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this is news coming to you live from berlin at present campaign did not conspire with russia that's according to a summary of the long awaited report. complete. exoneration no colors you know how to structure president trump is wrong this report does not amount to a so-called totally exonerated. lawmakers tussle over how to interpret the findings
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and demand to see the full report says he's been vindicated also coming up challenging in thailand selections throws up a surprise with the party of the country's military junta taking the lead opponents are crying foul. britain's prime minister theresa may comes under increasing pressure as she fails to find a solution to the brakes of impasse now some lawmakers are trying to take charge of the situation. plus germany's footballers finally find their groove new look team beats the rivals for the netherlands with a last gasp winner is germany's football's crisis of recent spinal yoker.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us he called it a witch hunt and said it was politically motivated now u.s. president donald trump claims he has been fully vindicated after the report failed to establish that he or his campaign conspired with russia to influence the two thousand and sixteen elections but democrats say some of the funding such as whether the president obstructed justice or not so clear cut across to washington in a moment but first this report. clearly happy u.s. president donald trump returned to washington on sunday after the u.s. attorney general released the first summary of robert miller's reports. that america is the greatest place on earth. great place thanks for. the investigation into whether trump and his aides colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign had become a political thriller in
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a letter to congress attorney general william barr said the report had not found enough evidence to prove that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government barr also said the report could not establish that the president of structed muller's investigation. for president trump the message it's clear there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. so is it all over well no not for the democrats. president trump is wrong this report there's not amounts to a so-called total exoneration the special counsel mother was clear that his report
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quote does not exonerate close quote the president. highly anticipated the news caused mixed reactions some american spoke of a turning point in trump's presidency but others remain skeptical i don't trust to be honest. i don't want i don't trust anything. and i don't trust anybody who's investigating and i think now we can you know sleep well and i think. that will of course complete and some. president doesn't need to be impeached by any means while republicans consider muller's report a victory democrats say the attorney general's four page summary does not offer sufficient closure they're calling for the department of justice to release the full reports expect a partisan fight over that issue now as the american public remains as divided as ever. a washington correspondent helen humphrey has been following this for as
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helena tell us is donald trump now off the hook. i think it depends on how you define the reach of that hook if you're talking about this weekend and certainly it was a moment of vindication for the president and he says this is a win but i think it's important to take a look at the language in this both from the attorney general william vonne special counsel. no collusion is one thing that said miller said that he did not have enough evidence to rule that there was no obstruction of justice one of the reasons for this likely is due to the fact that he was not able to sit down for a one on one interview with the president during the course of his investigation so what it did was essentially people will say is pos the buck to attorney general william barr who then ruled that no crime had been committed remember of course bob was hand picked for the post by the president himself certainly the president faces
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many of the legal battles any nugget switch. uncovered during the course of his investigation he then distribute it to other course across the country including the southern district of new york which is currently investigating the president on a number of other issues so those legal battles go on shore you can say that a sitting president under a justice department policy is not recommended to be indicted that does not rule out sealed indictments being filed which can be unsealed the day a president walks out of the white house hearing it always seems so for is that four page summary of the miller report is there any chance that the full report is going to be released. potentially yes and previously we have seen calls coming from both sides of the aisles for that to be released to the general public now those calls are essentially coming from the democratic party we've heard from senators khalilah harris and elizabeth warren two women of course
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who are running for that presidential ticket and they've said this must be released him of the democrats are also saying is not only do they want to see the motor report in full they want to see all the documents supporting it they're saying tell us how you reached your conclusion how you did your arithmetic how you did your math so that you could come to the end of this equation we've also heard from jerry nadler the chairman of the judiciary committee in the house who has said that you know do remember that which is impeachable is not necessarily a crime that which is a crime is not necessarily impeachable so they will be looking to dig into this another issue i do want to raise though is that many americans will want to see this is well at the end of the day this investigation is about foreign interference into an election process not just about the president himself and whether there was collusion and of course in a democracy elections hopefully happen on a regular basis there's one in twenty twenty so people will want to know what that report have to say. donald trump responding to release this summary of the report
