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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the city. starts. this is g.w. news tonight israel striking back after a rocket fire from gaza. israeli warplanes a level an alleged hamas headquarters in gaza city after a rocket attack moved several near a live the prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that his country is responding
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to one ten aggression and a move that could further inflame tensions in the middle east the trumpet ministration formally recognize israel's control of the occupied golan heights the move reverses fifteen years of u.s. foreign policy. also coming off to resubmitting is the latest quite simply falling on deaf ears britain's prime minister telling lawmakers then she doesn't yet have the support she needs to put her e.u. divorce deal up for a third vote now lawmakers are preparing for a measure that could see parliament take control. in the process. i'm good to have you with us we begin tonight with those tensions between israel and gaza tonight israeli warplanes striking targets across the gaza strip and. the
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offices of hamas leader is mio i mean yes the stripes are in retaliation for a surprise rocket attack watched from gaza they left several wounded near tel aviv there are reports at this hour that israel and hamas may be pulling back from the brink in egypt has reportedly succeeded in the go shooting a cease fire after a day. of bombing began at nightfall. the israel defense forces struck targets in gaza hideouts they say of hamas militants. missiles destroyed a multi-story building scattering debris across a large part of the densely populated palestinian city. the raid was in retaliation for a rocket attack that had obliterated a residential home outside of tel aviv just twelve hours earlier. israel said
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that rocket was launched by hamas the militant group that rules gaza. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in washington monday to meet with the u.s. president he said israel is acting in self-defense israel will not tolerate this i will not tolerate this and as we speak. as i told you mr president just now israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression i have a simple message to israel's enemies we will do whatever we must do to defend our people and defend our state. no one was killed in the palestinian rocket attack monday morning but the neighborhood outside of tel aviv was shaken it's rare for an enemy rocket to strike so far from gaza this time one hundred twenty kilometers from its alleged launch site. the homes residents were awoken by air
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raid sirens and managed to flee before the rocket crashed to the roof and exploded . this is the real price and i just hated needlepoint family and if we hadn't got to the. time i would not be carrying my family. in the evening palestinian officials said a ceasefire had been reached possibly ending this latest flare up in a long running conflict. also at the white house today the u.s. president reversed decades of u.s. policy in the middle east by officially recognizing the occupied golan heights as israeli land trump signed a proclamation calling for recognition of israeli sovereignty over the territory israel sees the go on heights from syria in the arab israeli war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and then annex the go on hikes in one thousand nine hundred one that is a move that has not been recognized by any other country until today. i spoke earlier to be used in jerusalem and asked her what effect that official
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u.s. recognition would have on security in the area. well it came a bit i mean not totally as a surprise i mean when mr trump president trump last week set out his tweets last thursday night. putting this attention that he seems it's time for us policy to change and to recognize to golan heights now this is a move that is against international law that has been also a lot of criticism you know from countries here in that region that view to criticism but also russia even have criticized syria has criticized this move and this was now formalized today by signing. this decree. and with standing next to the prime minister netanyahu for him it was a very important moment in washington. and to so you know the golan
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heights strategically very important so it's it's a mountainous klaatu it's over looking you know the taron on both sides either northern israel from which side you're looking or you can look deep inside syria so it is very important for israel to keep this territory but it certainly will raise the tensions here. a correspondent on your claim on the story for us tonight from jerusalem tania thank you we're here in europe it is yet another week promising more turmoil prime minister theresa may has conceded that she lacks the necessary support to bring her e.u. divorced plant up for a third vote in parliament the prime minister today addressed parliamentarians after holding an emergency cabinet meeting trying to find a way forward on brics the european union has given her until april twelfth to win parliamentary backing for her deal. but it is with great regret that i have had to
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conclude that as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back a deal for thirteen full vote. i continue i continue to have discussions with colleagues across the house to build support so that we can bring the full privilege for which this week and guarantee brix it if we can all the government made a commitment that we would work across the house to find a majority on the way forward our troops may speaking they're going to be here to be table nails or bricks of analyst and was forced why doing so alex the prime minister says right now i don't have enough support for a third try but she's planning on funding that support before the end of the week isn't she that's right there was talk about her trying to bring back the deal tomorrow night but it now doesn't look likely because she as she said she hasn't got the support but we are hearing tonight that those threats it is in her own party who are members of what's called the european research group could be coming
