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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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lola played the be. told. this is d w news live from berlin give us another people's vote hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of london calling on lawmakers to hold a second referendum on the u.k.'s departure from the detainee is. also coming up. rescue agencies evacuated cruise ship after it loses power in bad weather off doorways coast the fighting sky has anchored to kilometers offshore crews are air lifting some thirteen hundred people to safety. as
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a self-proclaimed caliphate crumbled in syria rebel forces poised their flag and by good after expelling the so-called islamic state from the last drop of territory it's still held in the. place. i married i haven't seen it's good to have you with us. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of london to call for a second referendum on braggs that organizers hope to convince lawmakers to back a new public vote on whether britain should follow through on to leaves the european union earlier this week prime minister theresa may and leaders agree to postpone bribes it to give the united kingdom more time to secure a deal. our correspondent charlayne potts spoke to some of the protesters in london
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earlier we asked her to tell us more about their motives hundreds of thousands of people have been marching here in central london carrying european and u.k. flaxen their number one demand is that they want to put it to the people again they want a second vote a second referendum on whether the u.k. should leave the e.u. with the deal for example that may have negotiated over the past months in brussels or whether the u.k. should indeed stay in the european union after all and i spent talking to people and the number one concern that they have is they say stop the brics that mess they are tired of the political process of these past couple of years they are tired of politicians and of the government and of the brics sit back and forth and that is why they demanding a second referendum in the hopes that this time around it would be different that the outcome would actually be that the people of the u.k. choose to stay in the european union. and that was our correspondent charlotte pos
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speaking to us a little while ago from london. all right let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world officials in somalia say a gun battle between security forces and al-shabaab fighters in mogadishu has ended weaving at least fifteen people dead the islamist militants set off a car bomb before attempting to storm a government building the deputy labor minister is reportedly among the dead. thousands of people have marched in berlin and many other european cities to protest planned reforms to e.u. copyright laws in european parliament is set to adopt the controversial legislation next week it would require companies to take steps to stop internet users from uploading copyrighted material. french authorities have banned yellow vest demonstrations in a large area of paris including around the ark to be owned this comes in response to a greeting rampage on the shop city's day after new last week the anti-government protests
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are continuing for eight nineteen weekends across france. now an operation is underway off the coast of norway to evacuate thirteen hundred people from a cruise ship that lost engine power in stormy conditions the viking sky ship managed to anchor about two kilometers off the coast near the city of moldova norwegian emergency services are using helicopters to airlift passengers and crew to safety weather services report rough seas and winds of up to seventy kilometers an hour evacuation is expected to take several hours. for the very latest on the rescue operation i'm joined on the line by borg elder and she's with the joint rescue coordination center for southern norway thanks for being with us now tell us
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why the passengers are just not being left on board couldn't they just try and repair the engine while they waited for that. the passengers are evacuated by helicopter because the sea is too rough to the second act and by boat and. this parallel with director i think people really are trying they are on board trying to get the engines to work that would of course be the best. now is there a threat here at the you know. is there fear that with these engines not working is there a danger that the ship could possibly thing. you know it could not know but it could go ashore since it's so close to shore so we did what we are not trying to do now is to keep it stable and right now it is stable because one engine is working one anchor is working and we have a tug that are trying to get a line on board to keep that extra safe while they are working on the engines it's
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very important to keep this ship. to one place so it don't drift to the shore. i mean thirteen hundred people is quite a lot of people and those are only the passengers you've got also the crew how is no presciently the others including the crew i think and so how many of them have already been rescued a hundred fifteen. so there's still quite a lot of people that still need to be taken off the ship and now what is happening to the people of the that are being rescued were they going. they point to first center where they will go back to hotels or so. that's one life at heart interest or not so they want to go to the hospital of course. now are you in touch with the people that are still trapped on board the ship waiting to be
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rescued what's their condition like. we are not in touch with them we coordinate gratian that's our job but they are right for board the ship. by the shore but it that day so we just evacuate truth and i think as many as we can and hope for the engine to come back we will never do it for as long as it takes. all right mark hill alderman with the joint rescue coordination center for southern norway thank you first so much for bringing us up to date thank you. now u.s. backed syrian fighters are claiming victory over the so-called islamic state they say they've expelled the self-proclaimed caliphate from the last remaining territory it controlled in syria rebels from the syrian democratic forces fought for weeks to retake the village of bubbles. the final shred of the
