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this is you know when it was live from berlin teresa mayes latest please falls on deaf ears britain's prime minister tells lawmakers she doesn't yet have the support to put her much maligned breaks of deal up for a third vote but she's still fighting to convince m.p.'s to hold one more vote on her e.u. dive divorcée of failure could spell the end of her term as prime minister for a live in london also coming up a major when the long awaited mobile port is out and according to a summary president trump's campaign did not collude with russia complete pigs
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generation no color no obstructions president nor be drawn this report does not amount to a show called pose movie examiner a long big kurz argue over just how to interpret the findings and demand to see the reports in full and fears of a new escalation in the middle east palestinian rockets are fired from gaza into israel and now the israeli military has begun air strikes on hamas targets to. thank you so much for your company everyone well we begin with a nother to mulch was day in britain's messy break that saga prime minister tree summit has been addressing our own. and after holding an emergency cabinet meeting
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to find a way forward on britain's divorce from the e.u. she's been struggling to hold a third vote on a plan that m.p.'s have already rejected twice well the e.u. has given her until april twelfth to win parliamentary backing for the deal or find a viable alternative. but it is with great regret that i have had to conclude that as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back the deal for a third reason for vote. i continue i continue to have discussions with colleagues across the house to build support so that we can bring the full revote forward this week and guarantee brit's it if we cannot the government made a commitment that we would work across the house to find a majority on the way forward. right so things you'd up again the brags about gears up or not i keep saying that but they keep moving the goal posts were to bring in my colleague alex forrest whiting to reg's it analyst what next well that was to
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resume a clearly saying she still doesn't have the support that she needs she still working hard to get it but is clearly struggling we know that she's trying to win over those bricks a tear and piece those years skeptics in her own party and those all important ten northern irish d u p m pages who've already said that at the moment they are not going to support her because they can't see anything different in what she's offering but until they come on board those bricks are to m.p.'s are unlikely to come on board so she's in a catch twenty two and she also made it clear in her speech that she doesn't want parliament to take control of the process which is effectively what m.p.'s are going to vote on tonight to the government will not support that so-called indicative vote or turn it if plans but the label will and it looks likely that that will go through tonight so that
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a wednesday we could see parliament m.p.'s in parliament taking control of the process and trying to see what alternatives they can all agree on to put forward so that would be unprecedented for the parliament to take over from the prime minister but as things stand now the default position is. is that the u.k. will leave the e.u. with no deal that's the default position so it was supposed to be this friday the twenty ninth of march but because of the meeting last week with the european council they've now given the new date of the twelfth of april to resume a making that very clear to parliament saying look i know that you know makers do not want as a whole a no deal breck's it's a really at the moment still the only option is mine deal which i want to bring back to you which i want to get through but i can't until i've got the support so really we are just waiting to see what happens next and if these m.p.'s do get the
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votes that they need to try to take control of parliament on wednesday to see if they can forge a way through but yet again theresa may saying none of that will be legally binding so it really is a pretty chaotic in. what is also quite obvious is that she is prime minister may is fighting for her political life will she survive well we know that there have been another a number of attempts to unseat to and including this weekend where there were two separate candidates that seemed to be put forward by their supporters to say these one of these two could be the caretaker prime minister that who seemed to disappear as soon as it came to the surface but it is clear that at some point she has got to promise those particular those bricks a tear m.p.s. that she will step down the question is when if they replace the now what good is it actually going to do she just wants to get a deal through and they know that if they replace or someone else is just going to
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have to deal with it and all the time the clock is ticking so we're not really i'm afraid to say any clearer than we were a few days ago in the wires or things keep changing hours forced why didn't thank you so much for your analysis greatly appreciated it. and we're going to shift our attention now to the u.s. where our president has scored a big when he said it was a political meet motivated witchhunt well now u.s. president all time claims he has been fully vindicated after the report fail to establish that he or his campaign colluded with russia to influence the twenty sixth presidential election but democrats say some of the findings such as whether the president obstructed justice are not so certain. a clearly happy u.s. president donald trump returned to washington on sunday after the u.s. attorney general released the first summary of robert miller's report. that america
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is the greatest place on earth. greatest place thank you very much. the investigation into whether trump and his aides colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign had become a political thriller in a letter to congress attorney general william barr said the report had not found enough evidence to prove that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government barr also said the report could not establish that the president of structed miller's investigation. for president trump the message is clear there was no collusion with iraq there was no up struck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. so is it all over
