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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2019 3:45pm-4:00pm CET

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let's do business look forward not back the reaction from chinese president xi jinping after france's a man woman called told him to respect the unity of the e.u. atala say china is picking off one european country after the next undercutting business tenders and pitting them against each other she calls it positive competition and says the two trading blocs need to overcome suspicions at the same time he signed one of the biggest deals ever for european players making. hundreds of aircraft worth tens of billions of dollars but what does beijing want in return that's what european leaders are trying to figure out a meeting with shion power seeking to boost relations with china while putting pressure over its trade practices. china's belts and road initiative illustrates its designs for europe a massive and controversial infrastructure project that could drive europe further away from washington
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a much closer to beijing the scheme has attracted plenty of concern because the group graphically demonstrates how china hopes to extend its influence from deep in central asia to the very heart of europe as you can see there then the rebirth breaks bringing back billions and billions of euros worth of goods to china increasing europe's dependence on the asian economic power for trade well for more on the ramifications of this and what we're witnessing at a time that europe is at a crossroads with its relations with the you with us as well we're joined by the crits from the merkel institute for china studies so china is signing these huge deals what's expected return well china is realistic about what it can get from different european countries when it comes to france knows that france has grown more skeptical about beijing in its initiatives or as when it goes to easily for example it knows that it can leverage investment to then basically push to shift to
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pursue also chinese political interests in italy but also in brussels for example so a perfect business opportunity for beijing. a europe which is not united and china flush with cash it has the upper hand doesn't it it does have the upper hand and i think what for example leaders need to realize is that this is indeed a very unbalanced economic relationship that china is very clever to use and try what using the already extensive tensions within the european union and also it's important to emphasize that the european union it's just members that such as germany and france are trying to work towards greater coordination on china policy indeed starting from the awareness that negotiating visa v beijing alone as an individual member state you don't have the negotiating power that you. but. why are the rest of the european countries actually realizing that together they could achieve so much more well i would say that some of them are realizing that for
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example in germany in france but also northern european countries i guess it's more about the weaker economies in europe right who still hope to get something in return or for example if you look at the sixteen plus one format where china deals directly with sixteen cent trying to stay european countries they have also grown quite skeptical about chinese initiatives because what the chinese leadership tends to do is to promise a lot of investment then these investment doesn't necessarily materialize so i think that also will find out themselves that the asians approach looking at all of this from a different perspective is this a clever strategy of beijing's considering a strong partner. a more sustainable i mean looking at the long term could it be setting a trap for itself well you know it's all it's sort of yeah i would agree because this is not great for china diplomatic efforts it's not the right way to pursue your friendly relations with other european countries at the same time china knows
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that it has the upper hand in the bilateral relations with individual member states because its economy is much bigger. china certainly benefits from the single market and access to the single market but beyond that in terms of unity china does have an easier way dealing with individual european countries and what about the u.s. the u.s. is trying to get china to open up its economy. sure trumps tactics could be questionable and the problem though it seems to me that the europeans are leaving all the dirty work the hard work up to trump well i'm not sure i agree i think what the europeans are trying to do is to find a more balanced approach so rather than going fully hawkish basically they realize also they need to cooperate with beijing on certain. was thinking for example about climate change but also safeguarding the nuclear deal so for europe it's a little more complex you need to take this into account and then also i think the
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european union with the largest member states is really trying to come up with a more strategic outlook to face challenges them in. the way including pushing china for openness but a balanced approach with a very unbalanced economic strategy is far as china goes and it's you know one of the most restrictive economies in the world and europe which is all about transparency and openness indeed and i think his work in progress by the european union is working to revise its policies from competition. to try and face these challenges and ideally do so in a cohesive way with the full weight of the whole the for the fully you book a pretty i think very much for coming in for. a while china of course europe the german economy minister peter maya is on a business trip to vietnam asia's next economic tiger is growing fast and many big economies are looking for a piece of the pie clothing european nations and china one thing germany is hoping
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to get out of vietnam is some help in filling it still shortage back home there's no shortage of qualified workers in vietnam and many german companies are already in production there a third of the vietnamese vietnamese people is under twenty. and hot it is in vietnam for a spouse and is this any different to germany's guest worker programs of the past which brought people from countries like turkey and italy and basically then set them back. yeah i think if you talk to the politicians german politician been able to tell you that there is a big difference and i think the key word here is really integration if you look back to the sixty's when that big way. foreign workers came to germany those were mainly low skilled workers and there were no language requirements and there was no real effort made to actually integrate these workers into german society because as
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you said the thinking was that they would go back at some point now a lot of them didn't instead they brought their families and in these parallel societies emerged and what you have today is a third or fourth generation offspring of some of these workers in some cases they're still not really integrated into german society now that is a mistake that they don't want to that they don't want to do again and it's the way that they want to prevent that from happening is to focus more on integration for first of all they're focusing on certain countries like vietnam for example and there is already a sizeable community vietnamese community in germany because of course there were close relations between east germany and vietnam in the time of the cold war and overall in general these days that community is fairly well or very well integrated into german society now what they're also looking for is higher skilled workers and
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they're launching programs either in germany or also then in the future in countries like vietnam that are targeting with that are aiming to skilled to increase the skill level of these workers and they're also language requirements that these workers have to meet so that's how they want to ensure that this mistake that happened in the past is not the will happen again so besides maybe. getting a great job here in this country what is in the me. well first of all of course there's remittances and there are countries in this region. that take the philippines for example where a sizeable share of the g.d.p. comes from remittances from overseas workers but that. it's not the main thing that they're looking for what they're what i just spoke about these vocational education programs that they're launching also in vietnam and where they will be launching there's one that's in the planning phase right now and the idea behind that is that
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half of the people that are trained in that in that program will actually stay in the country and work for work for companies here for the german companies or otherwise and that's definitely how vietnam will benefit from that so while politicians are telling me here that they're looking for a win win situation bend us in how it is for us there in the main city. and other flashy product launch in california but this time apple wasn't presenting a clever new gadget instead a raft of new services including video streaming it's a sign of the i phone make a change of focus as it tries competing with fast growing rivals like netflix and amazon or with it was the usual big show or dark theater create music and a modestly clad c.e.o. but the stars of apple's latest product launch were not sleeker phones or larger tablets but real stars. hollywood
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royalty like steven spielberg and oprah winfrey they have signed on to produce exclusive content for apple t.v. plus the company's new offering a subscription based streaming service and a challenge to netflix amazon and other media platforms apple is facing a crowded field and by no means certain success how many people are going to be willing to add another streaming service apple is going to have a lot of work cut out for it and then again apple has a lot of cash to throw at the new service and that makes some analysts optimistic. i've never seen this much star power in one place at a tech advance so that was a first and again these were a listers these were some of the top to be steal were j.j. abrams oprah winfrey i mean they were here to basically commit to an apple platform and that kind of commitment says a lot about them believing that apple is significant in the future. and then
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there's apple news plus also subscription based offering users access to newspapers and magazines for under ten dollars a month. not to forget apple arcade to satisfy the growing gaming community and a new credit card backed by goldman sachs and master card for apple it's a new focus on what makes money when the market for hardware saturated content and services. business with a. mob .
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place . this is either when he was live from berlin algeria as army chief demands the country's president be declared unfit to. rule is beautiful guy has faced two weeks of consistent protests calling for his resignation well now the army says the country's constitution offers a way out of the crisis will get you the very latest live from algiers also coming up.


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