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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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made for mines. this is did every news live from berlin european lawmakers a liver in major blow to internet giants and supporters of online freedom bypassing controversial copyright reforms well despite protests ahead of the vote from critics worry that the changes could lead to censorship majority of any p.m.'s approved the new rules saying they will compensate content creators more fairly also coming up. unfit to rule algerian prisons which is leka faces fresh calls to step aside this time from the country's powerful army chief general ahmed sala is
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calling for a constitutional process to declare the nation's ailing leader medically unfit for office will get an update from algiers. and a delicate balancing act of french presence in the post tonk so with the leaders of china germany and the e.u. they need to find ways to resolve security and economic concerns as chinese investments pours in to europe. have a heart thank you so much for joining us everyone well we begin with sweeping changes in the e.u. that could have a big impact on the content that you see online the e.u. parliament in strasburg voted by a narrow margin to date. controversial legislation to overhaul copyright law across
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the block the heart of the law is the much debated article thirteen its proponents claim it will help copyright holders protect their intellectual property but opponents fear it could lead to a restriction in online freedoms four years of intense argument came to a head in strasburg on cheese day when the european parliament debated copyright reform german lawmaker axel fast negotiated the deal on behalf of the parliament thank you let's get on the edge start list this is about the rule of law it's all one we're talking about is protecting a fundamental right it's about property and about the right to intellectual property and finally it's about fair payment for content creators it's up to us to save european cultural products and not to hand them over to tech monopolies for them to plunder. or it won't take more no police. the
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aim of this reform is to require those who profit from content shared on the internet to obtain permission to do so and if necessary to pay the originator it's . people like musician alexander dommage who currently find it almost impossible to benefit when their creative work is uploaded to the internet. this is about a fundamental right to creators who want to live from their efforts composers photographers whatever have a right to share in the commercial exploitation of their work that means to receive payment for the. critics fear the change will make the internet less free and lead to de facto censorship there's legitimate content is mistakenly kept offline they also worry that small platforms will struggle to chase down all the licenses to use content. tens of thousands of people across europe who demonstrated against the
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plans many feel strongly regulation of the internet should be as light as possible although others say the protests were part of a managed campaign by big corporations like google. with european elections just weeks away the issue of copyright on the internet has become intensely controversial. opponents of the reform say the change means content will be checked by automatic filters rather than human beings. what the politicians expect algorithms to be able to do is to tell the difference between a copyright infringement and satire as long as artificial intelligence does not develop a sense of humor this is something that's going to remain impossible i think we should not trust the block black box of an algorithm to tell us what we can and cannot post online. in the end the strasberg parliament voted in favor of the full
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package of copyright reforms by three hundred forty eight votes to two hundred seventy four. the year member states has now formally approved the legislation before it can take effect. and now to algeria where the army chief has called for the president to be declared unfit to rule the army says it wants to trigger a constitutional process that would put a caretaker leader in place as he is with a flicker has been in power for two decades and is now in failing health algeria has seen weeks of peaceful mass protests calling for the president to resign. straight to the algerian the capital algiers to journalist so if you're not sure who is a standing by for you can you fill us in that what's the latest. we had protests going on the whole the whole day calling for good to speak up to step down and against next engine altered mandates but now off to the city to ration off
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on the cheap it's a very quiet in the capital there's no celebrations ongoing. we have a lot of security some police forces being deployed in the city quite narrow and i've been pressured to know exactly that there is no rule and no reason to celebrate right now because this step was long overdue. now or it's up to the constitutional process also finding out how to continue with this political crisis and i'm sure so it looks like the algerians are taking a wait and see where you are why did it take the army chief this long to make a statement like this and what does it mean. then took it to have the statement is that it's actually not about the army chief has not to the constitutional rights to declare the president unfit to rule you it's a it's further it's up to the constitutional council but the fact that also the
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whole. you know nigeria right now is taking up the statement so that very clearly whom isn't chaunced for everyone knows that it's the army who was the kingmaker in this political game right now all right the algerian journalist is a finance we're putting from algiers thank you and let's get you now the back story on this a developing story with the d.w. arabic said bashir ahmad who's with me here in the studio bashir to talk to us a little bit about what influence this movie is likely to have on this along developing story now are things that have been a struggle for power in the region for the last three weeks. because of the two. of. the article one hundred and two has to be applied is of course that it's too late the people in andrea has been calling for this since six years because
