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w. . this is news coming to you live from prison trump's campaign did not conspire with russia that's according to a summary of the long awaited report. complete. exoneration no colors you know how to structure the president is wrong this report is not amount to a so-called total exoneration. lawmakers tussle over how to interpret the findings and demand to see the full report trump says fees been vindicated also coming up
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britain's prime minister theresa may comes under increasing pressure if she fails to find a solution to the brakes of crisis now some lawmakers are trying to take charge of the situation. plus germany's national team gets back in the game in thrilling style going to type match a new lineup keeps its cool to beat bitter rivals the netherlands is germany's football crisis of recent months finally zero. zero zero and terry martin welcome to the program he called it a witch hunt and said it was politically motivated now u.s. president donald trump claims he has been fully vindicated after the miller report failed to establish that he or his campaign conspired with russia to influence the two thousand and sixteen a low. actions of democrats say some of the funding such as whether the president
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obstructed justice or not so clear cut we'll cross to washington in a moment but first this report. clearly happy u.s. president donald trump returned to washington on sunday after the u.s. attorney general released the first summary of robert miller's reports. that america is the greatest place on earth. great place thank you very much. the investigation into whether trump and his aides colluded with russia during the twenty six thousand presidential election campaign had become a political thriller in a letter to congress attorney general william barr said the report had not found enough evidence to prove that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government barr also said the report could not establish that the president obstructed muller's investigation for president trump the message is clear there
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was no collusion with the russian there was no i'm struck here and none whatsoever . and it was a complete and total exoneration. so is it all over well no not for the democrats. president trump is wrong this report there's not amount to a so-called total exoneration special counsel moeller was clear that his report quote does not exonerate close quote the president. highly anticipated the news caused mixed reactions some american spoke of a turning point in trump's presidency but others remain skeptical i don't trust to be honest with you i don't want i don't trust anything. and i don't trust anybody
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who's investigating and i think now we can you know sleep well and i think. that will of course complete and some of the. president doesn't need to be impeached by any means while republicans consider muller's report a victory democrats say the attorney general's four page summary does not offer sufficient closure they're calling for the department of justice to release the full report expect the partisan fight over that issue now as the american public remains as divided as ever. i washington correspondent helen humphrey has been following this for us helena tell us is donald trump now off the hook. i think it depends on how you define the reach of that hook if you're talking about this weekend and certainly it was a moment of vindication for the president and he says this is
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a win but i think it's important to take a look at the language in this both from the attorney general william vonne special counsel but no collusion is one thing that said miller said that he did not have enough evidence to rule that there was no obstruction of justice one of the reasons for this likely is due to the fact that he was not able to sit down for a one on one interview with the president during the course of his investigation so what it did was essentially people will say is pos the buck to attorney general william barr who then ruled that no crime had been committed remember of course bob was hand picked for the post by the president himself certainly the president faces many of the legal battles any not gets which. uncovered during the course of his investigation he then distribute it to other course across the country including the southern district of new york which is currently investigating the president on a number of other issues so those legal battles go on shore you can say that
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a sitting president under a justice department policy is not recommended to be indicted that does not rule out sealed indictments being filed which can be unsealed the day a president walks out of the white house hill and it always seems so for is that four page summary of the miller report is there any chance that the full report is going to be released. potentially yes and previously we have seen calls coming from both sides of the aisles for that to be released to the general public now those calls are essentially coming from the democratic party we've heard from senators khalilah harris and elizabeth warren two women of course who are running for that presidential ticket and they've said this must be released him all the democrats are also saying is not only do they want to see the motor report in full they want to see all the documents supporting it they're saying tell us how you reached your conclusion how you did your arithmetic how you did your math so that you could come to the end of this equation we've also heard from jerry
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nadler the chairman of the judiciary committee in the house who has said that you know do you remember that which is impeachable is not necessarily a crime that which is a crime is not necessarily impeachable so they will be looking to dig into this another issue i do want to raise though is that many americans will want to see this is well at the end of the day this investigation is about foreign interference into an election process not just about the president himself and whether there was collusion and of course in a democracy elections hopefully happen on a regular basis there's one in twenty twenty so people will want to know what that report had to say. donald trump responding to release this summary of the report he suggested he would like to turn the tables on those behind the learned best to gays shouldn't use the president going to seek some sort of revenge. well we did hear from the president standing on the tarmac in palm springs just before boarding at force one he did seem rather angry he said that there was no
