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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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procuress into the city's past and christmas. in sixty minutes w. . you take it personally you end up with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all truth. be told more than football online. magic or amazing make up. the hours of optical illusion is just one of the
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exciting topics we have on the show today hello and welcome to another exciting edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee it's good to be back in the studio here's a look at what we've got star. cases ok this is not an accident it's a popular dessert russia. getting the hey find out why girl next reporter meryl and or amped up from head to toe in rock. but first dutch painter vents in fact is one of the most famous artists of the nineteenth century about wasn't the case when he was living but now has works are instantly recognizable due to his stylized brush strokes volumes have been written on his works and their meaning and added made in movie was recently released about his life well now a digital museum in paris is going us step further by displaying hundreds of his
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works immersing visitors in a full sensual experience. it seems as if vincent van gogh one statoil a something. and this is hers here can almost feel the delicate breeze of the starry night. his eight hundred eighty nine masterpiece in french lend me a twenty is what gives the multimedia exhibition in paris at a unit in him yet its name. is the director of the digital culture center located in a former metal foundry the cultural agency could to esperance has long experimented with ways of allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the work of the dutch painter with all their senses. to his past says the philip the new technology called amiens arts music immersive experience the idea is to connect the
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images with music creating a virtual reality in which one coughs paintings become a unique arts experience that the group of us hope. to do this one hundred forty video projectors light up some three thousand three hundred square meters a project in space over five hundred paintings and drawings shine as large format three d. animations on the ten meter high walls. a special soundtrack completes the excursion in. the world of bold intense colors. real effect from god has a painter who is very well suited for an immersive exhibition like here in the till the a glimmer of. the large format projections make it possible to highlight the work structure as a result vincent van gough work can be examined very closely at what could be a bunch of us along.
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the light and sound shell lasts about thirty five minutes. maybe exhibition made me cry it's really emotional and beautiful the installation gives us the feeling that we're standing right next to the painter. was the light projections really bring out his use of color little that. indescribable difference this makes of music and pitches it's like therapy simply fantastic it's a very different experience from seeing the pictures in a museum it was more like telling a story and i thought it was very nice. the digital exhibition doesn't work with originals but that means it can display an artist's complete works in one place and therefore reach an entirely different target group. to sing my younger demo cuts it is also a way to democratize access to art and culture but it's also a real work of art in itself. of it's
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a digital for the community but an artwork of its own. just to get all to. visitors to paris have until the end of the year to be transported into the heart of vincent van gogh expressive and powerful works. this classical musician is mixing use of all genres like fuel before help. pianist maxine that man beats up has become something of a superstar in asia for his classical interpretations on pop music now he uses his solid classical music training to expand into other areas beats his music is drawing in crowds who would rarely attend a classical music concert he caught up with him as he tours europe with his latest album new silk road. to.
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recognize this piece of music it's the well known in the home of the mountain king by norwegian composer edvard greek written in eight hundred sixty seven when moxie may read some plays it it's neither classical nor pop it's his very own version. that was student of the colors i would like a plethora puritan hours someone told me back then and they're going to cross or else they are crazy there's no way i don't know why i was so very very into classical music and then i said you know we need to find a way to introduce younger audience to classical music because otherwise. one day they want to continue the tradition of classical music.
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to croatian pianists crossover concept seems to work it excites audiences including those at his very first berlin concert. the third day he's so wild so full of emotion and all of it at the same time so you don't know where to go with your feelings it's totally crazy something i've never heard before you know it is a bit different but i'm not such a big fan of classical music but the way he mixes things up. brings them together with so much energy that is unique you start with people are asked to go to the opera or to all the stuff it's like is over their head because is it a language or something that they don't understand or recognize or something like this is something that you recognize. beautifully it's a comes from sheba neck in croatia at the age of eight he discovered the piano at a friend's house and fell in love with it and classical music.
