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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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no leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts april first on t.w. . there are probably more smiles in the white house tonight than it any time since the trump presidency began thinks to this man special counsel robert mohler after two years of investigations moeller concluded no one in the trunk camp including the president conspired with the russians in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election tonight from a witch hunt to i told you so did donald trump just win the next presidential election i'm burned off in berlin this is the day.
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it was a complete and total exoneration president is wrong this report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration there was no collusion with the russian it is unconscionable that president drug would try to spin this but the council counsels mining's it's a shame that our country had to go through this it made a great victim of trying to chase a witch hunt that never should have taken place in the first place of a conspiracy how to cover the questions of how to cover treason how to cover an teacher at a covering tightly to cover nonsense. also coming up tonight you'll meet the german schoolteacher who wanted to understand his international students better an assignment that took him around the world i mean
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travelled i know how that feels i learned what it's like to not speak the language . to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with what is admittedly a difficult assignment help to report on the findings contained in the robert mobile report even though we have no access to that report and over the weekend special counsel robert mueller ended almost two years. of investigations and presented his findings to the u.s. attorney general what we know tonight is what the attorney general has shared in his summary of that report now no one in trump's campaign including donald trump cooperated or colluded with the russian government to help trump win the twenty sixteen presidential election a clear win for trump who has maintained all along that there was no collusion but beyond that finding clarity becomes blurry again robert mueller writes that while this report does not conclude that the president committed the crime it does not
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exonerate him either and that has many wondering out loud what did he mean exactly democrats in congress are now demanding that the attorney general release the entire report and they are reportedly planning to call the attorney general in to testify it remains unclear if they'll ask robert mala himself to do the same. they made a decision that there was no obstruction so that makes it a complete and total exoneration i don't know any other way to look at it when the whole purpose of this investigation was to determine whether or not there was collusion and there wasn't they were incredibly clear in the report that there was no collusion not just not by the president but by any american no one on his team that's a great thing for our country and it's a great thing for this administration and it sounded like he definitely. had some sort of this obstructed tendencies but i don't see any charges so i think those
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unknown's will continue to be debated and i think it's a lot of waste of taxpayer dollars i mean i know there could have been something there it's. to me the time to determine those kind of issues is before the election not after said i think it's just time to get to what the turmoil is going to continue the only question is whether the focus is on the mall or report or on what's being done in new york or you know this is not going to stop there some people are never going to accept the motor report what i say or what mr board has but by any reasonable standard mr moeller thoroughly investigated the trucking company my desire is for the public to get as much of the reports possible. all right joining me now at the big civil war is our u.s. policy in foreign policy analyst erwin call your he's of the movie your face to our viewers or it is good to see you again i guess the good news here is that the report found that no one around trump cooperated with the russian government during
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the election campaign in two thousand and sixteen is that going to be trumps in a rally call into the twenty twenty campaign what we see here i think is very similar to the old o.j. simpson trial of there was a murders that was clearly conducted and the defense came up with this slogan if it doesn't fit you must acquit. and that rang so true a certain glove didn't fit here the no collusion. slogan. trying to reduce all of the possibilities of counterintelligence corruption of a normal type political corruption all of these things that come together with the trial the trial and ministration trying to reduce this to the one question was there knowledge and active cooperation of the president and his staff with what the
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russian government did now the cutouts that were in between are not here explicitly mentioned by bar the other thing i want to i think we viewers should be aware of the absence of proof is not the absence of evidence. and the report that mahler filed apparently of the of what i've just been reading was only a report of his decision a summary of his decisions to either indict or not to indict in the case material and he still is to come. and you know it is of course it's president we don't indict sitting presidents right there so that also has to be considered but you know what we're talking about tonight we're trying to deduce from that summary that we received from the attorney general we have not seen the mobile report of democrats in congress in a couple hiller trying to change that but. why the president himself has even said