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he suggested that he would like to turn the tables on those behind the miller investigation is the president going to seek some sort of revenge. well we did hear from the president standing on the tarmac in palm springs just before boarding at force one he did seem rather angry he said that there was no comings and this was a total exoneration which was not actually what was said in the report i'm sure we often we received that letter we then heard from the presidential campaign by text message a text message campaign saying do contribution to the campaign financing now by texting which we vocal cords rueful and nations made do not rule out as well attention pardons for michael flynn for example a poor man a fault. head of the thank you so much for bringing us up to date helen the home for there in washington. thailand is expected to announce the unofficial results of
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the country's general election shortly a number of major political parties are already voicing suspicion about the out calm after a party linked to the country's military dictatorship appeared to take the lead in the popular but it was country's first since the military took power in a coup years ago. or for more now let's cross over to bangkok and talk to further explore he's with the german business daily humblest but frederick we don't have the final results yet but it seems that a pro-military party in this election is doing unexpectedly well how do they manage to to do that. yeah indeed many observers many thais by surprise one explanation is of course that they simply convinced a lot of types with their policies and especially they seem to be better than expected in the rule area and they put
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a lot of money into those areas in the recent years they strengthened the social policy and of course that helped promise and maybe that convinced them to vote them it was a technique that was used by the text in government and it worked quite well they're kind of copied that tactic but i don't think that's the only reason and also there's a reason that one of the another reason is that their opposition was simply put under a lot of pressure so you couldn't criticise too loud you were risking getting punished for this. and one main opposition party has even been banned so i wouldn't think it was a fair race and also some question about the election counting was a boat counting comes up and maybe this could be also one of the reasons why the military government is doing surprisingly well. the election commission was
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expected to announce the official results yesterday and we're hearing there may now baby further delays why. that's indeed a little bit yesterday the explanation and that was given to the journalists and everybody was sitting there waiting for the results and then the commission said we don't have a calculator that was a very. explanation everybody was kind of surprised you could hear some loud murmur around the colleagues today they said that the announcement had been the results haven't been announced because of the law. now they say that they will be presented in two hours. see what happens but there are some. some irregularities some numbers don't sum up so we are pretty surprised what we will actually get now in one hour some regularities there in bangkok frederick
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thank you very much for bringing us up to date frederick forth from the german business daily hundreds bought their force in bangkok. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today at least six people have been wounded by a rocket fire on a home northeast of tel aviv in israel officials say the rocket was fired from the gaza strip no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has vowed to retaliate for the strike. mali government officials have visited the site of a massacre targeting villagers belonging to the full lunny people at least one hundred thirty four full herders were killed by gunmen on saturday survivors of the attack claim ethnic dogo in hunters carried out the killings which come amid a surge in deadly violence in the country. thousands of marched in argentina's capital when a star is to commemorate victims of the country's brutal military dictatorship forty two years ago
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a coup swept military officials to power who oversaw the disappearance of tens of thousands of people many members of the former junta are in prison for crimes against humanity and genocide. british prime minister theresa may faces a crunch cabinet meeting today ahead of a crucial week of parliamentary votes on breaks that face chances of getting her break at deal through on a third vote in parliament look remote after a crisis meeting at the prime minister's country residence checkers broke up without agreement the meeting was held among reports that members of her own government were planning to oust her under a new timetable agreed with european leaders last week may has until april twelfth to win parliament's backing for her deal or find a viable alternative. so let's bring in our london correspondent bagot bigotry some a faced enormous pressure over the weekend with speculation that
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members of her own government were going to oust her how are things looking today. very very shaky indeed i have to say it's really not clear whether to reason may will still be prime minister by the end of the week even for my loyal party colleagues have said that there is no more time for her to stay in the sun sums it up as it says time's up series say the sun and i think many others want to reason made to announce a departure date and say this is the only way that she can get her deal three get a deal through parliament but also say that she's going to go off in the neck and second phase of breaks in two of her own cabinet colleagues though have backed us so far so let's listen what they've had to say but i think it's it's not going to change it. is to the right i'm going to stop trying to like cause by making sure you have to deal with the referendum mandate which also allows us to