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comings and this was a total exoneration which was not actually what was said in the report i'm sure we often we received that letter we then heard from the presidential campaign by text message a text message campaign saying do contributions to the campaign financing now by texting which chunks we records rueful any donations made do not rule out as well attention pardons for michael flynn for example employment of fort. helena thank you so much for bringing us up to date as hell in the home for there in washington . crossing over to london now british prime minister theresa may faces a crunch cabinet meeting today out of a crucial week of parliamentary votes on breaks it may's chances of getting her break that deal through on a third vote in parliament looked remote after a crisis meeting at the prime minister's country residence checkers broke up without agreement the meeting was held on reports that members of her own
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government were planning to oust her under a new timetable agreed with european leaders last week may has until april twelfth to win parliament's backing for her deal or find a viable alternative whatever that might be. and let's bring in our london correspondent big. bigotry summate faces enormous pressure if faced enormous pressure over the weekend with the speculation of members of her own government we're going to oust her how are things looking for her today. things are not looking great i have to say we didn't really know whether she's still in place at the end of this week so it's really speculation mounting day by day the prime minister's office already draining away we've also had some of her own previously loyal and loyal conservative party colleagues have said that she really needs to go but then again time is short you've mentioned and it's just
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a few weeks until the u.k. leaves the european union if it doesn't get its act together and agree on this deal say to change your prime minister and this crucial point of time is also a big gamble and m.p.'s will know that so it's open and tourism may has weathered many storms so far so here we are again the ball is back in the u.k. scorch you agreed to give it a bit more time what happens next. well we don't even know whether it's a reason may we'll bring this. to palm and because they're still finding out whether there is a chance of getting through this is the withdrawal agreement that the u.k. and the you have agreed on a separation from the european union which then opens the path to the future and you go she ations about the future relationship so this needs to be signed by a parliament but we don't know whether this is actually going to happen or whether
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there will be some how a plan b. parliament has been trying to take control parliamentarians are working behind the scenes to form some sort of consensus an alternative to the private instance plan that they think that they hope could then have the backing off the parliament so all eyes at the moment are on the parliamentarian. over the weekend big as you know million people marched against breaks in london and elsewhere in the u.k. and there's an online petition to cancel brags it's gained more than five million signatures is momentum going to actually cancel breaks it all together. this is what the pro europeans like to believe and indeed the macho was massive central london was filled with protesters several m.p.'s were at the march as well
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and i think they said also the only line petition almost five million is an enormous number that somehow sets the mood for this sort of background for what's going on in london and at least it's an indication that some people might have changed their minds we also see in the polls that remain has been leading over the last months so it will give at least some m.p.'s not the hardcore great city has but some of us would have reason to believe that maybe the country would change its mind to get thank you w.'s because they're in london. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today preliminary results in thailand's general election indicate the pro-military party has won the most votes results suggest the current prime minister. could stay in power more than ninety percent of its have been counted private letter to the brought him to power in twenty four team. thousands of marched in origin team as
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capital one is ours to commemorate victims of the country's brutal military dictatorship forty two years ago coups swept military officials to power there who oversaw the disappearance of tens of thousands of people many members of the former junta are in prison for crimes against humanity and genocide. at least six people have been wounded in a rocket strike on the home on a home northeast of tel aviv israeli officials say the rocket was fired from the gaza strip no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. and the official death toll following cycler i day. down i rather has risen to more than seven hundred fifty people it was victims are from zimbabwe malawi worst hit mozambique more than a half million people have been seriously affected or displaced by the cycle which
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struck last week. our correspondent has been in zimbabwe taking a look at the aftermath of cyclonic die there he sent us this report from some of the communities hardest hit by the storm and the severe flooding it caused a once bustling village reduced to a rocky field coppa was home to more than three hundred residents and government facilities when disaster struck on the night of march fifteenth residents were sleeping. very few of them survived those who did have recounted the horror they experienced in that island that i was asleep and suddenly woke up to the house destroyed but the house was full of water but it was the first thing we thought was to rescue the kids. then we realized our eldest child was already dead after that moment is when we all got swept away by the raging floods. that take
