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success is beyond question. time. london tragedy starts people fifty t.w. . this is news live from len confusion and suspicion in the aftermath of thailand's election as initial results emerge the parts of the country's military junta appears to have taken the lead in the popular vote totals a crying foul of say the government on the program president trump did not conspire that with russia that's according to a summary of the way to. come please. exoneration no
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collusion no i'm sure president drunk is wrong this report does not amount to a so-called exonerate. because i care about how to interpret the findings and demand to see the report in full. israel sends troops to which border with gaza after rockets fired from the territory hits a home northeast of tel aviv injuring several people. britain's prime minister theresa may comes under increasing pressure again as she fails to find a solution to the us i guess. there's a trying to take charge of the situation. i'm phil got welcome to the program. thailand has postponed until friday the
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announcement of initial visits from sunday's general election it was a country's first election since the military seized power five years ago unconfirmed figures show the pro hunter party has won the popular vote but opposition parties say the election was full of irregularities. he became prime minister thanks to look who now prior to channel it sure looks to have secured a democratic mandate for keeping the job his party which is linked to thailand's powerful military appeared set in a victory soon after partial results were released. we have we have indicated that the principle is that. the party of parties that have. there are able to assemble the largest number of which should have the opportunity to try for the next government waking up to the news this morning this man said he was happy about the continuation of power.
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i think the country is heading in a direction that pry it has planned he will take care of the economy peace and especially corruption. of those sounds convinced though the electoral system favors the prime patcher out party o.p.p.r. pay if you had expected it to do so well. i was surprised the p.p. oppy got the most votes. by the looks of the popular votes the p.p.r. pay appears to have swayed voters in the country's poor rural north but rights groups are questioning the credibility of the election. there were reports about for buying there were reports about your equality is in board cowan tabulation there were reports about intimidation of opposition party members. with criticism growing over the way the vote was carried out the political divisions that have afflicted thailand in the last decade could deepen even further so let's
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look a little closer this i'm joined by john jay here somebody would see it and she's a research associate at the german institute for global and area studies and also professor bangkok's at thomson university welcome to d.w. let's start with the delay of the vietnam's front of these results what is behind that well i mean this is just another if you sort of electro wreck a lot of these that they experienced over the past months. the context of the election commission is that they have to make sure that the one top party wins the election and so for the past two or three months def being a lot of creation of. even the playing field if you like and they've been bashing the opposition parties at that at the same time allowing went up to do what it was they can do to take the advantage ok so as far as you are
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clear in your mind that these e like euro irregularities are deliberate yeah yeah ok so. given that i'm so that the the other big surprise of this is election is that the polling project wrath of the pro military party appears to have done so well but given what you've just said nobody should be surprised you know actually as the thai person i expect that and a lot of people expect that you have to understand the meaning of this election for the the elites the who into the election is seen as a way to assess stay in the military rule to and to to my zip form popular right so they have to make sure they win the election and they have done everything to deliver that result so there is so it's not surprising at all. and right now i think was what's expected for the one time for us is how they could.
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organize and form the quality ition and there's a lot of chaos out there at the moment and why do they need a coalition if they have to have their in charge of pretty much all of that believes of state. just just you say as you declare they have rigged elections why not just rig and say we are everything let's get on with it yeah spot on i mean the election has to dick has to be decorated as it is a free and fair election it has to look in some way to look that way but it still has to deliver the result that is authentic just for the junta so they have to mean the. actually doesn't win the parliamentary seats they only got popular votes more than the other party so right now they have over one hundred seats and they have to organize
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a coalition with another party but the most important part is that they have two hundred fifty handpicked senate in that pocket so all together they only need it i live it more on top of the senate seat in order to form the government ok so that as you say pretty much got the job got the job done and now they just need to just do the final bit if you talk about this very calmly and without emotion the idea if they say like being stolen because you are a political scientist do do do a regular times look at this and know which way it's going to go and know that it's all just an illusion this is emotional the whole election is very emotional for thais i mean i have to sort of suppress my anger because this is international. but but is very emotional deciding has. bindy wide it and the elections so was that the vision shows that evolution basically this is the ideological vote you have half of
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the country that has void that far that democratic can and the rest of the country has for the conservative cap if you like and of course the other half of this country feels that the election is not fair first of all but also they feel that they are defeated ted and there's no change the election doesn't deliver a shake ok thank you so much for your nonsense especially interesting a very clear. so about can see thank you thank you. he said it was a politically motivated witch hunts not us a president donald trump claims he's been fully vindicated after the report found to establish that he or his campaign conspired with russia to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election but democrats say some of the findings such as whether the president obstructed justice are not so clear. clearly happy u.s. president donald trump returned to washington on sunday after the u.s.