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none of my parents or none of my friends you know and they were connected with classical music it was quite surprising for them why do i want to play classical piano i thought as i started to play in the world in music school i knew that something which i want to be all my life. when he was fifteen war broke out in croatia which was then part of yugoslavia during that time his connection to music and the piano grew even closer his music school to shut down but he continued to have lessons in the basement. it was like kind of always for me him and my teacher and all cause you know be surrounded beautiful music just helps to talk you know separate your reality which was horrendous i'm terrible at the time and. despite the horrors of the war
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he was able to prepare for a national piano competition in zagreb. and there's a card played there and i wanted to first prize and it was like huge success and i was. we both saw on the leo boyle my d.h. was crying and i always said that flag one of the biggest work through the my life not just because you know i won the competition but because of the whole situation of what was wrong and not just a vote against that situation continue. later he studied classical piano in zagreb budapest and paris and smarmy but surely made a name for himself as a virtuoso. he once played the flight of the bumblebee by nikolai rimsky-korsakov in just fifty six seconds he became known as one of the fastest pianists in the world his modern interpretation of the piece also appeared on his first crossover album the piano
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player in two thousand and three it was a career breakthrough to date he has sold more than four million albums in fifty seven countries. a couple of months my life turned upside down and i signed in here which constructed one of the biggest you know record labels in the world it's like a dream come true from one situation to another. peter peter has so far released eleven albums he plays concerts worldwide. his greatest success has been in asia in japan and china he plays shows with lots of effects in large concert halls in front of tens of thousands of spectators and to his fans he's a superstar. i. will see that death on many people who are accepted his or be like your music i think it's very rewarding for every artist and i am special to have been a friend of scorn for the ethic like friends that i have. in addition to classical
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pieces he also gives familiar pop songs a new sound like john legend's all of me. and how does he deal with the critics who don't know what to make of his classical pop fusion. is it for the people who like large or luckily there are many people or is it. maxi mirror of its plans to keep experimenting with musical styles to get even more people excited about crossover and classical music. it's probably happened to all of us at one time or another rewiring along in. you accidentally drop a potted plant making a mess everywhere but if your skin who once did the same thing saw
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a colon area opportunity in this dirty mess the russian chef had the unusual idea of turning it into a dessert now it's become a hit and thanks to instagram not only in his restaurant in st petersburg. strawman the very first we make a flower pot using a silicone baking. straw that. will make it look like the plot is broken bucket of bills. now we'll fill it with moves made of sour cream and call it what we thought of her theory of how it is actually a turkish dessert made from various nuts and seeds i criticise you sesame seeds. i remember from my childhood is made of sunflower seeds you.
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should happen to all of us as children you messing around at home and accidently knock over a flower pot. that. exactly what i wanted to capture. and then you think oh no i'm in trouble now. next we had a teaspoon of pepper ice cream. there's no it symbolizes the punishment. of the punishment with pepper ice cream is the logical next step every prank is punished in the end. of course i'm not going to spank my guests but punish them with pepper ice cream it bites the tongue. out of the spirits on the ship with music. now the whole thing is filled with the earth which we make from chocolate brownies. and the garnish is also completely edible at the serious
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fresh mint and a bell flower it's to talk. the trick here is to serve the dessert on a real parquet floor tile. zimm in. the soil spilled on the floor splinters of the broken pot with all the crumpled flour and i'm telling the whole story. on average we sell two thousand of these flower pots a month. that's twenty four thousand a year the huge for a restaurant with seven different desserts on the menu. at the end of maurya still i long dreamed of making
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a dish that would be the talk of the town for. some states. and then i did it go over. but at the same time this dessert is really stealing the show if the given one you. can use the critics i do a lot of new dishes must so many original desserts or so all with ideas and messages behind them it's notes that those are still. something that i want my guests to notice them as well. but this flower pot just there is so popular that it was all to the limelight. it was a sure thing i'll have to invent something that takes some of the shine off of that dessert with something so original that it surpasses the flower pot has no i don't mean the same.
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next step is it a bird or a plane no it's just a bunch of man among them you're all max reporter matt sparrow dressed up as straw bearers now why are they doing this you might as well europe is filled with interesting traditions and one of them in germany involves strawberries and legend has it that they appear in late winter early spring to ward off the last cold bits of the winter a season max travelled to the heart of germany to find out all about it. it's the stuff of nightmares once the year these creatures are let loose in the quaint village of his located in the german state's business the town has a small population of just five hundred people but it boasts a grand tradition the strong and i'm going to be one of them. in the
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countryside there's plenty of hay and today my challenge is to wear a forty kilo outfit. my outfit of the day is made of hey. as an outsider i will be the last to get dressed up plenty time for a little research of the village museum. exhibit i'd like to learn a little bit more about the origins of the strawberry tradition how did it all begin and it's got its own holes sufficient to well that's pretty uncertain as if we've known the strawberry day since childhood has the same goes for kurds and you'll but i don't really know of a specific date it's always been about driving winter away it was a spinoff time back to the bar the amount of straw left over from the winter season dictates how many straw best can take part this year there's enough to make six the
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so-called breaking of the limbs is necessary otherwise you couldn't move in the tightly wrapped straw. once you're wrapped up it's time to weight the fact that i'm allowed to take part as a special exception whether it was such a good idea i'm not so sure about that anymore. i'm up next real pros are at work here none of them i'm doing this for the first time it can take up to two hours to wrap the bag up in straw most dresses have been a straw themselves that doesn't mean they take any pity on me no special treatment they wrap me up as tightly as they can. but where am i here my office by the back of my office life how far from your behind. the still some space left.
