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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. phillip in the science of i.r.s. starts april eleventh on d. w. . this is deja vu news a lie from the self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles in syria syrian rebel forces voiced their flag in bathrooms after expelling the so-called islamic state from the last scrap of territory it's still held in the country also coming up to. give us another people's vote hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the
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streets of london calling on lawmakers to hold a second referendum on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. our correspondent in the british capital will have to detect. a michael ok glad to have you with us us back syrian fighters are claiming victory over so-called islamic state they say they have expelled of self-proclaimed caliph it from the last remaining territory controlled in syria rebels from the syrian democratic forces fought for weeks to retake the village of who's from. the final shred of the colley foot now just a torn up field littered with clothes twisted metal and bodies. on the small patch of land to die it's obvious lie mixtape made the last. the battle for bugs is
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over after years of war in syria democratic forces celebrate their hard won victory . today the syrian democratic forces officially announced the end of all battles and a victory against the group calling itself islamic state that name is now wiped off the map here in northeastern syria. despite vowing to fight to the end thousands of isis members have surrendered. among the unrepentant wives of the jihad. hundreds were killed amid a relentless campaign and the ground the sold by u.s. backed forces. remains an insurgent threat in both iraq and syria but its territory once stretched across vast swathes of both countries have been whittled down to but. when the guns fell silent here the caliphate declared almost five years ago by its leader like daddy and muslims and we must become history.
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victorious kurdish forces have called on the us to keep troops in syria if the us pulls out their war it is only a matter of time until the ice menace grows again. let's bring in ben to shela middle east analyst based in beirut lebanon welcome. this fight against has been going on for years how big a moment is this. i would say it's quite a big moment at thank you reading the campaign in the end has achieved its goal and i think it will be a relief for all those who lived under isis rule and some of those who were affected by this i think i mean figures have been asked recently about the international coalitions that tall among civilians these terrorists can and they have brought think in many regards today is a very happy day. a little perspective here the caliph it is a limited this we know but i.s.o.'s of body has emerged from defeats in the past
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and there are reports it's already waging a level insurgency in other areas where it had been defeated so the question is is this really the end of violence. no i think the way it is hard to say mainly is the end off the power that's territory i don't see and i think that really shows up ready the limits of which this campaign came because this was in the cheated and we have no political. will of the root causes and how to deal with those who come out of the caliphate we hear as to has held up the fight to stop isis but where do they go to they are not valid and that we should see how do we hope i'm accountable of how do we integrate into the normal traffic of society he said quest and speak up not yet dealt with. well one of the issues said. the president of france he's is dealing with right now is the fact is he puts it
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that this is a major defeat and major danger for his country has been eliminated which is all i actually mean for the terrorist threat around the globe. well i think that the terrorist attacks that we have seen in european countries are and others. the problem has not so much been that they had a nice in syria that was still rather than there were but they had the inspiration from isis and this is something that is not vanishing. it's gotten you we have who have these groups and i said the posse kate basically has shown the ability to transform i mean it basically is one of the results of the al qaeda in iraq after two thousand and three so it is also a phenomenon that will stay with us for some time i. enter shell in beirut thanks very much for your time thank you. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of london to call for a second referendum. organizers hope to convince lawmakers to back
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a new public vote on whether britain should follow through on plans to leave the european union today's march is due to conclude outside parliament earlier this week prime minister theresa may and leaders agreed to postpone that set to give the u.k. more time to pass a deal. and in london is where we'll find our charlotte paul it's on the streets there give us a sense of what's going on in the streets. well as you mentioned michael hundreds of thousands of people have been modeling here in central london carrying european and u.k. flecks and their number one demand is that they want to put it to the people again they want a second vote a second referendum on whether the u.k. should leave the e.u. with the deal for example that may have negotiated over the past months in brussels or whether the u.k. should indeed stay in the european union after all and i think talking to people
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and the number one concern that they have this they say is stopping the brics it messy i'm tired of the political process of these past couple of years they are tired of their politicians and of the government and of the brics it back and forth and that is why they are demanding a second referendum in the hopes that this time around it would be different that the outcome would actually be that the people of the u.k. choose to stay in the european union so do people really actually believe that that is second referendum will in fact and then that's as you put it. well people here certainly hope so the protesters do and i mean this march for example state sends a strong visual some images to parliament puts soft pressure on that there's also been a petition via an online petition asking to revoke article. fifty asking to stay in the european union and that has been signed by over four million people so certainly parliament will have to vote we'll have to debate that issue but we have
