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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is deja news a live from berlin district in cruise ship viking sky reacher sure the nine hundred passengers and crew still on board survived a harrowing night in stormy conditions off norway's counts hundreds of people were airlifted to safety while the ship was still at sea. and zimbabwe struggles to cope after cycling our correspondent meet the people searching for answers about the fate of their loved ones over a week after the storm struck. a
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michael thanks for joining us safely back to shore the norwegian cruise liner viking sky has docked in the port of mold after a close call it see the ship sent out a mayday call on saturday after losing power and drifting towards dangerous reaps passengers and crew are currently disembarking from the huge police say seventeen people were taking to hospital with injuries nearly a third of the almost fourteen hundred people on board were airlifted to safety while the viking star was still at sea. the other stayed on board as the ship was brought safely to shore. so if i can sky flights into harbor. to mark the crew ship looks invulnerable but to passengers and crew alike the sleepy put city of more. it's
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a welcome sight. engine failure on the tire but waters off the norwegian coast to coast many of them to fear the worst. the roiling city had shaken the ship violently forcing passengers stuck siding furniture and folding ceiling panels. several people were reportedly injured. norway's maritime rescue service intervened editing half of the passengers in a daring nighttime operation most of the evacuees were shaken but unscathed after we arrived at the hotel where it just hit me the enormity and the potential disaster we came so close to having a. catastrophic event out there we were just in the room and things were just started violently flying across the room the furniture was sliding here and crashing into the wall and everything was falling around and we were being thrown
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around it it became very evident that there was something dramatically wrong one of the big catches blew right out nobody feet of water rushed in flattened people flattened all of us i was pulling people off the ground and so and i was on just to my waist but i got up and i pull help people up other than a few bruises i was fine but other people hit chair or tables and they got caught the worst thing i could say for me was then walking. joaquin to get in line for the helicopter he had to walk past a lot of people and their faces and. that was hired i did not want to go. to the relief of all the remaining passengers and crew sailed into molder by late afternoon. now to some other stories making news around the world thailand's first election in five years looks headed for
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a surprise outcome with most of the votes counted the military supported party led by former army chief by huge china holds a slim lead over the type party linked to former prime minister taxiing you know what the final results are expected on monday. members of australia and new zealand's indigenous communities have come together in sydney to show solidarity with the victims of last week's going to tax on two mosques in christ church new zealand has announced it will sold a national remembrance service on march twenty ninth for the fifty people killed in the attacks and there are. more than a week after cycle in each day struck zimbabwe people in affected communities are still searching for missing relatives more than five hundred people remain unaccounted for d w correspondent privilege most of ani visited one of the villages that was hardest hit by the storm and the severe flooding it cost and filed this
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report a once bustling village reduced to a rocky field coppa was home to more than three hundred residents and government facilities when disaster struck on the night of march fifteenth residents were sleeping. very few of them survived those who did have recounted the horror they experienced in that island that i was asleep and suddenly woke up to the house destroyed but that the house was full of water but that was the first thing we thought was to rescue the kids then we realized this child was already dead. after that moment is when we all got swept away by the raging floods. but that little island but i'm told this right here used to be a town that is now under rubble stornes came up from the mountains and swept through the city and now
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a lot of people are believed to be under these stones and residents tell me that more than three hundred people could be under this rubble a lot of people want closure of knowing whether their relatives are still in this place or they were washed away by the river downstream the relatives of the victims have been using whatever tools are at hand to sort through the rocks and rubble there hoping to recover their loved ones many still don't have final answers about the fate of their families what we're looking for right now it's as if we know we our relatives are like it would be it will be somehow because right now we don't know we still have that feeling maybe there's a phrase in the same with. but recovering bodies can be extremely difficult and the emotional toll is a men's families with as many as ten members were swept away by the floods leaving
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few survivors. some of them discovered by t. the borders are known leave if you're in the region you know so we are feeling you begin as soon as. the we have some d.n.a. testing for our little ben just used to being buried you know and they didn't fight there has been extensive damage to the country's infrastructure and there have even been geographical shifts rivers have formed in residential areas a further sign of how much time recovery is likely to take. now an update from the qualifiers for this year's africa cup of nations there was good news for cameroon and also blending who will travel to their first ever continental tournaments in march after facing off against. the cure's snaking from the prince movie rag a sewer a stadium told of the sense of anticipation friends comrades for tickets hoping to
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see burundi clinch the precious point they needed to make history. two goals in the second half so the game finish one one and bujumbura erupts each time to. for many it seemed getting to the tournament in egypt was as good as winning the cup that itself. there was jubilation to you in your own day cameroon likewise needed just a drool to qualify but the holders thumped comrades three nil to clinch their place in the tournament a welcome upturn in fortune for boss current sage all of whose coaching career had until now been blighted by disappointment and a timely boost for the country after it was stopped from staging the summer's tournament due to security concerns. tonight. in. which. can.