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they could have been hit by a stroke in two thousand and thirteen and he was not able to talk at all to take any decision since then so what would happen now the constitution says that both chambers of parliament have to vote have to approve. the vacancy of presidency with a tooth majority and the president of the council of the nation. will take over power as interim president for four forty five days and. forty five days that we look a second time and see if they can see is not and it will be of course then he will be charged with organizing new elections within another forty five days so we will have in algeria in three months i think in three months new president new elections of course if the protesters accept this move all right and that then
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brings me to my next question of course you have had these sustained protests for over a month now on the streets in l.g. are calling for which if we could to step down as it appears now that the military felt for stories hands were forced to intervene is this what the algerians wanted for the military to intervene are they reassured by this what we have to say now that this is not a direct intervention of the military thus sheaf of the military is calling for all of the both chambers of the parliament to take their responsibility but what the protesters did when they went to the streets for five weeks they were only calling for a renouncement for this fifth of the fleet on the regime they didn't accept it at the beginning they were. only if only there are hundreds of thousands but now we have more than twenty millions. invested in this calling for the objection of the
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whole regime not interested of all the solutions. to the whole division not only the cloud of good sleep but that brings me to my final question i've got twenty seconds for this is it tough on you but i want to ask it nonetheless you're referring to but just like you said this is the end game for britain but he has that entire infrastructure all these tentacles everywhere of his clan i just people just going to disappear no. i think his clan is finished but we have many clans at least three clans inside the regime who had this struggle of power in the last years and the tool rest to rest and will try to recycle themselves to in order to stay in power right to be continued for sure i'm going on from arabic thank you. and that's where you have to strain it was some of the other stories making news around the world the european parliament has voted to
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end the practice of changing the clocks between winter and summer time by twenty twenty one while it follows a poll in which millions of europeans said they wanted to stop the bi annual timeshift each a member state will now decide which time zone to keep. authorities in romania say they've seized more than a thousand kilos of cocaine from a boat that capsized in the black sea last week officials say the drugs have a market value of up to three hundred million euros two suspects have been detained . a berlin court has upheld the murder convictions of two men whose midnight car race resulted in the death of another driver investigators say there to reach speeds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers an hour on berlin qudama boulevard while the case was a retrial after a federal court overturned it previous murder conviction for the pair.
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chinese president xi jinping is in paris for talks with the european union after other meetings in some of the continent's major capitals the host france's interim mcconnel along with the crowd younger and germany's anglo-american are trying to find a common approach to china's rapid economic expansion which has led to aggressive investment in europe and the takeover of numerous companies by chinese competitors present g though is on a charm offensive he came bearing gifts. an order for three hundred airplanes it's a game changer for airbus giving the trance european aircraft maker a leg up in its never ending rivalry with us competitor boeing china's jinping signed the deal during his visit with french president in modern. a move that seems to have caught you. policymakers a little off guard. together with german chancellor angela merkel and
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commission president. is cautious about china's multi-billion euro belton wrote initiative also called the new silk road project it's aimed at bringing china closer to other partners internationally and making it a stronger force in global trade and paris the europeans made a strong appeal to china to cooperate. we have to have trust in multilateral cooperation and the fact that everyone wins multilateral cooperation does not work if one partner is another partner is lost and we have seen that before and that's why i'm a firm believer and convinced it's worth fighting for it through with the dr to kim . she responded that the e.u. and china should advance together despite an distrust that has recently hit that progress that includes business with chinese telecom equipment maker who are way which has been accused of being in beijing's pocket the u.s.
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has banned to take giant from its domestic infrastructure projects the e.u. is also currently discussing whether or not to allow the chinese company to help build its new five g. networks. in paris the european leaders and she set the stage for the upcoming china summit but the real work will happen behind closed doors over the course of the next few weeks. and want all twenty eight members to assume a common stance on china it won't be easy to push through as some member states are eager to strike deals with the agency last week italy became the first member state to become an official partner in the new silk road project when it signed deals worth over seven billion dollars including partnerships between china and the ports of tree este and gain. you're watching it every new year's coming up in business. news africa. a new study by the world bank says africa is the only region where
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women are more likely to be entrepreneurs than men but still their way to the world of business is not charter and that and a whole lot more coming up next with been physical and after sure brink of layla iraq and growing thank you so much for spending this part of your day zero with us i'll see you tomorrow next to same time same place. and. language courses. video. is a jerk.


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