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attorney general released the first summary of robert miller's report. that a. great place under. great place for. the investigation into whether trump and his aides colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign had become a political thriller in a letter to congress attorney general william barr said the report had not found enough evidence to prove that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government. barr also said the report could not establish that the president of structed miller's investigation. for president trump the message is clear there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. so is it all over
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well no not for the democrats president trump is wrong this report is not amount to a so-called total exoneration special counsel muller was clear that his report quote does not exonerate close quote the president. highly anticipated the news caused mixed reactions some american spoke of a turning point in trump's presidency but others remain skeptical i don't trust to be honest. i don't want i don't trust anything. and i don't trust anybody who's investigating and i think now we can you know sleep well and i think. that will of course complain and. president doesn't need to be impeached by any means while republicans consider miller's report
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a victory democrats say the attorney general's four page summary does not offer sufficient closure they're calling for the department of justice to release the full report expect the partisan fight over that issue now as the american public remains as divided as ever. roger some of the other stories making news around the world at least seven people have been wounded in a rocket attack from a home northeast of tel aviv in israel officials say the rocket was fired from the gaza strip israel's military is blamed hamas on the sending reinforcements to the gaza border hamas though did nice carrying out the attack. chinese president xi jinping is in france for talks with the president emanuel macro it's the last stop on his three nation tour of europe at boosting trade and diplomatic ties despite their meeting president mccraw has urged the e.u. to be wary of china's growing influence around the world in.
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government officials in mali have visited the site of a massacre targeting villagers belonging to the from long the people at least one hundred thirty four philology herders were killed by gunmen on saturday survivors claimed that ethnic doggone hunters carried out the killings which come amid a surge in deadly violence. thousands of much for watching taylor's capital want to satirise to commemorate victims of the country's brutal military dictatorship forty two years ago military officials seized power that oversaw the disappearance of tens of thousands of people many members of the formal hunt are now in prison for crimes against humanity for genocide. the british prime minister and her cabinet are holding a crunch meeting ahead of a week of important parliamentary votes. ministers arrived in downing street where teresa mayes expected to update them on her present strategy the chance of getting her withdrawal deal through a vote in parliament however look we love it after crisis talks at our country
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residence checkers broke up with after agreement on sunday and renew timetable the gravy european leaders last week mrs may has until the twelfth of april to win parliament's backing for a deal to five viable alternative. to london then we jointly to. on the mass welcome back so massive pressure on theresa may over the weekend speculations that members of her own government to try to unseat how are things looking for her today. they're looking very very shaky i have to say even members of the conservative party that have so far been very loyal to the reason they are now openly telling had to step down and the sun as well the tabloid paper says time's up series say there is a yeah there is really a sentiment that the dr minister's days might be numbered and it's really not clear
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whether she will still be prime minister at the end of this week question is is that going to happen and if so who's going to support or two of her cabinet colleagues that were meant to be potential interim prime ministers have so far back to us so let's listen to what they've had to say i think it's it's not going to change to. the right i'm going to stop trying to the right course from my point if you think i would have a clear. one hundred percent behind the prime minister i'm working flat out as always have been to try to get support for her deal well today's cabinet meeting will be followed by a week of parliamentary debates and to vote on the bracks budget must talk us through what's we're going to say and what's going to happen this week. well what's most likely to happen are so-called indicative parliamentarians effectively
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taking control here house of commons and trying to vote on several alternative visions of breaks and trying to forge somehow a consensus. behind one particular version of bragg's it which would be an alternative to the prime minister's version so these votes are non-binding but if parliamentarians where to unite behind an alternative gregg said that was of course a sound a very very strong message to reason may will most likely also put had again towards parliament so that deal is i don't knife edge and she hasn't really caught fire whether she's going to do it or not but those are the key developments that we're going to see during this week and by the end of this week we should have either to resign may's deal voted through or we should know if parliament is able to unite behind something that's not to raise a maze d.-o.
