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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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that and more right after the break but before we take their break the influential pop musician scott walker has died at the age of seventy six he was a lead singer for the one nine hundred sixty s. band the walker brothers but he also won critical acclaim for a decades long solo career as an experimental songwriter or leave you now with a walk through his brother's hit. germany to learn german to look beneath. why not learn with him as he learning course because vic. for. president of the long. end of the rwandan patriotic front in. the rebel army
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and in the nine hundred ninety four genocide wasn't when. there wasn't when you didn't need to reinforce with him. i knew this but does that mean he was not floating in a. controversial leader whose success is beyond question. one tragedy starts people fifty t.w. . meet hollywood and outpost star studded event no less than the likes of oprah steven spielberg and jennifer aniston came to launch the company's new video streaming service but will it be a game changer that the i phone was. also on the show. frustrated commuters
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are getting stuck into our traffic jams to get to work in ghana trains can save them getting investors on board is its own challenge. and some signs that it could be back to business between the two koreas after some north koreans were turned to the liaison office of their joint economic zone. welcome to the business i'm in in berlin thanks for joining us outpolls flashy product launch was heavy on celebrity but noticeably light on clever new gadgets that's because the i phone maker is steering towards a glittering new strategy and it's all about services. it's show time for apple's latest venture we partnered with the most bored cool accomplished in award winning group creative visionaries who have come together in one place to create a new service unlike anything that's been done before.
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apple to. apple whose first big showpiece event that didn't coincide with the launch of a new physical piece of tech is part of a shift to get more prominence to its services and it made the most of it announcing a new news subscription service was. immersed of a our gaming platform multiplayer and it claims to have reinvented the credit card . this one's made of titanium. pulling silence for some of its tech products including i phones about what's behind this strategy with such big names already agreeing to make programs for apple t.v. plus tim cook will be hoping its products can reach an even bigger audience.
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younes quarter joins us now from wall street to break this down for us again it's good to see you now apple shifting to services to shore up flagging product sales but how much would you rate that as a strategy. well it is an important strategy for apple and digital worlds and lives and services to a certain degree become more important than hardware but having that said in the last year actually services that apple already were the fastest growing sector was a revenue growth of thirty three percent but overall that amounts to fifteen percent of total revenue. pulled so it's far too early to send services that will even come close to the success. of the i phone they are now especially streaming services there that's a pretty crowded field already how do you think it would compete against amazon and
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netflix. it certainly is not easy and you mention to amazon and. they're also heating with the likes of walt disney and with the new news service also with facebook and what we shouldn't forget is if we talk about content for example that bill is planning to produce a s. well it's difficult to plan success and content is also expensive and that has been the big upside from the i phone they had two huge margins and that was the main reason why apple had stellar earnings in the past couple of years and why the company for the first title was the first company ever to reach a market capitalization of god one trillion dollars so it certainly won't be easy for apple and if i look at their reaction here on wall street traders were quite
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hesitant after the announcement the stock lost a good one point two percent on monday and was that apple was the biggest loser in the dollar jones industrial average. wow so skeptical investors they're all from apple's new a push into new media as carter parting there from wall street for us thank you very much donna wants to unclog it's wrote and get commuters catching traits it could prove to be a major driver of productivity and growth but reason wrecking the nation's tiny rail network and expanding it will mean massive investments. reports from across. traffic in ghana's major cities is a daily frustration for drivers and passengers commuters say they can get trapped in gridlock for hours. instead of up to a ways. into yes. you can see that some of the
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drivers get tired and often cars will collide in traffic. i think if the government can put in place an alternative transport system it would help. the alternative would be a well functioning widespread train network but there are many challenges facing the rail sector. the infrastructure for the development of the rule we stick to in ghana is non-existing in most parts of the country in areas where you will find your lines day in bad shape and threatened by human activities if you are now undergoing repair way. managers in charge of the country's existing railway infrastructure admit that the system has been poorly managed in the past. it's going to have a very rudimentary level of real infrastructure. all that we have and
