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this is data it is like from the ballet and the britain's prince it crisis goes up a gear prime minister theresa may comes under increasing pressure as she fails to find a solution to the on costs. because of trying to take charge of the situation also on the program president trumps campaign did not conspire with russia that's according to a summary of things long awaited. the complete take exoneration no
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collusion no i'm structured president is wrong this report does not amount to a so-called total exonerate. lawmakers argue over how to interpret the findings and demand to see the report in full. israel sets troops which ford was gaza after a rocket fired from the territory hits a home northeast of tel aviv injuring seven the. time still get welcome to the program. britain's prime minister cabinets have been meeting ahead of a week of important parliamentary votes on bracks it ministers arrived in downing street last resort man is expected to update them on how broad strategy chances of getting her withdrawal deal through the phone. in part with the grim note after
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crisis talks at a country residence checkers broke up on sunday without agreement and the new timetable agreed with european leaders last week this is my house until the twelfth of april when parliament's backing for her deal will find a viable alternative of the weekend speculation that members of her cabinet was planning to oust her this morning and some of her key ministers expressed their support for i think it's very important that everyone read this is and make it serious we each make sure that we believe the european union we do so in order to live as many people as possible regulus that means pushing the far east and making sure to get you into prime minister is doing the right thing right thinking about the national interest at this country and trying to end this cavs by getting supreme. let's go straight to london and join us for the big it must welcome big well despite those endorsements teresa mayes position still appears very shaky.
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very shaky indeed phil it seems that some ministers really some cabinet colleagues and also party members really want to see trees as maze trees a maze had role if they are to go behind a high deal if they are to help to get the withdrawal do you through parliament one last time and even though we've had some indorsements it seems really really far from sad and that is the prime minister at the end of this week so where are we now on the prime minister's withdrawal deal and this week's press events. well we don't know the exact choreography of this week's events everything is really evolving by the minute almost we speculate that reason may will once more and there are rumors that might be happening tomorrow that she will once more try and get the withdrawal through parliament has been defeated twice but one last
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chance and this might be the last chance also for tourism a to rescue her premiership then parallel there is another process which is the so-called indicative votes so these are m.p.'s from all parties by the way conservative labor sort of a cross party. group who are trying to pave the way for parliament to come to some consensus on breaks it so different alternative scenarios of breaks and alternatives to trees amazed us would be voted a would be voted on and if there was a way forward parliament would unite behind and all talent of brakes a vision that would definitely put pressure on the government to change course. to back it must say in london thank you. he said it was a politically motivated witch hunts not the u.s. president to donald trump claims he has been fleeced vindicated after the mother report failed to establish that he or his campaign conspired with russia to
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influence the twenty six thousand presidential election but democrats say some of the findings such as one of the president's obstructed justice i'm not so certain. clearly happy u.s. president donald trump returned to washington on sunday after the us attorney general released the first summary of robert miller's report i want to tell you. that america is a great place for her. great life thank you for. the investigation into whether trump and his aides colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign had become a political thriller in a letter to congress attorney general william barr said the report had not found enough evidence to prove that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government bar also said the report could not establish that the president of
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structed muller's investigation. for president trump the message is clear there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. so is it all over well no not for the democrats. president trump is wrong this report is not amount to a so-called total exoneration special counsel muller was clear that his report quote does not exonerate close quote the president. highly anticipated the news caused mixed reactions some american spoke of a turning point in trump's presidency but others remain skeptical i don't trust him to be honest. i don't want i don't trust anything he said and i don't trust anybody
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who's investigating him i think now we can you know sleep well and i think. that will of course complain and some of the. president doesn't need to be impeached by any means while republicans consider muller's report a victory democrats say the attorney general's four page summary does not offer sufficient closure they're calling for the department of justice to release the full reports expect the partisan fight over that issue now as the american public remains as divided as ever. cable on this from washington bureau chief. and well so is donald trump and the whole. the key finding of them all are reports all we have to say at the conclusion that there is no evidence for collusion or conspiracy between trump his campaign and russia is