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well no not for the democrats. president trump is wrong this report there's not amounts to a so-called total exoneration special counsel moeller was clear that his report quote does not exonerate close quote the president. highly anticipated the news caused mixed reactions some american spoke of a turning point in trump's presidency but others remain skeptical i don't trust to be honest. i don't want i don't trust anything he says and i don't trust anybody who's investigating him i think now we can you know sleep all night. and all of course completely and some. president doesn't need to be impeached by any means while republicans consider muller's report a victory democrats say the attorney general's four page summary does not offer
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sufficient closure they're calling for the department of justice to release the full reports expect the partisan fight over that issue now as the american public remains as divided as ever. you're watching t w news still to come. the kenyan man who's won the title of world's best teacher we'll find out how he transformed students' lives and what he's going to do with that one million dollar prize money. but first israel's military says it has begun air strikes on targets in the gaza strip hours after palestinian rockets struck a town north of tel aviv injuring seven people well according to israel that rocket was fired from the southern gaza strip. and they say it then traveled one hundred twenty kilometers a long distance for rockets from gaza and struck a home in the town of miss marette well israel blames gaza's ruling hamas movement
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for the attack the militant group has not claimed responsibility all right let's get you the latest now with the correspondent on your claim who is in jerusalem tanya i don't know if you can join us right now. there you are tiny good to see you tell us about this developing story because we're getting reports that airstrikes have begun now what more can you tell us. yes that's right the i.d.f. has begun strikes on gaza that was widely expected after the rocket that struck this morning here in central israel it is still you know a lot of speculation whether this is the beginning off very extensive military campaign know whether this will look more like a limited military campaign what we've seen here several times already in the last month certainly. a lot of politicians here this morning in israel have called for
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a very tough response also prime minister netanyahu has promised a very tough response he's in washington right now. for more to a year from the southern part in israel from shelters have been opened their residents have been advised to be very vigilant maybe then for incoming rocket fire and of course also in gaza people are bracing now for those strikes on the gaza strip hearts are very a tense situation where you are you reference to prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is currently on a visit with the president to trump in washington he's cutting his visit short to why was he in washington. yeah that's right he's he said he's cutting his visit short he's mainly wanted to meet with president trump that he will to just in the coming hour or so and then he was scheduled to speak at the aipac and conference
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and also having a dinner in the white house that has been canceled because after the meeting this president trump he will be coming back to israel to monitor here the situation is also let's not forget the defense minister so he has to be back in israel now we are expecting president trump and prime minister netanyahu to speak certainly about what's happening right now in the south of its violence in gaza but also the topics like iran the iran threats and its trends but also in syria that's very important topic to mr netanyahu but also it's expected that president trump might formalize it from last week in which he recognized the occupied golan heights and expecting him that he could sign a presidential decree later today. actually would constitute a very sharp shift of u.s.
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policy here in the region and tony all of these developments the airstrikes happening right now at the golan heights recognition potential go on the highest recognition by the u.s. all happening in just a short time before elections in israel. absolutely i mean that week last week for the president was seen as an election gift to prime minister netanyahu so to speak and also his travel to washington was seen a bit for mr netanyahu he can show that he is the one. the master of the foreign relations but of course all this happening you know also. the tense situation in the south. that is also why there's so much pressure know possibly on prime minister netanyahu from all sides to respond in a very tough matches so we have to see what the coming out was will look like tanya
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kramer reporting from jerusalem thank you i want bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. chinese president xi jinping is in paris for talks with president invited by michael she is on his last leg of his three nation tour of europe and add boosting trade and diplomatic ties while the spite they're meeting present my car has urged the e.u. to be wary of china's growing influence around the world in iran emergency services say at least seventeen people have been killed and dozens more injured in flash floods across much of the country hospitals have been placed on full alert with the heavy rains expected to continue soon to wednesday. aid agencies in southern africa have warned that survivors of cycle own each day are facing the threat of outbreaks of disease including cholera all they have
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stressed the urgent need to focus on hygiene sanitation and clean water all more than seven hundred fifty people have now been confirmed dead since the storm struck mozambique zimbabwe and malawi ten days ago. thousands have marched through argentina's capital where no side has to commemorate victims of their country's brutal military dictatorship forty two years ago military officials seize power and oversaw the disappearance of tens of thousands of people many members of the former who are now in prison for genocide and crimes against humanity. the influential pop musicians scott walker who has died at the age of seventy six he was lead singer for the nineteen sixty's band the walker brothers you see it's included his son going to shine anymore but walker also won critical acclaim for a decade's long solo career as an experimental songwriter.
