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w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin and president trump's campaign did not conspire with russia that's according to a summary of the long awaited report. complete. exoneration no colors no structure and president trump is wrong this report is not amount to a so-called total exoneration. lawmakers tussle over how to interpret the findings and demand to see the full report but trump says he's been vindicated also coming
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up britain's prime minister theresa may comes under increasing pressure as she fails to find a solution to the price of impacts well some lawmakers are trying to take charge of the situation. plus germany's footballers finally find their groove a new look team beats bitter rivals the netherlands with a last gasp winner is germany's football crisis of recent months finally oh. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program he called it a witch hunt and said it was politically motivated now u.s. president claims he has been fully vindicated after the mulla report failed to establish that he or his campaign conspired with russia to influence the two thousand and sixteen elections democrats say some of the findings such as. whether
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the president obstructed justice are not so clear cut across to washington in a moment but first this report. clearly happy u.s. president donald trump returned to washington on sunday after the u.s. attorney general released the first summary of robert miller's reports i want to tell you. that america is the greatest place on earth. great place thanks for. the investigation into whether trump and his aides colluded with russia during the twenty six thousand presidential election campaign had become a political thriller in a letter to congress attorney general william barr said the report had not found enough evidence to prove that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government bar also said the report could not establish that the president obstructed muller's investigation. for president trump the
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message is clear there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here in and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. so is it all over well no not for the democrats. president trump is wrong this report there's not amounts to a so-called total exoneration special counsel mahler was clear that his report quote does not exonerate close quote the president. highly anticipated the news caused mixed reactions some american spoke of a turning point in trump's presidency but others remain skeptical i don't trust him to be honest. i don't want i don't trust anything. and i don't trust anybody who's investigating him i think now we can you know sleep well and i think.
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that will of course complete. president trump doesn't need to be impeached by any means while republicans consider muller's report a victory democrats say the attorney general's four page summary does not offer sufficient closure they're calling for the department of justice to release the full report expect a partisan fight over that issue now as the american public remains as divided as ever. i washington correspondent helen humphrey has been following this for us helena tell us is donald trump now off the hook. i think it depends on how you define the reach of that hook if you're talking about this weekend and certainly it was a moment of vindication for the president and he says this is a win but i think it's important to take a look at the language in this both from the attorney general william vonne special
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counsel. no collusion is one thing that said miller said that he did not have enough evidence to rule that there was no obstruction of justice one of the reasons for this likely is due to the fact that he was not able to sit down for a one on one interview with the president during the course of his investigation so what it did was essentially people will say is pos the block to attorney general william barr who then ruled that no crime had been committed remember of course bob was hand picked for the post by the president himself certainly the president faces many of the legal battles any nugget switch. uncovered during the course of his investigation he then distribute it to other course across the country including the southern district of new york which is currently investigating the president on a number of other issues so those legal battles go on shore you can say that a sitting president under a justice department policy is not recommended to be indicted that does not rule
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out sealed indictments being filed which can be unsealed the day a president walks out of the white house and it always seems so for is that four page summary of the miller report is there any chance that the full report is going to be released. potentially yes and previously we have seen calls coming from both sides of the aisles so that to be released to the general public now those calls are essentially coming from the democratic party we've heard from senators camelot harris and elizabeth warren two women of course who are running for the presidential ticket and they've said this must be released him of the democrats are also saying is not only do they want to see the motor report in full they want to see all the documents supporting it they're saying tell us how you reached your conclusion how you did your arithmetic how you did your math so that you could come to the end of this equation we've also heard from jerry nadler the chairman of the judiciary committee in the house who has said that you
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know do remember that which is impeachable is not necessarily a crime that which is a crime is not necessarily impeachable so they will be looking to dig into this another issue i do want to raise though is that many americans will want to see this is well at the end of the day this investigation is about foreign interference into an election process not just about the president himself and whether there was collusion and of course in a democracy elections hopefully happen on a regular basis there's one in twenty twenty so people will want to know what that report had to say. donald trump responding to release this summary of the report he suggested that he would like to turn the tables on those behind the miller investigation is the president going to seek some sort of revenge. well we did hear from the president standing on the tarmac in palm springs just before boarding at force one he did seem rather angry he said that there was no