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a huge win a victory for this president who has been saying it all over and over again for in the last two years so it is maybe the greatest gift of his presidency this conclusion and of course it was a huge cloud over his presidency and snow it is lift to impeachment his removal from office is not going to happen at least on charges stemming from the mall or investigation however we have to add that there are other investigations into the trams business dealings into his administration that are still going on so it's not totally over for the u.s. president we heard in the before there's no question for voters reports be released in full is that likely to how. well i think that this question is going to be resolved in the courts eventually we know that according to the justice to fire
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department there are certain things that are not going to be published like classified information or grand jury but we also know that democrats are demanding full reports to be published with all the lying documents they are now also calling for attorney general to testify before congress without delay because they say that the rights of all americans to see the whole report that mr trump on suggested that he wants to turn the tables on the people behind the bull investigation someone is going to look at the other side he sent is he likely then to seek some sort of revenge. well it certainly sounded so this way when he talked about its use today calling the probe illegal taked own that
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failed and saying that someone has to look at the oversight how we're over when we are asked. white house deputy spokesperson hogan gidley if there is anything to be expected to he told the press that there are no plans for a sort of political play back. from norman washington thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world officials in time i'm sorry for not delaying announcement of the election results until later this week an official results so the country's military backed party leading the popular vote despite that the opposition party says it's already working with political allies to try and form a government. chinese president xi jinping has arrived in paris for more talks with president he's on the last leg of the strained nation tour of europe aimed at boosting trade and diplomatic ties despite the meeting president michel who serves
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the e.u. to be wary of china's growing influence around the world. government officials in mali have visited the site of a massacre targeting villages belonging to the four lonny people at least one hundred thirty four full body herders were killed by gun on saturday survives claim after going on to start up the killings which have come amid a surge intently files. for israeli sending troops to its border with gaza following a rocket strike that hit a home northeast of tel aviv israeli officials say the rocket was fired from the gaza strip and the flaming gases are building a mass movement hamas has denied responsibility officials believe the rocket traveled about one hundred twenty kilometers oh it's rare for rockets from gaza to travel so far. well from t.w. correspondent tom your credit in jerusalem welcome tanya so israel blaming hamas hamas denying it what's the latest. yeah that's right so far
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known none of the militant groups claimed responsibility for the strike this just this report about an unnamed hamas official denies that hamas is involved suggesting somehow that this might be an accident again that it's happened before now but the israeli army has not responded to such claims and has actually said they are holding. hamas is controlling the gaza strip responsible. for this strike they're saying this rocket was manufactured in gaza and that it belongs to one of the militant groups of the hamas military wing now we understand that preparations are going light of the security situation and israeli army has closed off some of the roads around the gaza strip has also reinforced its troops has closed the crossing it controls off gaza but we also heard from the special coordinator for
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the middle east mr blair notes that you and special porting it to saying that they're working with the egyptians to try to deescalate the situation at the moment but israel has said that it well brick taleo it's doing know what's be toleration is likely to take. well it is expected that it there will be a military response to that is how it's always for tahlia to such strikes there is a lot of pressure now on prime minister netanyahu still in washington and he said he has about a very strong response he said he will cut short his visit to be here to follow the events maybe on top of that it's also just two weeks before the elections and a lot of politicians this morning coming out saying that there needs to be a strong response or needs to restore its deterrence and even some calls for targeted killings now be seen actually that this is the second strike of
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a longer range missile in the last two weeks and two weeks ago it was in the area of tel aviv it landed in an open field and is retaliated with a night of strikes but it was deescalated very quickly with the help of the mediation because there was an understanding that this was an accidental as strike this time looks a bit different to brant even deeper inside israel it's on their own house on the civilian target so to speak people were injured also other houses were damaged. damaged the village and so there are these calls for military retaliation having said that both sides have always said that don't want to go to another war but the situation is very tense and also very unpredictable what is said to come. from the crowd or in jerusalem thank you. that's a brazil whether a growing concerns about the future of the country's rainforest the new government has promised to loosen restrictions on logging in order to boost the economy it wants to build roads and open up it degenerates areas to mining and farming
