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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the show. starts people living along g.w. . lol the bug played. this is d.w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump all that book summary of the conclusions of robert muller's investigation into russian interference of the twenty sixteen election finds no collusion by the trump campaign will get the latest from our correspondent in washington also coming up the stricken cruise ship viking sky finally reaches
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shore nine hundred passengers and crew who are still on board survived a harrowing night of stormy conditions all four ways coast hundreds of people were airlifted to safety while the ship was still at sea. and it is theresa may facing a revolt from within her own cabinet the board say the british prime minister could be pushed out of the dissatisfaction at her handling of threats said i'll get the details from our correspondent is weight loss. thanks for joining us i'm married i haven't seen. no collusion no obstruction complete and total exoneration u.s. president donald trump has responded after the justice department released a summary of the long awaited report led by special counsel robert mueller let's have a listen there was no could lose in with the right you're the most ridiculous thing
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i've ever heard there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest it's a shame that your president has had to go through this for before i even got elected it began. and it began to illegally and hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side this was and the legal takedown that failed and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side so it's complete. exoneration no collusion no obstruction thank you very much thank you. helena humphrey is following developments in washington and joins us now for the
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latest so helena what other details are now known about what's actually in the special counsel robert miller's report. right so we received a four page summary from the attorney general william barr of what we imagine would have been a very long report from the special counsel robert mueller offshore it took him over six hundred days to complete and in that summary it says that there was no evidence of we've seen collusion between donald trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign and russia that said the summary of the report did not actually draw any conclusion as to whether there was obstruction of justice we really must point this out and remember of course that the president never sat down for a one on one interview or even date supplied written statements to the special counsel robert muller himself now mother had said that he has not taken the
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decision to indict the president but he had also not exonerated the president so essentially he left this next step in the hands of we involved the attorney general the man handpicked for the post from the president himself who has said that there will be no indictment or no exoneration that's what we know at this stage from this four page summary but of course we imagine potentially more details set to come out people pushing really for the entire release of this long awaited report well as we just heard donald trump speaking he's calling it a total exoneration what other reactions have there been so far from washington. we do have to tune into that statement and listen to a very closely from the president as he stood there on the tarmac at palm beach saying that there was no collusion yes total exoneration that was not what was said in the report so a brief fact check right from the outset you will search we to to the same end as
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well as did the white house press secretary but we've been hearing of course and for many house democrats the chairman of the house judiciary committee jerry navl who said that for there to be no of destruction of justice you have to prove the all reasonable doubt and that is where it becomes very tricky and many of the house democrats including the country's top democrat and not sucralose the speaker of the house saying they will now push for the entire report to be made public and how will they do that will they could century use subpoena power to obtain i expect every child script that they can obtain every piece of intelligence every wiretap the democrats would want to comb through that they could even potentially subpoena the special counsel himself so i mean this could be the beginning of a very long process some only going through that report and that's most of the reaction that we're seeing online now so the release of you know what is seen as
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a role the brief summary was only a three page letter. are while others investigation did go on for two years but what happens next are donald trump's legal problems over. very good point to make of course just because the miller report is here doesn't necessarily mean that this is you know case closed a moment we can expect to see is the democrats at least in the democratic controlled house pushed for their further investigations to continue led as i mentioned by gerry. not to mention the fact that other legal activity is continuing in all the courts around the country including in the state of new york where other aspects from this probe being looked into remember of course robert louis the the center of his progress rather limited in its scope essentially looking at collusion and the obstruction of justice but little findings that he uncovered along the way
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have gone to calls around the country for example as i mentioned in the state of new york where they're looking into allegations of campaign financing violations into a case related to man a for with the hush money payment scheme that allegation with regards to stormy daniels so there are a lot of other legal cases going on of course you can say that you know a sitting president isn't indicted and justice department recommendation that's what we're seeing here but that does not preclude the possibility of sealed indictments which could be unsealed the day that a president walks out of office and yet helena the reality is that the headline is that the mohler report concludes that trump did not commit a crime for many americans especially for trump supporters that's the main takeaway can we see this really as a great day for donald trump. i think this day is a line in the sand for the president this is the day that he can say it was all