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the european parliament is preparing to vote tomorrow on a controversial proposal to reform e.u. copyright law well over the weekend tens of thousands of people marched in cities across germany to express their concerns about how the new rules will affect the internet right now if a user uploads text video music or photos to a platform like a you tube that person is responsible for respecting copyright restrictions the e.u. now wants to reverse that principle the new legislation would make platform operators liable for the content on their sites meaning that they could face legal action if laws are broken while the intent behind this is to force sites like facebook and you tube to monitor what users publish but critics fear and websites use automatic filters that also block material that's not restricted while opponents of the bill
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say that could have dramatic rep a caution is online on the mark went to the demonstration here in berlin where protesters aimed their message goals are ruling c.d.u. party they say the politicians just don't understand what's at stake for them. never again c.d.u. is what the demonstrators are shouting in front of the conservative party headquarters in berlin many are young and this is their first protest they fear for their internet they believe the government is limiting their freedom. i have a small you tube channel myself that might get deleted or something because of this filters deletion censorship bearden's things the government has underestimated the fear of article thirteen she's a c.d.u. politician herself but she cites with the protestors. and if manchild a lot of people how do you two must have raised this issue people who normally
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don't share their political voice but now in this context they do and they reach so many people these are so huge discussions that until now have barely been considered and this debate. politicians have long ignored. the demonstrators they are heroes. alone has more than five million subscribers has called for protest fire music videos that. the bodies of. people. other you tube stars to have suddenly become political dennis apartment is calling you re presented to us and asking them to stop the reform. and wants to prevent upload photos from deciding what makes it to the internet. these are going to machine work out the precise legal classification of something within a few seconds in billions of cases many of which would otherwise go to court in
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germany. i know stauffer has a completely different view he is an author who wrote the screenplay for a film about resistance fighters sawfish. he has found all kinds of illegal copies on youtube. this means artists like him loose income the in the digital world we actually are nothing because everything gets stolen. that's why blind us office in favor filters and believes the opponents are being encouraged to you tube itself has indeed warned of censorship and called for people to protest as seen here end of the year so now is the time to speak up. in the background is the major platforms with their economic interests stirring up the kids and telling them the internet break will be taken away from you or you will no longer be able to have your own channels will no
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longer be able to advertise lipstick complete rubbish they'll forget. whether to fear a conviction tens of thousands took to the streets of germany to protest upload filters and more and more parties now share the concerns of the demonstrate us. it could be that politicians have suddenly heard new arguments but it could also be that the pressure of future was and young people made the difference no politician wants a.v. and eight the voters of tomorrow and no party wants to appear ignorant on digital issues. this argument will continue to rage at least until the vote in the european parliament both on the internet and on the streets. why we stay here in germany a new safety tamping aimed at getting cyclists to wear helmets is getting a lot of attention and all for the wrong reasons and carl has been joins me now
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with more on that story good to see you call what's so controversial about bike helmets this is a campaign it's by germany's transport ministry it sounds like it's a good cause i mean getting people on their bikes to wear a helmet that's a good thing right but it is rubbing some people in germany the wrong way i mean this is really prompting a lot of out. agents being called quote stupid and a sexist by some german politicians even so let's take a look i mean this is the campaign that we're talking about that's that's really getting people up in arms here it features models from the reality show germany's next top model you see them there the slogan is looks like but saves my life the message here it's aimed at young people maybe they're too fashion conscious to wear a helmet they say look nerdy or something like that but it's using these these topless sexy models in order to promote that message that's not going over so well here in germany here's just one response that we're seeing online this is from germany's minister for family affairs she's on her bike there she is she says hey i'm wearing a helmet but i've got my clothes on so apparently you can wear