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to also remember that the u.k. is in complete political turmoil at the moment made just returned from brussels and the e.u. extended the deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. until april twelfth or later in may when if if and when she gets her a deal through parliament but those chances are very slim for her vote to go through in parliament and she might not even put it before parliament as we learned today so also the pressure on her within her tory posse is rising for her to resign so a lot of political turmoil and also the government the parliament a couple of weeks ago voted down the idea of a second referendum in parliament so the way forward is unclear but protesters here are certainly hoping that a second referendum in the long term would be a solution. thanks very much in london. to washington now where house
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democrats are waiting details from the justice department of what special counsel robert mohler has found in his probe into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election moeller spent almost two years investigating that and possible collusion with president donald trump's campaign team trump has repeatedly condemned the inquiry as a baseless witch hunt. helena humphrey joins me from our washington studio a letter welcome the u.s. attorney general is reviewing the moeller report what can we expect when can we expect to hear what's actually in it. well essentially the motor report now has moved into another pair of hands that being the attorney general william barr who is currently reviewing it with his deputies the department of justice they are combing through that report and making a summary of their principal points and they're expected to share that with congress michael as soon as this weekend potentially and that could also be shared
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with the general public will be very interesting to see what they decide to share what they decide all the main findings and certainly william by himself has said that he will be as transparent as possible and it will be in his interest to share as many details as he can because we know that the house democrats are also me simulator to decide their next steps and if they felt dissatisfied with that which is shared they could of course use subpoena power to obtain more details including subpoena power on roll that mullah himself so at the moment we are waiting this weekend to more details on the report which essentially will become the far report and at the moment it appears milledge not recommending any more indictments so what does this mean for the u.s. president donald trump is he off the hook. it doesn't necessarily mean that the u.s. president is off the hook i was think for
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a rationale from jerry nadler the chairman of the house judiciary committee who says that that which is impeachable is not necessarily a crime that which is a crime is not necessarily impeachable so we don't know of course the contents of the report at this stage but remember that even if there are no further indictments it is the policy of the department of justice that no sitting president should be indicted of course the process for removing a president from office is impeachment and remember that when it comes to any legal woes potentially facing the president well he's facing many other investigations including in the state of new york where investigations continue into alleged campaign financing violations as well as into hush money payments made to stormy daniels the adult film actress so that all the avenues ahead well what is very vocal president actually saying about all this he's been
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uncharacteristically quiet of late in fact we haven't seen him take to twitter to say anything about this at the moment we know that he's in florida his mar-a lago resort he was seen heading to the golf course in the back of the vehicle reading the newspapers this morning of course following the coverage but he hasn't tweeted about it yet we have seen some statements for example from his son donald trump jr on twitter who framed this is a vindication the fact that there were no further charges and indictment but i think when we hear from barr we can expect then to hear from donald trump washington correspondent helen humphrey thank you so much for your reporting a lot of. now to the united nations where officials there say the death toll from cycle or need a has now risen to more than six hundred the storm caused catastrophic flooding in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi more than a week after the cyclon struck victims say they are not getting enough food and assistance the port city of barrow was heavily damaged but has emerged as the nerve
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center for rescue efforts in mozambique. not much remains oval custom and there is home. like most houses in beirut it was destroyed but she returned with the children because she didn't know where else to go she hoped basic repairs would at least given a roof over their heads. it was horrible to see how badly the house was wrecked. all alone with my kids i don't know where we can sleep where we can go it's so hard to try and find food for the kids. hundreds of thousands of people in mozambique waiting for help some are still waiting to be rescued from floodwaters and many are in need of food and drinking water but there aren't enough helicopters to deliver aid general good though for this is the first day that we've received any help it's just not enough for so many
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people that i mean that yeah i have four kids how are they supposed to survive on this bread that survive this frustration has been growing from day to day they're hungry and they're waiting for food to arrive for aid workers it's a race against the clock with priority being given to the weakest. the situation on the ground remains critical of the reasonable electricity all running while there are hundreds of thousands of children need immediate help the priority right now is to give them shelter food water education protection the international red cross says the first cases of cholera have been reported in beirut and the number of malaria cases is also. so rising the u.n. has warned of long term food shortages. crop losses are extensive in fact more than three hundred eighty five thousand hectares of crops have been damaged which will impact food security in the months ahead for a custom and dairy the focus is on surviving one day to the next she and the
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children just want enough to eat. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you u.s. backed syrian fighters have claimed victory over so-called islamic state in syria syrian democratic forces say they've captured the village of the last crap of territory held by i ask in syria that's all for g.w. stay tune coming up next world stores the week in reports remember you can always get the latest news on our website at www dot com thanks for joining us. african. president the long. end of the rwandan patriotic front in. the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety
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four genocide wasn't when. there wasn't.


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