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a witch hunt it was a big hoax the question is going forward with a claim sticks and he can run it run on it for the twenty twenty election and say look what they did to me so we will watch that in the months to come. helen humphrey reporting from washington d.c. thank you very much. all right let's turn now to some other news and the norwegian cruise liner viking sky has it docked in the port of molder after a close call it seems the ship sent out a mayday call on saturday after losing power and drifting towards dangerous reefs passengers and crew have been disembarking from the huge ship police say seventeen people were taken to the hospital with injuries about a third of the almost fourteen hundred people on board were airlifted to safety while the viking star was still at sea. the other stayed on board as the ship was
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brought safely to shore. if i can sky flights into harbor. to mark a cruise ship looks invulnerable but the passengers and crew like the sleepy put city of malta is a welcome sight. engine failure in the target waters off the norwegian coast to coast many of them to fear the worst. the rolling city had shaken the ship by the forty passengers starting furniture and falling ceiling panels. norway's maritime rescue service intervened editing half of the passengers in it during nighttime operation. most of the evacuees were shaken but unscathed after we arrived at the hotel where it just hit me the enormity and the potential disaster we came so close to having a catastrophic event out there we were just in the room and things were just
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started violently flying across the room the furniture was sliding here and crashing into the wall and everything was falling around and we were being thrown around and it it became very evident that there was something dramatically wrong one of the big hatches blew right out and about eight feet of water rushed him flat and people flattened all of us i was pulling people off the ground and so i was on just to my waist but i got off and i pull help people up other than a few bruises i was fine but other people hit chair or tables and they got caught the worst thing i could say for me was then walking. on. joaquin to get in line for the helicopter he had to walk past a lot of people and their faces and. that was that hard i did not want to go. through the relief of all the remaining passengers and crew arriving by late
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afternoon police say that seventy people on board had to be taken to hospital with injuries. let's get you have to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world thailand's first election in five years lives headed for a surprise outcome with most of the votes counted the military supported party led by a former army chief holds a slim lead over the tyranny type party line to former prime minister taksim shinawatra final results are expected on monday. a political rally in istanbul by turkey's pro kurdish h d p party has attracted tens of thousands of people kurds hope to pay. play a decisive role in local elections next sunday governing party hold a joint event with the nationalist party next week's vote is a key test for president of thai appeared on. british prime minister theresa may has been holding crisis talks with key members of her conservative
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party amid rumors of plans to oust her over her handling of bragg's it me summoned hard line breaks that supporters of the prime minister's country of residence checkers west of london among those attending the meeting are former foreign minister boris johnson who's been a vocal critic of me policies reports that cabinet ministers plan to pressure me to resign come ahead of a critical week for brett's a decision making in parliament. all right let's get some more on this and for that we're joined by the mosque who's in london so very good terisa may is now holding crisis talks again with members of her own party and among them are ministers who reportedly want to oust her so just how imminent is the threat to her leadership. three's a maze authority is really draining by the day by the hour almost we know that even loyal backbenchers from or own party have said there is no way forward she called
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at the same time everybody knows how complicated this is because the clock is ticking there isn't much time the braggs a deal needs to be passed by parliament and it's not a new solution and you consensus needs to be found a new way forward to change prime minister at such a crucial point in time is an incredibly dangerous as well so people will be asking themselves whether it's worth it and the reason why has weathered a lot of storms so far and so far we haven't seen any sign of her giving up well it's dangerous if she resigns but perhaps still not impossible so what what actually happened if theresa may was forced to resign well most likely some sort of interim prime minister would handle the next maybe days or weeks of bragg's it and then there would have to be. a leadership contest
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contest within the conservative party and that would be a crucial point in high because both brics a tears and those who want to remain in the european union or maybe are going for a softer break said they would try and take the helm because this withdrawing from the european union is just the first step after that is this crucial phase of the future relationship with the e.u. and all those details of those talks they have yet to be forwards or be decided with the european union so another crucial phase is waiting. let's get you a quick reminder now of the top stories we're following. u.s. president donald trump has called the u.s. special counsel investigation into the twenty six thousand presidential election campaign and illegal takedown that failed that's after all or is integrated not find evidence the tribes campaign colluded with russia. this stricken cruise ship viking stine has safely reach shore after
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a harrowing night in stormy conditions off the waste west coast nine hundred passengers and crew were still on board when it arrived in the town of port au for the four hundred people had been airlifted to safety earlier. up to date now on a d.w.i. music stay tuned for world story a week reports i'm hearing at the scene for me and the entire team thanks for watching. for. president to follow me around the world in pretreated from two in. the rebel army to the nineteen ninety four joe
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saw i was in the wind in the room little and when close to the you.


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