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leave in a way which. would strengthen our economy and also take advantage of life outside the european union from my point of you think i would have a clear is that. one hundred percent behind the prime minister i'm working flat out as always have been to try to get support for her to you know i think it's a really balanced package of national interest both leaders and remain as ought to get behind it. so it looks like the prime minister has survived for now very good what about her brags deal what's going to happen with that in parliament this week . it's a really crucial weekend parliament because paul and terence themselves are trying to take control of the bricks and process their m.p.'s from both parties they are scheming to find a consensus and there is a process called socal indicative votes that are likely to happen at some point
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this week where different options of brake seats of an alternative breaks its reason mazed of the future scenario will be put to vote to m.p.'s so that might happen at some point this weekend the m.p.'s hope that some consensus will be formed and it different way forward to the privatised as will be presented it's also we don't know yet whether it's reason may will present her deal to parliament that would be really its last chance and it might also happen at some point this week bigger thank you d.w. is big it must there in london. now it's been ten days since cyc loan struck mozambique and zimbabwe at least seven hundred fifty people there are now reported dead thousands more are still unaccounted for authorities across the region are battling to prevent disease breaking out and to restore power and water to communities w.'s privilege must be on the eerie filed this report from
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one township in zimbabwe still trying to cope with the aftermath of the disaster a once bustling village reduced to a rocky field kopko was home to more than three hundred residents and government facilities when disaster struck on the night of march fifteenth residents were sleeping. very few of them survived those who did have recounted the horror they experienced in that island that i was asleep and suddenly woke up to the house destroyed but that the house was full of water but it was the first thing we thought was to rescue the kids. then we realized our eldest child was already dead after that moment is when we all got swept away by the raging floods. that take this right here used to be a town that is now under rubble stones came up from the mountains and swept through
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the city and now a lot of people are believed to be under these stones and residents told me that more than three hundred people could be under this rubble a lot of people want closure of knowing whether they had relatives are still in this place or they were washed away by the river downstream the relatives of the victims have been using whatever tools are at hand to sort through the rocks and rubble they're hoping to recover their loved ones many still don't have final answers about the fate of their families what we're looking for right now is a scripture if we know we our relatives are like it would be it will be somehow because right now we don't know we still have that feeling maybe there's a phrase in the somewhere. but recovering bodies can be extremely difficult and the emotional toll is a men's families with as many as ten members were swept away by the floods leaving
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few survivors. some of them discovered right t v boards are now on leave if you're in the region you know so we are feeling leading arsonists. that the we have some d.n.a. distance while it is then just you've been bearded you know and they do in fact there has been extensive damage to the country's infrastructure and there have even been geographical shifts rivers have formed in residential areas a further sign of how much time recovery is likely to take. sorts of germany's national football team beat the netherlands three two in amsterdam on sunday it was their first match in qualifying for the two thousand and twenty european championship and mccambridge from sports is here to talk us through this exciting game good morning it should so which make it a bit well terry who said international football outside of made its one of its
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comedy fun this was a thrilling three two win as you've said against two fierce local rivals on the world stage and they go off to the perfect start courtesy of leroy sonnie now sonny was actually the forgotten man at russia twenty eight saying he wasn't taken to the world cup but he's a key part of squads plans going forward gnabry scored an absolute peak to give germany a tune only early in the first half but the dutch came out fighting in the second memphis the pi actually scored the equaliser and it looked like the dutch are going to win but the unlikeliest of heroes nico schultz popped up with a winning goal. side a crucial victory in the europe european qualification campaign but just a lovely win of a local rivals like us there is a really big changes to the german squad they had a very disappointing one one friendly against serbia last week before looking that what's your impression of this new look team well i think firstly it is worth pointing out this really does look like
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a new look tame often coaches sam going to mix things up and then it turns out they don't really but actually played with two strikers last night which isn't something he normally does and he left big hits a team a van on the bench and actually paper two players are normally winners so he really is experiments in trying something a little new and it could be the way they look going going forward into the rest of the year but i have to say less impressive for the other areas of the pitch the midfield certainly still needs a little bit of work and at the back there lacking a little bit of experience and leadership having said that it was very happy with his team's performance and we actually can hear from him right now. i'm fucking it's been fun i'm fine from the start of the week when we first met up i had the feeling the team could go out and show their strength on the pitch. we did that. of course i felt really good at the end of the game not maturity so you're going to feeling good going forward what awaits his team in the rest of this year well