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this right here used to be a township that is now under rubble stones came up from the mountains and swept through the city and now a lot of people are believed to be under these stones and residents tell me that more than three hundred people could be under this rubble a lot of people want closure of knowing whether they had relatives are still in this place or they were washed away by the river downstream the relatives of the victims have been using whatever tools are at hand to sort through the rocks and rubble they're hoping to recover their loved ones many still don't have final answers about the fate of their families what we're looking for right now is this closure if we know we are really like it would be it will be somehow because right
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now we don't know we still have that feeling maybe there's a phrase in the somewhere. but recovering bodies can be extremely difficult and the emotional toll is amends. families with as many as ten members were swept away by the floods leaving few survivors. someone can discover right t v boards i don't need if you're into the beach and you know so we couldn't you be going out seems to. be we have some d.n.a. distance. than just your being baited you know and they didn't fight there has been extensive damage to the country's infrastructure and there have even been geographical shifts rivers have formed in residential areas a further sign of how much time recovery is likely to take you're watching g.w. news still to come the stricken cruise ship fighting sky finally makes it to port
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in norway me hear from some of the passengers and how they survived a harrowing night after the ship ran into trouble in the rough seas. now to brazil where concerns are growing about the future of the country's rain forests brazil's new government has promised to loosen restrictions on logging in order to boost the brazilian economy it wants to build roads and open up indigenous areas to mining and farming environmentalist say the impact could be devastating. the destruction of brazil's rain forests appears unstoppable it goes on year after year the tribal lands of brazil's indigenous people are getting smaller and smaller more out hunting with the i watch tripe hunters have gathered around a large log their dogs led them to the spot they dug and. one of the hunters calls and a native rodent out of a log which had
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a lot of. wind up in the tree tops is where nutrient rich assign berries grow the live in and from the primeval forest. form. if you've got more you know for nothing without the jungle here we would starve to death only in the rain forest can we find monkeys fruit and nuts you forgot you can mean of the a lot era tory is about as big as berlin and you are it's one of the last pockets of virgin rainforest left in the region no not from brazil's indigenous authority is in charge of protecting the tribe members. when i ask you about it without our protection agency food i this group would no longer exist. back years ago larders and farmers invaded what are you about that mine when they were kicked out of the area they were just two kilometers away from the tribal village and i quote from up brought. that the protected areas borders are
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a thorn in the side of many farmers they want their cattle to be able to penetrate the reserve. is a cattle farmer who wants to expand he wants to grow matisyahu using life inside the protected area. you don't prevent american do you first of all i believe in god and then the words of our president both are not zero he promised we would soon be able to enter the. reserve you hear. your book read the internet brazilian president shire bull sonar all weekend the indigenous peoples protection authority when he talks office he wants to open up the rain forests to mining and agriculture that would include expanding cotton and soybean farms so the agriculture industry can keep its promise to export to china. also
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to. more than double soybean acreage we could soon produce two hundred forty million tonnes up from one hundred twenty million tonnes today brazil's environment police ensure that won't happen at the expense of the indigenous people but for how much longer will may that i share your home for so no worry about what would happen if we were to soon lose this protection we are afraid for ourselves and for the in due course. we had in their hair and with good reason their tribal territory has long been covered it by farmers and loggers. now this might look like a picture perfect vacation scene for some but don't be fooled this is the norwegian cruise liner viking style whose crew and passengers went through an incredible ordeal at the weekend as after the ship lost power during a storm took on water and drifted out of control prompting
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a painstaking rescue effort. if i can sky glides into how. the mighty cruise ship looks invulnerable but to passengers and crew alike the sea port city of malta is a welcome sight. engine failure in the tablet waters off the norwegian coast that caused many of them to fear the worst. the roiling sea had shaken the ship violently forcing passes just outside the french or unfolding ceiling panels. norway's maritime rescue service intervened editing half of the passengers and it daring nighttime operation. most of the evacuees were shaken but unscathed after we arrived at the hotel where it just hit me the enormity and the potential disaster we came so close to having a catastrophic event out there we were just in the room and things were just
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started violently flying across the room the furniture was sliding here and crashing into the wall and everything was falling around and we were being thrown around and it it became very evident then that there was something dramatically wrong one of the big catches blew right out in about eight feet of water rushed him flattened people flattened all of us i was pulling people off the ground and so and i was on just to my waist but i got up and i pull help people up other than a few bruises i was fine but other people hit chair or tables and they got caught the worst thing i could say for me was then walking. joaquĆ­n to get in line for the helicopter had to walk past a lot of people and their faces and. that was the heart i did not want to go. through the relief of all the remaining passengers and crew arriving by late