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i don't care if you let people see it so regardless of what's inside doesn't it appear like something is being hidden if this report is not at least given to congress we've seen enough instances of non-cooperation the fact that the president basically refused to talk to the mall or team about anything that would happen after he was elected all sorts of restrictions he only answered through his lawyers in writing there's not been any real bonafide cooperation coming there has been at the level of the president's council you know trying to peek into the cards of each other but this idea of really working together to clear the decks there's an awful lot of smoke and the white house has not been very helpful in trying to make things easier to see and less smoky in the smoking gun i guess
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a lot of people in washington say as you were saying there's the smoke is still there moeller just provide the smoking gun i want us to talk about the role of russia in all of this or just take a listen to what the u.s. senator lindsey graham had to say today and you know lindsey graham is a trump supporter think oh yes if you just think russia just likes trump and hate clinton you're missing the point of what they're trying to do they're trying to divide all of us against each other and done a pretty good job of it there still and the way they're still doing this and one of the things i want to take away from this whole endeavor is to try to find ways to fix it well i think people would agree with that and try to find ways to protect the u.s. . system of democracy from any outside meddling but the us president he has not since taking office he has not admitted that there that there was and that
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there is the ritz and how do you explain his behavior towards life and if the report the mo the report does not explain that either. i think again we want to look at there are a variety of things going on one of them is you can be compromised in ways that are not unlawful there can be awful. but still not but still not unlawful forms of cooperation like the trump tower negotiations going on during the presidential campaign business opportunities being explored. and denied during the campaign was so we've got basically someone who is not necessarily in the hands of a foreign power but this would be someone who had no possibility of getting a security clearance at a lower level and you're talking about maybe
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a behavior that is not criminal but it's behavior that up until now has been considered inappropriate for a u.s. president and that is something that i mean am i correct in saying that a lot of people a lot of democrats on capitol hill were probably expecting moeller to render some type of verdict or judgment on inappropriate behavior and that wasn't that was there's been a whole hope people were praying that there would be this silver bullet in the lone ranger who's coming is robert mueller and mohler basically followed the road map established with the watergate hearing that when it comes to a president obstructing justice this is a matter for congress and his job as a special prize counsel is to present the evidence as he finds it to make the job of deciding has there been obstruction easy or just decision but it's
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a congressional issue and he was serving the congress he was not reporting to his attorney general but he is an employee of the attorney general we can't forget that the absolutely the report says also this was also quoted in the attorney general summary the report does not exonerate trump from the crime of obstruction of justice so he doesn't find that there is a crime. but it also doesn't exonerate him from a crime so what is robert mohler what is he trying to tell us it's almost cryptic that quote i've been thinking long and hard about this what is clear from the very beginning robert muller and the mohler group has been threatened with extinction. and so what they've been doing is preparing cases farming out cases and i would say to use the john dean metaphor during watergate of a cancer on the presidency. that has metastasized now there are nineteen
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investigations going on for the trump organization inaugural committee the family. also involving donald trump in campaign violations what you had that was started as a very limited scope. robert mueller has managed in two years less than two years to actually get this into more a whole swarm of cases is it going to matter there to the average american voter erwin i mean what they're going to hear now is no collusion they're going to think this is all these other investigations that are going on i'm thinking of the southern new york district for example i mean are people going to look at that and see that not as the search for clarity and justice but as the democrats now if you were to get trump. that is certainly one of the lines of defense that the republicans senate and the republican members in minority in the
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house of representatives have chosen and they want to try to make this a really game of partisan politics where anything goes to knock down the other side what will convince the median voter. but i mean you have to look back at the last election two thousand and eighteen the energy the mobilization on the side of the democrats young people coming out to vote there was a major shift in voting patterns that occurred in one thousand now we're going to see a mobilized base as well so this is why it's too early to even try to call that race and it's going to be pretty vicious and there's going to be a lot of interesting material coming out of a historical nature in the congressional investigations and lots of those investigations as you mentioned the saga will have new chapters as always we