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be the performance of the weekend belonged to burundi and the stars who put their team on the road to its first ever africa cup of nations was originally. staying with football and germany's national football team is in the midst of a changing of the guard on wednesday their first match of twenty nine thousand and in disappointment with a one all draw in a friendly against serbia later today they faced their first test in their bid to qualify for the european championships in two thousand and twenty. germany's first tie in their campaign to qualify for europe twenty twenty is also their toughest against neighbors the netherlands away from home in amsterdam arena after a disastrous past twelve months it will be a test of reconstruction efforts. is
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the result but at the same time looking at the year as a whole it's crucial how the team continues to develop how our processes are taking shape. for. germany won't be entirely without experience. retains the captain's armband. feature as well as tony cools who was left out on wednesday against serbia the playmaker is confident ahead of this crash. by always have the same goal to win the game on playing and was certainly in with the charts. the hosts successfully completed their own internal changing of the guard a while back but still they're wary of that right. now we know the quality of the players and maybe they're changing. different things in the team and maybe they need some more time but it's a special game it's
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a special game which between holland and germany last time these two met in amsterdam back in october the hosts celebrated a three no victory germany's youngsters have a chance to take swift revenge which. the museum in poland receives over a million visitors every year with many documenting their time there by taking photographs and videos of the former nazi death camp but it appears that a significant number have been in poor taste which is led the museum to issue a request for visitors to behave more respectfully joining me now in the studio to tell us more about this is. fully ilias problem my first thought in hearing this is an institution that for good so prominently in the whole of cost has people behaving disrespectfully it's just hard to believe it is really hard to believe on the one hundred days and then of i have to say personally it doesn't shock me in some ways because of the incidents that i've seen a concentration camps actually here in germany but you know we'll get to that
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perhaps a little bit later on that the reason why this was issued by museum was because they came across like you said before a significant number of photographs that were just in terrible poor taste people posing smiling were actually just seeing some of them and standing on train tracks which let's not forget we these were the train tracks which carried trains which carried people essentially to their deaths where they were murdered. you know one point one million people were murdered at that concentration camp and one point three million people actually were passed through. between one nine hundred forty nine hundred forty five now the nazis began gassing people there in one thousand nine hundred forty one and you know it wasn't over ninety percent of those who were killed were jewish but it was also you know there were other people as well who were murdered there non jewish joel jew sorry non jewish poles roma prisoners of war jehovah's witnesses homosexual men i mean you know this is an absolutely
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dreadful place to think that people are taking photographs in such poor taste is incredibly alarming and shocking we're seeing a handful of photographs there but i imagine that it was more than just a few bad apples that would cause museum directors to say listen this is got to stop you're absolutely right i mean this is something that funnily enough i actually remember something from a few years ago that this came up again that there were photographs taken in auschwitz and other concentration camps like i mentioned before that were just in awful taste and in fact at the auschwitz museum released a tweet and they said that remember that you're at the site where over one million . people were killed respect their memory there are better places to learn how to walk or on a balance beam than the site which symbolizes the differentiation of hundreds of thousands to their deaths so there was you know you can almost you can see the anger even tweet but i think the best is actually if we hear from a representative from the museum because he actually sent the w as
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a response to add to all this issue that they feel was so important there are also incidents when people behave inappropriately. and it doesn't matter whether it's something people think about or this is something because people are not aware of being disrespectful and we need to respond we need to react to this is why. part of our mission to protect the dignity of the victims protect the memory it's extraordinary that they would have to actually come out with a statement about this and do something to help people to behave respectfully i'm curious you say that you've seen this in the past yourself i have seen it here in berlin not so far away is of course the there's a memorial near the brandenburg gate and i've often seen people you know posing there now it's not the same as going to a concentration camp but i've also seen it in concentration camps here in germany people taking photographs mining laughing the kind of photographs you see people taking up the beach incredible thank you for bringing this around tension. if
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you're watching news from berlin stay with us coming up next you'll have the opportunity to catch shift living in the digital age an episode that looks at the impact of smartphones on users frames for news at the top of the hour thanks for tuning in. i mean nothing out of the germans because sometimes that place that nothing with the. german culture. will take this drama they owe to you because it's all about who they know i might show join me to meet that funky gulf coast. to continue. to. really know their stuff.


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