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collusion this was a total exoneration which was not actually what was said in the report i'm sure we often we received that letter we then heard from the presidential campaign by text message a text message campaign saying do contribution to the campaign financing now by texting which chunks we will quadruple any donations made do not rule out as well intentioned politicians for michael flynn for example employment afloat. thank you so much for bringing us up to date helen the home for there in washington. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today officials in thailand say they are delaying the announcement of full election results until later in the week unofficial results saw the country's military backed party of leading the popular vote despite that the opposition to thai party says it is already working with political allies to trying to form a government. death toll following psych clone
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a die has risen to more than seven hundred fifty people those victims are from zimbabwe malawi and worst hit mozambique more than half a million people have been seriously affected or displaced by the cycle which struck last week. at least six people have been wounded by rocket fire on a home northeast of tel aviv in israel officials say the rocket was fired from the gaza strip no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but israel's military is blaming hamas and sending reinforcements to the gaza border. british prime minister theresa may faces a crunch cabinet meeting today ahead of a crucial week of parliamentary votes on breaks that may chances of getting a break that deal through on the third vote in parliament look remote after a crisis meeting at the prime minister's country residence checkers broke up without agreement the meeting was held among reports that members of may's own
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government planning to oust her under a new timetable agreed with european leaders last week may has until april twelfth to win parliament's backing for her deal or find a viable alternative. but let's bring in our london correspondent bagot bigotry some a faced enormous pressure over the weekend with speculation that members of her own government were going to oust her how are things looking today. very very shaky indeed i have to say it's really not clear whether to reason may will still be prime minister by the end of the week even for my loyal party colleagues have said that there is no more time for her to stay in the sun sums it up just it says time's up series say the sun and i think many others one reason made to announce a departure date and say this is the only way that she can get her deal three get a deal through parliament but also say that she's going to go off in the neck and
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second phase of breaks in two of her own cabinet colleagues though have backed us so far so let's listen to what they've had to say but i think it's it's not the point to change it. is to the right i'm going to stop trying to the right course on the e.u. which blows the referendum mandate which was what i was to leave in a way which. is that we can strengthen our economy and also take advantage of life and so i'd be repeating from my point of you think i would have a clear is that i am one hundred percent behind the prime minister i'm working flat out as always have been to try to get support for her to you know i think it's a really balanced package of national interest both leaders and remain as ought to get behind it. so it looks like the prime minister has survived for now very good what about her brags deal what's going to happen with bat in parliament this week.
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it's a really crucial weekend paul amend because paul and terence themselves are trying to take control of the bricks and process their m.p.'s from both parties they are scheming to find a consensus and there is a process called circle indicative votes that are likely to happen at some point this week where different options of brake seats of an alternative breaks its reason mazed of the future scenario will be put to vote to m.p.'s so that might happen at some point this weekend the m.p.'s hope that some consensus will be formed and a different way forward to the privatised as will be presented it's also we don't know yet whether its reason may will present had dia to paul amend that would be really its last chance and it might also happen at some point this week bigger thank you g.w. is big it must there in london. now some sports and germany's footballers have won
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their first test in their bid to qualify for the european championship in two thousand and twenty beating old rivals the netherlands three two in amsterdam and ends a dismal run of results for the twenty fourteen world champions we are early royce and they opened the scoring for a new useful germany after fifteen minutes before half time sergey snobbery doubled the lead with a brilliant strike but the hosts hit back and then memphis departed level discourse just about the hour mark but germany came out winners nico short story a very late goal. now switching gears to american football one of the n.f.l. top names rob gronkowski has announced his retirement at the age of just twenty nine the new england patriots player revealed his decision on instagram the tight end one three super bowls with the patriots including february's victory over the
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los angeles rams is short no new yorker. rear has been blighted by niggling injuries. a teacher from rural kenya who gives most of his monthly salary to the poor has won this year's million dollar global teacher prize peter to chief was on at a ceremony in dubai which also meant taking his first ever airline flight to be ci a tough yet to be g.t. just science of a school without a laboratory or a library and only one computer usage has when recognized the cheap mint of of africa's young people and proved to the world that they could tune into the show. just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today u.s. president donald trump says he has been fully exonerated after the report failed to establish that he or his campaign conspired with russia to influence the twenty sixteen election the democrats say some of the findings such as whether the
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president struck justice or not so clear cut and they're demanding the release of the fullers full report. up next we go to china with her documentary the last days of ship battiste body being in a neighborhood in chongqing scheduled for demolition that and much more still to come. state by state. the most colorful. lifeless. and the most traditional. find it all any time. check in with a whip special. take a tour of germany state by state. on t.w. dot com.


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