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get mass in london thank you. it's not ten days since cycling struck the southern african countries of malawi mozambique and same barber and the seven hundred fifty people have reported that thousands more are still unaccounted for and hundreds of thousands have been displaced one of the worst hit places was the city of barrow in mozambique authorities that aid organizations are battling to prevent the outbreak of disease especially cholera and to restore power and water to communities. a school building serves as an impromptu shelter for these people many have fled to outlying regions for better out here in most of the second largest city they hope to find aid food and clean water one of them is christina period a who just became a mother of one of the fact that i had just given birth to twins in the hospital when the catastrophe struck. as i was on my way home after the birth the site clone destroyed our entire house and we had nothing left to eat. that's why i came to the
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school the us is a. vast areas remain submerged and look like an inland sea rural regions are hard to get to the u.n. world food program has been making deliveries by air and says its mission has reached a similar level to aid programs in the war zones of yemen and syria the u.n. says one point eight million people are affected in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi six hundred thousand people have lost their homes and now there is a risk of disease outbreaks. we'll have cholera for your wife explaining what you did we'll have a roller hour with everybody larry at that point of calling this is so the government over the father of three kids there are already cleanup work has begun indiana but more and more aid organizations are arriving to open and regency shelters for the increasing numbers of people who are fleeing to the city to find protection heavy rains are forecast again for next week. you're watching.
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live from but then still to come the kenyan man who's become the world's best teacher we'll find out how he transformed students' lives on what's he's going to do with the million dollar prize for the. time germany's football is finally get their groove back the new look to have beach preserve rivals the netherlands with one last gasp with. closer to brazil where there are growing concerns about the future of the country's rainforest a new government has promised to loosen restrictions on logging in order to boost the brazilian economy it wants to build roads and open up a dangerous areas to mining and farming environmentalist say the impact could be devastating. the destruction of brazil's rain forests appears unstoppable it goes on year after year the tribal lands of brazil's indigenous people are getting smaller and smaller were out hunting with the i watch tripe the hunters
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have gathered around a large log their dogs lead them to the spot they don't know and i think. one of the hunters calls and i go to a native rodent out of a log which had a lot of. wind up in the tree tops is where nutrient rich assign berries grow the live in and from the primeval forest. form. he got more uniform nothing without the jungle here we would starve to death only in the rain forest can we find one can use fruit and nuts you forgot the queen of the a lot era tory is about as big as berlin you are it's one of the last pockets of virgin rain forest left in the region no not from brazil's indigenous authority is in charge of protecting the tribe members look it up rockefeller when i ask you about it without our protection agency food i this group would no longer exist.