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environmentalist say the impact could be devastating the destruction of brazil's rain forests appears unstoppable it goes on year after year the tribal lands of brazil's indigenous people are getting smaller and smaller more out hunting with the watch ripe the hunters have gathered around a large log their dogs led them to the spot they dug in. one of the hunters calls and a native rodent out of along with it all. up in the tree tops is where nutrient rich assigned berries grow the law live in and from the primeval forest. form. if you got more uniform nothing without the jungle here we would starve to death only in the rain forest can we find one can use fruit and nuts you forgot to camino the a lot era tory is about as big as berlin and you are it's one of the last pockets
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of virgin rain forest left in the region no not from brazil's indigenous authority is in charge of protecting the tribe members of the from left when i ask you about without our protection agency food i this group would no longer exist. back years ago larders and farmers invaded would argue about that mind when they were kicked out of the area they were just two kilometers away from the tribal village and i quote from up brought from. the protected areas borders are a thorn in the side of many farmers they want their cattle to be able to penetrate the reserve. is a cattle farmer who wants to expand he wants to grow manioc using life inside the protected area. you don't prevent or making deals first of all i believe in god and then the words of our president both are
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not zero he promised we would soon be able to enter the reserve he. book read the internet brazilian president on our own weekend to the indigenous peoples protection authority when he talked office he wants to open up the rain forests to mining and agriculture that would include expanding cotton and soybean farms so the agriculture industry can keep its promise to export to china. also to. more than double soybean acreage we could soon produce two hundred forty million tonnes up from one hundred twenty million tonnes today brazil's environment police ensure that won't happen at the expense of the indigenous people but for how much longer. we made a dash get home for some worry about what would happen if we were to soon lose this protection we are afraid for ourselves and for the enduro so. we have been there. and with good reason their tribal territory has long been coveted
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by farmers and loggers. the first session of a new joint franco german parliamentary assembly has been held in paris it's an attempt to coordinate political debates in the two countries the presidents of the german bundestag and francis i'm very national assign the founding grievance a new body contain fifty members from each parliament is expected to play like that on the ballot and defense cooperation and ensure the bilateral agreements between from. its decisions however the advisory by the. advent of president of the german parliament of shoaib said the assembly would play an important part in deepening franco german relations. have to do i wish this assembly lively debate also about difficult topics we will argue about the issues because argument is important. but the debates will reflect the friendship between
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our two countries and the respect of each other's opinions speak for their mind. so let's get more political correspondent craig kate brady kate advisory not binding the two countries already have their own parliament so what is the point of this one of these ole is part of the often treaty which was signed earlier this year and was very much every new all of ours if you will for the friendship between france and germany and this is all about cooperation and as you mentioned some of the things that they that the members of parliament from both france and germany will be focusing on is economic issues but also security and foreign policy as well and especially the they're off base was mentioning quite a few members of parliament from the border regions of the french german border actually taking part in this assembly and so cross border relations where they can share resources for example as well particularly when it comes to health results is
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that something that they might be working on as well the people to look at this. so we get we have we have members of parliament who represent we have members of hollywood who represent areas around the border why we spend doing well monthly visit to do the job they should already be doing well at the moment as well we're looking ahead to the future of europe and that is going to be a big play a big role in these talks now as he said they raise these talks are not binary they cannot push through any legislation nor do they have a budget and so there has been criticism of this assembly but now with facts on the horizon as well that is going to be a shift in the focus and everyone in a lot of countries in europe are going to be looking for a new leader in terms of who is going to be at the forefront of pushing through these reforms that the european union is so desperate to push through and now with the u.k. soon planning at least to leave. that is the sense that there will be
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a joint franco german leadership at the front so what a german politicians think about this well there has been some criticism particularly from the polar opposites of the political spectrum from the far right there's been some criticism from the far right de polity they just as some members described this essentially as an anachronism and that it was unnecessary to be holding these by national assemblies when some of the issues that we're dealing with here are in fact global and then at the same time those also criticism from the members of the left. members over whom they are actually attending this assembly it's worth pointing out there are members of parliament from across the german political spectrum attending this assembly the left too said that this was an abuse of the european idea and they would like to see more cooperation on social issues between france and germany not so much about defense and security kate brady