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around i've said this before you have the positive for a coupe to coming round to supporting the deal if those ten northern irish m.p.'s the d.v.d. back it as well so this is her issues she is trying to get them to come together to support it because that will get for another seventy five or eighty votes at the moment though she doesn't have it and so we're still in the same position that we've been in for the past few weeks and months and you know they're burning the midnight oil in parliament to no i m t's are trying to push a plan through that would maybe even give parliament control of running the rest of this broad's process is that even going to work so we are waiting and perhaps even within the next hour to get these to to hear these three amendments these three changes put forward in parliament and this one particular amendment that you're talking about is basically saying it would give palmer meant on wednesday time to take over. the whole bricks it process which will be
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a big change constitutionally within the u.k. so the government does not want that idea but it m.p.'s are hoping that it would then find a way through this mess what do m.p.'s want would it be a no deal well we don't think it's likely to be that a soft of bricks it revoking article fifty of the lisbon treaty so saying no to breaks it all together all these things are possible but it may be that they don't even get through the government is going to vote against it tonight because they don't want that to happen they think it's a real risk and as you say m.p.'s could still not even agree on something could have made still be left in the same position that we're on our own so we've got the new date april twelfth to leave european union right so are we any clearer to leaving the european union with a deal or without the deal no and the default position is still a no deal bracks it however today in parliament reason may again said that she
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knows that parliamentarians do not want to see a no deal breck's it so she was threatening the right of her party again by saying look you're either looking at my deal you're looking at no deal or you're looking at what she was calling a slow bricks is something that could take a very long time years several years i'll say so yet we still mostly are at an ira it's always towards morning as always thank you we'll see you later this week i'm sure. all right here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in spain a former gym teacher at a catholic school as go on trial accused of sexually assaulting students public prosecutors are seeking a twenty two year jail sentence for you watching body tests you thought the school in barcelona it comes at a time of sustained criticism of the vatican's response to a decades long such will abuse crisis prominent donald trump critic michael has been arrested on charges of extortion and fraud now the warrior who is best
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known for representing you see her right there a porn star sort stormy daniels is accused of trying to extort money from nike in a separate case he's accused of embezzling of clients money to pay his own expenses and debts chinese president xi jinping is in paris for talks with president in manual mode she is on the last leg of his three nation tour of europe that tour aimed at boosting trade to diplomatic ties despite their meeting president micro-loan as urge the european union to be wary of china's growing influence around the world and the emperor and empress of japan have traveled to kioto to mark thirty years on the throne they hosted a tea ceremony for around two hundred officials in on or of their anniversary in four akihito who is now eighty five years old you see a month there is due to abdicate at the end of april. our
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sports news now germany's national football team of offered their fans a jolt of optimism they defeated old rivals in the netherlands sunday in a qualifying match for the two thousand and twenty european championships it was an important win for a team trying to turn over a new leaf with some new players. your team lives germany are finally back to winning ways a squad containing a blend of old and new faces snatched a three two victory over the netherlands on sunday and it was youth which made the difference i thought from the start of the week when we first met up i had the feeling the team could go out and show their strength on the pitch. we did that. of course i felt really good at the end of the game. but really lives decisions x. twenty fourteen world cup winners jerome batang mats hummels and thomas miller was heavily criticised but against the dutch a dreadful twenty eight team for germany was forgotten because schultz kept
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a dozen display with the winning goal schultz believes the squad can only get better with easier task ahead in june it gets better routes than a stone yet. i don't score too many goals so i don't i'm just really happy for the team. and for his mission it's not easy when you have been training together for longer than you or played with one another in matches before that can only improve with time. germany fans hope the new era can be built around leroy sonnie who scored on sunday but was left out of school for last year's world cup. and if you play is young players it's an inexperienced team with a lot still to lose ninety but i think we played really well. i think a dozen goals and guns and a little to live still has a long way to go before germany can be considered among the world's best again but it's fun now at least there's a sense of positivity back in the camp. well a real life superhero has been doing his bit to fix the crumbling gargoyles and
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buttresses of paris's notre dame cathedral the building needs a hundred million euros for a massive renovation and fifty six year old along there who you see right there who is known as the french spider-man well he's done his bit to publicize the calls by climbing one hundred eighty five meters with the harness to the top of the towering inji headquarters in paris it sponsors are giving five thousand euros to notre dame which is feeling the effects of pollution and wear and tear she gets twelve million visitors every year that's a lot of people. are coming up next on the w. business after months of fevered speculation apple c.e.o. tim cook kicks off the company's special event announcing plans for a new video streaming service all the netflix and its own credit card all promoted by a host of celebrities as oprah winfrey right there. that have more
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right after the break but before we take that break the influential pop musician scott walker has died at the age of seventy six he was a lead singer for the one nine hundred sixty s. band the walker brothers but he also won critical acclaim for a decades long solo career as an experimental songwriter will leave you now with a walk through his brother's hit the same. ain't no in the shiny new movie. the coke is in germany to learn german look beneath. why not learn with him daisy learning course because vic. for. me president of the lower. end of the world.


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