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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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john. how did not know when you become a gateway to islamist terror i think now you see sorry guys i must have been as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the c. s. starts april eleventh on t.w. . carnage um stock markets across asia best of fears over the global economy leading to a sell off in japan and china following a lead from wall street last friday. fishermen in the north of england just can't wait for prices to finally have a carbon source they don't catch as long as it's out. is a state of your business on. it's been a rocky start into the new week for shares or of the world following friday's sell
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off on wall street the nikkei index in tokyo lost three percent on monday morning on mori's about the possible upcoming recession united states china the shanghai composite as well as the i'm saying well down one percent as well. as for trading in europe frankfurt has just opened. our correspondent. things look at the european markets. well it seems that the negative trend that we have been seeing this morning happening in asia will also continue here and frankfurt as well let's take a look at the board behind me the blue chip index that's here also in the red with more than zero point four percent at the moment investors are certainly more reluctant at the moment first the news last week of no more interest rate hikes in the u.s. because of the economic situation there investors are also expecting not very good
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news to be released this morning we are currently waiting for the latest business climate index the index in full research institute here in germany always gives you a very good idea about the sentiment of german c.e.o.'s how they see their current situation and we are expecting the index to be lower once again at the picture by the way is pretty much the same it also at the other exchanges here in europe the footsie one hundred in london down the s. and my in zero. and the cac forty in paris as well and the rest. what can we expect this week on european markets. what is going to be a very interesting week certainly tomorrow we're also expecting news about the consumer sentiment which also always gives you a very interesting idea how this situation right now is doing and then there's certainly another topic which is giving investors quite some headache and concern and that is brics that i guess most of the investors behind me on the trading floor are keeping a very close eye on every development there in westminster at the moment i was
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going to happen with who is or may are we going to see a new vote on have breck's it bills this week the possibility of a hard breaths that is seen here as a scenario that could really happen and that gives a lot of uncertainty and if there is something that investors are certainly asking here at the moment they really want to know what is going to happen they want certainty. don't go in front for the bulls will talk about bricks in the village with this show. there are fresh warnings from the european central bank today u.c.b. board member told german newspaper developed the economic outlook of the euro zone should have quote everybody worried as the head of the finnish central bank on a kind of that's to succeed monitor argue at the helm of the e.c.b. in also said financial markets are still on breast imaging the negative impact of drugs it will have on the global economy. theresa may arrive in your church on sunday she might have prayed for a miracle to untangle the grex it impossible she has led her country into late last
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week europe granted the u.k. a brief reprieve but the e.u. rex's negotiator michel barnier a wants an end to the uncertainty so that the e.u. can move on to other pressing issues. short extension of the departure of do you k. choosing but do you get such an extension should be conditional on a pretty vote next week. of cups. we have done our best we are done no we're best no decision if you don't put this in. but as long as breck's it continues to be delayed the e.u. can't move on to focus to on other priorities brussels needs to come up with an effective strategy to counter competition from state backed chinese companies and ramp up efforts to better police foreign takeovers then there's the problem of vision as banking sector banks in rome and milan are carrying one and
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a half trillion euros in debt mainly from lenders in paris and frankfurt some analysts fear this will be the carnal for the next european banking crisis. and the trade standoff between the usa and the e.u. is adding to jitters the e.u. has tariffs ready to go on a total of twenty billion euros worth of u.s. goods should trump act on his threats to impose punitive tolls on european cars that would hit jeremy the hardest by europe has been wholly focused on the brics it mess for months now these issues have fallen through the cracks. meeting he's the chief economist. and joins us now. all we hear is briggs it breaks it breaks it what are the challenges is you're facing right now and does it need to focus on. well brooks it is indeed the biggest near term challenge and if one breaks it goes wrong then the recession risk in europe would rise beyond the
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key issues our relations with the us especially if you think the trade conflict and then we of course as almost always have the italian problem where the government is slowly slowly but unfortunately going the wrong way with its economic and fiscal policies. it breaks it goes wrong that probably means a heartbreak that with no deal the new survey just out today shows that german businesses overwhelmingly say eighty five percent of them that the e.u. should stand its ground even risking a break is it do you think that's reasonable. in the end it's reasonable the e.u. has made the u.k. a good offer the u.k. can choose between various options of how they want to structure the post rexx it relations with the e.u. or possibly even stay in it is time for the u.k. to make up its mind indeed the uncertainty or the risk that
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a heart breaks it may come at any time say in a few weeks the risk does exist and that risk is not quite as but it's almost as bad now as the heartbreaks it would be. the united have been discussing bragg's it very often in the last two years at the moment we're pretty close to that actually happening do you still believe there will be a good outcome is it still possible it is still possible that the heartbreaks it will be avoided that remains our main scenario that the u.k. parliament if we are very lucky starting with votes at the end of today will take sufficient contro to prevent the heart break said there had been a vote early in the u.k. parliament suggesting that the majority in parliament is against the no deal heartbreaks it we just need this majority to assert itself over the next few days but of course the risk is significant at the moment at least of the government in the u.k. we basically have a mess. do you see anything that the e.u.