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afternoon police say that seventy people on board had to be taken to hospital with injuries. sorts of germany's national football team beat the netherlands three two in absurdum on sunday it was their first match in qualifying for the two thousand and twenty european championship mccambridge from v.w. sports is here to talk us through this exciting game good morning ed so what you make it such well terry who said international football outside of majors wants combi fon this was a thrilling three two win as you've said against two fierce local rivals on the world stage and they go off to the perfect start cuts the old leroy sawney now sonny was. the forgotten man at brushwood twenty eighteen he wasn't taken to the world cup but he's a key part of squads plans going forward now serge gnabry scored an absolute peak to give germany a two no lead early in the first half but the dutch came out fighting in the second memphis the pi actually scored the equaliser and it looked like the dutch are going to win but the unlikeliest of heroes nico schultz popped up with
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a winning goal. of side a crucial victory in the europe european qualification campaign but just a lovely win over local rivals like us that there is a really big changes to the german squad they had a very disappointing one one friendly against serbia last week before looking that what's your impression of this new look team well i think firstly it is worth pointing out this really does look like a new look tame often coaches sam going to mix things up and then it turns out they don't really but know that she played with two strikers last night which isn't something he normally does and he left big hits a team a van on the bench and actually paper two players are normally wingers so he really is experiments in trying something a little new and it could be the way they look i'm going forward into the rest of the year but i have to say less impressive for the other areas of the pitch the midfield certainly still needs a little bit of work and at the back there lacking a little bit of experience and leadership having said that it was very happy with his team's performance and we actually can hear from him right now. from the start
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of the week when we first met up i had the feeling the team could go out and show their strength on the pitch. we did that. of course i felt really good at the end of the game not much really. so you can live feeling good going forward what awaits his team in the rest of this year well they've got a busy year of qualifications come up so they going to face better routes and a stony a in june for the netherlands come back for a visit germany instead summers i've got a lot going on here now it's going to be interesting going forward i think to see how they really get on without the lights of home a boating and milla because i think it's easier to get same fired up for a big game against netherlands but how are they going to fare against us all meet but as teams in that european qualification group are going to be going to be an interesting topic let's look even further down the road here i mean how do you think after all these big changes in the team with with ditching so many big names
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do you think you'll be vindicated for this and at the end of it all say that was the right move well i think it's kind of hard to pull out already what i would say is he's possibly already been vindicated by the by the exclusion of thomas miller we can see last night he does have a wealth of attacking options at his disposal i put a fantastic performance going forward but like i did say a little earlier that the defense does look a little shaky and i would be surprised if he may have to cool in either homilies or boateng back into the squad a little later in the year and thank you so much ed mccambridge from d.w. sports. now a teacher from rural kenya who gives most of his monthly salary to the poor has won this year's million dollar global teacher projects peter topic she was honored at a ceremony in dubai which also makes taking his first ever flight to be cheap teaches science in a school without a laboratory or a life or area and only one computer he said his wind recognized to achieve middle
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africa's young people improve to the world that they could do anything. to present it watching d.w. news from berlin coming up next shift living in the digital age on a tech show this week we're asking do our so-called smart phones actually dumb us down state.
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nobody can escape it. now body clocks. recent lab studies have shown a sense of time is rooted in. what happens if we just have. this week's edition is devoted to the upcoming switch to daylight savings time in europe to get it to sixty minutes comfortably.
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what's the connection between bread but home and the european union dinos guild motto d.w. correspondent at the baker can stretch this second line with the rules of sex by the senior to. me no smoking recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . africa. paul kagame a president of the mob. and of the rwandan patriotic front to include tanya the rebel army and in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when all in the room there was and when i was given you in front of me to reinforce that i'm
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clueless and i knew this blood was up and he was not following in a group. the controversial leader whose success is beyond question. time. wanted tragedy starts people for long t.w. . this is a smart phone and it is indeed quite smart it stalls all your contacts helps you navigate through that hot new restaurant and even. reminds you of your cousin's birthday wait where was i asked my phones and i think osama our topic today on ship.


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