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lol blame the band play. this is do w. news live or berlin give us another people's vote hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of london calling on lawmakers to hold a second referendum on the u.k.'s departure from the. also coming up to press q. agencies evacuated crew shipped out or it loses power in bad weather off norway's coast to viking sky has been anchored to kilometers offshore those are airlifting top thirteen hundred people to safety. and the self-proclaimed caliphate crumbled
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in syria rebel forces voiced their flag and by good news after expelling the so-called islam state the last from territories can still tell the country. thanks for joining us i merioneth and seen. hundreds of thousands of people have marched through london to call for a second referendum on brags that the u.k. was supposed to quit the european union next friday but there is still a great deal of uncertainty after parliament twice rejected the prime minister's breadth of plan and the e.u. extended the deadline to leave many britons now want lawmakers to back a new public vote on whether or not britain should exit the e.u. at all. central london packed with protesters their message to the
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government give people another say on briggs that. waterway was through but everybody. with britain's intended departure from the e.u. just weeks away politicians and the country remain divided demonstrators think there needs to be a second referendum to settle the issue i just think that we didn't make an informed decision we were both own voice sides we were given enough information we want to walk breaks it would actually look like the country is in a mess brought on by our government their incompetence. london mayor suttle khan says it should be up to the voters to undo the brags that chaos is. the british people a final say young. people. for the go to move to gobble all the. british people to vote for them not sure none of this crazy. parliament is due to resume debate next week and must
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still give its approval to extending the march twenty ninth briggs a dud line britain would then leave the e.u. on april twelfth without a deal unless m.p.'s approve prime minister may's plan or propose a different way forward that would mean having to ask the e.u. for another extension and to taking part in european elections. if parliament approves mase deal london would have until may twenty second to finalize its brags of preparations then there's also the nuclear option of revoking article fifty and counseling brags that millions have already signed an online petition demanding just that piling on more pressure as lawmakers face a week of high stakes decisions. and operation is underway off the coast of norway to evacuate thirteen hundred people from a cruise ship that lost engine power in stormy conditions the viking sky ship
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managed to anchor about two kilometers off the coast near the city of malta norwegian emergency services are using helicopters to airlift passengers and crew to safety weather services report rough seas and winds of up to seventy kilometers an hour the evacuation of this expect it to take several hours. the rescue operation will continue through the night a spokesman for the southern norway rescue coordinator center said this stretch of water is one of northern europe worst of the cult and of course it will not leave you this is clearly a serious situation a cruise ship with thirteen hundred passengers on board is stuck in one of northern europe worst stretches of water it's just said with reefs. so this is a serious situations where something is so they have managed to get the ship so it has been studied. to stop the and they will still manage to start one engine the
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ship has four engines and now they're trying to get the other engine started so the ship can start moving. so little two little towboats all close to the shift they've tried to connect to the ship but they haven't managed because of the bad weather. there are six to eight metre high waves and gale force winds we also know that eight people have been brought to shore with lots injuries but we don't know if the injuries are as a result of this incidents they're being taken care of by health professional so well you've got all told the multiple and now to some of the other stories making news around the world officials in somalia say a gun battle between security forces and al-shabaab fighters in mogadishu has ended leaving at least fifteen people dead the islamist militants that off a car bomb before attempting to storm a government building a deputy labor minister is reportedly among the dead. french authorities have banned yellow vest demonstrations in a large area paris including around the archetype is comes in response to
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a looting rampage on the shops every day last week the anti government protests are continuing for a nineteenth weekend across france. and washington u.s. attorney general william barr is preparing a summary of the report on the investigation into russian interference in america's twenty sixteen election special counsel robert muller submitted the report on friday many in the us hope it will reveal what the trump campaign knew about russian interference. with the elnora mosque in christchurch has reopened to worshippers for the first time since the gunman killed fifty people there and at another mosque in the city and zealand police allowed the mosque to open its doors to the local community after conducting investigations into the march fifteenth attacks. now across europe today people marched against a proposed reform of e.u. copyright law they're worried about how the new rules will affect the internet the
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european parliament votes on the deal next week. right now if a user uploads text video music or photos to a platform like you to that person is responsible for respecting copyright restrictions the e.u. wants to reverse this principle the new legislation would make platform operators liable for the content on their sides and face punishments if laws are broken the intent is to force sites like facebook and you tube to monitor what users publish but critics fear that websites me use automatic filters that also block material that's not restricted opponents of the bills say that could have a chilling effect on line we send five and found a mark to the demonstration here in berlin to find out who is attending the protest . opponents of the reform has successfully put this european issue at the center of
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german politics more and more people are now sharing the concerns of the internet savvy digital community including some in germany's government parties it could be that politicians have suddenly heard new arguments but it could also be that the pressure of you tube and young people has made the difference no politician wants to alienate the voters of tomorrow and no party wants to appear ignorant on digital issues so when the european parliament will decide next week on europe's new copyright law it will also show how big the power of the you tube generation already is. u.s. backed syrian fighters are claiming victory over the so-called islamic state they say they've expelled the self-proclaimed caliphate from the last remaining territory is controlled and syria rebels from the syrian democratic forces fought for weeks to retake the village of.