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this is tough work. dressing process is actually somewhat dangerous for us bez quite. if you have fainted when wrapped up too tightly this is one of the reasons why the straw has to be broken at the joints well. if it's a few inches of added thinking born of the ancient tradition has brought me to my knees this should give me a little more freedom of movement but it's hard to stay balanced i know that. all that little time to take my first few steps meanwhile. there's no better friendly taxi available like bales of hay where carted to the starting point in the back of a tractor and i feel pretty helpless. slowly i'm regretting my decision but at least there's someone to take care of me. good
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i'll be taking care of you today as you'll bear later if there's any problem just let me now i. know i trust you completely of course i don't have much choice. every strawberries let alone a chain by a local lady part of the tradition. only young men have been dressed up the oldest in their late twenties because this is exhausting each of us lugging around forty kilos. walking is hard enough but now all the bears are supposed to dance back in the day this was an opportunity for the young villagers to get a bit closer with a safe area of straw between them. after two very long hours as a final race a race to freedom i can barely take it anymore and the others feel the same all of us beds and up in the sweaty heat. finally we are cut out of our
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costumes want to torture. well. but it feels great to be freed i'm good at this reception. a long march ends at the big bonfire i'm quite happy to see the stroll we were wrapped in burns to a crisp in a matter of minutes. well that's about as hope as i felt in the costumed but it was a really lovely day and a really great tradition because everyone in the village came together everyone had a great time time it feels like it really brings the community to. the end of my
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toughest task as the year of my supporter i'm pretty sure it was the last straw in my short lived back korea. home back that loved it as well you can see a longer version of max's quirky adventure on our youtube channel. now make up is normally used to enhance your best features but make up artist the luke lucho uses it for a completely different game he creates optical illusions on his face and head as disturbing as some of these images may be there is no doubt that luke has an amazing talent for transformation. it's a master of offical allusions and to create them he needs nothing more than a brush and some make up normally a makeup artist and shoes that his clients look fresh and natural but when it comes to his own appearance he prefers to distort it and produce three illusions. at
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the moment that your these in your life on the run i'd love to draw ever since i was a kid but was it because i'm passionate about three d. and make up i wanted to bring them together the result is what you see today is enough the boy will look at both of you i mean. to his son on my land lets us watch over his shoulder as he works on one of his creations instead of a wash carton blow dry chilled will split his own head open up at the moment but it would depends on the image usually takes me between one and two hours. did we audit will do first that aside on the angle because the perspective is so important to producer in the three d.s. fact but it did mean that if it took them. to create this three d. effect. a visually distorted version on his head.
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the end result is hard to picture at first. the more important that getting the lines right is crucial if not completely precise but all those work was for nothing in your predicament so getting them right is a fundamental part of the work. post the fruits of his labors on his instagram channel over two hundred fifty thousand subscribers marvel at his photos and videos in twenty fourteen began making optical illusions on the palm of his hand his create. ranging from two to abstract images started attracting lots of attention. this video alone has been viewed of a two hundred thousand times. legend to see that there are those four months to people like to alter their look like cause they experience
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a transformation need otherwise never experience a marriage and they have fun seeing something new because it's about innovation and i think that's why they like it so much of it in part because of the all after ninety minutes is pretty much finished his split hand is only recognizable against a black background and when viewed from the right angle. and here is the man with a truly open mind. and your personality and with that we come to the end of the show don't forget to follow us on social media and you will find lots of videos from the program on our website and of course you can also take part in our weekly draw and automatically qualify to win an exclusive euro max watch as always for me in the rest of the crew here thanks for joining us again next next week.
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luck. tonight six thirty here it's up to the full moon. everything seems possible here. nine hundred. ninety s. with a peaceful resolution the gap. today it's a creationist i'm craving the truffle mist. those are just the rights i'm procured
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into the city's past and present. thirty minutes spoke to. the heart of a great chinese city stops beating. your body the last old neighborhood in the metropolis of. the slated to be demolished mom was a residence are holding out for as long as they can. last days ensure bathrooms in seventy five minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but most end up in with the tenet of the book and i think deep into jam a culture of. nudity to take this drama day out you thus it's all out who
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they know i might go to join me i mean the gem of a host. city in ruins maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. last night as fighters occupied the city center seventeen president due to this response was told. by a different league navigate football game of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror i think the sorry comes under mustn't as the end result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sun. starts april eleventh
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on t. w. . cut. a good. this is deja vu news of live from berlin. self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles in syria syrian rebel forces voiced their flag in bulk loops after expelling the so-called islamic state from the last scrap of territory it's still held in the country also coming out. collusion or no collusion u.s. special counsel robert muller completes his probe into possible russian
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interference in of the twenty sixteen presidential election he's reportedly not recommending any further charges.


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