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could do to help this deal goes through i don't think there is much the e.u. can do at this stage the e.u. has offered the u.k. reassurance is that the bet i reserve backstop is meant to be only temporary there is not much more the e.u. can do brecht's it has been a divisive issue in the u.k. for a long time it simply is decision time in the u.k. and the e.u. by and large is now a bystander of this meeting chief economist of bit about mark thank you very much for this it's on you're welcome. we stay on the subject fishermen in britain were always skeptical of the e.u. the use common fisheries policy gave last fall of fleas from france or spain access to produce water as giving them only with their fish to land forcing them to throw back into the sea old fish because that exceeded their quota now fisherman a long. wait for sap and harvest off they don't care as long as they can go back to
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fishing as it used to be before the court has. grimsby around four and a half hour's drive north of london. caught in an eddy on the edge of globalisation grimsby was once home to one of the world's largest fishing fleet. but that was before the card wars of the one nine hundred seventy s. that ceded fishing grounds to iceland and it was before britain joined the european common market in one thousand nine hundred ninety three. was a major reason why seventy percent of grimsby voters chose to leave the e.u. britain was a great country we always did our own thing we always stood up for ourselves we always thought. we had everything trade the way. but the docks along the river humber still host a large fish processing industry from here large volumes of cod smoked tadic and
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salmon are transported to buyers at home and abroad some hope that breaks it would also see grimsby fishing fleet return to its former glory the smoke house and fish processing plant has been in business for close to a century the plant produces around one hundred tons of smoked fish every year owner patrick salmon voted leave but he wants to continue importing raw fish and exporting the finished product. we want to trade with our neighbors but we don't necessarily want to. pay. everybody in grimm's. he shares that view. because many of my business is is europe you know so why should i not say this i hear things are ok the way so the told us to should be pushed in. these concerns that leaving the e.u. could leave truckloads of his fish stuck at the border and he believes that
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prospects for this once great fishing port may be grimmer than ever. for u.s. plane make a boeing is wasting no time in getting the world's grounded fleet of seven three seven max eight back in service the company says it will update pilots and regulators on the progress of the new software patch by wednesday representatives from southwest american and united airlines are all expected at the boeing facility near washington d.c. to review the new software which still needs approval from regulations while all seven three seven makes a planes remain grounded after two fatal crashes in indonesia and in ethiopia. just. just for you or the online might not be the real deal the german customs has seized over five million packages with counterfeit
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products last year alone that's an increase of more than fifty percent over the previous year fake products had a value of almost two hundred million euros to ship from china most fake jewelry and box sunglasses but also electronics buy comics that smiled for us. and that's it for me and the business team here in berlin more business news out background stories of course on our web site this is the w. dot com slash business also that you. reported this. with. the phone.
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it's all happening so many of. your links to news from africa and the world your link to exceptionally stories and discussions can you unload some seed of insight or going program and from one to many of these leads now i would say demi this close match africa joined us on facebook and t.w. africa. technology.
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market. made in germany. your business magazine d w. so if we can do it here it can be done anywhere this is the most challenging place . bars winters are dark. with temperatures down to minus twenty five degrees celsius the ground is permafrost. long year bunions fall apart norway is the world's northernmost town of any real size here one man who grows herds in vegetables benjamin vidmar a chef from florida. is there more to it than just
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a crazy idea. this one it's a good few minutes one three for the fourth one is on. benjamin vidmar and his employee haig iska harvest the crops grown in the lab as he calls this room with its almost tropical climate in the midst of a frozen wilderness the chefs are waiting for his crescent puzzle i. think did you see that we got the human now off to remove the tower and. yet because we lift it from frank forty five yeah definitely. they learned to farm by trial and error given the lack of experience to draw from what's obvious is that the greenhouses are of no use outside during the long.


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