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what remains of the caliphate now just a torn up field littered with clothes and twisted metal. on this small patch of land the diehards of these state made their last stand. but they were forced to surrender. after years of war the syrian democratic forces a kurdish led to group backed by the us celebrate their hard won victory. today the syrian democratic forces officially announced the end of all battles and a victory against the group calling itself islamic state that name is now wiped off the map here in northeastern syria. the so-called islamic states territory one stretched across vast parts of iraq and syria years of military efforts by iraqi
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and syrian fighters backed by the u.s. force to caliphates retreat by guus was its last stronghold the syrian democratic forces have called this the end of the caliphate at least in its physical form but stressed the so-called to some extent remains an insurgent threat in both syria and iraq a message echoed by u.s. allies. our mission the mission there hasn't changed we go to work with you to make sure that the rights of the only theory doesn't continue to grow thank you all very much i mean it's just take me seriously. i mean the celebrations in by guus syrian fighters have urged the u.s. to keep troops in syria at least for now they warn if the u.s. pulls out it will only be a matter of time until the i-s. threats grows again. well joining me now in the studio for more on this is iraqi journalist mirasol we who just recently returned from syria thanks for joining me i
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mean so the islamic state has now lost all of its territory but do you think that's really signals the end of a caliphate that still physically yes because they are not anymore controlling the territory in syria one or iraq but you should just imagine this the idea of khaled faith still put in the minds of many young people in this slum of course not it's just inside. any rock and true destroyer that you should bring some of the idea another perspective another hope for that's people telling them this is not the right tway to do imagine how you are going to live this is really a a. an idea still a living and within the community in stomach community now the united states president has said that his country would remain vigilant against islamic state but
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what should this mean concretely do we still need to have soldiers on the ground or are there some other way to stop them from returning i think stood a non-single through the breaking of. is the point that the bouts of shifting from the from the ground to the security services bouts of holds i think. definitely there is another war has being begin now just to go looking for the sleeping skilled in iraq in so you go also within european countries i think i will try to make some attacks just to say we are still there i hope that will not happen but this is the whole story of that radical organizations just tried to keep themselves on go in or through. it's well you mention of there are still many people who believe in the caliphate believe in the ideals of ai as we also have
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countless numbers of women and children the wives of fighters who fled the battles and are now in refugee camps what's to become of those people who are perhaps unrepentant well that's number we're talking about between fifty and seventy thousand refugees that are mixed different nationalities of them iraqis the less. the other half some syrians some international. people from european countries with this this is the most important point in that story because the iraqis will go back to iraq in the syrians not as long as the time they will find some solution for them but the international people or for example from germany from frost this is a political one euro ducal diplomatic challenge for european countries how they are going to deal with them at least france took some all three children back to france
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but still there is no road map for that people how they're going to this is really a problem in the future will face it you know journalist and near miss sally we thank you very much for all of your insights you're welcome let's get you a quick reminder now of our top story. hundreds of thousands of people have marched through london to call for a second referendum on bread said they want to back a new public vote on whether britain should follow through on the plans told me of these european union. don't forget you can always get it up to you news on the go just download our app for google play or the apple store it'll be access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking. it also used to tell me about this and says work photos and video. that's the
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latest from d w this coming up after a short break is the shift to living in the digital age with a look at the impact of smart folks on the search brains somewhere in evanston and from me at the entire team here in berlin and thanks for watching. first the. first clip. here is grand the moment around a joint during internal on her journey. you know we're going to return to the running time returns home. to show her the billion. dollar store.


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