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appreciate your insights thank you we'll be talking aren't we will. was the day the united states became the first and only country in the world to recognize the go on hides as territory of israel. president drum changed decades of u.s. foreign policy at a special ceremony with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house a trump signed a proclamation recognizing israeli's israeli sovereignty of the go one heights which the rest of the international community still regards as illegal and as israeli occupied the move a major diplomatic victory for netanyahu just two weeks before elections in israel the israeli prime minister praised trump and called it a historic step israel sees the go on heights from syria during the sixty war back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven all right we want to dig into this a little bit more i want to cross over now to our very own helena humphrey she is
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standing by in washington she's on the story for us tonight good evening to you helen of remind our international viewers if you would why this is such a big deal when an israeli leader first of all netanyahu when it comes to washington and you know was invited for a two day visit at the white house why is it such a big deal. brant it's always a big deal because the relationship between israel and the united states has long been a special one since the establishment of the state but with trungpa netanyahu we are seeing something which is becoming stronger a closer relationship between the two countries in fact at that proclamation ceremony at the white house today u.s. president donald trump that says that israel and the united states now have never been closer and he he signed off on this proclamation saying to benjamin netanyahu
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take this give it to the people of israel now this recognition of golan heights being part of israeli territory now from the united states i mean essentially reverses decades of u.s. foreign policy but with trump we are seeing increasingly political gifts towards israel you only have to look at for example the recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital as halting aid to palestine exiting the iran nuclear deal as well for example so this is a further political gift strengthening the hand of benjamin netanyahu who returns now to israel as you say a man in the final throws off his bait in a fiercely contested we have to say election this time around it's definitely facing a real challenger this time helen humphrey in washington thank you very much we want to take the story now to jerusalem our correspondent tanya kramer joins me on the line from jerusalem tanya good he need to use or garbageman that yahoo oh and
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said he's facing his own reelection bid at home how is his visit with u.s. president donald trump is that going to help or hurt him with israeli voters. well i think the prime minister netanyahu the visit at the vide has a very important and as has an a in washington said you know. very close to have the same style of politics they they understand each other and mr trump is also very well liked in israel if you look at surveys he's considered a true friend of israel showing his strong support not just about by words but also by actions has recognized jerusalem as a competition of his and now he has recognized the golan heights as israeli territory now for mr netanyahu running the elections at the moment he does that mainly actually a bit like mr trump as well on social media and by meeting foreign leaders to show
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back home you know his supporters he is standing basically internationally as a leader compared to one of his main competitors former pentagons who is actually also right now in washington and spoke to the author conference today so it was a very important meeting. in washington for a prime minister netanyahu and the prime minister cutting short his visit to washington following that rocket attack on israel and israeli retaliatory strikes against gaza is this the start of a wider conflict i mean there are reports of a possible war really a possible ceasefire between israel and hamas tonight. yeah that's my friend it's a very if they're conflicting reports. and it's still too early to say there are reports of the one hand it may be from palestinian media and also from hamas saying that egypt has spoken to cease fire that done that also in the past and that this
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ceasefire would go into effect soon at the same time. israeli airstrikes are ongoing in gaza as i said egypt has broken cease fires before in times of escalation between israel and hamas and earlier tonight the u.n. special envoy to the middle east mr office also said that they are intense at the thames from the u.n. and egypt to broker a cease fire to avoid a broader escalation but it's still too early to say you know how the coming hours who play out are the correspondent on ukraine more on the story for us tonight in jerusalem thank you. for teachers usually assign homework to their students but tonight we have a story about a german teacher who gave himself some homework young combine wanted to understand his international students better so he backed a suitcase and he took a trip to more than
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a dozen countries his experiences are now inside his new book titled a german classroom now we're going to meet the teacher in just a moment but first there's some homework to do. it was just up to the level of that when you grow up being the world's biggest dumping ground for electronic waste teacher yeah come on shot this video here one of his pupils from come a told him about it. in the north classic it's in the ninth grade geography we study trading patterns. as part of that i visited an amazing place in accra the capital of god or if you call it toxic city your our god bushy it's where they pick through all the old electronic goods with divided yen teaches english and geography at a secondary school in am book his pupils come from all around the world to gain more insight he spent a year travelling in their home countries he often felt lost just like the students do when they first come to his school most arrive not knowing any german.
