don't want to call this an institution but you can say like the institutionalized jihadism in the form of has
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ended but of course they will they can remove easily in iraq they have reemerged. they have created new pockets of resistance of. you know wherever the state power pulls out they will move back and of course the ideology of the hottest entity is not defeated and they have many brothers in spirit not yoga ji across the world and i think it's a substantial danger has seized but it's not the end of jihadism not to go even making references obviously to super sleeper cells who may be anywhere around the world of course and also some territorial entities if you look at africa zone if you look at d.m. in. afghanistan like jihad ists entities where they also occupy territory is all across the region you know girl a middle east experts thanks for joining us yes thank you for having much appreciated. washington now and the moment voters around the country have been
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bracing for yesterday's special counsel robert muller submitted his report to the u.s. justice department miller spent almost two years investigating russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election and possible collusion with president donald trump's campaign team it's unclear how much if any of the confidential report will be released to the public but u.s. media are reporting the special counsel does not recommend further charges in the document president trump has repeatedly condemned the mole a probe as a baseless witch hunt it was no collusion no fillers there's no collusion no color there is a closure it's the question that has plagued the trump presidency since day one one of five that collusion. did his campaign team collude with russia to win the presidency and did donald trump obstruct efforts to investigate and this was the man tasked with finding out robert mueller shrouded in secrecy his team conducted one of the most high profile political inquiries in u.s.
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history. so what do we know. russia meddled in our twenty sixteen elections our intelligence community has it right it was the russians we know that they know that it was directed from the highest levels of. the u.s. intelligence agencies say russia did interfere in the election more than two dozen russian citizens and three russian companies have been indicted they were accused of using online campaigns to sway voters i'm talking into democratic party e-mails . so what about trump and his team some members of his inner circle were swept up in the investigation. former national security advisor michael flynn and former campaign adviser. george papadopoulos both pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about their contacts to russian officials. former campaign chairman paul munna ford
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was convicted of tax and bank fraud he was also found to have lied to investigators he's now facing a lengthy jail sentence. oh roger stone former presidential campaign advisor and a long time trump ally clear i would just like it reza what he's accused of making false statements to congress and witness tampering. and drums former lawyer michael cohen jailed for three years on separate campaign violation charges he's since admitted to lying about a trump business deal with moscow in damning testimony before congress cohn claimed it was trump who instructed him to commit those violations and to lie about them. because i know what mr trump is he is a racist he is a con man. and he used to cheat so what can we expect now i'm sure it'll be just
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for none of the revelations amounting to proof that president trump colluded with russia this means trump is likely to be confirmed in his claim that the investigation was a witch hunt but it does not mean trump's legal troubles are over he's also being investigated by the house judiciary committee for possible obstruction of justice. back to this part of the world hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in london to call for a second record referendum on breck said. organizers are hoping to convince lawmakers to back a new public vote on whether britain should follow through on plans to leave the european union the march is due to conclude outside parliament which has so far failed to agree on a formal exit deal with the bloc earlier this week prime minister theresa may and e.u. leaders agreed to postpone hoping to allow parliament time to pass a deal. and in london our correspondent
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is standing by charlotte what's going on where you are. so people have been gathering here in central london carrying european and u.k. flecks basically from all over the country two hundred buses arrived from the scottish highlands up to wales and from cornwall and from all london neighborhoods are actually expecting up to one million people joining this here in london today and then number one demand is off the protesters today that they are demanding a second vote a second referendum they want to put it back to the people and they want to vote on whether to accept may steal that she negotiated and brussels over the past month or any kind of deal for that matter and they want to vote on whether the u.k. should actually indeed stay in the european union after all so the motto here today the people that i've talked to have been telling me stop the bricks that madness
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and that it's on everybody's mind people are angry at politicians and the government for wasting two new two years with these negotiations they tired of the political process and they are hoping that a second referendum could be the number one solution here we've all been looking into a crystal ball for months now i'm going to ask you to do the same in this moment how likely is a second referendum to happen. well i mean certainly this macho is going to send some visuals to parliament some strong images senior m.p.'s from the labor party a marching here next to celebrities young and old people from all walks of life also there's a petition that is demanding to revoke fifty and for the u.k. to stay in the european union that has gained incredible traction online over four million signatures so far so that it's hard to ignore but we also have to remember that the u.k. is in absolute political turmoil at the moment may have. just returned from
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brussels the e.u. has allowed to extend the deadline for the u.k. leaving the european union until april twelfth or even later if male get make a deal through congress it's through parliament i'm sorry but the problem is that that may might not even put head before parliament anymore because she knows the chances so slim also within the tory party criticism is rising against it theresa may for her to step down as prime minister so again there is no clear path forward and so this is what protesters are demanding today they are demanding a seven second referendum and hoping that that will be the solution to the political turmoil here in the u.k. . pots in london for charlotte thanks so much. united nations officials say the death toll from cycling you day has now risen to more than six hundred the storm caused catastrophic flooding in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi
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more than a week after the cyclon struck victims say they are not getting enough food and assistance the port city of beara was heavily damaged but has emerged as the nerve center for rescue efforts in mozambique. not much remains of augusta mandela's home . like most houses in beirut it was destroyed but she returned with her children because she didn't know where else to go she hoped basic repairs would at least given a roof over their heads. it was horrible to see how badly the house was wrecked i'm all alone with my kids i don't know where we can sleep where we can go it's so hard to try and find food for the kids you know when hundreds of thousands of people in mozambique waiting for help some are still waiting to be rescued from floodwaters and many are in need of food and drinking water but there aren't enough helicopters to deliver aid general good though for
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this is the first day that we've received any help it's just not enough for so many people coming that you know for i have four kids how are they supposed to survive on this bread that survived is frustration has been growing from day to day they're hungry and they're waiting for food to arrive for aid workers it's a race against the clock with priority being given to the weakest. the situation on the ground remains critical of the reasonable electricity all running water all hundreds of thousands of children need immediate help the priority right now is to give them shelter food water education protection and the international red cross says the first cases of cholera have been reported in beirut and the number of malaria cases is also rising the u.n. has warned of long term food shortages. crop losses are extensive in fact more than three hundred eighty five thousand hectares of crops have been damaged which will
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impact food security in the months ahead for a custom and dairy the focus is on surviving one day to the next she and the children just want enough to eat. coming up next world stories with a special report on a lawsuit challenging the war on drugs being waged by philippines president rodriguez. remember you can always get all the latest news on our web site that's e.w. dot com for the entire team here. thanks for joining us and don't go away. if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. image the most. streets.


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