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which is incorporated in phase one is that which was bequeath to us after the the exit of the colonial administration all of my hundred forty seven kilometers of it that's it. but even with that due to the lack of maintenance due to lack of investment from governments successive governments be infrastructure degraded degraded degraded until it came to you know stuttering halt. only to train networks are active one in western gonna and the other in the capital but passenger numbers are low the current plan calls for the addition of four thousand kilometers to the country's network at a cost of more than twenty one billion dollars the hope is for backing from europe and asia city planners say the investment is essential. yes their course is a man avoidable. go to iraq but no adeptly evil particularly the are rebuilding their cities the cost is going to be huge but when it is stretched over
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a. long period you see that is economical. the government hopes to put in place in effective train network in the next ten years with more than ten trains operational within the city centers once funding is secured. all commuters can do is hope the new infrastructure comes sooner rather than later. now to some of the other business stories making news around the world fire and johnson and johnson have agreed to jointly pay seven hundred seventy five million dollars to settle thousands of lawsuits in the plaintiffs suing them over blood thinners are also saying it caused the side effects like enough of bleeding for the two pharma companies stress they're not accepting liability. claim market maker airbus is selling three hundred jobs to chinese airlines in a deal sealed during chinese president xi jinping visit to france officials say the
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contract is worth almost thirty billion euros narrow body eighty three twenty planes make up the bulk of the order which also includes a ten wide body jet. the u.s. transportation department says it's forming an outside panel to review the federal aviation administration's aircraft certificate program that's following two fatal boeing seven three seven max crashes boeing is working on software and training updates for the airliner the failure of a new automatic control system is suspected in the crash is. south africa's most valuable public company naspers plans to list its online assets on the euro next stock market in amsterdam it would be one of the largest internet listings on the exchange the media group began as a newspaper publisher a century ago. now north korea appears to have made a u.
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turn on a decision to pull out of an. office seoul says some north korean officials have returned to that office in the border city of k. song now it's too early to tell if we consultation is back on truck but engagement between the two koreas has stumbled after the failed trump kim summit last month. so the unification ministry which deals with into korean affairs said forty five north koreans showed up for work at the office in case song so when it comes out there all members of the north stated that we came to our ships as usual today thus the south and the north held a consultation at the liaison office this morning and will continue to operate the office as usual. last summer was over when you're writing me that. the news the north koreans were back in case on was puzzling the officials quit their deaths suddenly on friday they left just hours after washington imposed the first new sanctions on the north since the second u.s. north korea summit broke down last month. the case aung office reopened last
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september as part of a reconciliation deal between north korean leader kim jong un and south korea's president moon j.n. since those historic talks north korea's been sending around ten workers a day to the case on office. lately relations between the two koreas have been getting increasingly tense and there are fears of setbacks pyongyang threatened to pull out of nuclear negotiations with the u.s. after the collapse of a nuclear summit in hanoi between kim and u.s. president donald trump both sides blame each other for the failure of their second somers. and that's it for me and the g w business you can find a lot more news and features on our website u.w. dot com slash business thank you so much for watching.
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the fear of morning news crane. from britain from actually catching the fish shipyard workers fear for their jobs until trade faction a few. people are scared of further russian aggression. powered effect
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as the battle continues over the sea of. sixteen. everyone who loves books has to go and say. mum good literature list. street. culture of fish. sure link to scream africa and the war or link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news of easy town while wimps a d w the comes from pick up join us on facebook j w for. i think is everything challenging first on how to make a muslim. school much different culture between here and there so
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a challenge in court if the police. commissioner is the same i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor to share knowledge to children one hundred don't subscribe to just to. let your story take part share it on info migrants dot. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes and then need to movement in nigeria she's been detained by authorities and attacked on social media we meet the brave woman fighting sexual violence in the country's conservative north she tells us why she wants the side of. the village in central mali gutted by militia fighters over the.


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