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and vice it is i'm just having travelled i know how that feels i learned what it's like to not speak the language yan visited fourteen different countries during his sabbatical year now he feels closer to his students. we were very proud of him when he wrote a book and invited us to the launch event especially when we read newspaper articles about him of course he posted them on social media we're very proud that mr cameron teaches at our school and we have him as a tutor before you and set off the students wrote more than forty of their own travel guides for the various countries for him containing a lot of useful information. the young found himself forming into conversation with people on the ground about the travel guides they turned out to be not just useful
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but also of the number using. his. just google that yellow teacher i think say that today well the traveling teacher is right here with me now yon how money is going to have you on the show and i would talk a little bit about your students i mean you or your class it sounds like i would say for a teacher it's not the easiest of classes to deal with well for me is kind of it's an easy job for the students they're a hard job to learn german i just recently and now i'm reading with the awful german language by monk twain and he hated that language or. he was a smart man some would say your students though are students who may have been born in germany but they all they all have a you know a foreign background right now with two branches like the branch that i work and
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then is that newcomers like people who just arrived in germany and they don't they don't speak german yet so how how do you the teacher how do you teach a roomful of students and maybe they don't even speak the same languages so how how are you able then to connect with them i learned something in my trip in ghana there was a lady teacher as well so those little small small so you start with like the basic hello basic composition and our to killers and personal pronouns and then you get there and for me it's always like fascinating to see how fast they progress like say they come here and i say hello to them to germany and how few later we can speak fluent in german it is amazing that is amazing that is amazing and the experiences with your students gave you the idea ok i'm going to go to where they are from where their families may be from to understand them better and so you came back it's in your book what you experienced how did it change the way you teach. i
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don't like that my attitude maybe changed a little bit because all my trip i felt myself a lot of situations where i couldn't speak the languages and didn't understand a word and this is. i understand them now better the situations and it when it first and come to me as a teacher and this guy was all this forms and he's speaking in tongues this gives me like maybe now a deeper understanding of not knowing and to trust people and just say yeah just to follow and say all right this is ok i understand like this this feeling of not understanding was there were two or three to me there were important and is this something that you would recommend that all your relatively young as well. old teachers do i mean is this something that helps for me it helps it help and the other teachers have maybe different approaches and i can speak for my
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my colleagues that i work with every day they all are very sensitive when it comes to students and newcomers. which is there for me i consider myself there are privileged. to have a possibility to do this and it was just great for me but i do it again and when it comes to your students i mean they knew what you were going to do and when you came back did you still have contact with maybe what you my students like the class that i visited at home like the home countries they most of them say finish school already most leave with like the highest and you know i just let you from that you can possibly achieve you know which makes me pretty proud i was really proud of them and yes some of them i've really good con techno kind of well young common we appreciate you coming in sharing your stories in your book is called the german classroom pick it up and read it. you're doing a good service to your students thank you thanks for having me thank you. well the
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day is really done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me of t.v. doesn't use the hash tag the date every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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fear of knowing you crank. for britain from actually catching the fish shipyard workers fear for their jobs and interior strange faction and a few. people are scared to further russian aggression. power that lives affected as the battle continues over the sea of a soft. coup so. w.
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. is. audrey go international talk show it's been a tumultuous week in german politics and europe resolve bitter divisions over migration the government it is said stead into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history one of my guests have to say on quadriga. marjorie go on d w. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it'll at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com.
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the city in ruins borrowing a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. last play as fighters occupied the city center now seventeen president detergents response was killed. by hitler it will never be book called game of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did know how would you become a gateway to islamist terror i think the same circle any more sitting as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sun. starts april eleventh on g.w. .
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this is. tonight israel striking back after a rocket fire from gaza. israeli warplanes a level an alleged hamas headquarters in gaza city after a rocket attack moved several near tel aviv prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that his country.


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