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they've got busy year of qualifications come up so they going to face better routes and a stony a in june for the netherlands come back for a visit germany in sept summers i've got a lot going on here now it's going to be interesting going forward i think to see how they really get on without the lights of homilies i'm saying because i think it's easier to get team fired up for a big game against netherlands but how are they going to fare against the soul of me as teams in that european qualification group are going to be going to be an interesting topic finalist look even further down the road here i mean how do you think after all these big changes in the team with ditching so many big names do you think you'll be vindicated for this and at the end of it all say that was the right move well i think it's kind of hard to already why i would say is he's possibly already been vindicated by the by the exclusion of thomas miller we could see last night he does have a wealth of attacking options at his disposal i put a fantastic performance going forward but like it did say a little earlier that the defense does look a little shaky and i would be surprised if he may have to pull in either home and
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back into the squad a little later in the year ed thank you so much emma cambridge from sports now to brazil where concerns are growing about the future of the country's rain forests brazil's new government has promised to loosen restrictions on logging in order to boost the brazilian economy wants to build roads and open up indigenous areas to mining and farming environmentalist say the impact could be devastating. the destruction of brazil's rain forests appears unstoppable it goes on year after year the tribal lands of brazil's indigenous people are getting smaller and smaller more out hunting with the i watch tripe the hunters have gathered around a large log their dogs led them to the spot they dug and i think. one of the hunters calls and i got a native rodent out of a log which had a lot. of wind up in the tree tops is where nutrient rich assigned berries
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grow the live in and from the primeval forest. form. he got more uniform nothing without the jungle here we would starve to death only in the rain forest can we find monkeys fruit and nuts you forgot the queen of the watch era tory is about as big as berlin and i do always it's one of the last pockets of virgin rain forest left in the region no not from brazil's indigenous authority is in charge of protecting the tribe members looking for like you. without our protection agency food i this group would no longer exist. back years ago larders and farmers invaded would argue about that mine when they were kicked out of the area they were just two kilometers away from the tribal village and i quote from up brought. the protected areas borders are a thorn in the side of many farmers they want their cattle to be able to penetrate
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the reserve. is a cattle farmer who wants to expand he wants to grow matisyahu using life inside the protected area. you don't prevent american do first of all i believe in god and then the words of our president both are not old he promised we would soon be able to enter the. reserve the key my vote of your book read you. brazilian president on our o. weekend the indigenous peoples protection authority when he talks office he wants to open up the rain forests to mining and agriculture that would include expanding cotton and soybean farms so the agriculture industry can keep its promise to export to china. also. more than double soybean acreage we could soon produce two hundred forty million tonnes up from one hundred twenty million
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tonnes today brazil's environment police and sure that will happen at the expense of the indigenous people but for how much longer it's all made to dodge and get on for so no worry about what would happen if we were to soon lose this protection we are afraid for ourselves and for the indios. we had the next pair and with good reason their tribal territory has long been covered by farmers and loggers. it's a teacher from rural kenya who gives most of his monthly salary to the poor has won this year's million dollar global teacher prize peter tuppy chief was ordered at a ceremony in dubai which also meant taking his first ever liked to be chief teaches science of the schools have a laboratory or a lot of rare yet only one computer he said is when recognized the achievements of africa's young people and prove to the world that they can do anything. and with
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the. well the dummy business is up next and get hans with us to tell us what's on the menu what's up well markets in asia half the time. nikkei losing nick index losing three percent that's that's actually quite a long look at that and of course we're looking at bragg's it's the german. the e.u. should keep playing tough on the concern still surrounding drugs in the lot of uncertainty you're watching it on the news stay with us.
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the. heart of a great chinese city stops beating. your body the
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last old neighborhood in the metropolis. challenging to get slated to be demolished . but the residents are holding out for as long as they can. in the last days ensure bodies in forty five minutes along w. . bush says heat in ruins a row a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. mayans fighters occupied the city center and now seventeen president to tears his response was told. by jittery will never again football game of. the
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reconquest turned into tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did malawi become a gateway to islamist terror i think the same sorry got under my skin as the end result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the c. s. starts april eleventh on g.w. . carnage um stock markets across asia besta fears over the global economy leading to a selloff in japan and china following a lead from wall street last friday. fishermen in the north of england just. to finally have. this is your
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business. it's been a rocky start into the new week for show.


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