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a helmet and still have your clothes on others we've seen calling this embarrassing they're calling this out dated and still more people online say look taxpayer money should not be used for ad campaigns and feature half naked models but is that campaign working though well that's the question at least one person says this is definitely working and that's the person behind the campaign this is. a he is germany's transport minister himself here he is on twitter he's saying hey thanks for all the attention this is already our most successful traffic safety campaign of all time a great collaboration with germany's next top model he's essentially saying look this campaign did is exactly what it's supposed to do get attention get people talking about it and proponents here in germany say that this campaign is necessary and that's because the target audience here they don't wear helmets eight percent of germans age seventeen to thirty don't wear helmets when they cycle in fact adults not that much better about twenty percent wear helmets so how safe is
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germany for cyclists just in general in a word it's not very safe and i don't know if you've seen this but a lot of bikers now they wear these have these helmet cams when they bike and it's to capture moments like this take a look at this video this isn't stuttgart watch that truck last right past the cyclist. nearly taking him out and that's not an isolated case the statistics they'd bear it out just how dangerous the streets are we have a graphic for you if we have time to show you just how dangerous german cities are you can see it here no i didn't know this label four of the top five most dangerous cities in europe are in germany for cyclists so berlin's at the top of that list you see nearly seven hundred bikers seriously injured or fifteen even killed london's i can place them to go cologne hamburg stuttgart not a safe place it's really a smart idea to wear your helmet if you're on the streets call noted.
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and we've got some breaking news coming in the that we'd like to share with you israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has confirmed that the israeli military are carrying out air strikes on hamas targets in gaza speaking in washington alongside u.s. president donald trump netanyahu said the israeli military is quote responding forcefully to wanton aggression and obviously will are bring you more on that story as. but now we want to turn our attention to a teacher from a remote village in kenya who has won a one million dollars prize in dubai peter to be cheap works in a government run school that has just one computer and passion internet access at best but the judge has said despite such obstacles he had made a huge difference to the lives of his students well to be she who gives away most of his earnings to the poor was awarded the annual global teacher prize in
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a ceremony hosted by actor hugh jackman. the winner. of the global teacher prize for two thousand and nineteen is. headed to bochy i. enjoy as franciscan monk and science teacher peter to be ci is crowned world's best teacher. i think it creates its. i can't believe it is sloppy. about the best teachers and. being the best of the lot. beachy works as a math and science teacher at a remote secondary school and kenya's rift valley drought and famine are common in the region and ninety five percent of people said kerry go school come from poor
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families almost a third are orphans and many can't afford food at home. to be ci left his job at a private school to help children in need. his classes despite being very overcrowded and having few resources have seen his pupils go on to win national and international science competitions. beaches efforts to turn things around have worked in the past three years and roman here has doubled and the number of students who go on to further study has jumped dramatically he also gives away eighty percent of his income to his poorer students and plans to continue in this vein with his million dollar prize money. i missed. this one i'm going to give it back to this society ok because. a private ok made suck it up for the food court thing and everything so i just know how to be in
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a fuck to just grit moment tibet's of a set is when full benefits to each he created in his win to the students and he said that it was assigned they could do anything they set out to achieve. our well deserved or watching it every new zone while our rock in a bar allegedly asia is up next.
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to. me to talk to take one step above. and face. time you're on just such the no. and the fight for the truth. is hard to overcome down trees and connection. and it's time for
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work. and you don't really use coming up ahead. finds. the path of a well known for information they provide the opinions they want to express g.w. blog facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch follow us hijacking the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them whack them one. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it is that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. funny his point gough and i were getting. this is the dub the news coming up on the program keeping control by that's when the tree looks set to maintain its influence over the country often dominates it at the ballot box but small somethings election driven free and fair and. a search for survivors and on so does often another industrial accident in china behind the country's snatch safety record.


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