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caliphate now just a torn up field littered with clothes twisted metal and bodies. on this small patch of land dying out of the islamic state made their last stand. the battle for the goose is over after years of war in syria democratic forces celebrate their hard won victory. today the syrian democratic forces officially announced the end of all battles and a victory against the group calling itself the islamic state that name is now wiped off the map here in northeastern syria. despite vowing to fight to the end thousands of isis members had surrendered. among the unrepentant wives of the jihadists. hundreds were killed amid a relentless campaign and the ground assault by u.s. backed forces. remains an insurgent threat in both iraq and syria
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but its territory once stretched across vast swathes of both countries have been whittled down to but. when the guns fell silent here the caliphate declared almost five years ago by. daddy. became history. victorious kurdish forces have called on the u.s. to keep troops in syria. if the u.s. pulls out their one there's only a matter of time until the ice menace grows again. well joining me now in the studio for more on this is iraqi journalist i mean musawi who just recently returned from syria thanks for joining me i'm here so the islamic state has now lost all of its territory but do you think this really signals the end of a caliphate that fell physically yes because they are not anymore controlling the church or the in syria with or in iraq but you should just imagine this the idea of khaled faith still put in the minds of many young people in islam of course not
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just in syria and iraq and true destroyer that you should bring some of the idea another perspective another hope for that people are telling them this is not the right tway to do imagine how you are going to live this is really a. an idea still a living and within the community it's them a community now the united states president has said that his country would remain vigilant against islamic state but what should this mean concretely do we still need to have soldiers on the ground or are there some other way to stop them from returning i think stood a non-single to the breaking of. is the point that the bouts of shifting from the from the ground to the security services bouts of holds i think.
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definitely there is another war has been begin the ol just to go looking for the sleeping skilled in iraq in also within european countries i think i will try to make some attacks just to say we are still there i hope that will not. but this is the whole story of that radical organizations just trying to keep themselves on going through tourist attacks well you mention of there are still many people who believe in the caliphate believe in the ideals of i asked we also have countless numbers of women and children the wives of fighters who fled the battles and are now in refugee camps what's to become of those people who are perhaps unrepentant while that's number we're talking about between fifty and seventy thousand refugees that are mixed different nationalities of them iraq
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ease the less the other half some syrians some international. people from european countries with this this is the most important point in that story because the iraqis will go back to your rock image syrians. as long as the time they will find some solution for them but the international people or for example from germany from france this is a political annuity ducal debris matic challenge for european countries how they are going to deal with them a police france took some all three children back to france but still there is no road map for that people how they're going to this is really a problem in the future will face its you know journalist and their mousawi we thank you very much for all of your insights you're welcome. to washington now where house democrats are awaiting details from the justice
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department of what special counsel robert miller has found in his probe into russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election miller spent almost two years investigating that and possible collusion with president donald trump's campaign team trump has repeatedly condemned them or inquiry as a baseless which. now many retirees take up relax activities that knitting cake baking and sightseeing but those pastimes aren't for a one eighty four year old american athlete florence philly and miler or flow for short is a competitive pole vaulter has been training six days a week of preparation for the twenty nineteen indoor world masters athletics championships in poland. laced up in ready to go flo has already set pole vaulting records age seventy seventy five and eighty and she still loves
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competing. it's salinger you really have to work in that you have to have a core and you have to have timing and i just love it because it's challenging according to her coach the eighty four year old is not only inspiring but fully dedicated to doing well at the upcoming world masters athletics championships endure in poland where she'll be doing more than just the pole vault. have been early to make sure she's warmed up to now. she goes home and such is a lot of it she pretty much. searches her entire life around even tasks which you know is remarkable at any age at the event in poland flo will be the only pole vaulter in her age group but competition is expected in
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the other disciplines so she's been hard at work training for victory and just maybe she'll put her name in the record books again. you're up to date now on your new america evan stand for me and the entire thing thanks for watching. any time any.


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