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back years ago larders and farmers invaded would argue about that mind when they were kicked out of the area they were just two kilometers away from the tribal village and i quote bottom up. the protected areas borders are a thorn in the side of many farmers they want their cattle to be able to penetrate the reserve. is a cattle farmer who wants to expand he wants to grow manioc using life hosting inside the protected area. you don't prevent or making deals first of all i believe in god and then the words of our president both are not zero he promised we would soon be able to enter the. reserve you he might hold up your book read it on. brazilian president shire boss on r o weekend the indigenous peoples protection authority when he talks office he wants to open up the rain forests to mining and agriculture that would include expanding
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cotton and soybean farms so the agriculture industry can keep its promise to export to china. also at a budget. more than double soybean acreage we could soon produce two hundred forty million tonnes up from one hundred twenty million tonnes today brazil's environment police ensure that won't happen at the expense of the indigenous people but for how much longer will may that i share your home for so no worry about what would happen if we were to soon lose this protection we are afraid for ourselves and for the induce. me than their fair and with good reason their tribal territory has long been covered by farmers and loggers. sport now germany's national football team beat the netherlands three two in amsterdam on sunday it was their first match in qualifying for the twenty twenty european championship mccambridge from the interview sport is here to talk us through what
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was what turned out to be an exciting game what did you make of this well whoever said international football had to be boring outside and i just wanted to feel this was a five goal thriller between two of the fiercest rivals on the world stage and germany off to a blistering start could see only roy sonnie a bit of a poster boy for the new era having been left out of the last summer's world cup squad serge gnabry then doubled germany's lead with an absolute peach of a goal but you can't keep the dutch down a full back and it was memphis the paiute equalized shortly before the end of the game however germany rose the occasion and a fresh face nico schultz actually gave them a very late winner which has given you the lives side a big confidence boost following a very difficult spell last year and also three points in the euro for european qualification campaign did make some big changes to the squad and sunday's victory well done comes off the back of last week's disappointing what'll friendly against serbia so what is your impression of this new look team well it really does have
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a feel of a new look team a lot of us all know already that mats hummels drum and thomas miller axed from the squad quite recently but lives ball in a fresh crop of new faces and also implemented a new system a paper to strikers last night which isn't something they they normally do and they were actually fantastic going forward they weren't quite as good in other areas of the pitch midfield needs a little bit of work and defense appears to lack a few leaders but they you know it was a positive result and we're about to hear from leroy sana he spoke positively about the game last night. listen we have a huge new young players really young team now we've got lots more to learn but i think we played a really good game srila. so what do you think as we look across this year do you think by the end of it will have been proven rights to ditch the big names well i think it might be a little bit too early to call that i actually think that he's probably going to be vindicated in his decision to exclude thomas muller from the squad like i say that
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a wealth of attacking options last night really fantastic and forward but like i said they were a little bit shaky at the back and i wouldn't be surprised if love actually has to make a u. turn on his decision and recall it a match for mills or jerome batang to shore up that defense well let's hope east watching mccambridge their thank you. ok new teacher from a remote village has won a million dollar prize in dubai be to be cio works in a government run school that's just one computer and patchy internet access but judges said that despite the obstacles he had made a huge difference in the lives of his students mr de beachy who gives away most of his earnings to the poor receive the annual global teacher prize in a ceremony hosted by actor hugh jackman the winner. of the global teacher prize for two thousand and nineteen it's. bitter to bochy. joy as franciscan monk and science teacher peter to
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be chief is crowned world's best teacher asked. if he quit it's. a cult believe it is sloppy. about the best teachers and what. being the best of it were. to be she works as a math and science teacher at a remote secondary school in kenya's rift valley drought and famine are common in the region and ninety five percent of pupils at kerry coast school come from poor families almost a third of all friends and many can't afford food at home to be cheated left his job at a private school to help children in need. his classes despite being very overcrowded and having few resources have seen his pupils go on to win
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national and international science competitions to the cheese efforts to turn things around have worked in the past three years in rome and he has doubled and the number of students who go on to further study has jumped dramatically he also gives away eighty percent of his own income to the poor and plans to continue one in this vein with his million dollar prize money. this one i'm going to have you talked with a society ok because. a private ok. but food cooking and everything so i just know how to be in hock to just grits moment to this is it is winter benefits. these are to be cheap credited his way into his students and said that it was a sign they could do anything they set out to achieve. as a reminder of our top story at this. time and has postponed until friday the
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announcement of initial results of the country's general election unconfirmed figures show that part of the country's military junta has won the popular vote but opposition parties say it was a battle with irregularities. coming up next on the v.w. news a shuttle woman's a mission to build toilets in her home for the fish can achieve what i thought story on the wall and just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour have a good. move.
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