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thank you. this is due to the news that life or better still to come the kenyan man who has held the world's best teacher will find out how he transformed the lives of his students he's going to do with a million dollar prize. that germany's footballers could funny look ahead with optimism after a torturous a few months after the world cup debacle and nations league relegation your side beat old rivals the deference to sunday so does the victory in europe qualification had all the new era for a new look side some of the team's young guns. your team lives germany are finally back to winning ways a squad containing a blend of old and new faces snatched a three two victory over the netherlands on sunday and it was youth which made the difference i for one for unfound from the start of the week when we first met up i had the feeling the team could go out and show their strength on the pitch. we did
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that. of course i felt really good at the end of the game. but really lives decisions x. twenty fourteen world cup winners jerome batang mats hummels and thomas miller was heavily criticised but against the dutch a dreadful twenty eight team for germany was forgotten because schultz kept the doesn't display with the winning goal schultz believes the squad can only get better with easier task ahead in june it gets better roos and estonia. and i don't score too many goals and i'm just really happy for the team. it's not easy when you haven't trained for longer than your plate with one another in matches before that can only improve with time. germany fans hope the new era can be built around who scored on sunday but was left out of love squad for last year's world cup. we interviewed new players young players so it's an inexperienced team with
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a lot still to learn but i think we've played really well. to live still has a long way to go before germany can be considered among the world's best again but for now at least there's a sense of positivity back in the camp. ok new teacher from a remote village is one of the million dollar prize in dubai peter to be chief works in a government school that's just one computer and patchy internet access but judges said despite the obstacles he had made a huge difference to the lives of his students is to be g. who gives away most of his things to the poor who see the annual global teacher prize in a ceremony hosted by hugh jackman the winner. of the global teacher prize for two thousand and nineteen it's. peter to bochy. joy as franciscan monk and science teacher peter to
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be chief is crowned world's best teacher. there theocrats it's. i can't believe it is sloppy. about the best teachers while. being the best of the work. to be she works as a math and science teacher at a remote secondary school in kenya's rift valley drought and famine are common in the region and ninety five percent of pupils at kerry coast school come from poor families almost a third of all friends and many can't afford food at home to be cheated left his job at a private school to help children in need. his classes despite being very overcrowded and having few resources have seen his pupils go on to win
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national and international science competitions to the cheese efforts to turn things around have worked in the past three years in rome and he has doubled and the number of students who go on to further study has jumped dramatically he also gives away eighty percent of his own income to the poor and plans to continue one in this vein with his million dollar prize money. this one i'm going to leave you to talk to this society ok because. a private ok me so i could ask for the food court thing on everything so i would disown happy in fact he just creates moment about to set his interim benefits to be cheap credit to days when to his students and said it was a sign they could do anything they set out to achieve if. you want your d.w. newsline from above and coming up next indeed years asia a strong showing for the military tyrants general election which has come up the
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cost of democracy. picking up the pieces after another deadly industrial disaster in china look at what's behind the country's not safety standards. that's with a balance sheet i'll be back on the top of the top of the day. come
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a good line of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning clarkson's culture kimura. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so for subscribing don't miss our. rooms. are always. a symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when a pious fighters occupy the city center two thousand and seventeen president church's response was told. by the tourists will never change the color of. the reconquest turned into tragedy.
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that's not the reason at all this is not the kind of freedom that neon. how did our become a gateway to islamist terror. until now the sorry country my city has. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts april eleventh. on t.w. . this is the dub the news coming up on the program keeping control thailand's military looks set to maintain its influence over the country often dominating at the front of course but was sunday's election really free and fair and. as such for survivors and on so often another industrial accident in china what's behind the
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